Mt. Carmel, May 15,1862

My Dearest Wife;

I received your letter on the 12th and 13th and was glad to hear that you all are well. I am enjoying as good as ever. I am at this time on Picket with eight others. We are having a good time. We board with Mrs. Thomas. Our fare is extra our horses fare finely, it is raining at this time. It rained all day yesterday. People are mighty behind here with their work. They are not done planting corn. I am sorry to tell you that the health of the Company is not good. There are a great many sick, some have died. Stephen Price is sick, he is at the same place we board at and well treated. John is with me on Picket he is well. Josiah is at Camp near Madison Court House he is well I am six miles North of the Court House. There was preaching here at this church on Saturday and Sunday and tomorrow is fast day prayer will be held here tomorrow. The people are very good southerns about here and are always glad to see us. I wish to know if you have got your vegetables patches planted. I would like to know who has got you any wood since I left and how you are treated generaly. An write me word if vou have drawed provisions and how many times and how much you got at a time. Write how many chickens you have got. I want you to save me some chickens until I get home which wont be long but I cannot tell, that good milk and butter you said you wished I was there to eat. I hope the time wont be long before I sliall be with vou to help you to eat it, you write me word if Father has got that money from Captain Herndon and Abner Holland if he has not got it you write me word if you need any I will send you some as soon as a good chance offers itself. I would be more than proud to see you and the little ones if was so I could, George, Calvin and Singleton tell George to take care of my dog for I want him to go possum hunting this fall, and how Singleton toe has got and how long it has been sore and if he can talk any I want to know if Monroe has gone back to the Army lately and if Oslome has got home. Remember me though many miles apart. -be you in my daily Study and Nightly dreams if this war was to end it would not take me long to get home. I would like to know if any body is staying with you and whom it is you said that you wished I would hire a Negro if you can hire one do it or get some body to hire one for you for balance of the year. You must send me all the news and any thing that will interest me I cannot hear no news here. Give my love to all inquiring friends and tell them to let me hear from them. I would be glad to see all of my old friends once more if it was possible. Tell George Giles that he must write to me and write all the news. You must not grieve yourself so much as you are doing. I hope I shall be at home in some 3 or 4 months, You take more to heart than you ought to do for it will all do no good will only make you miserable. May God be with us and bless and bring me safe to you all once more. May he bless you and all your litttle ones and if he has so willed it that i should not get back it will be only just in his sight for he rules the whole world and we should not murmer at his own good will but submissively bow to him that will protect you from all harm if you will trust him. Write soon to your affecionate husband until death.

Jesse B Nuckols to his wife Sarah M Nuckols

M B Josiah and John sends their love and respects to you and to father, Mother and sisters and mine the same and more.

J B Nuckols

Letter in possession of Dennis Nuckols, Chatham, VA

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