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This indenture made the sixth day of May in the twenty fifth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Second and in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Fifty two between William Nuckolls of the Parish of St Pauls in the County of Hanover Planter of the one part and Thomas Jones of the same Parish and County Gentleman of the other part. Witnesseth that the said William Nuckolls for and in consideration of the sum of Five Shillings current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the said Thomas Jones the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged he the said William Nuckolls hath granted bargained and sold and by these Presents doth grant bargain and sell unto the said Thomas Jones all that Messuage or Tenement Tract Dividend or parcel of Land by estimation Two hundred Acres be the same more or less situate lying and being in the abovesaid Parish and County which Land was devised unto the said William Nuckolls by the last Will and Testament of James Nuckolls late of the said County deceased in the Words, to wit,  "Item, I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Susannah Nuckolls  the plantation whereon I now live and all the Land belonging to wit from the Aforesaid Bassods Run down to his lower end  of my Land which joineth Mr. Ralph Hunt's Land to be and remain to the use of my said Daughter during her natural life  and after her decease to her son William Nuckolls and his heirs for ever as may appear by the last Will proved and admitted to Record in the Court of the aforesaid County the Fifth Day of February one thousand seven hundred and thirty relation being thereunto had and the same land is part of a greater tract or Parcel of land which. was granted unto one (1) John Chiles by Letter of Patent hearing date the twenty Third day of October in the Year if our Lord One thousand six hundred and Ninety and by the said John Chiles sold and conveyed unto the aforesaid James Nuckols by an assignment of the said Patent recorded in the Court of New Kent the twenty eight day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Six hundred and ninety two and the aforesaid Susannah Nuckolls being dead the said William Nuckolls by virtue of the devise aforesaid  hath entered into and upon and taken possession of the abovesaid Messuage or Tenement, Tract,. dividend of Parcel of Land which is hereby granted bargained and sold unto the said Thomas Jones and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders Rents and Services of the said Premises  abovementioned and of every part and Parcel thereof with the Appurtenances, To have and to hold the said Messuage or Tenement Lands Hereditaments and Premises abovementioned and every part and parcel thereof, with  the appurtenances unto the said Thomas Jones.

Executors administrator's and assignees from the Day next before the Day of the date of these Presents for and during and unto the full end and Term of one whole year from thence next and immediately during and following full to be compleat and [torn ] Yielding and paying [torn ] pepper corn in and upon the [torn]day of Saint Michael's [torn] (if demanded) to the Intent that by the Virtue of these Presents and by Force of the Statute for transferring of uses into Possession [illegible] the said Thomas Jones may be in the actual possession of all and singular the said Premises above mentioned with the Appurtenances 'and be thereby enabled to accept and take a Grant and Release of the Reversion and Inheritance thereof to him and his Heirs to the only Proper use and Behoof of him the said Thomas Jones his heirs and Assigns Forever-

In Witness whereof the said William Nuckolls hath thereunto set and affixed his Hand and Seal the Day and Year above Written                William Nuckolls

Signed sealed and Delivered in the presence of Obad’ Marriott
Tho’ Prosser

At a court for Hanover County on Thursday the 9th day of May 1752
William Nuckolls Acknowledged this lease Indented to be his proper Act and Deed and it was there upon admitted to record

Test Henry Robinson                                                                            Henry Robinson, Cl, Ct
Duly recorded Test                                                                                Henry Robinson, Cl, Ct

[verso] Nuckolls to Jones (Lease)


Received the Seventh Day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty two of the within named Thomas Jones the sum of one hundred and eighty five pounds current money of Virginia it being the consideration money in this indenture mentioned I say received the same.
Obadh Marriott
Tho Prosser
Bartelot Anderson

At a court held for Hanover County on Thursday the 7th day of May 1752
William Nuckolls and Sarah his wife the said Sarah being first privily examined and voluntarily assenting thereto acknowledged this release/indenture to be their Proper act and deed whereon the said release and receipt were admitted to record.

