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Because of the size of this file on this page  is was updated to be newspaper articles of only Unknown or Unidentified Persons.  Those who were identified, the newspaper articles were placed into the notes section of the database.  I  need help in identifying those on this page. Please email me if you know where they connect or can identify them.
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Ft Worth Daily Gazette 5/18/1884
Texas & Pacific Railway Co Lawsut Judgment  vs NUCKOLS of Lamar Co, TX (no first name, need to identify) article scanned

Ft Worth Daily Gazette, Feb 9, 1886
Case of W P Nuckols of Bells, charged with assault to murder John Lea. Filed for assault and battery,, plead guilty, fined $5 and costs.
(Bells Tx is in Grayson County bordering Oklahoma)

Mrs J Nuckols and Miss Irene Nuckols
spent Tuesday in Galveston

Dallas Morning News Jan 12 1895- Closed By Attachment
Paris TX- Jan 11- The saloon of J B Nuckols was closed by attachment sworn out of V W Hale to secure a debt of $5 alleged to be due for rent on a residence.

The Commerce Journal (Commerce, Texas)  June 19 1903
List of unclaimed letters in the post office at Commerce TExas for week ending June 19 1903
Tom F Nuckles

Dallas Morning News June 9 1905- Dealing in Futures Not Gambling
Montgomery Al, June 8- In the case of G A NUCKLES against J F Hooper from Marshall County, the Supreme Court of Alabama today held that transactions in cotton futures was not gambling, but is a legitimate business.

Dallas Morning News Dec 10 1905
Two Big Realty Deals- W J Pearson of the Texas Land and Investment Company closed a deal yesterday whereby he sold to D E Waggoner for A S Nuckolls a large tract of land near Crandall for $45,000.

Dallas Morning News July 21 1906
Whitney-Miss Virgie Nuckols of Cleburn has returned home after visiting her cousin
Miss Lola Nuckols.

Dallas Morning News Dec 31, 1909
The residence of J O Nuckols on South Rockwell Avenue caught fire yesterday afternoon, but it was extinguished with small damage to the building which was owned by J L Cavadine.

Wichita Daily Times Wichita Falls Texas 14 June 1914
Parasols and Umbrellas repaired at
Nuckols Gun Shop

Wichita Weekly Times Wichita Falls Texas 1 Aug 1914

Mr and Mrs J C Nuckolls
of Temple Ok arrived in the city today on a visit.

Wichita Weekly Times Wichita Falls Texas 18 Sept 1914

J C Nuckolls
and family and brother Lester left for Tucson today after a visit of several days with their mother.

Wichita Daily Times Wichita Falls Texas 15 June 1916
Run over By Wagon-Man Meets Death- Obit of M Emmett Shirley names brother in law E L Nuckols employed at the Metropolitan Cafe

Dallas Morning News, Dallas TX Nov 23, 1916
Oklahoma Superior Court, Oklahoma City, OK Nov 23-
Affirmed- E E Hood, Trustee vs Laura A Nuckles-Wood, from Alfalta; same plaintiff in 5 other actions of Frances Spangler, etal

Wichita Daily Times Wichita Falls Texas 25 March 1917
Mrs J H Ricks Birthday party-  Mrs Nuckolls

Wichita Daily Times Wichita Falls Texas 26 December 1918
Missing In Action-Corporal C A Nuckols, Hennessee, OK

Wichita Daily Times Wichita Falls Texas 24 April 1919
Afire Two Men Burn Badly- W D Nuckols is in the Wichita General Hospital suffering with bad burns about the face and hands.

Dallas Morning News Dec 30, 1920
Oklahom Charters- Gordon-Nuckolls Ice Company, Wilson; capital $100,000; Incorporators F S Nuckolls, Henrietta; George Gordon, Wirt, C W Lusk

Valley Morning Star, Harlingen Texas, June 4, 1943
Mrs W R Scott and Mrs Kenneth Carter left Thursday for their home in McDade Texas, after a visit with Mr and Mrs Jimmie Nuckles of Santa Rosa. Tommie, Katherine and Susanna Nuckles accompanied them home for a visit.

Valley Morning Star, Harlingen Texas, J
an 8 1947
Carol Glen Saray Cay Nuckols and Susie Nuckols were entertained by Marilyn Jo Ketchum recently.

