5 March 1747 Phillip Poindexter, 400 acres in Goochland County at the head of Muddy Creek, adjoining the lans of Jacob Winfrey, William May and Samuel Nuckolls; granted Feb 12, 1742 to Francis Stegar, and by him assigned to Foliot Power and by him assigned to said Poindexter, to whom it is now granted, March 5, 1747

20 Sept 1771 Goochland County Records Page 1902 - John Webber and Cornelius Harris Goochland County to John Woodson 100 acres bounded by land of Henry Whitlow, William Nuckols and Benjamin Watkins line to Tuckahoe Creek, recorded May 18, 1772 pg 225

1814 Absentee Land Owners
Samuel Nuckols of Goochland 80 1/2 acres location adj; Spotswood Childress & Thomas Nuckols. 22 miles from C.H. (Source Va Migrations Hanover Co Vol 1 & II St Martin's Parish Included.)

20 Jan 1814 Will of William Nuckols (son of William, b.1710) Son Benjamin receives land of his father for sum of $250. Mentions 2 single Dau. Frankey and Patsy (Martha) Mourning (later wife of Pouncy Nuckols Jr.), grandson Thomas Nuckols, sons John and William, son-in-law Nelson Sanders, daughters Cocke (Elizabeth Cocke) and Ellis (Jane Ellis) and friend Reuben Ford. Executors are Benjamin Nuckols and Ben Cocke, securities are Thomas Peers and John Watkins. Witnesses, Pouncy Nuckols Sr., David ? and Charles Nuckols. Bk21 p545.

3 Oct 1815 Pouncy and Susanna Nuckols of Goochland Co., deed to William Childress of Hanover Co. 122 ac. for 244pds, land on which the said Nuckols formerly lived. Witnesses, Pouncy Nuckols Jr., Ben Cocke Jr., Pendleton Childress, Spotswood Childress. ( Pouncy Sr. will die in two months).Bk 22 p80.

20 March 1817 Andrew Nuckols (son of Pouncy Sr.) and Martha (Patsy Puryear) Nuckols, his wife, Nathaniel Bowles and Jane Bowles, his wife, Samuel Murrel and Susan Murrel his wife, all of Barren Co., Ky.for $629 release and sell all the rights and interest in the estate of Thomas H. Puryear, dec. to William Ford. Witnesses, Hardin Davis, John Glover.Bk 23 p339.

20 Mar 1817  Indenture Andrew Nuckols (son of Pouncy Sr.) and Martha, his wife and Nathaniel Bowles and Jane, his wife, all of Barren Co., Ky. sell to Nathaniel Woodward of Goochland Co. 68ac for $476.,land adjacent to William Ford and William Puryear. Witnesses, Hardin Davis and John Glover.Bk23 p342.

14 Jan 1818 Indenture done in Goochland Co., Reuben Nuckols guardian of Ann Nuckols, John Nuckols guardian of his children, William Nuckols guardian of his Dau. (Susanna), Andrew Nuckols for himself and as agent of Pouncy Nuckols Jr., Joseph Nuckols as agent of William Nuckols of State of Ky.,Timothy Swift, and Susan Nuckols, widow and relict of Pouncy Nuckols dec., grant and sell to Joseph Nuckols and Benjamin Cocke Jr. for $2665 the Nuckols Mill Tract. Witnesses, Spotswood Childress, James ?,William A Nuckols.Bk23 p140.

27 July 1818 Indenture Mary Toler, Sally Toler, Benjamin Nuckols and Elizabeth his wife, Adam Toler and Elizabeth his wife all of Goochland Co. for the sum of $9 sell to Jane Toler wife of William Toler a parcel of land in Goochland Co. Witnesses, Alex Payne, Will Gray and Edwin Watkins.Bk27 p139.

21 Dec 1829 Indenture Edward T Nuckols and Susan N Nuckols his wife, of Goochland Co. for the sum of $1 sell to Joseph Nuckols all the right, interest, etc. in a parcel of land formerly belonging to Pouncy Nuckols Sr. This deed is a reaffirmation of the indenture done in Jan 1820 when Susan was the ward of her father, William, son of Pouncy. See Bk25 p175 Goochland Co. Bk 28 p255.

18 Mar 1831 Division of lands (3 parcels), drawing lots, etc.between Joseph Nuckols, John W. Ford, John Watkins, David Watkins and Samuel Leake. Bk31 p117.

6 Dec 1831,  Indenture done in Goochland Co., William B. Nuckols who owes William A. Deitrick $30.14, agrees to sell his interest in his father Thomas Nuckols' estate if the debt is not paid by 1 Mar 1832 to Dr. Joseph Mosby (who guarantees the debt will be paid). Witnesses, A.S. Deitrick, Price Frayzer and Edward T. Nuckols .Bk 29 p283.

14 Oct. 1832 Indenture Joseph Nuckols (son of Pouncy Sr.)and Phoebe, his wife to John Watkins, 3 parcels of land for $100. Witnesses, Thomas Taurman, Thomas Peers, Justices of the Peace Bk 31 p110.

2 Oct 1832 Indenture  William H. (Henry) Nuckols to William A. Deitrick for $157, sells all the rights and interest in the estate of his father Thomas Nuckols. Witnesses, Thomas Peers, Thomas Taurman.Bk29 p423.

20 Oct 1832 Indenture from Benjamin Nuckols (son of William Jr.) to Reuben Shepherd, both of Goochland Co., for a parcel of land on Tuckahoe Creek (map included) for $20.Bk 29 p472.