William Nuckols

Test Henry Robinson ClCt

Truly recorded Test Henry Robinson Stamped Public Record Office

The release which was also included in the records was a duplicate of the lease with the exception of the date—it was dated the usual following day, the amount paid for the land—one hundred and eighty five pounds current money and the addition of the receipt, the dower release and the recording information


(1)  Know all men by these P(re)sents that I John Chiles of James City County Doe from me my heirs Executors or administrators assigne and lett over unto James Nicolls of New Kent County his heirs, executors and administrators or assignees all my rights title and interest of the within mentioned land warranting itt from the Claims of any person or persons whatsoever that shall lay Claim or Title  [word marked through] there too. As witness my hand and seal this twenty eight day of November 1692.

John Chiles

Signed sealed and de[illegible] in the p[re]sents of us
Alex [?] St______ng [?]
John Parke, Jun’

New Kent November 28th 1692
Acknowledged in Court by the said John Chiles unto James Nichols and at his request recorded.
P[er] Job Howes[?], Clrk Ct

[Large portions of the following release of dower are missing]

[torn]se and Certify [torn] Chiles wife of John Chiles of J[torn] nty doth fully and absolutely[?] to all [torn] an dpurposes assigne ove__ and forever [torn] unto James Nuckalds his heirs and c [torn] my right of Dowr in a p[ar]cell of Land [torn] ee hundred forty five akres situate and [bei]ng in th* upp[e]r pt of New Kent County, and this I doe of my free and voluntary will witt[ness] my hand this ___th day of November 169[2]
Mary Chiles, signed [torn] of [torn]mond
[missing][illegible] poles of [missing]     Thus plat [?]laims 348 acres and 88 ye request of Jam Nuccoles
Ye 5th [missing] march 1690                                 1691           At a [missing] back toe B next to                                         Bassetts line.

[Dotted lines and a few parcel notations as well as a compass rose indicate that this was part of a plat]


William and Mary College quarterly historical magazine, Volume 8

 By College of William and Mary

CHILES FAMILY* (1) Walter Chiles, merchant, patented 400 acres near the Falls of Appomattox river, where Petersburg is situated. He represented Charles City county in the General Assembly, was speaker, and in 1652 member of the Council. He married, first, Elizabeth, by whom he had (2) William2, (3) Walter2. His second wife was probably Alice Luckin, who married, secondly, John Page. He died about 1658. His "son and heir" (3) Walter was a burgess for James City county, married Susannah , and was dead before 1672, leaving issue (4) John3, (5) Henry3, of New Kent, who had issue between 1690 and 1706, Henry, Walter and James. When Hanover was formed out of New Kent, Henry3 Chiles was vestryman of St. Paul's Parish. In 1720 the vestry book of that parish announces his death. In 1730 Henry Chiles (probably his son) and Anne his wife, of Hanover, made a deed for lands in Goochland. In 1749 Anne Chiles made a deed, recorded in Albemarle, taken from Goochland. (6) Elizabeth3, who married Henry Tyler, of Bruton Parish, greatgreat-grandfather of President John Tyler.

(4) John3, eldest son, married Mary before 1690. He was messenger to the Council in 1693. He patented 900 acres in 1691 situated in New Kent county in the freshes of York river above Mehixton. This part of the county was afterwards in Hanover county, and the tract appears to have been purchased about 1730 by Mann Page from Henry Chiles. There is a patent to said John Chiles in 1701 as church warden of St. Margaret's Parish in King William.


* Quarterly, I., p. 75-78; VI., p. 147. In 1690 John Chiles obtained another patent for land in New Kent on Crump's Creek (now Hanover).
A John Chiles' will was recorded in Louisa in 1774, but he left no children. He had nieces, Olive Edwards and Mary Wright

The William and Mary quarterly, Volume 1

 By Earl Gregg Swem, Institute of Early American History and Culture (Williamsburg, Va.), College of William and Mary, JSTOR (Organization)

 Col. John Page left a ring of twenty shillings to his "grandson, John Chiles." In St. Peters Pariah Register, New Rent county, are the entries of the baptism between 1699 and 1706 of Henry, Walter and James, children of Henry Chiles, Gent.

Hanover county was taken from New Kent in ;and 6 Sept.,1735, Henry Chiles sold lands on Southern Branch, Hanover county. Louisa county was taken from Hanover and in 1772, James Chiles and Elizabeth, his wife, were living there. By his will proved 10 Oct., 1774, John Chiles left his estate to his nieces Olive Edwards, daughter of Joseph Martin and Susanuah, his wife and to Mary, daughter of John Wright and Jane, his wife



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