Court Records

Louisa County

(No date) p.6-9 Inventory of Estate of SAMUEL WADDY, GENT, late of this Co., Dec’d was done by WILLIAM TERRELL, CHARLES NUCKOLLS, JAMES NUCKOLLS

5 Sept 1723 Land Patent  Samuel NUCKOLS , 400 acres on north side of the South Anna at Holly Branch

24 March, 1725 Land Patent-John NUCKOLS 1200 acres on both sides Overton Fork of Elk Creek

29 Dec 1726 James Nucholls sold to Paul Harralson (See Hanover Court Records)

7 July 1727 Samuel NUCKOLS buyer at the estate sale of John English pg 21-22

3 July 1735 James Nuchols granted land to James Overton of St Martin's Parish. Wit: David Cosby, Joseph Rickley, David Crenshaw

10 May 1739 Samuel Nuckolls of Hanover Co. sells to Richard Stain of Carroline Co. for the sum of 30pds 400ac "on the South side of James River and upon Muddy Creek." Witnesses, William Woodson, John Sorrell and William T. Wadlow. Bk 3 p204. Indenture

14 March 1742 At a Court held for Louisa County on Monday the xiv day of March in the xvi year of the Reign of our Souvereign Lord George the second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland, King Def. of the Faith this anno. Dom. 1742 before his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the County, to witROBERT LEWIS ROBERT HARRIS ABRAHAM VENABLES JOHN CARR RICH JOHNSON JOHN RHODES and DAVID COSEY being appointed last Court to view the way from STEPHEN PETTUS’ to JOHN ESTE”S raceground and to report where the most convenient oad might be made, and now reporting that they find the the afsd Road must be carryed along WILLIAM HARRIS” Cartway over the Horsepen swamp, and then to follow some blazed trees to the left hand till it comes to the Mill path, and then to follow the same across the River just above the Old Dam, and from thence to keep in or near a path that leads up to sd. Race Ground; It is therefore asked that a Road be laid off and cleared accordingly. And JAMES NUCHOLS is appointed Overseer thereof, And the labouring Male Tithables belonging to CHARLES EARRET GENT., JOHN ESTES, NICHOLAS GENTRY, JOHN COSBY”S QUART., WILLIAM HARRIS, RICHARD YANCEY, JAMES NUCKOLS & JOHN HERSON are allotted these: Overseer to assist in clearing the sd. Road & keeping the same in Repair.

 13 Feb 1743 John Foster of Fredericksville Par. Louisa Co, and Ann his wife, to Shirwood Harris of same 15 pounds currt money. 104 acres and plantation on both sides of Cubb Creek in Fredericksville Par....Wm Harris' line; purchased by sd Foster by Indenture of Feoffment 13 Feb 1742 of Laurence Redman and acknowledged in Louisa Co. Wit: Jeremiah Glen, Charles Nuckolls Bk A pg 127-128

01-Jan-1744 Book: A, Page: 159, Grantor: Nuckolls, James L., Grantee: Nuckolls, James J., : [no abstract]

Deed 8 Oct 1744 James Nuckolls Sr. of Hanover Co.  for good will and fatherly love,  son James Nuckolls Jr." my plantation and 200 ac in Louisa Co., lying in the fork of the Little River joining on the south fork of the River and on the north or upper side of the James....Bounded by lines of Charles Barrett, Gent., John Cosby and Benj Brown and the sd. fork of the river. Witnesses, Abraham Bedell, Mearcia Kimbrough, Charles Nuckolls. Bk A p 157

June 1745 Book A pg 188 Benjamin Brown of St Martin's Par, Hanover Co., to Charles Nuckolls of St Paul's Par., Hanover Co..80 Pounds currt. money. 29 acres in Fredericksville Par Louisa Co,.... James Nuckold's corner...Charles Barrett's Little River, down same to mouth of Billeys Branch. Wit: James Yancy, John Lane.

March 5, 1747: Phillip Poindexter, 400 acres in Goochland County a the head of Muddy Creek, adjoining lands of Jacob Winfrey, William May and Samuel Nuckolls; granted February 12, 1742, to Francis Stegar, and by him assigned to said Poindexter, to whom it is now granted.

4 March 1747; Will Book I pg 23 Susannah Nucholls. Recorded 1751

28 July 1747 James Overton of St Martins Par...Louisa Co., Gent. For natural love and affection for well-loved son, James Overton, now of Louisa Co. 414 acres on both sides of this south fork of Elk Creek; granted to James Overton by James Nuckold of Hanover Co. by deed 3 July 1735...John Roads' corner stake in Benjamin Bibb's line... Dickenson's corner...John Rodes' corner... Ambrose Joshua Smith's line along the line dividing his from the land of john Roads'.  Pg 35

24 Jul 1747 Item that Richard Yancey & CHARLES NUCHOLLS do procession all the lands from the Parish line to the Ridge on the head of the little River between the Road that leads to Harris’ Mill & Este’s Road.

1747 (no day or month) - Petition of James Nucholls who is discharged from paying levies for himself. (He is over 60)

May 23 1748 p491-492 Charles Barrett and Mary his wife of Fredericksville Par Louisa Co, to William Harris of St Martin's Par Hanover Co, 90 pounds 380 Barret's corner...Licking Hole Branch. Wit: Rich Yancey, Charles Nuckolls, Benjamin (x) Henson.

July 25 1749 pg 353 James Nuckolls of St Paul's Par, Hanover Co, Planter, to James Nuckolls Jnr of Fredericksville Par Louisa Co 8 pounds currt money 37 acres....Charles Nuckolls' corner on the lower side of the south fork of the Little River.. Edward Bullocks' line...John Snelson's corner, to afsd River up the same. Wit: Richd Yancy, Chas Nuckolls

Feb 28 1750 pg 417 Randolph Bobbit of Fredericksville Par. Louisa Co, to William Hogin of same. 12 Pounds currt money. 200 acres on both sides of Foster's Creek in Fredericksville Par...Phillip Reynolds corner. Wit: Charles Nuckolls, William Rice, Jeremiah Glen.

23 April 1750- Book: A, Page: 375, Grantor: Benjamin Brown and Sarah, his wife, Grantee: John Snelson, : Benjamin Brown and Sarah, his wife, of Fredericksville Par., Louisa co. Planter to John Snelson of St. Paul's Par., Hanover Gent. Lease and release Lb. 55 currt. money 200 acres in Snelson's actual possession...bounded by James Nuckolls, John Cosby, Richard Yancey and Edward Bullock.

27 Aug 1751 Item CHARLES NUCKOLS and JAMES NUCKOLS do procession all the land from the parish line to the ridge in the head of the Little river between the road that leads to HARRIS' MILL and ESTES road and HENSON Creek Church Road

30 May 1755 WILLIAM HENDERSON of Albemarle Cou., Planter to JAMES NUCKOLS of Louisa Co., Planter 10 pounds current money, 200 acres onf south side of the Southanan River... .WYATT’S line, formerly VENAELES, Wit: THOMAS PAULET, RANDOLPH WATSON, ARTHANTIOUS (X) PHIERS

Date: 20-Apr-1755  Book: B, Page: 82, Grantor: Bibb, Benjamin, Grantee: Nuckols, Charles, Benjamin Bibb to Charles Nuckols for £40, one negro manslave Isaac ....

1 Jul 1755 Benjamin Bibb pf Louisa Co. to Charles Nuckols for L40 currt money.Negro manslave Isaac ....If sd Bibb do pay $40 pounds on or before 28 Dec. next, deed herein to be void. Wit: Charles Beckley, Saml Winston, Charles Barrett Book B, Page 82

23 Jul 1755 Item. CHARLES NUCKOLLS and JAMES NUCL(OLLS do procession all the lands betwen the road that leads to HARRIS’ Mill and MILL’ tract from the parish line to the ridge on the head of the little River.

1 Dec 1755 WILLIAM SAXON of Fredericksville Par., Louisa Co., Planter, and Mary, his wife, to GEORGE BARKLEY OF City of Glasgow in Kingdowen of Great Britain. 50 pounds curt, money. 92 acres and plantation in Fredericksville Par.., upper side of the south fork in JAMES NUCKOLLS line THOMAS DICKENSON’S; with one water gist Mill; sd. land purchased by sd. SAXON OF AMBROSE JOSEPHA SMITH, THEN IN THE County of Hanover, now in the Province of North Carolina Wit: PATRICK BELCHES, JOHN POINDEXTER, ARCHILUS YANCEY, JOHN ARCHILUS YANCEY p. 88-89

27 Mar 1759 JAMES NUCHOLLS of Louisa Co., Planter, to THOMAS WATSON of Goochland Co., 20 pounds 200 acres on south side of the South Anna .. WYATT’S formerly VENABLES corner.., to the mouth of the branch bpimdomg East... .HENDERSON’S back line... WYATT’S line.d JAMES (I) NUCKOLS Wit: THOMAS PAULETT 27 Mar 1759 recieved 20 pounds. Wit: THOMAS PAULETTE, RANDLOPH WATSON.p. 294—295

13-Jul-1759Book: F, Page: 451, Grantor: Nuckolls, Keziah, Grantee: Nuckolls, William [no abstract]

27-Dec-1759  Book: B, Page: 294, Grantor: Nuckolls, James, Grantee: Watson, Thomas,[no abstract]

24 Apr 1761 RICHARD BULLOCK of Granville Co, North Carolina to CHARLES NUCKOLLS of Fredericksville Par., Louisa Co.10 Pounds currt. money; 44 acres in Fredericksville Par CHARLES NUCKOLLS corner (owned land ca age 16)... JERIMIAH DUMASSES line Wit: JAMES NUCKOLLS, NATT. NUCHOLLS, SAMUEL KIMBROUGH, ANN NUCKOLS, SAMUEL NUCKOLLS, SAMUEL GOODMAN JUNR. Proved by the oath of NATHANIEL NUCKOLLS, SAMUEL NUCKOLLS AND SAMUEL GOODMAN JR.

