The arms has very interesting meaning. The colors denote truth, justice, peace and virtuous qualities, wisdom and steadfastness. The gold chief of the shield denotes illustrious deeds, elevation of mind, domination, and authority. The three Cornish choughs* are the emblem of long life. It is the king of crows, a carnivorous bird.

The silver pales symbolize military strength and fortitude given to those who defend cities, or who had supported his government of their sovereigns by standing up rightly for prince or country.

Engrailed signifies on land or earth

In crest, the ear of golden west, we find symbolized that the bearer deserves well for his hospitality and it is also an allusion to plenty.

*Cornish Chough: is called "the king of crows." "...may betoken the bearer thereof to be a man of stratagems to the disadvantage of his enemies." Might (also) betoken "watchful activity for friends 

  Coat of Arms

The source of this Coat of Arms is taken from the First Virginia Nuckolls ad Kindred
by Bertha Nuckolls. She does not give her source, but have not found anything to confirm it as of 2010.

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