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Because of the size of this file on this page  is was updated to be newspaper articles of only Unknown or Unidentified Persons.  Those who were identified, the newspaper articles were placed into the notes section of the database.  I  need help in identifying those on this page. Please email me if you know where they connect or can identify them.
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Mt Vernon Signal Newspapers, 1898, Rockcastle Co June 10, 1898

Mr Geo Nuckles
has returned to her home at Lebanon Junction after a visit to MRs Geo Pope
Mrs Ed Nuckles
formerly of this place but now of Lebanon Junction is visiting friends here this week

Frankfort Roundabout , Frankfort KY, 3/18/1899
Mrs S T Bailey and Mrs Henry C Nuckols of Versailles spent Thursday in this city, the guest of friends.

VERNON SIGNAL NEWSPAPERS, Oct. 12, 1900, Rockcastle Co. OCT 12, 1900 Pine Hill
DEATH: While walking the railroad track at Artemus Wednesday,
Robt Knuckles was run over and killed by train. He lived at Conway this county

Frankfort Roundabout, Frankfort KY 6/1/1901
Col. Geo B Nuckols, commercial tourist was in the city this week.

Hartford Republican, Hartford KY Mar 10, 1905
Mrs J W Hipsley and Mrs Alfred Lee Nuckols, and Mrs Martha Ward and daughters Miss Stella, Nocreek, were the guests of Mrs S E Duke Monday

Hartford Republican, Hartford KY July 28, 1905
Miss Nora Bennett, Kirt Robertson, and Essie Nuckols, Madisonville are the guests of relatives here

Nashville American , issue of 28 Feb 1907.
"Death Reveals A Romance.
GLASGOW, Ky., Feb. 27 (Special). -
The death of B. K. Nuckols, one of the best known and wealthiest 
farmers of this county, reveals a touching incident and case of 
devotion almost without a parallel. The story goes that when in his 
20's, Mr. Nuckols was engaged to be married to a young Virginia lady, 
and the day was set for the wedding. In the meantime the young lady 
was taken violently ill, and three days before the day she was to be 
married, died. Mr. Nuckols remained in Virginia for two or three 
weeks, and on leaving for his home here he was asked by the dead 
sweetheart's family if there was anything he would like to have for a 
keepsake. He asked for her wedding dress, which was given him, and he 
returned to his Kentucky home a stricken and much changed man. On his 
death bed - nearly a half-century after - he gave instructions that 
the wedding dress of the girl he had lost fifty years before should 
be buried in the coffin with him, and his wishes were carried out.

Being a man of wealth and influence, kind and hospitable and generous 
to a fault, his neighbors have often wondered how, with all these 
noble traits, he could persistently be a woman-hater, but only a few 
knew and the rest never guessed, the real admiration he had for the 
fair sex, and the constancy of his love for a woman. Could they have 
known, the story of his life they could have easily understood why he 
remained a bachelor."

Only wealthy bachelor was Broaddus and he died in 1895, so this person 
isnot known, and no clues in the 1900 census. 

Paducah Evening Sun, Paducah KY Sun, June 5, 1908
Wedding of Miss Vera Davis and Mr James C Wadlington- best man-
Mr E C Nuckols

The Citizen, Berea KY 4/23/1908
Boone, - The infant child of Mr and Mrs H D Nuckles died Wed night and was buried Thursday evening at Fairview. Mrs Nuckles is very low with Measles. Mrs Mattie Coyle visited with Mrs Nuckles Friday

Middlesboro Daily News (Middlesboro, Kentucky) 13 August 1921 D C Sellers Files Petition
The undersigned petitioner and subscribers, being more than one hundred in number, hereby petition you as county clerk for Bell Co, KY, to cause to be printed on the official ballot, for Bell County KY , at the regular November election, to wit, on the 8th day of Nov, 1921, the name D C Sellers as a candidate for the office of sheriff, in and for the county of Bell……J W Nuckols

Middlesboro Daily News (Middlesboro, Kentucky) 15 Nov 1923
Trial of Alva Ball…..
John Nuckols said he was in the courthouse and saw John Hurst come down the steps and saw someone shoot at him. "I thought he was shooting at me" declared Nuckols and I turned and ran toward the north door. Some man near the door got out of my way and gave me room to run. Belcher was behind me pressing close. When we got out, he said, "they're going to kill us." I stumbled over a barbed wire and thought it was a bullet hit me. "I Was scared thought they were after me,' Nuckols said he saw a man at the door who looked too big for Alva Ball and that he didn't see anyone shoot from the north door. (long article)

