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Because of the size of this file on this page  is was updated to be newspaper articles of only Unknown or Unidentified Persons.  Those who were identified, the newspaper articles were placed into the notes section of the database.  I  need help in identifying those on this page. Please email me if you know where they connect or can identify them.
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The Wapanucka Press" 31 July 1902 Wapanucka, Johnston County, Indian Territory, now Oklahoma
 Man Who Killed His Wife, Mother-in-law and a Man Gives Himself Up
 South McAlester:  John Reeves, charged with killing his wife, her mother, Mrs. Grant and
D. C. Knuckles, a cattleman of Mena, Arkansas, at Stringtown, has been arrested and is now in jail.  After the killing Reeves escaped to the mountains.  He sent word to the federal officials that he would surrender.  They went to the spot named and found the man.  Reeves is thought to be insane.  He has been acting strangely, and the tragedy was without apparent cause.
Richmond Times, Tues, 7/20/1902
Killed all Three-SHot Down in Cold Blood
Atoka, (OK), July 19 near Strongtown. (full article in file), Mrs Danile Grant, Mrs John Reeves and a man named Nuckles returning from church. Mrs Grant and Nuckles killed instantly, Mrs Reeves lived only a few minutes. Murderer not know.

 Evening News, The (Ada, Oklahoma) Sept 27, 1911
Race War Breaks Out in Ark
 Britt Nuckols
was shot and instantly killed by Lee Malpass, who in turn was shot and instantly killed by Barney Steil

Trenton Oklahoma 7/5/2011
Dustin and Heather Travis of Peculiar are the parents of a 6 pound, 15 ounce baby girl, born at 11:03 a.m. on Saturday,July 2, 2011 at St. Joseph Medical Center in Kansas City. The baby was 19 1/2 inches long and was named Remi Tyler. Maternal grandparents are Karen Nuckolls of Lee’sSummit and Steve Lango of Creighton.
Paternal grandparents are Bobbie Travis of Harrisonville and Dr. Damon Travis of Lee’sSummit. Paternal great-grandparents a
re Bob and Donna May of Trenton and Loretta Travis Dines of Harrisonville.

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Morning Oregonian Dec 21 1910
Rancher Tracks Thieves
Neighbors help make Arrests for Robbing Fruit Cellar
Pendleton OR- Dec 20- When
William Nuckols, a Stanton rancher awoke yesterday morning and found that in the night his cellar door had been pried from its hinges and that a goodly quantity of canned fruit and his overcoat had been taken, he was angry. Not willing to notify the officers in this city he called two neighbors, Will Isaacs and J Peterson and started in pursuit. By means of a light fall of snow which covered the ground they were able to track the burglars 10 miles to Vansycle Station, where they found them asleep in the bunkhouse of a grain warehouse. Though the two men Jack Wilson and Steve Selner protested their innocence they were placed under arrest by the self-appointed officers and this morning were brought to Pendleton and turned over to Sheriff Taylor.
(May 6, 1910 Census of Umatilla Co, Oregon shows both Will Isaacs and John Peterson, but no Nuckols family suggesting they may have moved there between May and Dec 1910. No William Nuckols in 1910 or 1920 in this area.)

Oregonian March 30, 1912
Marriage License MOORE-NUCKOLS
Oakey Moor of Multahomah, age 35 and Lillian M Nuckols, age 29
(In 1920 & 1930 Census Lewis Co, Centralia, WA)
(md James R Jim Nuckols of Texas, lived Salt Lake City.)

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Adams Sentinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania 30 December 1829
Private Land Claims-Msr Steregere,
Nuckolls, Pettis, Baylor, Gurley, Test, Foster

Gettysburg Times Gettysburg Pennsylvania 15 February 1966
"We see Elva scurrying around and figure if she can do it, we can too," says Annabelle Nuckolls, town postmistress.

Indiana Evening Gazette Indiana Pennsylvania 13 October 1977
Tallahasse Fla- Bill will protect "Skunk Apes" . Nuckolls rounded out his pitch this year with pictures of a proported Skunk Ape.

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Newport Daily News (Newport, Rhode Island) June 7 1956
Navy Hunts Airmen Off Coast of Rhode Island
 Twin engine S2F-1 Sentinel crashed yesterday during flight operations aboard the carrier Antietam. Missing flyers,
A C Nuckols Jr of Quonset, machinist 

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Jan 3 1922, newspaper name not known, South Carolina -Miss Nuckols Returns
Miss Elizabeth Nuckols of the state Baptist Headquarters has returned after spending a 3 week vacation at her home in Richmond VA

The Morning News Review Florence South Carolina 25 February 1926
Miss Katherine Nuckolls, chosen as the most beautiful girl at the University of Alabama, is captain of the basketball team, champion target shot and holds several swimming records

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Kingsport Times, The (Kingsport, Tennessee)  03 August 1916
 Mr Nuckols
is again at his desk after a week's illness.

 The Kingsport Times Kingsport Tennessee 09 August 1921
Mr and Mrs M L Simmerman chaparoned a picnic honoring,,,,,,Miss Nuckolls of Dallas Texas
 The Kingsport Times Kingsport Tennessee 31 July 1923
Mrs H J Mackey and
Miss Bessie Nuckolls spent this week visiting relatives t Kingsport.

 The Kingsport Times Kingsport Tennessee 24 July 1923

Miss Bessie Nuckols
of Texas is spending a while visiting friends and relatives here.

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Dec 3, 2001

Mark A. Nuchols,
Peterson Lane, Maryville; at 11:40 p.m. Nov. 30 on Peterson Lane near Trail Ridge Road; vehicle went off road and car turned on its side.

