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       First Virginia Nuckolls & Kindred Book II
       First Virginia Nuckolls & Kindred Book II Addendum
       Kentucky Knuckles- 
       Ancestors & Descendants of Obediah Overton Nuckols
       Pioneer Settlers of Grayson County Virginia by B F Nuckolls
       All Society Newsletters 1998-2007
       Complete GEDCOM 27,000 individuals, 242,000 text note records
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 Kentucky Knuckles -
Descendants of Obedia  Overton Knuckles

REPRINTED due to popular demand!
New book provides all of the research and documentation that proved Ovediah Nuckles and Overton Knuckles were one and the same person. Includes all of his descendants known today. This book was a limited print and sold out immediately. A recent discount in printing fees made it possible to print 14 additional copies of this book. So if you missed out on the first one, or wish family members to have a copy, now is you chance!  $43.00 Includes shipping and handling.
NOW also can be ordered in spiral bound soft cover for $29 ($26 for members), which includes shipping. Over 300 pages. Order Now

Knuckles of Kentucky

Second Edition
y Lillian Broughton Creech
Fredwyn Creech Schwendeman

Special research contributed by
Dr Hildegard Hendrickson
Sandi Evilsizer Koscak
and the Nuckolls Worldwide Kindred Society
Original published privately in 2012 by
Dr. Hildegard Hendrickson, Seattle WA
Updated and reprinted in 2014
Fredwyn Creech Schwendeman, Lexington, KY
Revised, updated editions available on compact disc
(Includes 60 pages of pix)
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"The First Virginia Nuckolls and Kindred By Bertha Nuckolls
Book is out of print, and is not copyrighted, so the Society offers copies of the pages. Bertha Nuckolls died before finishing this book and so it was completed and edited by Sally Stetson Tongren. I assume Sally and husband Hale Nuckolls Tongren are both still living (as of 2008) , as I do not find them in the SDDI. This book was printed by Thomas Todd Company in Boston Mass. originally and the dedication reads: Dedication to Benjamin Floyd Nuckolls, Ruth Nuckolls Johnson and Bertha Nuckolls, The historians of the Nuckolls family who believed that "The long toil of the brave is not lost in darkness." 146 pages. $15.00

"The First Virginia Nuckolls and Kindred, Book II"
 is over 900 pages and has a hard bound cover. The are also many old family photos. The Book may be ordered from Higginson Books. 148 Washington St, Salem, MA01970. 978-745-7170. It is now available to be ordered on line at

First Virginia Nuckolls and Kindred Book II Addendum
The Nuckolls Society has added thousands of additional names and many family lines that did not appear in the first published book in 2000. The new book will have the newly discovered connections and many family lines that were not included in the first book. It is about the same size and will  include much more research material.  We are now collecting payment for the addendum which will cost 79.95 plus 5.00 for media mail shipping.  Society members will get a 5 %  discount. Send your payment to reserve your copy today. (10/15/2007, only 2 copies remain) Order Now

DVD includes hundreds of family photos, tombstones, 100's of scanned documents,  birth, marriage, death certificates, deeds, wills, military documents, and all past newsletters.
   Cost to Society Members                      $10.00**
   Cost to non members            $15.00**      Includes Postage             Order Now
List of documents  in  Version 10.0    Released January 31, 2010

                   5% Discount on CD for submission of  a minimum of THREE scanned documents.     (They must be new documents that the Society does not have copies of and submitted for the year of publication)
             10 % Discount for having previously purchased the CD. (Any year)

See Discounts for ordering both document DVD and book DVD

Most Popular    Mini- Book

Not a serious genealogist?  Don't want to spend over $100 on the Nuckolls book?  The Society owns the copywrite! Now we will print JUST FOR YOU, unique for just your direct ancestors  back to James Nuckolls, I. - This will be a spiral bound book with cardstock cover and include everything in the original book on the early family of James the immigrant.  It will include family pages, charts, historical records, biographies, etc, and include all sources. It will also include pictures if we have them.  They makes a wonderful gift for children and grandchildren. 

Order your copy today for only $25.95
(That includes shipping and a digital copy of the book)

 Society Members pay $22.95
 Please allow about 3-4 weeks  to produce.  Email Sandi Koscak



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