17 March 1708-1709 The lands of Abraham Cook, James KNUCKLES Jr, Tho Kimbrough, Bradley and Henry Bow, lying adjacent to each other being made one precinct, of which the said James KNUCKLES and John Kimbrough were appointed overseers, they made their return on the back of this order to which they all subscribed their names. (St Paul Parish Vestry Book Hanover Co, VA)

17 March 1711-12 The lands of Maj Nich MERIWETHER, JA. KNUCKLES, The Glebe, Mr BIGGARS, for Mr CARR's orphans, Mr BARTLET for Mr Mann PAGE, Majj CURTIS and Mr Edward GARLAND lying adjacent to each other, being made one precint, of which the said Mj MERIWEATHER and James KNUCKLES were appointed overseers who made this retunr 1711. We the subscribers hereof could not procxession the within lands by reason no person appeared for Col PARKS land lately deceased, and mr Mr Mann PAGE'S Land, he joining on the Maj part of the land mentioned in this Order. (signed) Nich MERIWETHER, Ja KNUCKLES (St Paul Parish Vestry Book Hanover Co, VA)

3 April 1716 St Pauls Parish Vestry Book Hanover Co- The lands of Maj Nich MERIWETHER, James KNUCKOLS, the Glebe, Mr Carr's orphans, Col Man PAGE, Maj CRUTIS and Mr Edward GARLAND being made one precinct of which Maj MERIWEATHER and James KNUCKOLS were appointed overseers made no return.

10 September 1719 The lands of ROBT JENNINGS, CEO VAUGHN, ANTH WINSTON’S ORPHANS, ROBT BUMPASS and SPRADDLINC, JOHN KIMBROUGH, JNO PERKINS, JOHN BACON, JOHN SLADDING, THOS JACKSON, CORNELIUS TINSLEY and WATTSON, being one precinct of which ROBT JENNINGS and CEO VAUGHN were Overseers, who have made this return March 30, 1720, we the subscribers having complyd with our processioning according to the Order of Vestry Quietly without any distrubance accordingly ANDREW SPRADDLING, CEO COX, SAML NUCKLES in the behalf of MR JOHN PERKINS CORNEt,, TINSLEY JOHN SLADDINC, CEO VAUGHN, ROBin JENNINGS, the Land of ROBT BIJMPASS BEING NOT PROCESS)’O BY REASON THAT HtS~ Tenant was-sick, and hot abiThto go, ~and the land of JOHN KIMBROUGH being not done his prodecessor being sick, the Lands of THOS JACKSON. WINSTON and WATTSON, by reason we could not give them timely notice.
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10 October 1719 Ordered into one precinct for Processioning the Lands of Maj Nich MERIWETHER, James NUCKLES, The Glebe, Mr BIGGERS for CARR'S orphans, Col Mann PAGE, Maj CURTIS and Wm BIGGERS, did not appear, nor nobody for the ___________. Signed by James KNUCKLES, Ambrose HAYLEY for Col PAGE , Peter GARLAND in room of Edw GARLAND.

2 March 1721 In Obedience to an order of court dated 2 March 1721, its order’d that SAMUEL KNUCKOLS clear a road, from the upper end of MATTLOCK’S road to the upper Inhabitants, on the north Side of the South River, and that he have to Assist him MR THOS JOHNSON’S, MR DAVID MERIWETHER’S upper Quarter, JNO BUNCH on TAYLORS Creek, ISAAC JOHNSON, JNO BOSTICK, MR RICHD PHILLIPS, with all their Male Tithables.

14 Feb 1727 St Paul Parish Vestry Book Hanover Co, VA
A return of precessioning in the precincts of the subscriber, viz, Pres't Mr Wm MERIWETHER, Mr Geo RAINE, Mr Wm TERRELL, John CRICKET, Tho BUTLER, John BLALACK, Mr RICH, HARRIS, John SNEAD, Ambrose HUNDLY, James NUCKLES, and Ralph HUNT, the land of Col BIRD no back line to be found. Jas NUCKLES
. Process's Col Page processor and Cars orphans no body appeared, Land of John Mitchell, no aper. And Mr Wm Meriwether process'd John Blalack.s process'd Mr George Raine Process'd Mr Terrell, process'd Mr Rich Harris, process'd Ma'am Littlepage, no body appeared. Mr Hichman, no apperacne. John Garland, Eliz garland and Peter Garland processed.


