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Because of the size of this file on this page  is was updated to be newspaper articles of only Unknown or Unidentified Persons.  Those who were identified, the newspaper articles were placed into the notes section of the database.  I  need help in identifying those on this page. Please email me if you know where they connect or can identify them.
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Butte Weekly Miner, Dec 16, 1897
Two Killed One Injured
 Two Switch Engines Collide on the Southern pacific
 Oakland Cal, Dec 11- Two southern Pacific switch engines came into collision this morning on the Oakland branch and caused the death of two men and seriously injured another. All the victims were employees of the company and were riding to work on the front of one of the engines. Hugh Hunter, a fireman in the car shops at West Oakland was instantly killed; Albert Adams, who was also working in the repair department received injuries from which he died at noon and
W T Nuckles a switchman was seriously crippled, one of his legs being badly mangled. (Article also appears in Idaho Statesman)

The Helena Independent Helena Montana 19 May 1929
Wanted Ford Coupe- Call C F Nuckols 426 Broadway

The Helena Independent Helena Montana 16 February 1933
Official Jack Nuckols of Anaconda

 The Helena Independent Helena Montana 25 September 1941

Football- Backs- Russ Nuckolls

The Helena Independent Helena Montana 28 September 1941
, Oct 12, 1941 Oct 26, 1941, Nov 12, 1941,Nov 19, 1941
 Ken Nuckolls intercepted a pass

The Helena Independent Helena Montana 1941
McCloud averages 18 to led in scoring...Sophomore, Heath Nuckolls

Divorce Index; "The Daily Inter Lake"; Kalispell, MT; 01 Jan 2001 through 31 Dec 2001
03-Aug-01 Nuckolls, Douglas R Nuckolls,
Pamala D 03-Aug-01 Nuckolls, Pamala D

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The Landmark Statesville North Carolina 16 June 1921
Deputy Sherrif Battle With Two Bootleggers-
 Bristol TN June 13-Deputy Sheriff Matt Cardon may be dead. Deputy Sheriff
Will Nuckolls is seriously wounded and two alleged bootleggers, one of whom is wounded, are in jail as the result of a raid tonight on a moonshine still near Stoney Creek, Carter County, Tenn.

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Morning World Herald Omaha Nebraska 10 January 1892
 Bills Allowed-
A K Nuckolls, $8.00

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Trenton Evening Times (Trenton, New Jersey) 1915 September 6
Surgery Recovers Diamond From Dog
 Philadelphia, PA Sept 6 "Dog and Diamond Doing Well". This bulletin, signed by J H Mercur, D V S of New York was handed to J M Frazier, manager of the Belleview Strattford. The principals in the case are a woman widely known in New York and in the southwest, a valuable Chihuahua  dog, and a two and  a half carat diamond. The dog is about six inches long. Pedro is his name and he is very fond of rock candy
. Mrs R C Nuckolls arrived in this city several days ago from New York, where Pedro had been ill and had been cared for by Dr Mercur, veternarian. Finally Mrs Nuckolls reported to the hotel manager that a diamond of about two and a half carats in size had disappeared from her pendant. Pedro in the meantime became violently ill and Dr Mercur was summoned from New York. Teeth marks of Pedro were observed on the pendant and it was believed that Pedro had eaten the diamond. He was placed under an anesthesia. A delicate incision was made and the costly gem removed. Pedro was sewed up and given a fine bandage.

Daily Times-News Burlington, NJ Friday Aug 23, 1957
 Nuckolls-Ritter Couple Pledges Vows in Ceremony at Rosell Park NJ

Mrs Irene C Nuckolls was married to Richard John Ritter of Roselle Park, NJ Friday Aug 9th at 6:30 p.m. at the groom's home. Following the ceremony, a small reception was given by the groom's parents, Mr and Mrs Joseph Kcenoy. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs William Thomas Walker of Yanceyville.

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Deming Headlight (Deming, New Mexico) > OCt 17 1957
Calf Roping-
Dillard Nuckols
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Reno Evening Gazette Reno Nevada 16 June 1923
 William Nuckols
, nine years old of Richmond Va is the youngest automobile thief on record. While visiting his uncle in Louisville Ky, he was caught touring the city in a car which the police say he had "borrowed". He had never driven a car before.

 Reno Evening Gazette Reno Nevada 10 June 1942
 Present at wedding of Robert H Blair and Bethenia Clayton,
Hattie Nuckols

 Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) February  20 1942
Won By Cool Shooting- Boulder, Colo-Maybe this is why sophomore Heath Nuckolls so cooly sank two free throws that gave Colorado its 49-48 win over Utah

 Reno Evening Gazette Reno Nevada 21 October 1944

 Corporal Conway Nuckols
of Jones Springs West Virginia- War report

Reno Evening Gazette Reno Nevada 10 October 1945
Bus Collision- Santa Rosa, Calif. District Attorney Charles J McGoldbrick, who along with the Calif Highway Patrol and the army is investigating the accident, said today he is unable to question the bus driver William Nuckolls who has a fractured leg, dislocated shoulder, chest injury, broken wrist and possible concussion of the brain.

 Nevada State Journal Reno Nevada 25 May 1951
 Annual luncheon of Nevada's star range home economics committee- Attended by
Mrs Vera Nuckolls, visitor from Susanville, CA

 Nevada State Journal Reno Nevada 11 October 1953
Fire Razes Resort of Famed Tombstone
 Tombstone AZ-The 51 year old Loma de Plata, once the vacation spot for directors of the Consolidated Silver Mining Company during Tombstone's heyday, was burned to the ground early today in a fire of undetermined origin. Loss was estimated at $100,000 by current owners
Mrs Anna Laura Nuckolls and Mrs Maud M Turner who purchased the building , 2 stories, 14 rooms in 1951. It was being operated a a guest house in recent years.

