Hopper Family North Carolina


L-R Maggie Hoppers (1888-1988), Roy Elmer  Nuckolls (1892-1944), Maude Victoria Nuckolls, sister to Maggie, David Church a family friend, lady on right not known.
 Rear- Loyd S Richardson (1888-1965), lady with him not known.
 Boy in back, Herman Lee Hoppers b 1907, youngest in Hoppers family.  Roy Elmer Nuckolls had proposed to Maggie A Hoppers   and she refused. Loyd Richardson was the son of Rosa Upchurch   & Wiley Jackson Richardson.

 They attended Bellview Church and Bellview School in Laurel Springs and lived near the Nuckolls  family. David Church is the son of Finley Church and Caroline Tinsley.

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