June 1761 PATRICK HENRY JR of Hanover Co. to JOHN HENRY of sd. Co in consideration of 1000 acres of land on Roundabout & fork Creeks to be conveyed by sd. JOHN to sd. PATRICK when required; have given, granted and bargained unto sd. JOHN HENRY 1000 acres ton sd. Roundabout and fork Creeks according to the courses mentioned in a Deed by which sd. PATRICK holds the same. Wit: WILL HENRY, SAM NUCKOLLS, J. LEWIS 28 July 1761 proved by oaths of WM HENRY, SAM NUCKOLLS, J. LEWIS p 89-90 30

17-Sep-1764 Book: C1/2, Page: 162, Grantor: John Street and Frances his wife, Grantee: Benjamin Cooke, John Street and Frances his wife of New Kent Co. to Benjamin Cooke of Louisa co. £40 for 219 acres adj. Story Hall, David Brooks and Nicholas Matlock, Zackariah Cawley and Charles Nuckols and William Shelton.

22 Sept 1765 Inventory of Estate of Samuel Waddy, Gent., late of this Co., Dec'd. Signed by William TERRELL, Charles NUCKOLLS, James NUCKOLLS

14 Oct 1765 CHARLES BARRNET, Gent, of Louisa Co. to JAMES NUCKOLS of same; 5 pounds curr. money;11 3/4 acres on the north side of the south fork of the Little River.

no date recorded, prob. 1766 We JOHN RODES and MARY his wife of St. Anns Par. Albemarle Co. for natural love and affection which we bare to our well beloved son CLIFTON RODES now of Louisa Co; 414 acres; granted to us JOHN RODES and MARY his wife by JAMES NUCKOLLS of Hanover Co. by deed 1 Oct 1727... GEORGE BARKLEYS line.. .MATHEW ANDERSON... .DAVID ANDERSON.

8 Feb 1766 Indenture (four separate ones) from William Nuckols, b.1710 to his sons Thomas, 115 ac., Samuel 116 ac., William 110 ac. and Charles 116 ac. for 100 pds. each. This property is on the branches of the Tuckahoe Creek, Goochland Co. This is part of a total of 567 ac. William is to have free access and use of the property until his death. Deeds mention that he is father of all. These deeds were registered with the Clerk (or court) 19 Feb 1776. Witnesses were John Martin and one or two of the other sons on each deed. Bk 11 pgs 82-92

3 May 1758 Inventory of Samuel Nuckols of Louisa Co. done by James Nuckols, Peter Shelton. Witnesses, Daniel Targerson, John Dorbel Sr.Inventory Bk 1743-1766, p 47,

17 Sept. 1764 JOHN STREET & FRANCES his wife of New Kent Co. to BENJAMIN COOKE of Louisa Co.; 40 Pounds curr. money 219 acres bounded on the East by STORY HALL, on the south by DAVID BROOKS & NICHOLAS MATLOCK, on the West & North by ZACHARIAH CAWLEY and CHARLES NUCKOLS and on the North by WILLIAM SHELTON.p. 162—163

Jan 1767 Will of Charles Nuckolls. Wife Keziah is given all of the estate until her death, then to be equally divided among the children. Children mentioned, sons James, William, Richard and Lewis. Executors, Naddy Thompson, Samuel Nuckols and John Bullock. Witnesses, William Shelton, Isham Watkins, John Bullock. Bk 2 p 29. 5

9 May 1768 JAMES BULLOCK and REBECKAH his wife of Hanover Co to NATHANIEL POPE of Louisa Co; 60 Pounds curr. money; 244 acres in Trinity Par...bounded on the north by the Little River, on the East by JOHN BULLOCK, on the North by the sd. JOHN BULLOCK, on the south east by WILLIAM SHELTON on the south and West by the HEIRS OF CHARLES NUCKOLS. Wit: NICHOLAS RICE, ISAAK SPENCER, ANN POPE. p. 74-75

12 Sep 1768 ROBERT ARMSTEAD, GENT., of Trinity Par., Louisa Co. & MARY his wife, to FREDERICK HARRIS, Bricklayer, of same 165 Pounds curr. money; 25 acres and plantation in sd. Par, on both sides of the North Fork of Little River ... JAMES NUCKOLLS & the sd. ROBERT ARMISTEAD corner.. . .WILLIAM COSBYS old field ... sd. HARRIs’ line. Wit: JAMES OVERTON, WILLIAM MCGEHEE, RICHD. COLE

9 Oct 1769 pg 340 year of the Reign of George II on motion of James NUCHOLLS tis ordered that his mark of his stock being a half drop in the underside of the right ear and in the upper side of the left he recorded.

3 August 1773 LEN HENLY BULLOCK of Granville Co, Province of North Carolina, to CHAS COLLEY of Hanover Co, Collony of Virga.; 57 Pounds 13 shillings 4 pence curr. money; 320 acres; part of a tract patented by RICHARD BULLOCK Dec’d, whereon ZACHARIAH COLLY now lives bounded by the lines of CHAS NUCKOOLS Dec’d, ROBERT HARRIS, JOHN BULLOCK, WM SHELTON and THOMAS SHELTON. Wit: WM RICE, JOHN BULLOCK, ROBERT HARRIS, ZACARIAH COLLEY. p. 528-529

c1775 Cty. Lou, Book: 2, Page: 29, Charles Nuckolls, Type: Will, Date: [No abstract was made.]

15 Aug 1776 ( date in question, might be 1786) I, WM HARRIS of Louisa Co. for 300 Pounds pd. by FREDERICK HARRIS, JAS. NUCKOLS & JNO. BOURN the following slaves: JACK, FANNY, SUE, LUCY, SQUIRE, SALL, JENNY, AMYJ ROSE & BETTY. If WM. HARRIS Pay to FREDK. HARRIS, NIJCKOLDS & BOURN the above sum, these presents, void. Wit: OVERTON HARRIS JR, ISHAM BAKER, WILLIAM DANIEL. 12 Dec 1786 This day Delivered to JAMES NUCKOLDS the within named Slaves. WILLIAM HARRIS Wit: SAML. HARRIS, JOHN STATON, JAMES HARRIS 18 Feb 1787 proved by oaths of OVERTON HARRIS & WILLIAM DANIEL p. 63

1 Nov 1776 We JAMES OVERTON, ROBERT ARMISTEAD, SAMUEL RAGLAND, GARRETT MINOR & JAMES NUCKOLLS are firmly bound unto THOMAS JOHNSON, Gent, in the sum of 500 Pounds. Condition: JAMES OVERTON is appointed Sheriff of Louisa Co. (Signed by above men.)

1777- Lists of tithes from Trinity Parish: Keziah Nuckols....7

21 Apr. 1777 Indenture from William Nuckols, b. 1710, to his son Pouncy Nuckols 110 ac. for 100 pds. Witnesses, William, Thomas and Samuel Nuckols. Bk 19 p523.

8 Dec 1777 GEORGE THOMASSON & MARY his wife of Louisa County to JOHN NtJCKOLS of same; 45 Pounds; 100 acres on CHRISTOPHERS Run.. .BATH. WARRENS corner. .JOHN COSBY’S line.. .NATHAN SMITH’S corner. Wit: None p 213-214


6 Jul 1778 CORNELIUS MC COY 0 Berkley Par., Spotsylvania Co. to JOHN NUCKOLLS of Trinity Par. Louisa Co., 176 Pounds; 176 acres in Trinity Par, on the north side of Cub Cr.. .beginning where JOHN WALTONS line crosses sd. Cr.. .ROBT HARRISS corner in sd. WALTONS line. ZACHEUS COSBYS line to sd. Cr. Wit: GEO. POTTIE, SAML RAGLAND, OVERTON HARRIS JR., SAML MCGEHEE, JAMES NUCKOLLS p 267-268

06-Jul-1778 Book: E, Page: 267, Grantor: Cornelius McCoy, Grantee: John Nuckills, Cornelius McCoy of Berkley Par. Spotsylvania County to John Nuckills of Trinity Par. Louisa Co. for £176 for 176 acres in Trinity Par. on the north side of Cub Cr. adj. John Walton, sd. Creek, Robert Harris and Zacheus Cosby. Sig. Cornelius McCoy.

12-Aug-1778 Book: M, Page: 285, Grantor: Nuckolls, John, Grantee: Smith, Nathan, [no abstract]


19-Nov-1779 Book: H, Page: 93, Grantor: William Shelton and Mary, his wife, Grantee: Richard Anderson,
William Shelton and Mary, his wife, of Louisa to Richard Anderson of same £295 on Rockey Branch by survey of William Pettit containing 1521/2 acres, 70 acres of which William Shelton bought of Benjamin Cook and 82 1/6 acres he bought of Vincent Tullock adjoining Capt. Nathaniel Pope, John Bullock, James Terry, Charles Colley, Kezeah Nuckolls with appurtenances. Sig. William Shelton and Mary (x) Shelton. wit. Robert Goodwin, Thomas Davis, Cyrus Davis, Robert Wilson.


3-13-1780 Will Book II pg366 History Co Louisa Co, VA pg61
Louisa delt firmly with her British foes. In the year 1780 in February at the late dwelling of John Marshall, deceased, before William Hughes of the said County of Louisa. Executor, lawfully constituted by William Pettus, Frederick harris, Aaron Fontaine, Robert Armistead, Charles Yancey, William Lipscomb, James Burnley, John Whitton, John Smith, James Nuckols, John Saunders, Elias Thomason, William Garrett and others beign elected , tried and sworn on oath do say that John Husdon is a Bristish subject and his property was confiscated at the inquiry, Mar 13, 1780.

