Samuel Nuckolls


CheckThis Samuel Nuckolls has never been located in any Census

Check1885 Nebraska State census-No Nuckols

CheckThere is not Samuel Nuckols in any census who was born in Scotland

CheckThe passenger manifest of the ship that Andrew Carnegie came to America on from Scotland shows no person named Samuel or Nuckols.

CheckThere is no Samuel Nuckols born in Scotland who shows up in any US record.

CheckNo Nuckols family other than Ezra & Heath Nuckolls family settled in Nebraska.

CheckNo Nuckols were found in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania while the Carnegies lived there.

The Morning Herald, Lexington, Kentucky

September 13, 1903
Carnegie’s Boy Chum Caught by Swindlers

Among the Nebraska victims of Daniels & Co, the New York “bankers” raided a few days ago by the police is Samuel Nuckolls, of Kenesaw Nebraska, who for old friendship’s sake, is given a pension of $500 a year by Andrew Carnegie. Nuckols’ parents brought him from Scotland when he was a little boy. On the same boat was Andrew Carnegie, at that time also a small boy. The two children became greatly attached to each other during the voyage and when the parents of each discovered they were bound for Pittsburgh, they also became friends. The boys kept up their friendship after Pittsburg was reached and during the early years when they both were forced to work hard, frequently divided salaries with each other when necessary. The Nuckolls’ decided to come west to seek their fortune, locating in Nebraska. He homesteaded a quarter section and for many years prospered. Carnegie remained in the East and in time reached his present position. But the two men continued their friendship and kept up a correspondence. Ten years ago the drouths came and farmers in Western Nebraska met with such reverses that many lost their all. Among these was Mr Nuckolls, Shortly afterwards, in writing to Carnegie, Nuckolls told of his loss. Immediately the steel king arranged to pay his boyhood friend a pension of $500 per year during the balance of life. It is supposed that newspaper advertizements induced Mr Nuckolls to invest with Daniels & Co, Denver News.

One of these unsolvable mysteries!!

The Kansas City Star Sept 6 1903
A Carnegie Pensioner Caught
Andrew Carnegie's sole Nebraska pensioner, Samuel Nuckols of Kenesaw was caught in the collapse of Daniel & Company, the alleged  get-rich-quick concern, which was raided by the New York Police some days ago. Nuckols was induced to invest by advertising matter which he received. Carnegie and Nuckols came to America on the same boat when boys, and have continued their friendship ever since. After living near each other in Pittsburgh for a number of years, Nuckols came to Nebraska and took up homestead. When in 1892 the crop failed in Nebraska and there was much suffering, Carnegie remembered his old-time friend and settled a life pension of $500 a year on him.



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