Valley Morning Star, Harlingen Texas, J
une 1 1947
Florence Ann Etter notes Eighth Birthday.
...celebrating with her were...
Tommy Nuckols, Susannah Nuckols, Sarah Catherine Nuckols.

The Commerce Journal, Commerce, Texas Feb 16 1967
Dr Thomas Nuckols of the Austin College Religion Dept. Dr Nuckols, and ordained Baptist Minister...

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Richmond Daily Dispatch, Thursday Morning Oct 9 1862
John B. Cash was charged with stealing a horse, of $100 value, from Wm. Nuckols. The owner of the horse went into a drug store about 2 o'clock P. M. yesterday, and left the horse in charge of a little boy. A man came up, took the horse from the boy, and rode off. About sunset the horse was found in possession of the prisoner, who alleged that he was looking for a man who had lent him the horse. Neither the complainant nor the witnesses thought Cash guilty of the theft, they having known him for a long time as a man of good character, and His Honor discharged him.

Richmond Daily Dispatch April 2 1866-Shooting Affray at Richmond
A shooting affray occurred Friday at National Saloon on Main Street which resulted in the wounding of George H (or M/N) Nuckolls, one of the proprietors of the saloon, by a German barber named Vendum. Vendum fired three shots at Nuckolls, one of which took effect in his knee joint inflicting a painful wound. As soon as one of his shots took effect, Vendum made his escape. The difficulty, it is said, arose from remarks made by Nuckolls in abuse of Vendam's wife.

Richmond Times, Thursday March 23, 1893
Richmond VA March 15, 1893
The concern of C R Nuckols and Co was on March 1, 1893 dissolved by mutual consent. Singed C R Nuckols and
S S Nuckols.
Mr C R Nuckols will continue to do business at their old stand, 419 West Main St and will assume all liabilities and all bills due the firm should be paid him. S S Nuckols.
(C R Nuckols is known to be Charles R  Nuckols, but cannot identify this S S Nuckols)

Richmond Times, 12/17/1898
Two white men locked up for stealing $10, robbing and assulating Mrs Keeting. Oscar N Nuckols (known) and S C Nuckols (ant identify)

Richmond Times 12/4/1900
The funeral of
Mrs Lucy Nuckols took place Sunday afternoon and the interment was made in Riverview Cemetery
(No Lucy in 1900 census) ( No Lucy Nuckols in Riverview on FAG)

Richmond Times, Tues, 6/30/1901
Break in to Nuckols Carpenter shop on Governor St Friday night and carried away a lot of stamps.
The police have been notified and are at work on the case

Richmond Times, Tues, 9/1/1901
The Hobson mine, owned now by Miss Martha S Hobson, of Richmond, was formerly worked by
Mssrs Nuckols and Gatewood. It is said that these gentlemen took from this mine $3175. in gold in
ninety days by a slow process of work. The mine is near Gold Hill

Richmond Times, Tues, 10/10/1901
Miss Lutie Nuckols of Waynesboro, VA is on a visit to relatives in Richmond.

Richmond Times, Tues, 4/9/1902
True Bill Found
The grand jury in the US Dist Court found a true bill of indictment yesterday against Charles L Jones, of Barton Heights, charged with mailing objectionable matter to B E Nuckols, a former conductor on the Manchester street railray.

Richmond Times, Tues, 4/30/1902
Fires in Hanover, Mr Nuckols Loses All His Farm Buildings
Montpelier Va, Mr Nau C Nuckols, a popular farmer......   more ( think a misprint and is probably Fernando Cortez)

Richmond Times, Tues, 5/29/1902
Mr and Mrs C K Nuckols, of Albermarle county, are the guests of her sister on McDonough st

Richmond Times 6/12/1902
R C Boyd of Cralgsville, this county was lodged in jail here yesterday with seriously cutting James Nuckols. The trouble arose because Mr Boyds room mate brough Mr Nuckols in to spend the night, to which Mr Boyd rejected.

Richmond Times, Tues, 7/20/1902
Killed all Three-SHot Down in Cold Blood
Atoka, (OK), July 19 near Strongtown. (full article in file), Mrs Danile Grant, Mrs John Reeves and a man named Nuckles returning from church. Mrs Grant and Nuckles killed instantly, Mrs Reeves lived only a few minutes. Murderer not know. (See Oklahoma article)

Richmond Times, Tues, 9/7/1902
"Gipsy" Jack and Buck Nuckols , old timers, got drunk and were up for the first time in three months.
Justice John allowed them to go with the admonition not to come before him again in six months.