Note from Fredwyn on Alva Ball. Well known Ball family to which George Washington's mother belonged. They were infamous Kentucky gangsters who controlled all the prostitution and whiskey and slot machines in the area.  People were sometimes gunned down on the streets of Pineville and Middlesboro.  I Alva's daughter married WhaWha Jones of Harlan and Lexington.  WhaWha was one of the Fabulous Five UK basketball players and was beloved by all who knew him. WhaWha just died a few weeks ago.  (July 2014)

Lexington Herald 6/14/1925
S N Holman purchase Site for Model Breeding Farm
The farm secured by Mr Holman was for many years owned by Captain Willa Viley, father of Major Warren Viley and grandfather of Captain Breckenridge Viley and more recently by Lewis Nuckols, who married Mrs John Viley
No Lewis fits this  guy and the facts dont fit with marriage to Mary either unless she kept the last name Viley. (They did that when married a short time to one man)
1920 Woodford Co, Fairgrounds KY

John B Viley, head, 65
Mary F wife, 40 Ky (nee Parrish)  MarrieD 8-1-1901
Warren, son KY
Breck, son, KY
Philemon P, son KY (KBI 10/30/1911) mother Mary Parrish

1930 Lexington, KY
M Phill Viley, (f) , 50 head, widow
Phil P, son, 18 KY
Georgetown Cemetery Scott CO, Ky
John Breckenridge Viley 3/5/1854 - 10/10/1922
Mary O Viley 12/16/1884-1/27/1979

If she married Lewis Nuckols, he must have died right away.
Ancestry tree Mary Phillamon Parrish.

Letcher County Community News Press, Cromoa KY Jan 24, 1996
Minnie Knuckles DOB 8/3/1964 of Cumberland has been charged with license to be in possession and no insurance. Event: Arraignment

Letcher County Community News Press, Cromoa KY Feb 211996
Minnie Knuckles DOB 8/3/64 has been charged with no operators license.Event: Arraignment and show cause hearing

KY Leader News (Greenville KY) Oct 31, 2001 pg36
21st Annual Beach Creek Reunion at R E Stevenson School, Russellville.
Attending-Audie Knuckles, Rachel Nuchols

Hart County News, (Munfordville, KY) Oct 30, 2003
Indictments- Henry L Nuchols, 42, Bearwallow Road, Horse Cave, possession of a controlled substance first degree; possession of drug paraphanelia, two counts, operating a motor vehicle while license suspended

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Maryland Cumberland Evening Times 31 July 1908
 E L Nuckolls
of Fayette County made a strong speech at convention where Negro Planks Adopted.

News Frederick Maryland 23 December 1958
 Local Jail News - Forfeitures last night include Charles J Nuckolls of the New Central Hotel, Hanover, Pa who forfeited $51.45 for failing to remain at the scene of an accident and an additional $16.45 for making a left turn from the wrong lane.

Frederick Post Frederick Maryland 18 July 1962
 Charleston West Va- Motor Vehicle Commissioner- Jack A Nuckols

Frederick Post, Frederick MD, Thurs, June 6 1985 pg 196
 Michael Nuckles named SOM
 Pfc. Michael R Nuckles was selected Fort Detrick Soldier of the Month (SOM) for April. He is a son of Shirley Harden of Orlando Fla and Clarence H Nuckles of Winterpark, FL. Nuckles is a fixed cryptographic equipment repairer at the U S Army Information Systems Command's East Coast Tellecommunications Center. He came to Fort Detrick in January 1985. Nuckles name will be inscribed on the Soldier of the Month plaque and he will receive a U S Savings Bond, a Letter of Commendation, a month's free membership at the Community Club, and a certificate from the Frederick Holiday Inn for dinner for two. He will also receive free gifts from the Post Exchange. He is a graduate of Colonial High School, Orlando.

Frederick Post (Frederick, Maryland) 22 April 1986
 Real Estate Ad-336 acres tracts from 12 to 75 acres each all including Hilltop Building sites with fantastic panoramic view with ponds , running streams and mountain views. One half mile from the city of Lexington and one mile from 181. Property of
Richard and Frances Nuckols

Frederick Post (Frederick, Maryland) Aug 4 1987
 Marriage Licenses-Thomas Gene Cunningham and James Elizabeth Nuckols. (yes James)! both of Christianburg.
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The Herald Press St Joseph Michigan 05 September 1944
 Mrs William Nuckols
of San Francisco is visiting her sister Mrs Albert Nigey of 560 Highland this week

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Minneapolis Journal, Aug 22, 1896- Will Probably Die
 Louis NUCKLES of 507 7th Ave South, fell 20 feet down a slice (sic?) way at the Calaract Mill this afternoon. He was taken to the city hospital at once but it is believed that he will not live.
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Daily Democrat Sedalia Missouri 28 September 1873
 McGee Stock Premium to J M Nuckols of Pettis

