Census Records prior to 1850 only show the head of the house and the ages and gender of the remaining household members.

Each census decade brought new information to be included into the records.

I use some abbreviated definitions in my transcriptions that you may like to be aware.

Beginning in Census records for 1880, places of birth were given for the individual's parents. When you see a place of birth indicated as OH IN IL it means the individual was born in Ohio,  his father was born in Indiana and his mother in Illinois.

In 1900, the census info for the wife gave how many years they are married, how many children she had birthed and how many children were still living. This information is notated by M#Y and # / # as in example; M13y and 6/5.

The 1910 Census indicates how many times the parents have been married, as well as how many children of the mother. Example M2x means This is their second marriage. The children of the mother is indicated the same as in the 1900 census.

In the 1930 census, info is given on the age that the husband and wife were when they were married for the first time. This info is indicated in the facts section by Md26/18  or age 26 md18



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