Richmond Times, Tues, 10/4/1902
Sarah Nuckols was fined $2.50 for being Drunk

Two articles in1902 mention a suit of "Street Car Conductor" NUCKOLS.... seeking who he is

Richmond Times, Tues, 7/17/1903
Miss Agnes Cowardin has returned to her home on Meadow Ridge Road from a visit to her aunt, Mrs Nuckols, of Hanover.

Richmond Times Dispatch 7/29/1903
News Barton Heights
Miss Marie Carter has returned home after a visit to aunt, Mrs Nuckols, of New York.
Richmond Times Dispatch 8/7/1903
News Barton Heights
Mr Bernard Nuckols of Sparrows Point, MD is visiting Mr Warrant of Meadow Bridge.

Richmond Times, Tues, Aug 4, 1903
Mrs George Carter and daughter Miss Marie have returned home after a visit to
Mrs Nuckols of Baltimore.

Richmond Times Dispatch 8/301903
Barton Heights- Miss Marie Carter who has been visiting Mrs Nuckols of Petersburg, has returned to her home on North Avenue

Richmond Times, Tues, Nov 5, 1903
Mr James Nuckols, accompanied by several friends, met at Clover, Va on a hunting trip

Richmond Times, Tues, 9/16/ 1903
Fairmount News
The Methodist parsonage was the scene of a pretty marriage last night when Miss Dora Nuckols
became the bride of Mr Mitchell Via, Rev J O Babcock officiated.
(Mitchell Via in 1910 is a widower at home with his parents) There is an unknown Dora Nuckle born 12/1877 boarding in Richmond in 1900 with Jennie Saunders. She a paper box maker.
Ancestry tree with non working email, Mitchell born 9/19/1878

Richmond Times, Tues, 5/24/1904
A marriage license was issued yesterday to Robert S Duke Jr and Bessie N Nuckols, both of Henrico (They in 1910 Richmond Robert 29 and Bessie 30, 1531 Windner St ?

Richmond Times Dispatch 7/25/1905
Knocked Down
W M Gresham Run Over and His Clothes Torn
W M Gresham, a young man employed at Charles W Hardwicks store on Eighteenth and Cary Streets was yesterday morning knocked down and run over by a buggy at Ninth and Main Streets. The young man was crossing Main St when a buggy driven by Mr George Nuckols of Owens and Minors drug store, turned sharply up Ninth St, and ran full tilt into Mr Gresham. He was knocked down and the wheels went over his body. His clothes were badly torn and the young man was much shaken up and bruised.

Richmond Times Dispatch 1/21/1906
Glen Allen Items
Miss Almah Burton was the guest of
Mrs S W Nuckols this week

Richmond Times, Tues, 3/23/1907
Dick Jones, colored, was arrested last night on the charge of taking $15 belonging to Gode Nuckols.He denied the charge, but was locked up at the First Station, and will have to tell Justice John about it today.  (Edwin Goode Nuckols died in 1900 and not known if his son namesake survived youth.)

Richmond Times, Tues, 7/12/1907
Miss Lucy Nuckols of Rockville, Va is visiting Misses Eva and Wilma Lamsden at No 105 East Marshall Street

No date around 1903-1907 Richmond Times
J W Parker and Dick Nuckols bought a small lot of very rich gold ore from a mine near Fenner. They say they have three feet of ore in place that will average %50 in gold, but that owing to lack of capital they are unable to work ore of that grade. Their high grade ore will run about 20 ounces.

Richmond Times, Tues, 10/10/1907
Mrs C E Johnson, Miss marion Johnson and Mrs L Nuckols are the guests of Mr and Mrs T W Brittingham on Armistead Avenue, Hampton

Richmond Times Dispatch 2/4/1908
Substitutes Appointed- Fire Commissioners Named Many to Serve on Probation
E R Nuckols to Engine Company No 10

Richmond Times Dispatch 7/5/1908
Mrs J A Warren and niece Miss Nuckols will leave on Thursday for Norfolk where they will be the guests of Captain and Mrs Warren before sailing for Philadelphia and Boston for the months of July and August.

Richmond Times Dispatch 10/27/1908
Chicken Thief- Edward Williams (colored) arrested for stealing 16 chickens from
Eliza Nuckols.

