Peter Fernandes Nuckolls

Fred Nuckolls

Peter Fernandes Nuckolls (1883-1941) married Mary Ethyl bell (1896-1968). Peter was the GG Grandson of John Nuckolls and Mary Garland.   His children only knew his name to be Fredrick Samuel Nuckolls
 Peter Fernandes was named for his great-grandfather and a Perry uncle.   But like every individual named Fernandes in that family, he went by something else.   The first Fernandes used the first and last letters of the name (F.S.) and answered to Bud.   Peter Fernandes went one step farther.   Taking the F.S. like his uncle he used the name Fredrick Samuel.   (The first time I spoke to his daughter, Thelma Nuckolls Binder, I said "your father, Peter Fernandes" to which she replied,   "His name was FREDRICK SAMUEL".   Ok, I'm easy, his name is Fredrick Samuel.   But back to Virginia Nuckolls Tanner, who had given me the name Peter Fernandes, to be told,   "He hated his name.   I heard Mama and Papa talking about it, laughing that   only his brothers and sister knew his real name."   The nieces and nephews called him "Uncle Furr", so somehow that name hung around.)
 He and his wife followed Robert and Fern to the Wichita, Kansas area.   Furr worked in the oil fields of Kansas and Oklahoma.  
 Written by April Nuckolls Jeanneret, on December 31, 1999

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