St Paul's Parish Vestry Records

James Nuckols and Abraham Cook each of them send four Tithables out of their Precincts, to assist the said Nich.

James Nuckols ordered to keep Frederick Jones, Bastard son of Sarah Tyler, until he be 21 years of age.

James Nuckols to keep widow Hart, 4 months 150C

p.210 #7 Item

the lands of Abraham Coo, James Knuckles, Jn Kimbrow, Tho Bradley and Henry Bow, lying adjacent to each other, being made one precinct, of which the said James Knuckles and John Kimbrow were appointed overseers, they made their return on the back of this order, without any objection a true procession to which they all subscribe their names.

p.221 #174 Item

the lands of Maj Nich, Meriwether, Ja Knuckles, the Glebe, M Biggars for m, Carrs orphans, M Bartlet for M, Mann Page, Maj, Curtis & M, Edw Garland lying adjacent to each other, being made one precinct, of which the said Maj. Meriwether and James Knuckles were appointed overseers who made the return 1711, we the subscribers here of could not procession the within lands, by reason no person appeared for Col Parks Land lately deceased, and for M Mann page's land, he joining on the Maj. part of the land mentioned in this order

Nich Meriwether, Ja Knuckles

p 233,246 references the same transaction with no return being filed.

p 256, #2 Item

Ordered into one precinct for processioning; land of Maj Nich Meriwether, James Knuckles, the Glebe, M Biggars for Carr's orphans, Col Mann page Maj. Curtis and m, Edw Garland, whereof Maj Nich Meriwether and James Nuckles were made overseers, and made this return viz. the within order compiled with as far as we can, for Maj. Curtis, and W Biggars, did not appear, nor nobody for them, signed by James Nuckles, Ambrose Hayley for Col Page, Peter garland in room of Edw. Garland

p.272 Another return mentioning James Nuckles on 2/14/1727

p.274 James Nuckolls mentioned in another land return

p.287 #221 James Nuckolls mentioned in another land return

p,295 A petition from several men and James Nuckolls asking for them to get their return in

p.305 James Nuckolls still trying to comply with the order to resize the land with several others.

p.345 James Nuckolls and others finally seemed to get the land adjusted in order with the law.

p.376 #299 Church Wardens John Snelson and David Darracott are chosen and sworn accordingly. Nov 19, 1759.

At a Vestry held for Saint Paul's Parish, Nov 19, 1759. Ordered that the several precincts for processioning lands in this Parish be laid of as they were in the year 1755, and the person appointed to see the same procession by according to the Memorandum hereunto annexed and that the Parish lines be processioned, as in the said Memorandum is mentioned, and the same be at large recorded in the Vestry Book. (1st) John Pierce and Samuel Gist continued to procession, William (2) Cook and john Stark, in room of Dabney and Wingfield (3,order) the same continued (4) John Norwell and John Winn to procession, John Meriwether not appointed (5) David Thompson and Nelson Anderson appointed (6) Samuel Pryer and James Cawthorn continued (7) John Williamson and Benjamin Johnson continued (8) James Nuckols and Page Blunt continued, (9) Christopher Hanes and Joseph Hicks continued (10) Matthew Pate, and William Grymes appointed, (11) Richard Anderson and Edward Lankford appointed (12) John Bickerton and Francis Smith appointed, (13) William Acree and William Crumpton appointed, (14) John Syme and William Winston continued, (15) Elish Merideth and Barott White appointed, etc....

p.361 Mentioned James Nuckolls and Page Blunt and their return for their proceedings according to law.

p.382 Samuel Nuckols mentioned in Processing with several other men 1759

p.476 In 1767 Year, New Order of Several Precincts for Processioning Lands in the Parish and the necessary alterations he made. Records Nathaniel Nuckolls and John Hill

p.493 Nathaniel Nuckolls mentioned in processioning of land and returns. He signed with John Hill.


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