13-Mar-1780  Cty. Lou, Book: 2, Page: 366, John Marshall, Type: Sett, a Inquisition 28 Jan 1780 At dwelling house of John Marshall, dec'd. before Wm. Hughes of Louisa Co. Escheator by John Crutchfield, Saml. Cole, Wm. Garrett, Jos Watkins, Nathan Harris, Thos. Bond, John Lane, Chas. Steward, Thos. Terrell, Isham Watkins, Robt. Barrett, Robt. Goodwin, Pewit Hix, Richd. Swift, James Terry, James Nuckolds, Fredk. Harris, Jr. Escheated estate of John Marshall, who left no heir at law in this state. Rec. 13 Mar 1780.

11 Feb 1782  Order Book Abstracts p345 - David Bullock Infant of Charles bullock Dec'd with the approbation of the Ct. made choice of John Nuckoles as his Gdn., who with James Nuckoles his Sec. entered into bond.

11 Feb 1782 Guardian Bonds pg 95-96 GDN BOND David BULLOCK infant of Charles BULLOCK Dec'd with the appropriation of the court made choice of John NUCKOLES (His uncle - AK) as his gdn. who with James NUCKOLES his Sec. entered into bond.

01-Aug-1783 Cty. Lou, Book: 2, Page: 493, James Terry, Type: Will, Recorded Aug 1783 Louisa County, wife Henretta; daughter Jane Bullock, to son Stephen my land on Indian creek (236 acres); ... divided amongst daughters Jane Bullock, Mary Terry, Henritta Nuckols, Anney Terry, Sarah Terry, Elizabeth Terry, Frances Terry, James Terry, William Terry, Barbary Terry, and Joseph Terry. To Jane a Negro named Crease, To daughter Henritta Nuckols a Negro named Hester, To wife Henritta Negros named Jack, Lucy, Amy, Tom, Sarah, and Di[??]. Executors are Robert Goodwin and James Nuckols.

12 October 1783 p. 115-116 JOHN NUCKOLS GDN. to LEWIS & KEZIAH NUCKOLS orphans of CHARLES NUCKOLS Dec’d; 1200 pounds currt. money; Sec. WILLIAM WHITE

1783, Guardian, John Nuckolls Louisa Co, Guardian Bonds p138 Acct of Lewis Nuckolls Orphan in Acct with John Nuckolls Gdn Bond 1784. To Cash pd. for a plowboy furnished your mother your part. by bond on Stephen Terry and John Winston for hire of your fellow Rec'd of William Armstrong a part of your Legacie .12.0 Ret. 8 Aug 1785

1784 p. 138 Acct. of LEWIS NUCKOLLS orphan in Acct. with JOHN NUCKOLLS Gdn. 1784 to Cash pd. for a plowboy furnished your mother your part by Bond on STEPHEN TERRY and JOHN WINSTON for hire of your fellow Rec’d of WM ARMSTRONG a part of your Legacie.12.0. Ret. 8 Aug 1785

25 April 1785 p 255-27 25 Apr 1785 MR. JOHN GIPSON of Louisa Co. to MR JOHN LANE of same; 80 Pounds; 82 acres on south fork of (Partial)

09-Jan-1786 Cty. Lou, Book: 3, Page: 127, George Pottie, Type: Will, Will George Pottie St. Martins Parish, to wife #1000 sterling, choice of 4 Negroes for her support and the education of my son. to wife whole of estate during her widowhood or until son George comes of age. On account of bringing my son George up to the mercantile lane that #2,000 to be held by friend Archibald Dick till son comes of age to be 1/2 concerned without interest or board. When son come of age he shall have the whole money. I son died without heirs then all money due me in Great Britain to be equally divided amongst all nephews, my sister's sons except #500 to niece Isabella Johnston when she comes of age or marries with her parents consent. when wife dies all Virginia estate to be sold and debts collected and divided amongst nephews. No appraisement to be made. Wife and friends Charles Thomason and Archibald Dick to be exors. Wit. Robert Kimbrough, James Dickason, Thomas Nuckolls and Dudley Ragland. 26 Apr 1784. Codicil In Case of wife and son's death Archibald Dick Jr. to take inventory of stock which we both run equal risque and have use of #2000 without interest for 5 years, also plantation for like term. Alexander Budding shall have #10 per year pd him. Dick to have Negro George if wife and son die. 10 Apr 1785. wit. Dudley Ragland, Robt. Goodwin, Tarlton B. Luck. Rec. 9 Jan 1786

11 Dept 1786 p 157 LEWIS NUCKOLLS Orphan in acct. with JOHN NUCKOLLS his Gdn 1784 to cash pd. for a plowboy furnished your Mother your part 1 pound 5 shillings by Bond of STEPHEN TERRY and SAML WADDY for hire of your fellow. Rec'd of Wm Armstrong a part of your legacie.12.0.Cash for your use one pound. Ret. 11 Sept 1786

Jany 1787 p177-178 Lewis Nuckolls an Orphan in Acct. with John Nuckolls Gdn. pd yr mother for board, Tax and Clothing small negroes; to Cash for yr use .10; to pd. yr. proportion of the hire of Plowboy L1.5; Bond on Stephen Terry and David Bullock hire of negroe John. Ret. Sept 10, 1787

9 April 1787 JOHN HANCOCK & ANN his wife of Louisa Co. to AARON FONTAINE of sd. Co. 60 Pounds; two tracts of land which sd. HANCOCK purchased of ANTHONY GOLDSON & CLIFTON ALLIN: 200 acres. The first tract of 100 acres purchased of ANTHONY GOLDEN begins in ROBERT ESTES line.. CAPT THOMPSONS line. A second tract of 100 a. purchased of ANTHONY ALLIN adj. the former... beginning at ANTHONY GOLDSONS corner oak... ESTES LINE. Wit: CHARLES YANCY JR., JOHN HOGAN, JAMES NUCKOLLS, WM PETTIT p. 47

No Date p 345 DAVID BULLOCK Infant of CHARLES BULLOCK Dec’d. with the approbation of the Ct. made choise of JOHN NUCKOLES as his Gdn. who with JAMES NUCKOLES his Sec. entered into bond.

10 Feb. 1788 Reel 147 frame 0819 NUCKOLLS VS. BAKER
Lewis Nuckolls and Richard Kimbrough complains of John Baker in custody & C for this to wit: for that whereas the said defendant on the 10 Feb. 1788, at the Parish of Trinity in the County aforesaid undertook and agreed with the said plaintiffs that if they the said plaintiffs as carpenters would build him a dwelling house 34 feet by 18 feet and a shed at the end of the sd. Building 10 feet by 18 feet 10 feet pitch with four outside door frames, four inside door frames all of single (illeg.) and four window frames of 15 lights each 3/8 light do all of glass 8 x 10. To begin the building of the said house when (torn) to complete the said building in (torn) time in consideration whereof the said deft. Undertook and faithfully promised the said plts. that he the said deft. Would well and truly pay them the sd. Plts. The sum of 46 pounds. 15.8 to be paid unto the said plts. When the said building should be completed. (torn) sd. Plt. (torn) the said plts. Were al (illeg) and ready and willing to perform their contract by beginning and finishing the said building and that more specially applied to the sd. Deft. On the 23 day of Feb. 1788, to begin the sd. Building and to finish it in convenient time. Nevertheless the said deft. Willfully and intending to defraud the said plts. In this particular hath not paid for their performance or kept his contract with the said plts. Or any part thereof. But the same to perform he the sd. Deft. Hath refused and still do when required to perform the same to the damage of the sd. Plts. 100 pounds and therefore they bring suit. Wm Pop for plts.

26 February 1788 Reel 147 Frame 0679
Attention: John Baker, Sir, received your letter on Monday last, the contents of which very much surprised me. I thought you had a better opinion me than to think I made children's bargains. The disappointment to me has been very great for it has broke up all my skeems for I sent money by Mr. Kimbrough to buy tools and the news being noised about of my not going to Cantucky (Kentucky) has postponed the payments of my money due. I have taken my Negro John from the man he worked for to work with you but as I do not want to be tedious shall cut matters short. Mr. Kimbrough has been very favorable in this charge and I do for my part demand twenty dollars, tho not saying I am satisfied, for I believe double the sum would not compensate for the disappointment. I approved of Mr. Kimbrough's proceedings and shall take the steps he has pointed out to you with out a quick payment of the above mentioned sum. You know it was a very capitol job and I looked upon it as firm a bargain as I ever made. I do not see where in the plank and shingles should cost more after you went home than you agreed for the quantity was placed down before you and so conclude. Yrs. Lewis Nuckolls.

1 April 1788 LEWIS BULLOCK of Louisa Co. to DAVID BULLOCK of same; 280 pounds; land on waters of Little River in Louisa Co; land devised to sd. LEWIS BULLOCK by his Father & bounded by lands of ROBERT GOODWIN, JAMES TERRY, Dec’d, ROBERT YANCEY, Dec’d. . .TEMPERANCE HIX, CYRUS DAVIS & ROBERT GARLAND: one moiety of the Mill known by the name of GOODWI 1St 5 MILL, reserving unto my mother, ANNE BULLOCK the use of said half of the Mill & 50 acres adj. same agreeable to my Fathers Will which leaves the sd. Mill & land during life to her and aftert her death to sd. LEWIS BULLOCK. Wit: ROBERT YANCEY, RICHARD JONES, WILLIAM NUCKOLS, ROBERT BULLOCK 13 April 1799. p 547-548

Apr-1788 Book: F, Page: 547, Grantor: Lewis Bullock, Grantee: David Bullock, Lewis Bullock of Louisa Co. to David Bullock land on waters of Little River adj. Robert Goodwin, James Terry, dec'd., Robert Yancey, dec'd.... wit. Robert Yancey, Richard Jones, William Nuckols, Robt Bullock.