13 Mar 1832 Bk 29 p333. Will of Samuel Nuckols (son of William, b. 1710), "revoking all other will made heretofore," Mentions Dau. Nancy Nuckols, son Andrew K. Nuckols, dau Elizabeth G Wilkerson, son Jonathon Nuckols and his widow Elizabeth; other children, William, Nathaniel, James, David, Israel and Dau. Polly Crutchfield. Executors, Joseph Nuckols, Benjamin Nuckols, who later renounced their right and then Nathaniel Nuckols is appointed executor.

4 Jan 1832 Samuel Nuckolls and his wife Retter Nuckolls having expressed their desire not to live together as man and wife, therefore Samuel sells his interest in the slaves and furniture which belonged to his wife at the time of their marriage to John Roper, trustee for Retter Nuckols for $1. Witnesses, William Ford, Thomas Taurman. In the certification the 2-LL's in the names of Samuel and Retter are underlined.Bk 29 p240.

21 July 1834 Indenture from Charles Nuckols to Charles Ford both of Goochland Co., $144 for 48 ac. Mentions that on e corner of property is next to Nuckols' Meeting House. Witness, Thomas Hawthorn.Bk 30 p134.

28 Jan 1834  Indenture Thomas Taurman and John Watkins,Administrators of the will of Thomas Nuckols dec. grant or sell to Charles Nuckols Jr. and his sister Patsy Nuckols, all of Goochland Co., 197ac at $3 per ac. as they were the highest bidders. Land adjoins the lands of Samuel Nuckols dec., Charles Nuckols dec., Joseph Nuckols and John Watkins. Witnesses,Joseph Nuckols, John Duggins and Alex M Peers (?)Bk31 p227.

29 Mar 1836 Frances Ann Jordan Nuckols for the sum of $1 relinquishes her dower rights to 2 parcels of land of 48ac and 21ac to her husband Charles Nuckols. In return she will receive the 25ac where Charles now lives including the house, furniture, etc. Land has one corner near the spring by the Nuckols' Mtg. House.Bk30 p511.

8 Nov 1838, Indenture  done in Goochland Co., Benjamin Nuckols, the executor of the estate of William Nuckols dec. and handling the sale of the lands of Nancy W. Nuckols dec., sells to William P. Nuckols for $1216, 300 and1/2ac on 3 Dec 1832 and for $281, 69 and 1/2ac on 25 Aug 1835. All this land is in area of Nuckols Mtg. House, and adjacent to the lands of William Ford and Joseph.Bk 31 p517.

18 Sept 1839 Indenture from William P. Nuckols and Amanda M. Nuckols, his wife, both of Goochland Co., to Charles Ford. $186 for parcel of land.Bk 32 p196.

10 July 1832 Indenture  Edward T. Nuckols of Hanover Co. (1st part). Joseph Mosby of Goochland Co. (2nd part) William A. Deitrick of Goochland Co. (3rd part) Edward T. Nuckols indebted to William A.Deitrick in the amt. of $293.15. Mosby is guarantor of loan to be paid by 1 Oct. 1832. For such guarantee Edward T. Nuckols signs over all his interest in the estate of his father-in-law William Nuckols, father of his wife Nancy W. Nuckols to be sold at auction if debt is not paid.Witnesses, A.S. Deitrick, Jacob Deitrick and A. M. Lambert. Bk29 p367.

Aug. 8, 1849 . Ibid. p. 460. The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908 Woodson Family Goochland County Records Joseph Woodson & Elizabeth his wife, Henrico Co. Izard Nuckols & Jane M. his wife, formerly Jane M. Woodson & Martha A. Woodson , deed of division of the lands of the late Jacob Woodson , decd.

21 Feb 1856  Will Bk 1852 p24. Will of Reuben Nuckols (son of Pouncy Sr.) of Hanover Co. Mentions wife, son Hardin, son-in-law William H.Nuckols, granddaughter Louisa Ann Nuckols, Dau. Eliza S. Nuckols, grandson Benjamin Cocke, brother Joseph, friends George W. Doswell and Charles W. Dabney. Son Hardin is executor. Witnesses, Joseph Nuckols and Charles W. Dabney. Proved 10 March 1856.

17 Apr. 1869 Will of Joseph Nuckols of Goochland Co. Mentions wife Phebe, to which Joseph gives all the land on which he now lives plus 25ac on the Rudy Branch and all livestock, furniture and appliances, after her death to go to son Abner Nuckols. Money divided between sons, Henry, Jacob, Abner, and dau.Susan, wife of Benjamin C. Spillez. Also mentions Dau. Martha, wife of Frederick Dabney, Julia A., wife of William Winfree, Killy, wife of Isaiah C. Daniel and son Joseph. Children Pouncy and Mary, wife of Jacob Willhoir are mentioned separately as that they have already received their inheritance (and are from a different wife).Abner Nuckols named executor. Witnesses, R. G. Parish, Pleasant C.Pollard. Will proved 3 Sept. 1877.

15 Sept 1881 Will of Eliza S. Nuckols (Dau of Reuben Nuckols, granddau. of Pouncy Sr.). Gives son William B. Cocke $500. "It will not make him equal with Julian in what came by me, because Julian had all of Andy's part of the land, Ben had a third part before Andy was killed and all that mother left me went into Julian's hands." After Julian's death it is to be divided equally between his children, Clarence P., Mary O., Willie A., and Ada B. Nuckols. Bell(e) is the wife of Julian. (relationships are unclear in the will). Witnesses, Robert W. Toler and W. A. Woodson. Bk6 p14.




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