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Because of the size of this file on this page  is was updated to be newspaper articles of only Unknown or Unidentified Persons.  Those who were identified, the newspaper articles were placed into the notes section of the database.  I  need help in identifying those on this page. Please email me if you know where they connect or can identify them.
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Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, CA  Aug 2, 1871
SHOOTING AFFRAY AT LIVERMORE - The Oakland Transcript of August 1st has this:
About 3 o'clock last Sunday afternoon a man named
J. KNUCKLES was shot near Livermore by one BRADLEY, receiving frightful injuries about the face, but none which are likely to prove fatal. The affair was about a sum of money Bradley claimed belonged to him in the hands of Knuckles. Some time previous to the shooting, the men met and Bradley demanded the money. Afterward, while Knuckles was riding in a wagon a short distance from town, Bradley rode up to him on horse-back armed with a loaded shotgun and made another demand for the money. It was refused, whereupon Bradley took deliberate aim at Knuckles and fired. The greater part of the charge of shot entered Knuckles' lower jaw, tearing the chin entirely away and ripping the flesh down close to the windpipe. The tongue was also torn. Several shot entered the right shoulder. Bradley immediately rode away, and up to yesterday afternoon had not been heard from, although officers are out in search of him. The money transaction is given to us as follows: Bradley had been herding a large number of cattle, and owing a great many small bills his money was taken up by his creditors by powers of garnishee as fast as it became due. Bradley succeeded in getting a sum ahead, and to prevent its being seized placed it in the hands of Knuckles, who refused afterward to refund it.


Oxnard Press Courier Oxnard California 17 May 1954
Armed Forces Enlisted_Gloria S Nuckolls, Rt 3 Box 491A Ojai will be employed in the supply department
Oxnard Press Courier Oxnard California 19 July 1954
Arrivals -Departures Pt Magu- Gloria S Nuckolls left the Supply and Fiscal Dept.
Oxnard Press Courier Oxnard California 11 October 1954
Egg Laying- Tom Nuckols, Camarillo

San Mateo CA Plain Dealer, Mar 27, 1966
A foot square chunk of ice crashed through a house roof Friday night and landed 15 feet from where a terrified family had been watching television. Mrs Lorraine Nuckles, 27, of San Mateo, told police she was sitting in the living room with her three children when she heard what she thought was a bomb. Police found a hole in the roof, the ice and no explanation. A United Air Lines plane overhead at the time reported later at San Francisco International Airport that no icing conditions had been encountered.

California Van Nuys Valley News 23 June 1967
Grover Cleveland High School-Anne Nuckolls
California Van Nuys Valley News 14 November 1967
Vie for posts-Ron Nuckolls

10/24/1970 Los Angeles, Independent Press Telegram
Article about trial of Charles manson.
Mentions police officer Sidney Nuckles Jr, a police officer, showing the court a diagram of the tate home, and considering allowing the testimony of Sidney Nuckles. (He found first and only Census 1940 Queens Co, NY, see census unidentified in New York)

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Summit County Journal and Breckenridge Bulletin (Breckenridge) CO May 27, 1911
 Rev Nuckolls Returns-Services will be held in the first Methodist  Episcopal Church Sunday morning and evening, Rev Robert Nuckolls having returned from Denver where he attended an important church meeting after visiting his mother in Texas.

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The Bridgeport Telegram Bridgeport Connecticut 08 October 1954
  Bacteria Blamed on Tooth Decay-The new theory has been developing for a number of years. First the late colleagues of the three California scientists, Dr James Nuckolls, found that the thickness of enamel on the teeth varied greatly from one point to another.......

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