9 June 1788 I WILLIAM HARRIS of Louisa Co. for 100 Pounds pad, by FREDERICK HARRIS & JAMES NIJCKOLES of sd. Co. do sell 3 horses, 1 black, 1 bay, 1 grey, 1 feather bed & furniture, 2 blankets, 3 axes, 2 grubing hoes, 8 pewter plates, 1 dish, 2 basons. If sd. HARRIS do pay sd. FREDERICK HARRIS & JAMES NUCKOLLS the above sum on or before 1 Jan 1789, this bill of sale to be void. 10 Nov 1787.Wit: CHARLES BARRETT, WILLIAM COSBY, WM. SMITH 9 June 1788 bill of slae proved by oaths of CHARLES BARRETT & WILLIAM SMITH p. 79

18 July 1788 HENRY OVERSTREET of Louisa Co. to JOHN BAKER of same; 10 pounds; in Trinity Par, on Contrary Cr. 109 acres intersecting with JOHNSONS line SMITHS line.. .pine on the road, up sd. road. Wit: JAMES NUCKOLLS, RICHARD JONES, ROBERT HARRIS, JR.


8 Jun 1789 ROBERT GARLAND of Trinity Par., Louisa Co. to ARCHIBALD T. GOODWIN of sd. Par. & Co.; 100 Pounds; to him paid by SPENCER COLEMAN, Exors. of RUST. GOODWIN, ded’c., do qrant two tracts of land, 100 acres of which I purchased of PETER GARLAND in Louisa Co., on the Little River & Horsepen Swamp bounded.. .at the mouth of sd. Horsepen Swamp, up sd swamp to the little river, up same. Also 50 acres I purchased of CHARLES SMITH bounded by lands of RUST GOODWIN, Dec’d. CYRUS DAVIS & by the Little river to the south. Wit: RICHD NUCKOLLS, RUST BARRET, ROBT GARLAND, JR.p. 457-459

13 Jul 1789 KEZIAH NUCKOLLS & RICHD NUCKOLLS to WILLIAM NUCKOLLS: 5 shillings pd. by sd. WILLIAM, but more especially as CHARLES NUCKOLLS Dec’d did by Last Will & Testament bequeath unto sd. Nm. one Moiety of land which he possessed after his death & after the Death of his wife KEZIAH NUCKOLLS, the other Moiety at the Death of KEZIAH NUCKOLLS by virtue of sd. last Will & Testament is to be the property of RICHARD NUCKOLLS. Forever Quit claim to 200 acres part of the land whereon sd CHS,. NUCKOLLS Dec’d possessed of bounded by lands of CHARLES COLLEY, ROBT HARRIS & NATHL POPE: to be divided from the other part of sd. land by a line beginning in CAPT NATHL POPE’S Line....115 poles from the Little River to ROBERT HARRIS” line, all the land that lies on the south side of sd. line did belong to sd. NUCKOLLS, Dec’d, the sd. KEZIAH & RICHARD NUCKOLLS do release & quit claim to sd. WM. NUCKOLLS. Wit: HUGH GOODWIN, DAVID BULLOCK, WILLIAM POPE p. 451-452 13

14 June 1790 William ARMSTRONG of Louisa Co, Trinity Par, to Samuel NUCKOLLS of same; 100 Pounds; 50 acres in Trinity Par...Cosby's line...Christopher SMITH'S line on Hancocks....William ARMSTRONG and MARY his wife have set their hands and seals the same day and year above written. "The words June interlined in the room of December erased and the words ninety in the room of eighty nine done before signed."

12 Mar 1792 James Nuckols to Thomas Barret for 100pds, a parcel of land of 20 ac on the north side of the Little River. John Poindexter, clerk. Bk G p 165. Indenture

13-Sep-1792  Book: J, Page: 23, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Nuckolls, William, [no abstract]

12-Dec-1792  Book: G, Page: 165, Grantor: Nuckolls, James, Grantee: Daniel, Thomas, [no abstract]  

17 June 1793  Bk16 p217. Estate inventory of William Nuckols (b. 1710) by Gideon Hatcher, Hezekiah Puryear, Ben Hughes and Ben Watkins.

08-Dec-1794 Book: J, Page: 23, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Nuckolls, John, [no abstract]

13-Apr-1795Book: I, Page: 35, Grantor: Nuckolls, Samuel, Grantee: Hampson, S[no abstract]

14-Dec-1795 Book: I, Page: 114, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Nuckolls, John, [no abstract]

20-Dec-1795Book: I, Page: 116, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Nuckolls, John, [no abstract]

13-Jun-1796 Book: J, Page: 201, Grantor: Nuckolls, William, Grantee: Nuckolls, Richard, [no abstract]

26-Jul-1797 Book: I, Page: 319, Grantor: Richard Johnson, Grantee: Nuckolds Johnson, Richard Johnson (Q) to Nuckolds Johnson for ?225 for 1 Negro, 6 cattle, 3 beds, furniture. In trust, Nuckolls Johnson security for Richard to exors. of estate of Sam. Richardson for ?12, to William Bell, to William Nuckolls exors, and sd. Nuckolls. Wit. John Poindexter, Jr., Samuel Harris.

11 Sept. 1797 MERIDETH WALTON Gdn. to NELSON WALTON orphan of JNO WALTON Dec’d; 20 pounds currt. money; Sec. RICHD. NIJCKOLLS p. 281

09-Oct-1797 Book: J, Page: 358, Grantor: Nuckolls, Keziah, Grantee: Barret, Amos & Mary, [no abstract]

11-Sep-1797Book: I, Page: 317, Grantor: Nuckolls, Samuel, Grantee: Goodwin, Charles [no abstract]

11-Sep-1797 Book: I, Page: 330, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard & Temperance, Grantee: Terry, William, Richard Nuckols and Temperance Nuckols (wife) to William Terry £45 for 25 acres .on the waters of Little River on the east side of Lasley Branch to Baileys Branch

09-Oct-1797 Book: I, Page: 352, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Cook, William,[no abstract]

09-Oct-1798 Book: I, Page: 460, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard & Temperance, Grantee: Terry, William, Richard Nuckols and Temperance Nuckols (wife) she can't travel…

16-Nov-1799 Book: I, Page: 701, Grantor: Chs. Nuckolls, Grantee: Undersigned legatees of Chs. Nuckolls, Dec'd. and distributees of Keziah Nuckolls, /dec'd. who was exor. of Chs. Nuckolls, Dec'd. one full proportion of estate of Chs. Nuckolls Dec'd and also have received of Wm. Nuckolls admor. of Keziah Nuckolls, Dec'd one full proportion of her estate and release them from further claim. 16 Nov 1799. Sig. James Watkims, Austin Hancock, Keziah Nuckolls, Wm. Cook, atty for Richard Nuckolls, Distributee of Keziah Nuckolls.

08-Sep-1800  Book: J, Page: 64, Grantor: Nuckolls, Thomas, Grantee: Dickinson, William, [no abstract]

13-Oct-1800  Book: J, Page: 67, Grantor: Duke Cosby and Amelia, his wife, Grantee: Matthew Grubbs,Duke Cosby and Amelia, his wife, to Matthew Grubbs of Louisa £150 currt. money on Little River adjoining William Nuckolls, Bullock, Terry's corner, Benjamin Harris corner. No wit. Rec. 13 Oct 1800.

08-Dec-1800 Book: J, Page: 80, Grantor: Richard Nuckolls, Grantee: Mezzapina, Duke Cosby and Amelia his wif, Richard Nuckolls of Tennessee to Mezzapina, Duke Cosby and Amelia his wife, Benjamin Harris, Robert Harris, Richard Mantelo and Martha Burrett his wife, Joseph Harris, Thomas Harris, Richard Harris and Nancy Rice Harris, which said Mezzapina is the widow of Robert Harris Dec'd. and said Amelia, Benjamin, Robert Martha Burrett, Joseph, Thomas Richard and Nancy Rice are his children and heirs. Richard Nuckolls in the life time of Richard Harrris sold Robert a tract on the waters of Little river on the north and west branch being land where Keziah Nuckolls, mother of said Richard formerly lived; 145 acres adjoining Charles Trainum, Will Nuckolls, Barretts, mill pond. Sig. Richard Nuckolls by William Cook, his attorney

08-Dec-1800 Book: J, Page: 80, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Norris, Mizzopisa, [no abstract]

08-Dec-1800 Book: J, Page: 80, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Norris, Benjamin, [no abstract]

08-Dec-1800 Book: J, Page: 80, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Morris, Robert, [no abstract]

08-Dec-1800 Book: J, Page: 80, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: ?, Robert, Date: [no abstract]

08-Dec-1800 Book: J, Page: 80, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Morris, Joseph, [no abstract]

08-Dec-1800 Book: J, Page: 80, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Morris, Thomas, [no abstract]

08-Dec-1800 Book: J, Page: 80, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Morris, Nancy Ross, [no abstract]

08-Dec-1800 Book: J, Page: 80, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Crosby, Duke, [no abstract]

13-Apr-1801  Book: J, Page: 152, Grantor: Chiles, William, Grantee: Johnson, Nuckolls, [no abstract]

08-Jun-1801 Book: J, Page: 165, Grantor: Nuckolls, Richard, Grantee: Nuckolls, William[no abstract]

13-Jul-1801 Book: J, Page: 120, Grantor: Nuckolls, James, Grantee: Bullock, David[no abstract]

14 Sept 1801-Page 322-323 Guardian Bonds-Louisa Co, VA Samuel Nuckols, guardian to Elizabeth Garland Nuckols, daughter of Samuel Nuckols, dec'd, $800; Sec. Thomas Smith

14-Sep-1801 Book: J, Page: 196, Grantor: Nuckolls, Samual, Grantee: Hancock, Austin, [no abstract]

14-Sep-1801 Book: J, Page: 196, Grantor: Nuckolls, Samuel, Grantee: Harwick (?), Justin, [no abstract]

14-Dec-1801 Book: J, Page: 258, Grantor: Nuckolls, Thomas, Grantee: Carson, Rubin, [no abstract]

09-Aug-1802  his wife of Louisa to Richard Mallory of Hanover for $1,000 for 152 3/4 acres adjoining John Winston, dec'd. and John Peay, Zacheus Cosby, John Nuckolls, creek, Richard and Temperance Nuckolls, Crenshaw, Winston. Sig. Martin and Elizabeth Walton. wit. Thos. Gardner, Fredk. Harris, Henry Mallory, Duke Cosby. Acknowledged 9 Aug 1802 received of Richard Mallory of Hanover £300. Sig. Martin Walton and Elizabeth Walton. wit. Joel Walton. Zacheus Cosby and Simeon Walton.

