James R "Jim" Nuckols

James Nuckols was an unconnected leaf for many years. The Society has obtained enough documentation to show the preponderance of the evidence that he is the son of David Thomas Nuchols and Elizabeth Ingram, descended from Sylvester.. Hopefully we can obtain DNA to help prove this. Sylvester is show by DNA to be the brother Of John, and they seem to be the children of Charles who settled early in NC. William seems to fit the age to be the father of Charles. William was born 1678 a son of the the immigrant.

James' occupation was a bartender. Born 1860 in Lamar Co, Blossom, TX. His family moved from Blount Co, TN where all of the NUCHOLS settled. He had brothers named both William and Charles which fits our naming patterns for this line of descent. He married Elizabeth Ringo 1888 in Denton Co, TX and they divorced sometime before 1896 when Elizabeth re-married.

James is next found in Salt Lake City with a wife named Lillian. There are stories about his bar, his divorce from Lillian, etc in our database. He is last found Oct 5, 1905 when he was placed in charge of the bar when the owner died. We have searched diligently for where he died and is duly noted that he did NOT die in Utah.  He was never located in any census beyond the 1905 newspaper article. He was not mentioned in his brothers obit in 1939.

In this photo, Jim is on the far right...

 Looks like quite the character..


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