22 August 1727 The land of Cap GARLAND, John GARLAND, Edward GARLAND Jr, Carrs orphans, Col PAGE, Jas NUCKLES Sr, John MERIWETHER, Thos PENNINGTON, Col BIRD, Wm MERIWETHER, Tho HICKMSN, John BLAYLOCK, Madam LITTLEPAGE, and Wm TERRELL being amde one precinct and that Capt GARLAND and John GARLAND on the 21 of January or the next fair day after see the said land processioned and make return to this vestry some tiem before the last of March next. And of what lands they shall fail of March next, and of what land they shall fail to procession and the reasons of such failure and if any person shall refuse to haev their land processioned then to give account thereof to the Chruch Wardens, within ten days after such refusal, and if there be any alteration in the said precinct, then to summon the present owners, and all esle as the law directs.

16 June 1729 At a vestry held for St Paul's Parish at the lower church. Ordered that William Knuckols work upon the road, whereof John Jones is surveyor.

26 Feb 1731 Order's into one precinct for processioning the land of Gent Peter GARLAND, John GARLAND, Manoah CHILES, CARR'S orphans, Col PAGE, Susannah NUCKLES, John MITCHELL, Wm BOUNSHER, Col BIRD, Ralph HUNT, Wm MERIWETHER, Thos HICKMAN, John BALLACK, The GLEBE, Mdm LITTLEPAGE, BUTLERS, Wm TERRELL, Wm JENNINGS, Matt JENNINGS; Gent Peter GARLANDS and John GARLAND to see the said processioning performed Who made the following return (viz) in Obedience to an order of the vestry made the 20th of October 1731 for processioning, we the subscribers have summoned the persons nominated in our precinct, and the persons adjacent present Wm SNEAD, Thos TINSLEY Jr, Ralph HUNT, Marshall DEGGE, Anthony POUNCEY, William NUCKLES, Charity ANDERSON, Mr TeRRELL, Joel TERRELL, Jno BLALACK, Manoah CHILES, John JOYNER, Philip JOYNER, Abram PHENIX, Wm BOUNSHER, Col BIRD's back line not to be found, no body appeared for the following persons: Madam LITTLEPAGE, Wm JENNINGS, Mathew JENNINGS, Mr HICKMAN, Mr MERIWETHER, John GIBSOB and BUTLER, so their land not processioned.

29 Oct 1731 Returns of Processioning show William Nuckols appeared for Susannah Nuckols (his mother)

Feb 2 1733
John Nickols (or Nuckals) of St Martin Parish to Pouncy Anderson 188 a. East-side Taylor's Creek, witness Nelson Anderson, Hardin Burnley & Anthony Metcalf

5 Mar 1734 INDENT. PAUL HARRALSON of St. Paul’s Par., Hanover Co., planter, to HENRY POWER of Par, of •y James City, land whereona PUAL HARRALSON Dee’ d. Father of PAUL HARRALSON dec'd father lately dwelt in St. Pauls Par.. .corner of JOYLES and LEWIS... small branch down sd. branch across the Road to the fork of a Branch to the line parting this Land from the Land whereon MR. JOHN SMITH now dwells; land formerly conveyed to PAUL HARRALSON dec’d by JAMES NUCKOLS by Indent. 20 Dec 1720, by sd. Feoffer claimed as Son and Heir of sd. PAUL HARRALSON dec’d. EXCEPTING Twenty feet Square of Land on the above Granted Premises for a Burial Place within the bounds of the Twenty feet Square of Land the sd. PAUL HARRALSON dec’d was Interred; Provided if at any time the sd. Feoffer or his heirs shall desire the Sd. Twenty feet Square of Land for a Burial Place as afsd.