09-Aug-1802  Book: J, Page: 472, Grantor: Joel Walton and Sarah his wife, Grantee: Martin Walton, Joel Walton and Sarah his wife of Louisa to Martin Walton of same £172 -18s for tract allotted Joel and Sarah by commissioners by decree to divide lands of John Walton, dec'd. of whom Joel and Sarah are legatees to lot #3 containing 401/2 acres adj. William Edwards and Martin Walton, Richard and Temperance Nuckolls. Sig. Joel Walton, Sarah Walton. wit. Thos. Gardner, Frederick Harris, Henry Mallory, Duke Cosby. Rec. 13 Dec 1802.

11-Jun-1804  Book: J, Page: 716, Grantor: Robert Lumsden and Polly his wife and John Gunnell, Grantee: Thomas Nuckols, Robert Lumsden and Polly his wife and John Gunnell to Thomas Nuckols. Polly Lumsden and John Gunnell are two of legatees under will of John Gunnell dec'd. who devised one moiety his land whereon he lived to his wife Sarah Gunnell and at her death divided among his children of which Polly and John are two of. $80 for all their interest in estate after death of Sarah Gunnell. Sig. Robert (X) Lumsden, Polly (X) Lumsden, John (X) Gunnell. Rec. 11 Jun 1804.

18 June 1804 John and Anna Taliaferro to Thomas Nucholls North side Branch on Oldfield. Wit: Thornton Gibson, John Nucholls, Duke Cosby

08-Oct-1804 [ Book: J, Page: 772, Grantor: Nuckolls, John, Grantee: Mallory, Richard, no abstract]

08-Jul-1805 Book: K, Page: 88, Grantor: Nuckolls, John, Grantee: Pottie, George, [no abstract]  

18 July 1804 Nathnl & Sarah Gunnell to Thomas Nucholls. Wit: Jas D Nucholls, Thornton Gibson, Chas Garland, Rich Harris and Peter Harris

08-Oct-1804 Book: K, Page: 4, Grantor: Nuckolls, James, Grantee: Nuckolls, Patsy,[no abstract]

09-Sep-1805  Book: K, Page: 111, Grantor: Nuckolls, John, Grantee: Nuckolls, Mary, [no abstract]

14 Nov 1805 Thomas Nuckolls, witness for defendant Smith in Brooks vs Smith. Allowed 5 days.

13 Jan 1806 Joseph Sandige, Jas Nelson and Charles Harris heirs of John Taliaferro to Thomas Nucholls

10-Feb-1806 Book: K, Page: 224, Grantor: Nuckolls, John, Grantee: Pottie, George, (no abstract]

14-Jul-1806  Book: K, Page: 263, Grantor: Nuckolls, John, Grantee: Johnson, W.[no abstract]

08-Sep-1806 Book: K, Page: 284, Grantor: Nuckolls, John, Grantee: Goodwin, Archibald, [no abstract]

20 Dec 1806 Ann Taliaferro to Thomas Nucholls $400; north fork of Elk Creed

09-Feb-1807 Book: K, Page: 326, Grantor: Nuckolls, John, Grantee: Johnson, W.[no abstract]

1 Mar 1808 George Pottie executor of John Gunnell dec'd and Thomas Nucholls & anny his wife to George Harris (signed by Thomas and Annie Nucholls)

11-Oct-1808 Book: L, Page: 134, Grantor: Nuckolls, John, Grantee: Ross, Moses[no abstract]

12-Feb-1809 Book: L, Page: 189, Grantor: Nuckolls, Mary, Grantee: Goodwin, Aarchibold, [no abstract]  

10 Dec 1809 To granddaughter Patsey, daughter of John Nucholls negro woman Franky. Wit: William Dickinson, John Gunnell, Benjamin M. Smith, Elizabeth C. Nucholls

17 Mar 1810, Will of James Nuckolls. Mentions daughters Mary Nuckolls, Sarah Gunnel and Lucy Henson, sons Thomas, Charles, John, Nathaniel and Samuel. Grandchildren, Sally (Dau. of Charles) and Asa and Ezra (children of John). Executors, son Samuel Nuckolls and Robert Harris. Bk 5 p 349.

9 Dec 1810 Bond to John Thomasson Gdn to Richard HARRIS child of ROBERT HARRIS: $1200 ; Sec. Thomas Nuckolls. Pg 417-418

6 Dec 1811 p. 428-429 BARBARA WINSTON in Acct. with DAVID JOHNSON Gdn. 1806-12 spelling book; tax on your land; pd. RICHARD MANTLO for your tuition for 1809; paper; pd. WM NUCKOLS for curing Mikes ancle; shoes; pd. THOS W. POLLOCK for your tuition for 1808; Dictionary; L. TERRELL for your tuition 1809; pd. ROBERT BARRET Dct. per acct; 1 Gal, whiskey to make bitters fo CIBBY while sick; L. TERRELL for your tuition; JNO BRAGG 1 pr shoes; calicao; ANDREW KEAN for attendance on 1 Jan 1812; Rec’d of CAPT PENDLETON your for Guardian 1805; Hire of negroes by MAY WINSTON, NUCKOLS JOHNSON, THOS. WINSTON, WM PRICE, SPOTSWOOD CRENSHAW hire of negro; Agreeable to an Order of Louisa Ct. we have examined the acct. of DAVID JOHNSON Guardian of BARBARA WINSTON and find bal. due 150 pounds.

12-Jul-1813  Cty. Lou, Book: 5, Page: 419, Robert Mallory, Type: Will,Will Robert Mallory of Louisa ; to wife Sally Mallory during widowhood. If she marries 2/3 to be sold and divided amongst children Dillard W. Mallory, Moriah F. Mallory, Judith O. Mallory, Mahala D. Mallory, Sally D. Mallory, Polley M. Mallory, Robert T. Mallory, Louisanna Virginia Mallory, Patrick H. Mallory, and Susanna Taylor Mallory. If son Robert does not behave to his mother he shall be bound out to some good trade. Negro girl Peggy can be sold and money used to buy a tract for my family to live in. My desire they have a home and not be moving about the world. Children sent to school as much as possible. William Turner and Edmund Duke to be admors. 10 Dec 1812. Wit. John Walton, John Nuckolls, George Higgason. Rec. 12 Jul 1813

14-Oct-1813 Book: M, Page: 308, Grantor: South Carolina Abbeville District. Know that we Jo, Grantee: David Sims, South Carolina Abbeville District. Know that we John Langreds, Martha Langreds, Lewis Sims and William Grady for $400 to David Sims of district aforesaid all plantation and tract containing 50 acres on North East Creek in Louisa adjoining John Thomason, William Talley, Thomas Nuckolls and was willed by David Langreds to John Langred, Martha Langred, Lewis Sims and William Grady. Sig. John Langreds, Martha Langreds, Lewis Sims, William (X) Grady. Wit. Michael Barr, David Langred, William Langred. Michael Oban and John W. Adams of Abbeville District S.C. made oath to signatures.

5 Oct 1814 Will of Thomas Nuckols (son of William,b.1710),mentions wife, daughters, Polly, Patsy, Nancy, Frank. Sons, Josiah, Charly, William Henry, and son Thomas as executor. 20pds "a peace" and states youngest son is not yet of age. Witnesses, Charles Nuckols, William Sandress, and Nathan Nuckols. Will presented 20 Feb 1815  Bk 21 p695.

23 Dec 1815,  Bk22 p119. Estate inventory for Pouncy Nuckols Sr. done by John Watkins, Thomas Taurinan, J ? Cross.

Oct. 1816 William Nuckols, (son of Pouncy Sr.) of Jefferson Co., Ky., sells to Joseph (son of Pouncy Sr.) his interest and rights in the property of his father for $410, presented to clerk 22 Nov. 1824, witnesses, John Watkins, Reuben Nuckols, Pendleton Childress and Anderson Childress. (Pouncy Sr. died in 1815) Bk 26 Pg 22. 23

Oct. 1816 Power of Atty. from William Nuckols of Jefferson Co. Ky, (son of Pouncy Sr.) to Joseph Nuckols (son of same) to handle his interest in the estate of Pouncy Sr. Witnesses; Richard S. Duke, Richard Phillips, Pouncy Nuckols Jr., Ann Nuckols and Reuben Nuckols.Bk 26 p24. 22

3 Aug. 1818 Indenture between Benjamin Cocke Jr., his wife Elizabeth and Joseph Nuckols, (Eliz. and Joseph are cousins, Eliz. is Dau. of William, son of William, b.1710, Joseph is son of Pouncy Sr.), They sell to Matthew Jordan of Hanover Co. and William Gill of Goochland the Nuckols Mill Tract of land, between 6 and 8 ac. and mill thereon for $3300. Bk 23 P323.

10 Feb. 1819 Pouncy Nuckols Jr. of Barren Co., Ky., sells to Joseph Nuckols of Goochland Co. (both sons of Pouncy Sr.) for $210 37 and 1/2 ac. belonging to the estate of Pouncy Sr., no witnesses. Bk 23 p 448.

