Benjamin Floyd Nuckolls

Author of "Pioneer Settlers of Grayson Co.,VA"

when quite young, clerked in his father's store at Grayson C. H.; educated at Jefferson Academy, Ashe Co., N. C.; licensed to preach May 3I, 1861; admitted to the Aleth. Church South Holston Conference at Greenville, Tenn., Oct. 1861. His home at Nuckolls Healing Springs was one of the early show places of Grayson Co., and he was for many years one of the leading Methodist ministers of this area.

He was the author of Pioneer Settlers of Grayson County, Virginia. " lt is with unfeigned pleasure that I write these lines ... the author himself is one of the old pioneer families who, by their courage and stalwart virtues, made Southwestern Virginia the garden spot of the world-'Tlie land of the free, and the home of the brave.' The book is a recital of facts-a garner for preserving for posterity, a history of the brave doings of the men and women of the generations gone by ... will be read by this and coming generations, not only in the happy homestead, the hills and valleys of Southwestern Virginia, but in many other states. . . . in the far off western plains will read with thrilling interest story after story of the early days of their fathers and grandfathers who felled the forest and drove the wolves and bears from their lurking dens, and built their log cabins by the spring. The springs of laughing waters are still there, but the log cabins of the pioneers are gone -and beautiful homesteads, waving harvests and lowing lierds tell of the comfort and good cheer of the country. The ramshackle school house, in which the children learned their A B C's in the years long gone, are replaced with academies and high schools of architectural taste and adapted to educational purposes. And instead of the log cabin or humble private home of the settlers in which the 'circuit-rider' used to conduct divine services, now the 'church-going-bell ' in every neighborhood calls the people to worship in elegant houses of worship.-------" The book tells the how of all this change and the worthy author merits the hearty thanks of all for putting the story in permanent form for preservation. I cordially commend it to book lovers of the day" Rev David Sullins



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