The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 29 May 1952
 Madrid County Farmers-L W Nuckolls

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 21 January 1954
 Leaders of Extension Club-Mrs L W Nuckolls

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 18 March 1954
 Canalou News-Norval Harrison who is employed as a driver of a transport truck for a company in St Louis had the misfortune of having a wreck near Lilbourne Friday afternnoon. A horse, ridden by Gerald Nuckols of Lilbourne became frightened by a dog and ran directly into the path of the truck driven by Harrison. The horse was killed, the truck was damaged some but fortunately  Gerald only received a broken arm

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 08 April 1954
 Brownie Scouts Meet-Linda June Nuckols

The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 29 April 1954
 Kewanee Cub Scout News-Dale Nuckols, keeper of the buckskin

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 06 May 1954
 Brownie- Linda Nuckols

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 10 June 1954
 Scout News- Letta F Nuckols

The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 19 August 1954
 Madrid Farm Week, Blue Ribbon-Cotton- Jerrold Nuckolls

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 20 January 1955
 Patients admitted to Delta Community Hospital-Fred Nuckols, Kenawee

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 13 January 1955
 Madrid Families Special Guests-Mrs R L Nuckolls

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 20 January 1955
 New Madrid-Certificates of Merit- Mrs Robert L Nuckolls of Lilbourne

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 12 May 1955
 Spradling Cradle Shower- Attended Mrs Ruby Nuckols

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 03 November 1955
 Lilborne Expansion Club-Mrs L W Nuckolls

The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 06 March 1956
 Patients admitted to Missouri Delta Community Hospital March 3- Fred Nuckols, Sikeston

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 06 September 1956
 Birthday party attendeee- Linda Nuckols

The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 08 November 1956
 First Place in Farm Ownership Division-L W Nuckolls of Rt 1 Lilbourne

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 04 April 1957
 4-H Club- L W Nuckolls

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 11 April 1957
 4-H Winners-Gerald Nuckolls, Hurricane Ridge 185lbs, 26c per lb W L Ramsey
 Lewis Nuckolls
, Hurricane Ridge, 200 lbs 24c per lb Lewis Stone

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 18 April 1957
 The boys on the poultry team were...Pete Nuckolls

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 22 August 1957
 Lewis- Pete Nuckolls

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 16 January 1958

 Mrs L W Nuckolls
attended meeting of Extension Club

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 27 March 1958

 Mrs L W Nuckols
attended dinner for Mrs J D Twitty in New Madrid

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 17 July 1958
 New Madrid Farm Notes- Gerald Nuckolls, Wayne Nuckolls

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 21 August 1958

 Gerald Nuckols
of the Hurricane Ridge Club  was awarded a red ribbon for his demostration "Insect Control of Farm Stored Small Grains." 

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 13 November 1958
 New Madrid Farm Notes- Pete Nuckolls

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 15 January 1959
 4-H meets-Mrs L W Nuckolls, Vice Pres.

 The Sikeston Herald Sikeston Missouri 24 September 1959
 Scott County Ramplings- Gerald and Wayne Nuckolls, Hurricane Ridge

 The Chillicothe Constitution Tribune Chillicothe Missouri 24 September 1965

 Mrs Byron Nuckols
led the pledge to the flag.

 St Joseph News-Press, St Joseph MO Mar 31 2002
 Mary Rachell Nuckols,
3515 Gene Field Road

St Joseph News-Press, St Joseph MO July 19, 2002
 Municipal Court Mary R. Nuckols, $99.50.

St Joseph News-Press, St Joseph MO May 17, 2002
 Circuit Court Records
 Mary R. Nuckols,
24, 3515 Gene Field Road, for two years after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated; may not consume any alcoholic beverages, may not enter into any establishment whose primary source of income is derived from the sale of alcoholic beverages, must attend the Driving While Intoxicated Victim Impact Panel, must submit to alcohol/drug screening, and must perform 20 hours community service.

Cuba Free Press (Cuba, Missouri) Sept 9 2004
 Concordia Luthern Chruch News

 We pray for Alice Peterson who is having heart difficulties and for Clint Knuckles who was seriously injured in an automobile accident.

 Cuba Free Press (Cuba, Missouri) Sept 16 2004
 Concordia Luthern Chruch News

 For Clint Knuckles who remains in very serious condition following an auto accident

Cuba Free Press (Cuba, Missouri) Sept 16 2004
 Concordia Luthern Chruch News
Pray for Clint Knuckles who faces a long recovery period following an auto accident.

Cuba Free Press (Cuba, Missouri) March 1 2007
 Concordia Luthern Chruch News
Pray for the family of Helen Knuckles , mother of our member, Julie Klock. We ask the Lord to comfort them in their sorrow.

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