08-Nov-1819 Book: O, Page: 304, Grantor: Nuckolls, John, Grantee: Gibson, Osnald,[no abstract]

January 1820 William Nuckols, of Hanover Co. (son of Pouncy Sr.) guardian of Susanna, his Dau. sell to Joseph Nuckols (son of Pouncy Sr.) for $200 her interest in the lands of Pouncy Sr., (no acreage listed) Witnesses,Reuben Nuckols, Thomas Taurinan, Benjamin Nuckols. This transaction is later reaffirmed is a new deed dated 21 Dec. 829, bk28 p255. Susanna is now marr. to Edward (Edwin) T. Nuckols (son of William, son of William, b. 1710). Bk 25 p175.

28-May-1820 Book: S, Page: 229, Grantor: William F. Toler, Grantee: , William F. Toler trustee to a deed of trust from Merewether Smith to him the said Toler for the benefit of Edmond Pendleton, Nelson L. Hines and Joseph C. Eggleston of 1st part to Nelson Hines of 2nd. Land sold at public auction, all the rights Merewether Smith had in the estate of George McGehee and Samuel Nuckolls, Dec'd by his intermarriage with Ann L. McGehee.

20-Jul-1820 Book: D, Page: 385, Grantor: Nuckolls, Charles, Grantee: Garland, Edward, : [no abstract]

22-Apr-1821  Book: P, Page: 281, Grantor: William F. Toler and Mary his wife and Hannah Tole, Grantee: Samuel A. Sale, William F. Toler and Mary his wife and Hannah Toler of Louisa to Samuel A. Sale of same for $300. 90 acre tract on Little River adjoining John C. Goodwin, Marshall's old tract, Sale, the Dedman tract which was conveyed to William Toler, Dec;d. by William Anderson and wife by deed 9 Jun 1785. William F. Toler and wife's on undivided moiety in tract and Hannah's right of woer. sig. William F. Toler, Mary W. Toler, Hannah toler. Wit. Adam J. Toler, William J. Toler, Benjamin Nuckolls. Rec. 11 Mar 1822.

22 Nov 1821 indenture between Joseph Nuckols (states Joseph the son of Pouncy Nuckols who died intestate), Benjamin and Elizabeth Cocke and Matthew Jordan and William Gill. Also mentions Pouncy the younger and Andrew Nuckols.  Bk 26 p23. This seems to be a reconfirmation of the sale of land done on 3 Aug 1818, Bk 23 p 323.

21 Feb 1822 Will of Samuel Nuckolls of Louisa Co.Mentions sister Mary Nuckolls and gives her "all the land called Cat-Tail." Also mentions Dau. Elizabeth McGehee in her widowhood, her dec. husband George, and their children. Executor, Charles Nuckoll, witnesses, Fred Harris and Robert Barret.Bk 6 p 387.

29-Aug-1823Book: Q, Page: 3, Grantor: Waldrop, Samuel B. & wife, Grantee: Nuckols, Edward B.,[no abstract]

12-Jul-1824  Book: Q, Page: 234, Grantor: Elias Thomsason and Susannah his wife, Grantee: George Tisdale, Elias Thomsason and Susannah his wife to George Tisdale all of Louisa $300, tract on Contrary Creek containing 125 acres adjoining Overton, Thos. Nuckols, Thos. Spencer, Ann Smith, David Lipscomb. wit. J. T. Cowherd. Sig. Elias and Susannah (X) Thomason.

01-Jan-1825 Book: Q, Page: 347, Grantor: Samuel B. Waldrop and Sarah his wife, Grantee: John Waldrop Deed trust 1 Jan 1825 Samuel B. Waldrop and Sarah his wife of Louisa 1st, Frederick Harris 2nd, John Waldrop of Henrico 3rd, Samuel B. Waldrop indebted to John Waldrop $700. in trust 150 acres adjoining John C. Goodwin, Lewis Nuckolls, Edmund Nuckolls and others. DB p p 368 15 Sep 1821 Deed of trust William Johnson and Ann his wife of Louisa 1st, Edmound and Joseph Pendleton 2nd, to secure debt of $93.29 Johnson owes Henry Pendlton. In trust 50 acres land formerly belonging to William Mallory near property of John Thomasson, Fretwell Davis, Edmund Bullock and others being the same land deeded to Johnson by Solomon Harris and Elizabeth his wife 12 Sep 1821. Wit: John Sims, Jr., Nelson L. Hines, Ro. Barrett Jr., Robert Thompson, Dabney M. Anderson, Henry S. Winston. Rec. 12 Aug 1822.

28 Feb. 1825 Reuben Nuckols (son of Pouncy Sr.) of Hanover Co., Benjamin Watkins and wife Ann Watkins (Dau. of Pouncy Sr.), both of Powhatan Co. sell to Joseph Nuckols (son of Pouncy Sr.) 72 ac. for $130, land formerly belonging to Pouncy Sr.Bk 26 p374.

Mar 1826 Book: Q, Page: 547, Grantor: James C. Dickenson and Mary his wife, Archibald T., Grantee: Anderson Trice Dickenson and Goodwin, James C. Dickenson and Mary his wife, Archibald T. Goodwin and Candace his wife of Louisa to Anderson Trice Dickenson and Goodwin in their own right and as exors of Joseph Sandidge, dec'd. for $2953.75 for 503 3/4 acres being tract called Picketts directed by will of Joseph Sandidge, dec'd. recorded in Louisa to be sold and was purchased by sd. Anderson Trice adj. Elk Creek, Reuben Reynolds, Mrs. Nuckolls, John Boxley, John C. Boxley and Armstrong. wit. Fred. H. Holladay, Elliot deJarnett, Henry Tyler. Sig. James C. Dickenson. A. T. Goodwin.

12-Mar-1827  Book: R, Page: 70, Grantor: Merewether Woodson Smith 1st, Joseph W. Pendlton 2, Grantee: Duncan M. Quarles and others, DT 12 Mar 1827 Merewether Woodson Smith 1st, Joseph W. Pendlton 2nd, William F. Toler 3rd, all of Louisa. toler is security for Smith on a bond to Duncan M. Quarles and others for $60. In trust on grey horse, one sorrel horse and all his right and interest in the estate of George McGehee and Samuel Nuckolls, Dec;d. which he derived by his intermarriage with Ann S. McGehee, daughter of George McGehee, Dec'd. Wit. Robert Cowherd, Sig. Merewether W. Smith.

23-Mar-1827 Book: R, Page: 103, Grantor: Uriah Higgason and Temperance his wife, Grantee: Hezekiah Sims, Uriah Higgason and Temperance his wife to Hezekiah Sims of Louisa $600. adjoining Archibald Thomson, Dec'd., John B. Shelton, Richard Hollins, George Higgason, William Nuckolls and Old Mountain Road, being Uriah Higgason's portion of original tract owned by his father, Benjamin Higgason, Dec'd. containing 87 acres. Charles Dabney, Jr. and Thomas Gardner, Justices certify.

13-May-1830 Book: U, Page: 309, Grantor: James Anderson and Patsy his wife, Grantee: Samuel Mallory, :

13 May 1830 Book: U, Page: 309,  James Anderson and Patsy his wife of Grayson Co. to Samuel Mallory of Louisa $390 for tract in Cuckooville containing 130 acres adjoining Peter S. Barret, Duke Cosby dec'd., Anthony Winston and others being tract conveyed by Samuel and Mary Waddy to Charles Garland under which said Charles Garland then sold to Anderson and wife claim title, the said wife having before her marriage been Patsy Nuckolds. By power of atty from Rhodes Nuckolls and Elizabeth his wife and Ezra Nuckolls and in virtue of a deed executed by Peter Nuckolls which he sold Anderson his interest in said land.

23 July 1832 Estate Inventory for Samuel Nuckols, son of William, b.1710, done by Nathan Nuckols, Joseph Nuckols, John W. Ford.Bk 29 p436.

04-Jan-1833 Book: T, Page: 612, Grantor: Joseph Vest, Grantee: Nathaniel Thompson and William F. Toler, Joseph Vest to Nathaniel Thompson and William F. Toler trustees. Joseph Vest indebted to George B. Nuckolls $1,375. In trust Negro girl, Rose, 1 horse, household, kitchen, stocks in goods of his store, etc. Sig. Joseph Vest. Rec. 4 Jan 1833.

16 Sept. 1833 Settlement of accounts of Nathan Nuckols administrator of the estate of Samuel Nuckols and division of Samuel's estate (son of William, b. 1710), counties of Hanover and Goochland Nathaniel Nuckols, executor. Mentions Andrew, Jonathon, David and Elizabeth G Wilkerson and seven others (not by name), states that they are children of Samuel. Bk 29 p 680.

20-Dec-1833 Book: U, Page: 261, Grantor: William Ragland, Grantee: Geo. Vest, William Ragland of Louisa to Geo. Vest of same $193.20 for tract on both sides Old Mountain Rd. being part of a tract purchased by Ragland of Nuckolds Johnson & wife, beg. where a store is intended to be placed on north side of Old Mountain Rd. near a well, sd. Vest, containing 12 3/4a. Sig. William Ragland wit. Alexander C. Vest, Isaac L. Saunders, James M. Saunders. Rec. 10 Mar 1834.

15-Jun-1834  Book: U, Page: 332, Grantor: Thomas Loyall, Grantee: , Thomas Loyall, Commissioner under decree 13 Aug 1833 to sell estate of John Loyal, Dec. to William F. Toler. $285.50 for 51 acres on Old Mountain Road adjoining Charles Nuckolls with appurtenances. DB U p 329 23 Jun 1834 Thomas T. Davis of Louisa to William F. Toler a tract of land where Thomas T. Davis lives adjoining Turner, containing 30 acres being same land conveyed to Davis by Jonathan Dickinson and wife . In Trust as Davis indebted to Walter M. Davis $50. also Frederick Haris. $20. In event of sale notice to be made public at Pottiesville.

