Will of Ann W NUCHOLS

Hanover Co, VA
(Will found in a box at Hanover County Courthouse in 1983)

I give to my brother John all my whole estate real and personal by so doing give all my brothers children one hundred dollars apace. This is my last will and testament.
Ann W Nuchols 1847

1848 April 3rd On the motion of Edward W Morris and with the will ennexed? of Nathel Nuckols deed he is admitted a party contestant and  con
1849 April 3rd C and C awarded proponent to take the depostion of William G Carson and Lucy Lumesden.
1848 April 7th Will offered for probate by Jno G Jones on the motion of Nathan Nuckols. He is admitted a defendant in opposition thereto and counselor? for defendant.
1850 April 2nd On motion of contestant. Jury to be secured to decide if the paper writing propounded by I B Jones is the true last will of A. W. Nuckols as 1850 April 2nd. Rule on Thos A Hope and David J Saunders witnesses  for contestant to Friday night.
April 5th July sworn and having partly heard the evidence, adjourned until tomorrow Morning Ten O'clock.
1850 April 6th. Jury appo. according to adjournment and having further heard the evidence, adjourned until Monday next ten o'clock and rule on G Fleming witness for Plt. (plaintiff)
1850 April 8th July appo according to adjournment and having further heard the evidence were adjourned until tomorrow ten o'clock and Rule on Geo. Fleming and Frances P Austin witnesses to Proponent.
April 8th Hury appo according to adjournment and gets a verdict establishing the will, for new and time to consider.
1850 April 12th Motion for new trial overruled. Will O.K. and forplaintiffs costs and one bill of exception by plaintiff and for Defendant.
1869 Oct 1st Continued and rule on Thomas Hardin, David G Jones, Charles F Higgerson, O F Chisholme, Catherine Maynard, Cornelius Stanley and Edward Maynard, witness for the contestant and court? awards contestant to take the deposition of Wm Glass and take the deposition of Wm W Anderson Jr, Richard J Jones witness for him giving contestant legal p-ro for the time and place of taking same.
Filed in my office 21st Jan 1848
W.O.W.D.C. (Deputy Clerk)
Submitted by Kathryn Barclay


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