THIS INDENTURE made this fourteenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety four Between THOMAS NUCKOLLS, CHARLES BARRETT & ELIZABETH, his wife ROBERT BARRETT and BARBARY his wife of Louisa County of the one part & NATHAN THOMPSON of Louisa Count of the other part witnesseth that the said THOMAS NUCKOLLS, CHARLES BARRETT and ELIZABETH his wife ROBERT BARRET & BARBARY his wife for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and sixty pounds current money of Virginia to them in hand paid the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge have given bargained and sold to the said NELSON THOMPSON one certain or parsel of land -- lyinh and being in the County of Louisa on the southside of the South fork of Little River bounded as follows Beginning on Little river at the mouth of a branch known by the name of (Waddys) branch rising thence up the said Branch to the head from thence to (Mudhorse) ing on a Post Oake South of the main road and east of the said Post the said Oak until from thence along the old line bounded by Waddy till at ---- Little river branch thence down the same to lititle River thence down Little river to the beginning by two hundred acres or the same more or less & all the claim rights to the said land & appurtenances they hearby Release sell --- & the said NELSON THOMPSON and his heiars forever & the said THOMAS NUCKOLLS, CHARLES BARRETT & ELIZABETH his wife, ROBERT BARRETT JR and BARBARY his wife for and in consideration afoore mentioned for them & their heirs -- -- all other persons claiming by --- or through --- or in any manner whatsoever doth warrant in fee Simple the right and title of said land unto the said NELSON THOMPSON and his heirs forever. In witness thereof they have hereunto set their handss & affixed their seales the day & year aforementioned.

1/ Signed Sealed and Deliv’d in presence of) THOMAS NUCKOLLS JOHN SMITH, JP ANDREW TODD ROBERT HARRIS ROBERT BARRET At a Court held for Louisa County on the CHAS BARRET 13th day of October 1791

This Indenture was this day in open Court acknowedged by CHARLES BARETT & ROBERT BARRETT to be their act and deed and was proved to be the act and deed of THOMAS NUCKOLLS by the oatjh of JOHN SMITH & ROBERT HARRIS two of the witnesses hereto and by the Court ordered to be recorded ---f the said CHARLES & ROBERT & certified unto the said THOMAS and on the 8th day of December 1794 the same deed was further proved to be the act and deed of the said THOMAS NUCKOLLS by the oath of ANDREW TODD another of the witnesses thereto and by the Court ordered to be recorded

The Commonwealth of Virginia to WILLIAM & SAMUEL TERRELL Gentlemen Justices of Louisa Countyl whereas THOMAS NUCHOLLS, CHARLES BARETT AND ELIZABETH his wife ROBERT BARRETT JR and BARBARA his wife by this deed of bargain and sale bearing date 14th days of April 1794 hath agreed to ---- and convey unto NELSON THOMPSON the fee simple estate certain.... ( partial document taken from files of Ardath Edwards)



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