Date: 11-Aug-1834 Book: U, Page: 344, Grantor: William F. Toler and Elizabeth C. his wife, Grantee: Thomas Loyall, William F. Toler and Elizabeth C. his wife to Thomas Loyall $285.50 on Old Mountain Road adjoining Harris, Nuckolls, containing 51 acres.

15 Sept. 1834 Indenture from Nathaniel Nuckols, adm. of the will or estate of Samuel Nuckols dec. to William Duke, 269 and 1/2 ac.,lands adjoining lands of Charles Ford and Charles Nuckols for $345.86.Bk 30 p147.

15 Sept 1834 Same as indenture Bk 30 p 147, but a few words changed; this indenture reflects those changes.Bk 30 p148.

11-Jun-1838 Cty. Lou, Book: 10, Page: 85, David W. Johnson, Type: Will, We the undersigned do hereby wave and relinquish our right to administer on the estate of the late David W. Johnson and it is our wish that the County Court will permit Samuel Hughson to qualify as administrator on the estate of the said Johnson. Witness our hands and seals 29 May 1838. Sig. Nuckolds Johnson, Mary Ann (x) Johnson. Wit. P. A. Jones, Recorded 11 June 1838. Relinquishment of Nuckolds Johnson and Mary Ann Johnson of their right to administer on estate of David W. Johnson proved by P. H. Jones a witness.

11-Jan-1839 Cty. Lou, Book: 10, Page: 142, Mary Walton, Type: Sett, Estate Mary Walton, Joel Walton admr. Jan 1813 cash pd. Richard Yancey his legacy Nelson Walton do. Meredith Walton do. Richard Nucholls do. Martin Walton do. Wm. Edwards do. Simeon Walton do. William Walton do. Garland Walton do. Frances Smith do. John Walton do. cash for my legacy do. Rec. 11 Jan 1839 Sig. William Jackson, Jr., William Jackson, William O. Harris.

18-Oct-1841 Book: Y, Page: 7, Grantor: Archibald F. Thomas, Grantee: Thomas C. Turner Archibald F. Thomas to Thomas C. Turner $1,600 tract adjoining Thomas C. Turner, Joel Thomas, Charles Nuckolls being land purchased by Arch. Thomas from Lucian Minor atty-in-fact containing 197 1/2 acres.

12-Sep-1842  Book: Y, Page: 154, Grantor: Edmund Nuckolls and Martha Ann his wife, Mordecai , Grantee: Joseph K. Pendleton, Edmund Nuckolls and Martha Ann his wife, Mordecai J. Nuckolls and Caroline his wife, John Watkins and Elizabeth D. his wife, John b. Nuckolls and Mary Ann his wife to Joseph K. Pendleton for $102 tract on North East Creek cont. 251/2 acres being part of tract divided among representatives of John Thomasson, dec'd. and part of tract said Thomasson resided at the time of his death which was allotted by commissioners to said 1st parties as portion of their interest in real estate of said John Thomasson, dec'd. being same lot which adjoins lots of same tract which were allotted to children of Nancy Shepherson, dec'd. to Thomas Thomasson.

14-Jul-1843  Book: Y, Page: 557, Grantor: Mary Hunter, Grantee: Jonathan S. Payne., Mary Hunter widow and relict of William Hunter, dec'd. James Groom and Elizabeth his wife, John Hunter and Isabella his wife, George Hunter and Martha his wife, William D. Hunter, David M. Hunter and Sarah J. his wife, David S. Gillespie and Mary J. his wife, Moridcai Nuckolls and Caroline M. his wife and Stephen Hunter and Margaret S. his wife heirs and distributees of William Hunter, dec'd. of the first part to Jonathan S. Payne. $2,826.12 tract containing 536 1/2 acres on waters of Fork Creek in Louisa County being same land of which William Hunter dec'd. died seized adj. James Parrish, James D. Grooms, Morris, Goochland County line, except 1 acre which is reserved embracing the burying ground together with the right of ingress and egress for burial purposes or to enclose the same. Justices of Louisa, John T. Quarles and Frances W. Jones certified for Mary Hunter and Isabella Hunter the wife of John Hunter, Margaret S. Hunter the wife of Stephen Hunter, John Hunter, William D. Hunter and David S. Gillispie. Justices of Fluvanna county certified for James Groom and Mordicai Nuckolls, Elizabeth Groom, Mary J. Gillespie the wife of David S. Gillespie, and Caroline M. Nuckolls the wife of Mordecia I. Nuckolls, George Hunter and Martha A. W. Hunter the wife of George Hunter. Justices of Orange County certified for David M. Hunter

14-Jul-1843  Book: Y, Page: 577, Grantor: Mary Hunter, Grantee: Jonathan S. Payne, Mary Hunter, widow and relict of William Hunter, Dec'd., James Groom and Elizabeth, his wife, John Hunter and Isabella his wife, George Hunter, Jr. and Martha, his wife, William D. Hunter, David M. Hunter and Sarah J., his wife, David S. Gillespie and Mary J., his wife, Mordecai Nuckolls and Caroline M, his wife, and Stephen Hunter and Margaret S., his wife, heirs of William Hunter, Dec'd. to Jonathan S. Payne a tract of land containing, according to survey made by William L. Clarke, surveyor of Fluvanna Co. on 13 Nov 1841, 536 1/4 acres on Fork Creek being land William Hunter, Dec'd, died seized adjoining James Parrish, James Grooms, Lickinghole Branch, Moss, Goochland County line, and O. C. Morris. Signed by all named grantors. Justices of Fluvanna County certify for James Groom and Mordecai Nuckolls 4 Aug 1843, also for Elizabeth Groom, wife of James Groom and Mary J. Gillespie, wife of David S. Gillespie, for Caroline M. Nuckolls, wife of Mordecai Nuckolls, George Hunter and his wife, Martha A. W. Hunter. Justices of Orange County certify for David M. Hunter and Sarah J., his wife.

12-Sep-1843 Book: Y, Page: 463, Grantor: David S. Gillespie and Mary J., his wife, Grantee: James D. Nuckolls, David S. Gillespie and Mary J., his wife, to James D. Nuckolls all of Louisa; $218 for 109 acres being same land conveyed to Tom Poindexter, a free man of colour, by Nathaniel Mills by deed 6 Aug 1838 and sold by said Tom to David S. Gillespie. Sig. David S. Gillespie and Mary J. Gillespie. Rec. 13 Nov 1843

14-Oct-1844 Cty. Lou, Book: 11, Page: 220, James C. Dickenson, Type: Will,Will James C. Dickenson of Louisa; to beloved wife Mary Dickenson all estate real and personal except my man Milton. If she remarries then she is to get what the law directs. to sons Roscow C. Dickenson and Joseph S. Dickenson and their heirs land formerly property of their grandfather Joseph Sandidge purchased by me since his death to be divided equally among them. To Joseph S. Dickinson an advantage or benefit equal to the tract sold by Roscow C. Dickinson to Byars Nuckolls to be valued at ? per acre and the amount to be accounted for by Roscow C. Dickenson with Joseph S. Dickinson in the division of the tract called Sandidges. To son James Dickinson tract that I bought of David Bullock and the part which was purchased by me at the sale of John Marshall lands being tract called the Horsepen tract and is the tract loaned my son James and is hereby put in trust for him. To son Claudius tract whereon I now live called ? and the water grist mill with all appurtenances. To my two daughters Jane Riordan and Anne O. Davis and their heirs the tract of land I purchase from the heirs of Dr. Jno. Wills cont. 400 acres to be divided equally. To my dau. Mary Lewis Dickinson and her heirs the tract I purchased from George ? on the NW side of road leading from Claybrooks, to Garrett's store and adj. Robert Goodwin. I desire my wife Mary Dickinson during her widowhood loan to any of her children slaves not excepted taking them into account in the final settlement. I will that sons Roscow C. Dickinson and Joseph S. Dickinson account for the general division and settlement each $500 making the sum of $1000 a part of my estate an which they disposed of to their own benefit and that son Roscow C. Dickinson account also for the sum of $200 for the price or value of Sarah wife of Isaac. I will that my daughter Jane Riordan account in like manner for sum of $500 in the general division on account of advances made for her benefit. I will that my groom and Ostler Melton in consideration of faithful services shall have his freedom and I hereby manumit him from slavery and to have his choice of any person who he may think proper to aid him as trustee with power in relation to him and to enable Milton to remain in this state as a free man or to move to any other state if he should prefer to do so. I will Negroes Gabriel, Julia, Dick, Emily, being the slaves given to my daughter Ann O. Davis and she is to account for them in the final settlement of my estate. I will that the Negro boy Lawrence being slave given to my son Roscow C. Dickinson is confirmed to Roscow and he to account for him. I will Negroes Martha, Letty, Bob, Lewis, Susan and children, nine in all delivered to son Joseph S. Dickinson and confirmed to him and he to give accounting in settlement. I will the slaves given to my daughter Jane Riordan at the general division to be for my daughter Jane during her life and then at her death equally divided between her three children Mary, Frances and Lafayette Riordan. I will Negro woman to have liberty of choosing which on my children she wished to live and her husband and children are to go with her. At death of wife or intermarriage I will that all the rest of my estate shall be equally divided after payment of debts between my sons Roscow C., James, and Claudius Dickinson and my daughters Jane Riordan, Ann O. Davis and Mary Lewis Dickinson equally. Appoint wife executrix and sons Roscow C. Dickinson, Joseph S. Dickinson and son in law William Davis exors. 16 Jul 1838. James C. Dickinson. wit. John L. Collins, Oswald McGehee, W. C. Waller. Rec. 14 Oct 1844

