The Society was formed in 1995 by Sandi Koscak, Adrian Hopkins and Edward Reynolds in an effort to reprint the book “First Virginia Nuckolls and Kindred” by Bertha Nuckolls including an index which was not in the publication. When the cost of reprinting was beyond a budget on a personal level, they decided to form a Society to raise the funds for reprinting the book. We wanted to also include our direct lines to include in the new publication, and the project soon became so popular, that many people contacted me with their lines to also be included. The book which was originally 175 pages then became a major publication with over 1200 pages. We have published the newsletter 4 times yearly since the Society was founded.

 ** Designates Current Membership

Jean Harrison - AL
Billie Etling -   AL

Doris Dell-CA **
Clarence & Shirley Nuckols - CA
Charles (Brass) Nuckols - CO **
Carolyn Baker - GA

Edward and Floyd Reynolds -GA
Sue Nuckolls Goforth - GA **
Adrian & David Hopkins - GA

Reita Childers - GA**
Charles Nuckols - Japan

Judy Lowe - KY **
Lynda Lucas - KY
Sandi Koscak - Montana **
David Nuckols - NM
Billye Nuckols Archunde- NM
George Wilkerson - TN

Herb Clark - TX
Tom Nuckols - TX
Shirley & Larry Parker - TX
Stuart & Caroll Nuckols - VA


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