Richmond Times Dispatch 6/14/1909
Miss Lucille Nuckols, has returned from Randolph-Macon Womens College in Lynchburg. She will be here through the summer.

Richmond Times Dispatch 6/1/1910
Brief Personals - Miss Lucille Nuckols has returned home from Randolph-Macon College, Lynchburg.

Richmond Times Dispatch 12/4/1910
New Member from Lee
Dear Editor- I am a little girl twelve years old. I would like to become a member of the T D C C. Will you please send me a badge? I hope it will not reach the waste basket. I have a little lemon tree. I planted the seed in a little bucket and the seed came up and now it is a little tree about a foot tall. I like to go to school. I will send you a story about Thanksgiving. Your little friend, Lee, VA, ROSALIE ALICE NUCKOLS

Tazewell Republican, Tazewell, VA 2/23/1911
Thompson Valley Items
Bob Nuckols has moved back onto the Wil Thompson place again.

9/2/1924 Richmond Times Dispatch
Aquatic Club Swim of Ten Miles-R W Nuckols Winner
R W Nuckols first place 3 hours 10 minutes.

Richmond Times Dispatch 10/18/1924
Mrs james P Nuckols and her daughter Miss Mary N are visiting friends in Baltim

Richmond Times Dispatch 10/5/1927
State Corporation Commission issued a certificate to M W Nuckols to operate a motor freight service between Dillwyn and Lynchburg with the limitation that no service shall be rendered between Appomattox and Lynchburg, inclusive. or intermediate points.


Richmond Times Dispatch 1/7/1929
Chicken theives were at work night before last in the neighborhood of Howard Grove. R R Nuckols living on the Llewellyn property was robbed of nearly all his fowls.

Richmond Times Dispatch 7/21/1929
Mrs Nuckols of Fern Ave visiting her son Ed Rowe of Norfolk, VA

Herndon Observer 5/23/1935 08 Knuckles Pete Guest of Richard Nevitt
Herndon Observer 8/19/1943 01 Nuckolls Heath Mrs Visits Centreville sister
Fairfax Herald 8/22/1947 08 Nuckols Kathleen Assigned to Madison E.S.
Fairfax Herald 8/27/1948 06 Nuckols Kathleen Assigned to Madison E.S.
Fairfax Herald 12/26/1952 01 Nuckols R.T. Issued building permit
Fairfax Herald 10/28/1955 01 Nuckols Evelyn Mrs. On Soroptimist benefit comm.
Fairfax Herald 11/18/1955 01 Nuckols S. Issued building permit
Fairfax Herald 2/17/1956 01 Nuckols Evelyn M. Mrs. On Fx.Hosp. Women's
Fairfax Herald 3/9/1956 06 Nuckols Evelyn M. On Fairfax Co. delinquent tax li
Fairfax Herald 3/9/1956 06 Nuckols Russell T. On Fairfax Co. delinquent tax l
Fairfax Herald 5/2/1958 04 Nuckols Evelyn M. Trustee's sale notice
Fairfax Herald 9/5/1958 01 Nuckols James E. Father dies
Fairfax Herald 3/18/1960 04 Nuckols Evelyn M. On Fairfax Co. delinquent tax li
Fairfax Herald 6/10/1960 01 Nuckols Evelyn Mrs. Soroptimist Club vice-pres.
Alexandria Gazette 4/5/1861 2 Nuckols John In railroad accident
Fairfax City Times 6/21/1962 02 Nuckols Evelyn Mrs Soroptimist Club officer
Fairfax City Times 8/16/1962 04 Nuckols James In Curry/Crouch wedding
Fairfax City Times 8/23/1962 03 Nuckols James In Curry/Crouch wedding
Fairfax Herald 4/19/1963 03 Nuckols Evelyn M. Trustee's sale notice
Fairfax City Times 7/11/1963 03 Nuckols M.E. Donates to new firehouse fund
Fairfax City Times 7/11/1963 03 Nuckolls P.K. Visits in Fairfax Station

Fairfax City Times 7/22/1966 18 Nuckols B.D. Adv. Home Improvement
Fairfax City Times 11/3/1966 31 Nuckols B.D. Adv. Home improvement services
Fairfax City Times 11/24/1966 15 Nuckols Samuel R. Has new baby boy
Fairfax City Times 8/5/1966 24 Nuckols B.D. Adv. Home improvements
Fairfax City Times 9/23/1966 12 Knuckles Criss Marriage license issued
Fairfax City Times 12/1/1966 33 Nuckols B.D. Adv. Home improvement
Fairfax City Times 1/5/1967 22 Nuckols B.D. Adv. Home improvements
Fairfax City Times 1/26/1967 09 Nuckols Mamie K. Marriage license issued

Danville Register, Danville VA 9/22/1965
Tim Motley and William McNichols with assistance of packer Arthur Nuckols, form a pyramid as they ready leaf for opening sales Monday at Neals Warehouse.