14-Jun-1847 Cty. Lou, Book: 11, Page: 622, John Smith, Type: Will, Will John Smith, children of my niece Louisa Thomas tracts known as Terry and Hall tracts on Rocky Branch adj. Ann bullock, John C. Goodwin and Hensons Creek, children of niece Louisa Thomas - Granville S. Thomas, Louisa Thomas to have use of land for their life. Children of niece Martha D. Gentry tract I now reside 165 acres on Long Creek adj. William Nelson, Henson Creek old road, Halls Tract, Cartersville Road - Addison F. Gentry and Martha D. Gentry for their life only. Exor to sell tract called Cranks tract on Rocky branch adj. John C. Goodwin, Richard S. Duke, Cartersville Rd. Tract called Swifts to be sold. Have given to Methodist Society 1 acre for meeting house called Smithfield now standings. Children of sister Polly Terry, brother Thomas Smith, Sister Lovenia Byars, daus. Of Nancy Barrett, dec'd. Formerly Nancy Bablock, brother in law William Terry, Joseph Terry and his sister Frances Johnson, daus. Of my niece Betsy Harris, Frances Duke, niece Elizabeth Harris, Henrietta Sims, Ann Carpenter, nephew Pleasant Smith, niece Frances Nuckols, niece Sally Talley, niece Patsy Thomasson and 3 daus. Of George Thomasson. Exors Thomas Duke, Samuel Guy, A. Guy, William O. Harris, William S. Walton 18 Aug 1846 Rec. 14 Jun 1847.

c 1849 Cty. Lou, Book: 12, Page: 325, John Smith, Type: Sett, Date: Estate John Smith in account with Samuel A. Guy Exor. Pd A. F. Gentry legacy for Martha D. Gentry. P. Louise Thomas her legacy. John J. Black legacy of Anna S. Sims. John carpenter legacy of his wife Ann Carpenter. Nathaniel Talley legacy of his wife Sally Tally. Henrietta Q. Simms her legacy. Meredith Johnson's wife legacy. Frances Thomasson (dau. G. T.) Her legacy. Garland Duke legacy of Frances Duke. William Terry's legacy. Joseph W. Terry legacy. B. Johnson legacy of his wife Frances Johnson. D. M. Anderson and Elizabeth L. Anderson her legacy. pd. Leighton Nuckolls legacy of Frances Nuckolls. Garland Duke legacy of Frances Duke. legacy of M. H. Harris his wife and daughter of N. Barrett. Patty Thomasson her legacy. 1849

 6 Feb 1849, Will of Edmund B. Nuckolls. Mentions dau Maria Maria Maria Louisa Talley, wife of Anderson Talley, Dau. Rhoda Elizabeth Talley, wife of Nathan Talley, and children of both (no names), wife Martha Ann, and other children, Mary Frances, Henrietta Susan, Edmund Bias, Joseph Lewis, James Polk and Patsy Elizabeth Nuckolls. Executrix, Martha Ann Nuckolls and witnesses, David Hunter, John Hunter. Proved 8 June 1857. Bk 14 p 271.

c1857 Cty. Lou, Book: 14, Page: 271, Edmond B. Nuckolls, Type: Will, Date: [No abstract was made.]

11-Jul-1859 Cty. Lou, Book: ?, Page: ?, Thomas Shelton, Jr., Type: Will, Submitted by (sidne) I THOMAS SHELTON of the County of Louisa and the state of Virginia do make this my last will and testament as follows: Item 1st. It is my will and desire that the tract of land on which I live adjoining the lands of Wm J. Walton, William (S). Fowler and Benjamin F. Richardson also my tract of land situated on the south Anna River adjoining the land of William S. Fowler Nancy Hollins + Patsy Lawrence and William J. Walton be sold and any just debts out of the proceeds aforesaid sale. Item 2nd. I give to my niece [Lluvinia] U. Brazeil my negro woman Jane and her two children John and Robert. Item 3rd. I give to my nephew Joseph (L) Shelton all of my negroes and their increase which are not hereinbefore disposed of to my niece lluvia (U) Braziel. Item 4th. I give to my nephew Joseph L. Shelton all moneys due to me or that may be in my possession at my death and also I give to him all my horses, cows, oxen, hogs, sheep, household furniture and every piece of property not mentioned above in this my last will and testament. In witness where of I hereunto affix my hand and seal this 31st day of May in the year of our lord eighteen hundred and fifty nine. THOMAS SHELTON [SEAL] witnesses J. W. Payne Benjamin F. Richardson Charles Y. Nuckolls At a Court of monthly session held for the County of Louisa at the Courthouse thereof on Monday the 11th day of July 1859. A paper writing purporting to....

22-Mar-1864 Book: FF, Page: 521, Grantor: James D. Nuckols and Martha his wife, Grantee: James E. Smith, Deed 10 Apr 1863 James D. Nuckols and Martha his wife of Louisa to James E. Smith of same $3,000 tract known as Yanceyville Mill property adjoining James D. Nuckols, Granville Bullock, D. Anderson, Carolina Road, old black smith shop, containing 12 3/4 acres . Sig. James D. Nuckols and Martha Nuckols. Rec. 16 Dec 1863 [Margin Note] examined and delivered to James E. Smith 22 Mar 1864 [This deed was lost an recorded in DB GG p 52]

15-Jul-1897 Book: 15, Page: 521, Grantor: J. E. Smith and Mrs. Uree F. Smith his wife, Grantee: Mrs. Alice E. Jones, J. E. Smith and Mrs. Uree F. Smith his wife to Mrs. Alice E. Jones and children, $40 on waters of South Anna adj. estate W. S. Nuckols, W. N. Jackson and T. C. Talleys land being formerly part of T. C. Talley estate cont. 20 acres

01-Nov-1898 Book: 17, Page: 121, Grantor: Jesse J. Porter, clerk, Grantee: William E. Bibb, Jesse J. Porter, clerk of Court of Louisa to William E. Bibb. Real-estate described was purchased in name of the auditor at a sale thereof for taxes and W. E. Bibb applied to purchase and affidavit made that there was no officer of other person connected in any way with the Virginia New England Mining Co. within the state of Virginia all being nonresidents . No person could be found. W.E. Bibb purchased for $72.66 in back taxes land adjoining F. A. Hemmer's estate, John Hunter's estate, Bishop and Embry, William Nuckolls, A.J. Groom, Harry Baker and Whitlocks estate near Mineral. Chancery Suit Box 98 Complaint S.W. Wilson assignee against R. N. Speck, Receiver against Mineral City Mining, Manufacturing and Land Co. sum of $12,797.19 as of 20 Sep 1897 . Complaintenant charges Mineral City Mining Manufacturing and Land Co. is "utterly insolvent. Assets of the company are 2 notes for $240. each payable in 6 and 18 months executed by W. E. Lett on 11 Jul 1891. Said company ceased to do any business. Lett is a non resident of State of Virginia and resides in New York City. Wilson charges Lett is real owner of 239 3/4 acres and mining equipment which he sold to Louis J.M. McKenna for $1.00 and McKenna in turn the same day sold to Margaret M. Lett for $1.00 to try to hide Lett's assets from the court and from her as a creditor of said Land Co.

c. 1900 Cty. Lou, Book: 20, Page: 191, Leighton T. Nuckolls, Type: Will, Date: [No abstract was made.]

21-Jan-1901 Book: 19, Page: 215, Grantor: Lucy M. Smith, Grantee: Alponso V. Smith, Deed 30 Aug 1900 Lucy M. Smith widow of J. E. Smith dec'd., J. E. Bickers, Mary M. Bickers, Virgie Little, children of Tempe A. Bickers dec'd. and grandchildren of said J. E. Smith. dec'd., T. O. Bickers lately husband of said Tempe A. Bickers, dec'd. who was a daughter of said J. E. Smith, Dec'd., J. F. Little husband of Virgie Little, Nora F. Nuckolls a widow, M. Alice Smith, J. E. Smith, E. M. Smith children of said J. E. Smith, dec'd., Eurie Smith wife of J. E. Smith and Lotte Smith wife of E. M. Smith of 1st part to Alponso V. Smith of 2nd part one of the children of J. E. Smith dec'd. 1st Parties sell to Alponso smith 2nd part all their right title and interest in property of J. E. Smith dec'd. known as Yanceyville Mill property being mill, mill dam, dwelling and all buildings thereon cont. 15 1/2 acres lately belonging to J. E. Smith dec'd. bounded by lands of J. E. Smith, son of J. E. Smith, Dec'd., J. W. Bullock, J. S. Lacy, said Alphonso V. Smith and Nora F. Nuckolls. Sig. Lucy M. Smith, Nora F. Nuckolls, M. Alice Smith, J. E. Smith, E. M. Smith, Eurie Smith, Lottie Smith. Justices of Boone Co. Missouri certify for E. M. Smith and Lottie Smith his wife 30 Aug 1900 Rec. 21 Jan 1901.

01-Apr-1901 Book: 19, Page: 309, Grantor: Alphonza V. Smith and Laura his wife, Grantee: W. J. Crank, Deed 1 Apr 1901 Alphonza V. Smith and Laura his wife to W. J. Crank all of Louisa $880.42 one undivided 1/2 interest in tract at Yanceyville adj. J. E. Smith, J. W. Bullock, J. S. Lacy, said Alphonzo V. Smith and Mrs. Nora F. Nuckolls containing 15 1/2 acres being land of which J. E. Smith dec'd. died seized on which is located the dwelling house and Mill at Yanceyville which was recently conveyed to Alphonzo Smith in subdivision of J. E. Smith dec'd. and F. W. Sims Commissioner in suit of Alphonze V. Smith vs. Bickers and others recorded in Louisa Clerks Office. Sig. A. V. Smith and Laura Smith.

Cty. Lou, Book: 20, Page: 376, Caroline F. Nuckolls, Type: Will, Date: [No abstract was made.]

c1922 Cty. Lou, Book: 23, Page: 384, Jas. W. Nuckolls, Type: Will, Date: [No abstract was made.]

c1926 Cty. Lou, Book: 22, Page: 20, Vlardenia H. Nuckolls, Type: Will, Date: [No abstract was made.]



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