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James E= Emmigrant James I     1637-1789->
James 2 = James 1670-1730 age 21 1692
James 3 = James  1695-1751 age 21 1716
(where does 1751 DOD come from?)

James 4 = James 1720-1810 age 21 in 1741

Cannot determine which James as ages overlap for land possession


1642                JohnNuckolls taxed on 300 acres (probable immigrant?)
1657                James Knuckles York Co, VA Subject of headright (another immigrant?)                   York Co
6-30-1670         James Nuckolls  born possible error by 1 year   (age 21 in 1690?)                            New Kent Co
2-15-1689        James Nucholls Land Processioning                                                                    New Kent
10-23-1690      Land Patent from John Chiles 348 acres                                                                New Kent Co

2-29-1690      James Nuckolls deed to Paul Harrolson 150 acres St Pauls Parish                             New Kent
11-28-1692      James Nuckolls loyalist claim of John Chiles                                                      New Kent Co
11-__-1692      James Nuckolls release of dower Mary Chiles                                                          New Kent Co
1693                Daughter Susannah Nuckolls born
6-30-1695        James Nuckolls II born            to James                                                               New Kent
11-14-1697      Isabelle Nuckolls Rattlef born to james                                                                   New Kent

1702                Samuel Nuckolls born to james                                                                          New Kent
9-22-1702        Signed petition to build a church
1704                James Nuckolls Quit Rolls300 acres                                                                    New Kent
1706                St Pauls Parish created
3-17-1708        James Knuckles land adjacent  Abraham Cook
9-24-1708        James Knuckles Land Processioning                                                                  New Kent Co
4-26-1709        James Nuckols Land Processioning
make bridges over Crump's Creek and Deep Swamp.  New Kent Co
10-2-1709        James Knuckles received pymt to make coffin

1710                Birth of grandson William Nuckolls to dau Susannah                                         New Kent Co
3-17-1711        James Knuckles Land Processioning                                                              New Kent Co
1712                John Nuckolls born to James                                                                           New Kent Co
4-24-1715        James Knuckles Land Processioning                                                              New Kent Co

4-3-1716          James Knuckles Land Processioning                                                              New Kent Co
10-10-1719      James Knuckles Land Processioning
1720                James Knuckles III born to James Nuckolls Jr
8-29-1720        James Nuckols to keep bastard son of Sarah Tyler till he 21
1720                Hanover formed from New Kent Co, VA
12-20-1720      James Nuckolls indenture from Paul Harrolson
3-24-1724        James Nuckols to keep widow Hart                                                                 Hanover
3-24-1725        James Nuckols 1200 acres 
both sides Overton fork of  Elk Creek.                            Hanover
8-15-1725        James Nuckols land adjacent to David Bell and Robert Webb                             hanover
12-29-1725      James Nuckols sold land to Paul Harrolson

8-22-1727        James Nuckles Sr /James Nuckles Processioner        (2) father and son                    New Kent Co
2-5-1730          James Nuckolls will recorded                                                                         Hanover Co
                        (Died between Feb and Dec 1730                                                                    Hanover Co
12-21-1730      James Nuckolls last will & testament proved                                                  Hanover Co
10-29-1731      Susannah Knuckles Land Processioning                                                           New Kent Co
                        (Present William Nuchols & Anthony Pouncey) (Wm just turned 21)
                        Overseer James Knuckles II

3-5-1734          James Nuckolls Leased land sold to Henry Powers in 1725
4-19-1734        Susannah & Anthony Pouncey & William Nuckols            New Kent
4/20/1735        James Nuchols (II) ask to divide precinct                     New Kent
1739               Susannah Nuckolls and Anthony Pouncey Land              New Kent
3-14-1742        James Nuckols overseer of road clearing                      Louisa
1-1-1744          Deed Grantor James L Nuckolls to Grantee James J         Nuckols                                                                                         Louisa
10/8/1744        Deed from James Nuckols Sr (II) to James Jr (III)      Hanover                
            my plantation and 200ac in Louisa Co.", lyi ng in the fork of the Little River
                             joining on the south fork of the River (James)

1744      Susannah Nuckolls,William Nuckolls & Anthony Pouncey Land   New Kent
1745                James Nucholls (II) Land Processioning                        New Kent                                                                    
3-23-1746        James Nuckolls Overseer land Processioning divide precinct         New Kent
3-4-1747          Susannah Dies, will entered Will Bk  pg 23 (cant be located)  recorded 1751

7-25-1749        James Nuckolls 37 acres to James Nuckolls Jr                                 Louisa
9-30-1751        William Nucholds Land Processioning                                            New Kent                                                                       
5-7-1752          Indenture Wm & Sarah Nuckolls to Thomas Jones                          Hanover
11-17-1755      James Knuckles  land processioning                                             New Kent
11-19-1759      James Nucholls  Land Processioning                        St Pauls Parish Registry           


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