Mr. John Smith , Paul Harrelson , son of Paul Harrelson , decd. leases to Henry Power , land which his father purchased of James Nuckels the 29th Dec. 1725 , adj. Mr. John Smith . Mar. 5, 1734 .

July 3 1735.-Hugh X Hagan to Wm Nuckols of Caroline Co.
Records of Hanover County, William and Mary Quarterly,1733-1735

July 3, 1735.-James Nunkaes, St. Paul's, to James Overton St -Martin's Elk Creek.
Records of Hanover County, William and Mary Quarterly,1733-1735

Hanover County Court Record Book 1733-1735 Compiled by Charles P Blunt IV pg 61
Deed acknowledged and admitted to record 7 Aug 1735.
Indenture ( 5 August 1735) between Henry Power, Gentleman, of James City Parish and County and William Johnston, merchant of Saint Paul's Parish, L100 current Saint Paul's Parish...150 acres, whereon Paul Harralson, deceased, lately dwelled...corner of Joyle's and Lewis...up the north fork..the land whereon Mr John Smith now dwells....was formerly conveyed to Paul Harralson, deceased by James Nuckolls by deed dated 29 December 1690 and by Paul Harralson, son and heir of the said Paul Harralson, deceased, now living, to Henry Power by deed dated 6 March 1734...excepting 20 feet square....for a burial place...within which the said Paul Harralson, deceased was interred.
(This is the proof of land ownership prior to 1700 allowing membership in Colonial Dames)

Bk A p157 Deed 8 Oct 1744 James Nuckolls Sr.of Hanover Co. "unto my loving son James Nuckolls Jr." my plantation and 200ac in Louisa Co.", lying in the fork of the Little River joining on the south fork of the River (James). Witnesses, Abraham Gedells(?), ? Kimbrough, Charles Nuckolls.

Sept. 30, 1751 . Ordered into one precinct for processioning the lands of John Bickerton , Francis Smith , Thomas Booth , the Glebe, Mills , William Thornton , John Pierce , William Nuckols , Robt. Page , Harden Burnley , John Joyners orphans, widow Garland , and that John Bickerton and Francis Smith see the processioning performed, &c. Precinct No. 11. The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908

17 November 17 55 Ordered into one precinct for Processioning the Lands of HASTINGS MARKS, WILLIAM HAYNES, CHRISTOPHER HAYNES, JOSEPH HIX, ECHO THACKER, ALEXANDER GRANT, DORNELIUS DABNEY JR, JOHN SHELTON, WILLIAM DABNEY, JOHN MEAD, JAMES BREWER JOHN MAY, JOHN STODCHILL, JEREMIAH FRAZER, EDWARD PATE and SAMUEL NUCKOLS, and that CHRISTOPHER HAYNES and JOSEPH HIX See the Said processioning performed and return the Proceding According to Law. Many other processioning records.

7 Nov 1734 Appraisal of estate of William Schooler dec'd 1 sorril gelding 1; 1 bell and coller 1.3; 1 deer skin 1 old saddle .1.6; 1 leather apron 1 hilling hoe; 1 broad ax 1 spurge .3; 1 felt hat, 1 coat .7.6; 1cap and neck band .2; 1 lenen wastecoat old raggs .3; 2 pari of buttons .0 .71/2 Total 2.2.21/2 James Goodall, Peter King, James Nuckols, Pg 53

1 9 November 1759 Ordered into one Precinct for Processioning, Lands of HASTINGS MARKS, WILLIAM HANES, CHRISTOPHER HANES, JOSEPH HIX, ECHO THACKER,ALEXANDER GRANT, CORNELIUS DABNEY JR, JOHN SHELTON, WILLIAM DABNEY, JOHN MEAD, JAMES BREWER, JOHN MAY, JOHN STODGHILL, JEREMIAH FRAZER, EDWARD PATE, and SAMUEL NUCKOLS and that CHRISTOPHER HANES and CHRISTOPHER HANES and JOSEPH Hix See the Said Processioning Performed and return their Proceedings according to Law.  Other processioning records


