"John Nuckolls married Agatha Bullock in Virginia, perhaps in Dinwiddie County. The Nuckolls family came over from England and settled in Virginia. Their history runs back to 1452, when the "War of the Roses" began. The house of York led one faction and the house of Lancaster the other. They were adherents to the house of York, the emblem of which was the white rose. One family that sided with York in that struggle was named Nuckolls. When the original Nuckolls emigrated to America he brought a bush of that rose with him. Each member of the family kept a bush of this famous rose. When John Nuckolls and his wife Agatha, came to South Carolina, they brought the rose with them and planted it at Whig Hill, near Grindall Shoals. From that plant, their descendants got cuttings or roots, and several members of the family had the white rose until 1860, when sentiment was knocked out of the hearts of many of our people. If the Rose of York is now living, it is at the residence of John D Jeffries, who owns the W T Nuckolls homestead. "Aunt Nancy " Dawkins had the rose until the time of her death, about 1861 or 1862, and T D Littlejohn now owns the famous homestead."

Source.... "Pioneer Settlers of Grayson Co, VA" pg 93 and "History of Grindal Shoals" by J B Bailey

Perhaps more romance than truth?


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