Danville Register, Danville VA 11/27/1966
Miss Nuckols Wins Junior Miss Crown
Miss Carolyn Nuckols, 17 yr old brown haired brown eyes won the Junior Miss Beauty Pageant at Dan River High

Danville Register, Danville VA 9/7/1969
Mr and Mrs Maurice E Pipken of Tampa Florida are visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Claude Nuckols, near Chatham

Danville Register, Danville VA 1/4/1970
Mrs Claude Nuckols has returned from Calif where she visited her son, Carroll Lee Nuckols and family during the holidays

Danville Register, Danville VA 1/7/1973
Mr and Mrs Charles Nuckols have returned from Orlando Fla where they visited their daughter for the holidays.

Danville Register, Danville VA 6-1-1975
Wedding of Agnes Elizabeth Giles, dau of Harvey E Giles to Edward Guy Motley, son of Robert S Motley. Assisting was aunt of the bridegroom Mrs Marie Nuckols


Richmond Times Dispatch 24 July 1986
3 U.VA. PLAYERS CHARGED Publication: Richmond News Leader Byline: Randy Hallman Date: 07-24-1986
Edition: Metro Section: Area/State Memo: (lgw) Earlier Story in the Metro-Star edition on Page 1 and 4
CHARLOTTESVILLE -- Three star University of Virginia football players were among the 24 people charged in the last two days by either a federal grand jury or a federal prosecutor investigating drug trafficking in the Charlottesville area.
Running back Barry Word, 22, of Long Island in Halifax County; placekicker Kenny Stadlin, 19, of Annapolis, Md., and running back Howard Petty, 22, of Hampton, were three of six people charged with conspiring to distribute less than one kilogram of cocaine between November 1982 and July 1985. Each of the three faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.
The wide-ranging investigation, mounted by a task force that included local, state and federal authorities, was initiated a year ago. The investigation followed seizure of a large amount of cocaine from a Fluvanna County home July 4, 1985.A grand jury was impaneled in November to hear evidence gathered by the task force. Before today, the task force had announced only four indictments. Those included cocaine distribution charges against former U.Va. football player Kevin A. Turner, 25, of Charlottesville, and law student Reuben Vahos of New York. Both have since pleaded guilty and are set for sentencing Monday.  Among the 24 people charged today, Trevis Lynch Poole, 25, of Fluvanna County, faces 19 counts -- the most against any defendant -- ranging from distributing small amounts of cocaine to income tax evasion and operating continuing criminal enterprise. He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison and more than $3 million in fines.It was Poole's house that was raided last July, leading to the investigation. Charged by the grand jury with Poole are Judith C. Hain, 28, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Howard Lucien Hain, 45, of Fort Lauderdale; Terry Wade Austin, 27, of Charlottesville; Jesse Morgan Hicks, 29, of North Garden; Percy Alvin Houchens, 25, of Charlottesville; Karen Denise Kaiser of Palm Bay, Fla.; Stephanie Kay Irvin, 20, of 107 N. Meadow St., Richmond;
William Charles Nuckols, 27, of Charlottesville; Paula Renee Taylor, 23, of Vero Beach, Fla., and Lisa Michelle Poole, 24, of Charlottesville. Each is charged with assisting Poole in the distribution of cocaine and, in some cases, marijuana.  Charged with the U.Va. football players in an information procedure that bypassed the grand jury hearing were Robert David Dyer, 29, of Charlottesville; Coltar Dillard Knight, 22, of Charlottesville, and Overt Dillard Payne, 38, of Fluvanna County. They are charged with distributing less than a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cocaine. Charged with distributing more than a kilogram of cocaine (a more serious charge) were Javier Richard Cook, 26, of New York City; Stepher Todd Denby, 26, of Charlottesville; Dennis Lansing Garrison, 22, of Charlottesville; Robert Dale Garrison, 24, of Charlottesville; Vincent Lee Garrison, 25, of Charlottesville; James Malcolm Luck III, 26, of Charlottesville, and Russell Linwood Miller, 26, of Charlottesville. During the winter and spring, sources close to the investigation predicted that names of those ultimately charged would "shock" the community because they would include people prominent in business, government, and media.However, aside from the U.Va. athletes, none of those charged today fit that description.Petty was the only person charged who is still a student at U.Va.,prosecutors said. Dr. Robert M. O'Neil, president of the university, said school policy requires that any athlete facing such charges be suspended from the team until the case is resolved. Reinstatement requires acquittal or dismissal of the charges, he said, while conviction would result in permanent removal from the athletic program. Both Word and Stadlin were seniors last season. Petty is a rising senior. Word was the Atlantic Coast Conference player of the year and led the Cavaliers in rushing, gaining 1,224 yards. He was suspended from school after the end of the season for "failure to meet a set of academic requirements." Sources said Word faced an honor trial on a cheating charge at U.Va. and dropped out rather than face the trial. Neither Word nor school officials commented on the honor matter.Word was drafted by the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League. He tested positive in the pro team's preliminary drug screening tests.  In New Orleans, a Saints official said today the team stopped negotiations with Word on July 7 after the player's agent informed them of Word's possible involvement in the drug investigation. Petty was the expected to pick up where Word left off at running back. He had been an occasional starter at tailback and gained 525 yards last season. Stadlin was all-ACC and the team's leading scorer last season. He made 16 of 19 field goal attempts and 28 of 29 point-after kicks. U.S. attorney John Alderman, reading from a prepared statement, praised U.Va. for its cooperation in the investigation. In answer to a question from a reporter, he said he informed U.Va. Athletic Director Richard Schultz a week in advance of the names of the three players who would be charged. "Last week," said Alderman, "I went to see Mr. Schultz to tell him this was going to happen today. I felt he needed to be prepared . . . I gave him the three names, yes." Also, a statement from the office of U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese was released today praising U.Va. for its cooperation in the investigation. Alderman said Michael Sheffield, director of the U.Va. police force allowed U.Va. police officer Bill Morris to participate in the task force. Alderman said only three of the 24 persons charged today are in custody. Defendants are scheduled to enter pleas next Tuesday through Thursday in federal court here.