 Nevada State Journal Reno Nevada 02 May 1957
 June Wins "AA" -Charles W Pollock, Wash defeated
Gale Nuckolls...

Reno Evening Gazette Reno Nevada 09 October 1958
 Louisville, Ky- Judge Tom Nuckols of Sonny Ray fight vs Eddie Cotton

 Nevada State Journal Reno Nevada 03 July 1963
 Ely Lions Club- Officers
-William Nuckols, two year director
 Nevada State Journal Reno Nevada 24 April 1964
 Ely Lions Club-
William Nuckols, director

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The Elyria Chronicle Elyria Ohio 12 November 1915
Diamond Mine In a Pet Dog-Philadelphia, PA- An operation on a pet dog of Mrs R S Nuckolls has resulted in the recovery of a 2 1/2 carat diamond. Teeth marks on the pendant and illness of the dog, a valuable chichuaha, indicated where it was. A veternary surgeon operated and found the diamond. The dog will recover.

 Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 23 June 1932
 Trot Horse Race
- Guy Nuckols

 Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 04 February 1933
Oberlin College Weekly Calendar-Fri, Feb 10-Mathmetics Club  Room 39 Peters Hall 4 p.m. speakers Mr Richard G Nuckolls on "Oscillograph"

 Ohio Lima Lima News 25 May 1937

 Dr D L Nuckols
of Cleveland- Article on New Vitamin A B D Treatment INventor of Vitalex

  Marion Star, The (Marion, Ohio) > 1948 > September > 6
Strike Casualty-Charles Nuckols of Evansville Indiana (center photo) tells unidentified police officers that he was attacked by an assailant while he was returning from work at the strike-bound Bucyrus-Erie plant at Evansville. More than 100 state policemen armed with pistols, night sticks, and tear gas patroled the plant as the company resumed operations. Twp pickets were arrested as 400 workers entered the plant through a leering picket line

 Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 24 December 1949
Right On The Dot-Medicine Lodge, KS-To the hour, the R L Nuckolls owned an attractive ranch home. It burned to the ground on the exact anniversary of their signing purchase papers.

 The Coshocton Tribune Coshocton Ohio 07 April 1950
Trio of fugitives Shoots Officer-Uses Police Car to Stage Hold Up- (long article)-The men were believed to be in a two toned green sedan with Virginia license number 282-600. Officers said they thought the men were Amos Nuckolls, 20, of Portsmouth....

 The Times Recorder Zanesville Ohio 20 December 1965
Nurses Certificates Issued- Columbus-Maureen Nuckols, Marietta

 The Times Recorder Zanesville Ohio 14 August 1966
 Barbara Payne Wedding Attendants Announced-
Miss Maureen Nuckols

 The Times Recorder Zanesville Ohio 21 August 1966
 Carl Peterson, Barbara Payne Wed- Attendant,
Miss Maureen Nuckols

 Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 08 June 1967
Thank you Mrs William Nuckols of Omaha Nebraska

 Coshocton Tribune Coshocton Ohio 08 August 1971
Principal Appointed, Saginaw, MI- Gene Nuckolls, assistant principal at Cincinnatti Walnut Hills High School will become principal of Saginaw High School. Nuckolls, 34, was chosen over a number of candidates because he would be the most effective person to deal with the students and the commuinity

 The Marion Star Marion Ohio 11 September 1971

 E M Nuckols Jr,
Campbells senior vice president....
 The Marion Star Marion Ohio 28 June 1977
Wedding-Cathy Ann Smith and Jeffrey Wade Sankey in Marietta. Bride's aunt Mrs Harold Nuckols of Marietta

 Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 28 July 1979
Golf- Colo Springs, CO-In other matches, Ron Nuckolls defeated Corey Pavin.

 The Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 26 January 1981
 PGA Phoenix Open
- Rod Nuckolls

 Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 19 February 1982
 Los Angeles Open Country Club
-Rod Nuckolls

 Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio Feb 13, 1983
Hawaii Open-
Rod Nuckolls

Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio Feb 20, 1983
 Dural Open-
Rod Nuckolls

 Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio July 13 1984
Anheiser Busch Classic
- Rod Nuckolls

Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 20 August 1987
 Joseph Nuckols,
Pres and Gen Mgr of Station WNN

 The Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 17 January 1994

 Environment Law Topic of LCCC-  Deputy Clerk of City Council-
Charles Nuckolls

The Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 10 August 1994
 PGA Tulsa Oklahom-
Rod Nuckolls

 The Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 16 October 1994
Vision of the Virgin Mary Seen-"We've seen a spate of these" said Charles Nuckolls and Emory University Anthropolgist who studied the Hindu religion in India and has visited Conyers. Although Nuckolls, like the Roman Catholic Church, is unconvinced that something miraculous is going on, he described is as "cultural phonomenon"......

 The Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 29 December 1994

 Former slave story of Underground Railroad-...Robt Newman and
Charles Nuckolls , a Hamilton County Board of Elections Representative are working to get Parker the recognition he deserves......Nuckolls was motivated by a picture he saw of the delapidated brick house. He and his four brothers tried to buy the home with the intent of donating it to the Historical Society.....meanwhile Nuckolls and other supports are trying to find descendants of Parker


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