12 Nov 1771 NATHANIEL NUCKOLLS and JOHN HILL appointed to see to processioning for Precinct No 2412 November 1771 No. 24 Ordered into Precinct for Processioning the lands of WILLIAM IIMBROUGH, HARRY TOMPKINS, JOHN HILL, NATHANIEL NTJCKOLLS, SAMUEL EUMPASS, ROBERT BUMPASSL, JOHN BUMPASS, WILLIAM GRIVES, FORTUNATuS SYDNOR. And that NATHANIEL NUCKOLLS and JOHN HILL do see the said processioning performed and return their proceedings according to Law.

17 Jan 1774 Nathan Nuckols (Signed Nuckolls) AC, to Henry Trent, AC for 10 pounds attachment- stock, furniture, tobacco now on Trent's Plantation; one knife. Wit: Thos LUMPKIN, Rich SHELTON

29 October 1779 NATHANIEL NtJCKOLLS and JOHN HILL appointed to oversee processioning for Precinct No. 26 The Lands of WM KIMBROuGH, HARRY TOMPKINS DEC’D, JOHN HILL, NATHANL NUCKOLDS, SAML BUMPASS, JNO FERGUSON, JN. EUMPASS, WM GRYMES, FORTUNATUS SYDNOR DEC’D. And that WILLIAM 0. WINSTON & WM DARRACOTT do see the said processioning performed and return their proceedings according to Law. (No return recorded)

2 Oct 1832 Indenture  Edward T. Nuckols and Susanah his wife of the Co. of Hanover do sell to William A Deitrick for the sum of $670 all their rights and interest in the estate of William Nuckols, the father of Susanah. No witnesses.Bk29 p421

(From Google Books "Virginia Migrations-Hanover Co, VA)
James Underwood
His son, james Underwood acquired the Dandridge place from Mrs Jane Underwood in 1816, when it was transferred to him on the land book. About 1820 he acquired from John O Childress, 27 acres and the following year, 560 acres were transferred to him from Walter Boyd Gilliam. This last tract was transferred from him in 1824 and in 1831 and the 27 acre tract in 1833. The Dandridge Place was transferred to Joseph Nuckols in 1839

13 Jan 1846 Phillip Woodson Hanover Co, to Tarlton Woodson, Robert Farrar, John Ellis, Joseph Nuckols and Benjamin Nuckols, trustees for benefit of the regular Baptist Denomination who compose the general association of Baptists in Va; whereas Matthew Woodson now deceased did in his life time cause a meeting house called Dover to be built upon his own land in the county of Goochland fore the use of the  Baptist denomination and the land upon which sd. meeting house stands containing 1 acre, is a part of the land inherited by his son Phillip Woodson and the sd Philip Woodson to carry out the design of his father the sd Matthew Woodson, dec'd, hereby conveys sd. land to sd. trustees. (Source: The Edward Pleasants Valentine papers Baltimore. Genealogical Pub. Co.. 1986 pg1928)

15 July 1880 Will of Susan Anne Eliza Nuckols of the County of Hanover. Mentions mother Nancy Nuckols,eldest son Thomas E Nuckols, Dau. Anne E. Melton, Dau. Mary Jane Nuckols and son Joseph Smith Nuckols. Witnesses, William Armstrong, Samuel Armstrong and Andrew Armstrong. Proved 15 Aug. 1883.P19 (no book listed).

8 Mar 1907 Vol 2 p72. Will of James M. Nuckols of Hanover Co. . Mentions wife Lavinia E. Nuckols, Dau. Lillie May and son James M. Jr., son David H., grandchildren J. Andrew, David, Ellen May and Lunsford T., all children of Dau. Emma J. Nuckols deceased. Sons J. Andrew and Dr. Lunsford Nuckols, Dau. Harriet Nuckols, wife of Courtland Nuckols. Executors are sons David H. and J. Andrew Nuckols. Witnesses, R.T. Gelman, W.D. Harlow and G.W. Puryear.  

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