Richmond Times-Dispatch - January 6, 1988
CHESTERFIELD MAN CHARGED WITH TAKING LIBERTIES WITH GIRL  A 27-year-old Chesterfield County man has been charged with taking indecent liberties with a juvenile after he allegedly stopped an 11-year-old girl on the street and made sexual advances toward her.Jimmie Edward Nuckoles of the 11200 block Jefferson Davis Highway was being held in the county jail in lieu of $1,500 cash bond pending an appearance today in Chesterfield Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.Lt. Herbert M. Shelton said police arrested Nuckoles near his...(have not purchased entire article)

Richmond Times-Dispatch - 8/6/1991  APPEALS COURT UPHOLDS SENTENCING  A divided panel of the Virginia Court of Appeals today upheld a common sentencing practice of Richmond-area judges.A lso, another panel of the appeals court reversed the Richmond conviction of a drug defendant, because a police officer did not have enough reason to stop the suspect and search him. In the sentencing case, Judge Herbert C. Gill Jr. of Chesterfield County Circuit Court sentenced Jimmie Edward Nuckoles to five years in prison for taking indecent liberties with a...

Richmond Times Dispatch 27 Feb 1991
Author: ; Word Count: 351 Size: 2K; 02-27-1991; Page Number: D-4; Section: Sports; Score: 81
Clover Hill senior
Tommy Nuckols has been named the Dominion District boys' basketball player of the year. Nuckols was the district's leading scorer during the regular season with a 21.8 average for the last-place Cavaliers, who posted a 3-17. . .

