Julius Winfred Nuckolls

Julius Nuckolls

Julius Winfred Nuckolls (1890-1985) and wife Alice Toombes Bradley (1891-1979). He was the GG Grandson of Richard Nuckolls and Temperance Walton. He Grew up in the Mebane/Nuckolls home in Fayette County, TN. Worked as a rail traffic manager for the Southern Coal Company most of his adult life and mostly in Memphis, TN. The last few years of his career, he was transferred to Chicago from which he retired in 1954. Returned to Memphis after retirement and spent the next 30 years of his life gardening and maintaining the Mebane/Nuckolls home and land in Fayette Co, TN. He was very active in game conservation, and hunting, primarily quail. Bird dogs were a passion. He was very active well into his 90's.

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