The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Mar 13, 2002
 Traffic Accidents
John A. Craig, West Old Topside Road, Louisville, and Derek C. Nuchols, Middlesettlements Road, Maryville; at 1:54 p.m. March 11 in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, Hunters Crossing, Alcoa.

The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  July 10, 2002
Derek Channing Nuchols
, 19, Manor Way, Louisville, was arrested at 11:35 a.m. July 9 by a Blount County deputy in the jail lobby. He is charged with theft of property. He is free on a $750 bond pending a 9 a.m. July 19 preliminary hearing in Blount County General Sessions Court.

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  July 15, 2002
Traffic Accidents-Fred Martin, Southview Road, Maryville, and Debra J. Nuchols, Fred Jennings Road, Walland; at 2:08 p.m. July 13 on Middlesettlements Road.

The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Aug 17, 2002
Traffic Accidents-George W. Cook, Madisonville, and Adam T. Nuchols, Morganton Road, Greenback; at 4:45 p.m. Aug. 15 at Morganton and Clendenen roads.

The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Aug 23, 2002
Traffic Accidents
-Ben D. Nuchols, Timberline Drive, Maryville; at 5:37 p.m. Aug. 19 at Big Springs and Morganton roads. According to a report, police responded to an overturned Jeep and Kelly Nuchols, Timberline Drive, Maryville, reported the vehicle slid and flipped. A witness said a young girl and a man actually were the only ones in the vehicle when it flipped, at which point Kelly Nuchols admitted her husband was actually at the wheel. According to a report, Kelly Nuchols told police her husband phoned her to bring another vehicle, then he left her with the Jeep and drove home with the child. Kelly Nuchols was cited with filing a false police report and Ben D. Nuchols was cited with leaving the scene of an accident.

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Sept 11, 2002

 Traffic Accidents- Edgar A. Nuchols, Duvall Road, Maryville, Cassandra H. McGill, Knoxville, and Larry D. Jenkins, Dug Gap Road, Louisville; at 4:43 p.m. Sept. 9 at Little Dug Gap Road and Lillard Lane.

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Dec 4 2002
Thefts -Brian S. Keen, Miser Station Road, Friendsville, and Peggy S. Nuchols, Old Piney Road, Maryville; at 3:14 p.m. Dec. 2 at Old Piney and Blockhouse roads.

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Dec 9 2002
Answered call to a fire at the Tammy Nuchols home at 4414 Beaus Bend Road,Louisville, at 1:16 p.m Dec. 8.

The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Nov 2 2003
 Real Estate Transfers-
Paul O. Allison and wife to Scott A. Nuchols and wife, District 5, $113,500

The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Dec 7 2003
 Births- Nov 10, 2003-
Rebecca Anne Nuchols Butcher and Timothy Bruce Caughron of Maryville, daughter, Megan Ann Caughron.

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Jan 9, 2004
Building permits for December 2003 in Alcoa and Marysville-Jeff Nuchols, 112 Seneca Circle, $5,000.

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Feb 6, 2004
Court Sessions- T. Nuchols vs. D. Thomas, divorce.

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  March 20, 2004
Births- March 14th-Lucinda and Terry Nuchols of Louisville, daughter, Abbey Jo Nuchols

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  March 27, 2004

 Roger E. Nuchols,
U.S. 411 South, Maryville, reported at 7:03 a.m. March 26, theft of $274 worth of assorted tools taken from an outbuilding.

The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  May 18, 2004
Marriage License 4/23/2004 T. Nuchols and D. Thomas

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  May 26, 2004
Court Records-Alan D. Nuchols, address not given, reported at 4 p.m. May 25 about $3,000 damage after someone vandalized three vending machines at Lambert Acres Golf Course, Tuckaleechee Pike, Maryville.

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  May 27, 2004
Real Estate Transfers July 2, 1999-Bernice L. Nuchols and others to Little Mountain, LLC, District 8, $270,000.
 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Hammontree to Carol A. Nuchols and others, District 9, $127,500.
Real Estate Transfers Sept 17, 1999 - Mr. and Mrs. Chester P. Albrycht Sr. to Mark A. Nuchols, District 7, $31,450.

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  May 28, 2004
Real Estate Transfers 11/9/1999- Carol A. Nuchols and husband to Brian E. Haven, District 6, $83,650

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  July 9, 2004

Nine unlocked vehicles were burglarized in the Rock Gardens area late Monday night or early Tuesday, according to Alcoa police reports Victims and the items stolen include:
 Margaret T. Nuchols
of Grant Street reported at 5:15 p.m. July 7 theft of her son's prescription medication taken from the glove box in her van.

The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Aug 9, 2004
Court Records- Arrests
Robert D. Nuchols,
Jos Way, Maryville, reported at 9:56 a.m. Aug. 8 someone entered his home and stole two handguns and a knife, all valued at $850.

The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN  Oct 11, 2004
Marriage License Issued

 Stephen Chad Nuchols
, 30, and Nancy Catherine Stewart, 28, both of Maryville

 The Daily Times- Blount Co, Marysville, TN Jan 5, 2005
A traffic stop at 8:34 p.m. Jan. 21 on Morganton Road, Maryville, resulted in the arrests of two people. Adam Brian Peiffer, 19, Jay Kerr Road, Rockford, was charged with possession of a Schedule VI controlled substance (marijuana) and his passenger, Jacob Scott Nuchols, 18, French Street, Maryville, was charged with unlawful consumption of beer. Both men had bond set at $750 each a court appearance was set for 1:30 p.m. Jan. 26 in Blount County General Sessions Court.

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