Publication: Richmond Times-Dispatch Date: 08-23-1994 Edition: Two Star Section: Area/State Memo: (ldb)
Two people allegedly involved in a high-tech computer mail-order business that used graphic details to sell safe sex have been arrested on pornography charges.
Connie Sue Nuckols and Donald Otto Nuckols were arrested Sunday during a computer show at the Arthur Ashe Center. They were each charged with one count of distribution or selling pornography, a police official said yesterday. Information about the Nuckols' ages and relationship was unavailable. They do not live in the Richmond area, but are residents of the state. They were released on summonses. Sgt. George Cook said the charges are misdemeanors. He alleged theywere selling "Nastyware," mail-order computer disks containing explicit digitalized sexual pictures. Bestiality, which is illegal in Virginia, is included. The disks are categorized under a variety of headings in a 23-page brochure whose front page reads: "Over 850 megs of the very finest in filth!!! If it's lewd, lascivious, dirty, filthy, or just plain nasty, you'll find it here!!!" The warning states: "The descriptions (sic) in this catalog are very graphic and are not intended for anyone under the age of 21." Brochures were on display at the computer show. The disks, formatted for MacIntosh and IBM computers, cost $6, with another dollar required for high- density disks. A buy-five-get-one-free special deal also was in effect. Several sets also are offered. The most expensive buy is "Granddaddy Special," a collection of each disk in the catalog, at $2,300.

Richmond Times-Dispatch Byline: Bill Lohmann Date: 04-30-1996 Edition: City Section: Area/State
John Nuckols
lighted a cigarette yesterday and watched a piece of his past loaded on a flatbed truck headed for the beach.``It's sad to see it go,'' Nuckols said of the former Sam's Diner that has resided on Jefferson Davis Highway, across from the Defense General Supply Center, since about 1950. ``I used to deliver the afternoon paper along this road, and my friend and I would stop here every day to fold papers and eat. It was kind of our hangout.'' What did Nuckols recommend from Sam's menu? ``Hamburger, french fries and Coca-Cola,'' Nuckols said, smiling, almost tasting it again. The rundown but vintage diner -- formerly Sam's, formerly Tex-Mex and most recently abandoned -- was purchased last fall by Paul and Lisa Keevil, owners of Millie's Restaurant at 2603 E. Main St. The Keevils have spent the past few months renovating the diner, which will be placed in front of a Nags Head restaurant they also recently purchased. They hope to finish renovation and be operating their beach version of Millie's by June.  Pre-World War II diners were made to be moved. The late Sam Shahda bought this one in Newport News in the late 1940s and moved it to a site on West Broad Street, across from what was then the Division of Motor Vehicles. A few years later, he moved it to Jefferson Davis Highway.Yesterday, a crane lifted the 20-ton, 45-foot-long diner 3 feet into the air and gently swung it onto a truck bed. The actual move took less than five minutes, but the process of strapping and chaining and securing required more than five hours. Before the lift, the Keevils, who have invested tens of thousands of dollars in the project (including an estimated $5,000 for the move to the beach), waited nervously in the parking lot. They gratefully exhaled when the diner was safely on the back of the truck. Its porcelain enamel siding and tile floors remained intact. No creaking, no groaning, no cracking. ``Pretty smooth,'' Paul Keevil said with a relieved smile, just before the truck-and-diner combo left for Nags Head shortly before 1 p.m. So smooth, in fact, that contractor Dan Arnold, whose firm has overseen the renovation, forgot his cup of Sprite on the diner's counter amid all of the pre-move activity. When it was over, the cup was still standing. Not a drop had been spilled.

Aug 22, 2008 Richmond Times Dispatch

A gun-wielding man approached tellers at Union Bank & Trust in the 6400 block of Mechanicsville Turnpike about 4:45 p.m. and demanded money, authorities said. Hanover investigators and Henrico County police were in the area and quickly arrested Rufus L. Nuckols, 27, of the 15000 block of Scotchtown Road in Hanover's Montpelier area. They also arrested Victoria N. O'Bier, 23, of the 4800 block of Castlewood Road in Chesterfield County. She was in a nearby vehicle, authorities said. Nuckols faces robbery and firearm charges. O'Bier faces charges of being an accessory, authorities said. Both suspects were being held without bond at the Pamunkey Regional Jail. -- Reed Williams

Goochland gazette June 24, 2009 /span>
Lucas Nuckols caught a nice sized carp (11.6 pounds) while fishing with his friend John Connock at Lake Anna. The two were fishing in Contrary Creek and Nuckols fought the fish for over two minutes. It was so big, his buddy John had to grab it and help lift it out of the water. After a few pictures and some fish talk, the fish was successfully released back into the Lake for another angler to catch. (Has photo, looks about 10 yrs old)

July 2012 Grayson Co, VA
Independence Man Indicted for possession of child porn.
Andrew Mark Nuckolls, 25.(10/21/1987 Wythe Co, VA)


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