Mr. David Nuckols - President
Mr Bruce Nuckols- Vice President
Mrs. Sandi Koscak -Secretary-Treasurer

Active Society Officers 2014:
David Nuckols - President- (VA, KY, AL, TX Line Coordinator)-
Board of Directors

Sandi Koscak- Secty-Treasurer-Newsletter Editor-Archivist- Publisher
Judy Lowe - Board of Directors  Contact
Bruce Nuckols - Board of Directors

Genealogy is an important part of today's society. People today live a very hurried life and don't seem to take the time to learn about their family ancestor's. Most of our Nuckolls ancestor's date back to 1650 in Virginia and Philadelphia. The name has been spelled many different ways due to the fact that people in the past spelt phonetically. Some name derivatives are: Nuckolls, Nuckols, Nuchols, Knuckolls, Knuckols, Nuckels, Knuckels, Nuccol. We have found the name has a place in Scottish and German Countries as well.

The purpose of the Society is to identify every known family member. There are two books that are a good source of the old families beginning roots in Virginia. The first book is entitled, The First Virginia Nuckolls and Kindred by Bertha Nuckolls the second is, Pioneer Setters of Grayson County Virginia. We are in the process of updating the book, The  First Virginia Nuckolls & Kindred. We want to include as many family descendants as possible for the books reprinting. Sandi has taken the time to organize and transcribe an index.

If you have an interest and would consider becoming a member of the Nuckolls Society. The cost of membership is $15 annually . This is renewed each December, so contact Sandi for the pro-rated amount. If you decide to become a member you will receive a Newsletter on a quarterly basis. The Newsletter will contain reunion information, interesting articles and more. You may also want to subscribe to the Nuckolls mailing/discussion list for free.  (Or fill out and mail membership application)

I hope that you will join in the effort to locate family members by becoming a part of the Nuckolls Society today! You don't have to be a genealogist to become a member, just an interest in History as it pertains to the Nuckolls Family and descendants.  


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