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Because of the size of this file on this page  is was updated to be newspaper articles of only Unknown or Unidentified Persons.  Those who were identified, the newspaper articles were placed into the notes section of the database.  I  need help in identifying those on this page. Please email me if you know where they connect or can identify them.
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Deland News, Volusia Co, FL Nov 5 1909

Quail Season-
J L Nuckols brought in 10

Miami Herald-Record Aug 22 1913-Warranty Deeds Filed
Miami Everglades Land Company to W B Nuckols lot 7 in block 35 of Athol and tract 29 in section 7-54-39, 10 acres. Subject to drainage clause. $300

New Smyrna News New Smyrna Florida 28 November 1913
Property Transfers-P Richard Taylor, Oscar Taylor and Minnie N Taylor to J W Nuckols, NW 1/4 of NW1/4 of SE1/4 of sec 32 Twp 16 R 30

New Smyrna News New Smyrna Florida 05 December 1913
Property Transfers-A C Haynes to J J Tilyis and J W Nuckols lots 3 and 4 Smith's redivision of W 482ft of blk 9, Roger's Deland.

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The Atlanta Constitution Atlanta Georgia 18 May 1887
 News From Columbus-George Copeland and Ed Nuckolls, two small boys, were out hunting today near the city, when the former accidentally shot the latter in the leg. The wound is not considered dangerous.

Columbus Daily Enquirer May 8 1892
 Real Estate Transcations- John W Riddle and J K Nuckolls to J G Weekly Lots # 5,6,7&8, Shepherds Survey, lot, Winnton $70

 The Atlanta Consitution Atlanta Georgia 08 February 1896
 Alabama Supreme Court Decisions rendered-McClellan, J- Robert Nuckols v State of Alabama appeal from Madison Circuit Court; reversed and remanded.

The Atlanta Consitution Atlanta Georgia 24 May 1896
 Sophomore Declamation-H A Nuckols

The Atlanta Constitution Atlanta Georgia 01 August 1898
 Columbus Ga- Monday night Miss Fanny Berry , a charming young lady of Wynnton, entertained quite a number of friends at tea. IN a unique rhyme writing contest, Miss Erma Nuckolls won the prize

The Atlanta Consitution Atlanta Georgia 12 May 1901
 Mr and Mrs J T Nuckols
left Wednesday for New Orleans as delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention

 The Atlanta Constitution Atlanta Georgia 14 June 1902
Miss Lollie smith will represent Normal School and Miss Emerly Nuckolls the Industrial School

The Atlanta Consitution Atlanta Georgia 15 March 1903
 Train Wrecks Kill in Lynchburg, VA
 ...Engineer Nuckols of the freight train says...Nuckols brought his train to a halt just as it was struck by the other engine.

The Atlanta Consitution Atlanta Georgia 06 December 1903
 Miss Stafford is visiting Mrs M W Nuckols on Third Avenue

 The Atlanta Constitution Atlanta Georgia 17 February 1904
  Cherokee Circuit Court-Nuckolls, exr v Anderson

The Atlanta Constitution Atlanta Georgia-   July 15, 1904
, executor, v Anderson, damages before Judge Fite. Whitfield Superior Court.

Columbus Enquirer Feb 21 1907
W H Nuckols charged with assault and battery was found not guilty by the jury and discharged by order of the court.

The Atlanta Constitution Atlanta Georgia 07 November 1912
Wanted Boarders- Front room with bath to gentleman or couple, furnace heat, 514 Peachtree St, Mrs M B Nuckolls

The Atlanta Constitution Atlanta Georgia 13 November 1912
 514 Peachtree-Best residence section , desirable rooms, with or without private bath, table board. Mrs M B Nuckolls. Ivy 1499-J

The Atlanta Constitution Atlanta Georgia 19 November 1912
 514 Peachtree-Best residence section , desirable rooms, with or without private bath, table board. Mrs M B Nuckolls. Ivy 1499-J (This same ad ran through Jan 30, 1913)

Atlanta Constitution, The 3 March 1914
New Ribbon Plant-Gen Mgr was in Atlanta Monday in conference with S H Nuchols, local manager.


Idaho Daily Statesman, Dec 12, 1897
Switch Engines Crash Killing Two Employees Accident at Oakland

Oakland Calif Dec 11- Two Southern Pacific switch engines came in collision this morning on the Oakland mole, causing the death of two men and seriously injuring another. All the victims were employees of the company and were riding to work on front of one of the two engines. Hugh Hunter, a fireman in the shops at West Oakland was instantly killed and Albert Adams who was also working in the repair department, received injuries from which he died at noon. W K NUCKLES, a switchman was seriously crippled, one of his legs being badly mangled. When the crash came, the two engineers returned to their posts and backed the engines so the bodies of the men could be recovered. The cause of the accident is not clearly known, though it is attributed to a dense fog which prevailed at the time. Thew engine on which the employees were riding was backing a box car down the track and when it stopped , the engine ran into it, giving the men no chance to escape.  (another article in  Butte Weekly Miner, Montana)

Idaho Statesman, June 20 1905
Dr J L Reynolds of Denver accompanied his aunt Mrs A D Nuckols from the east, was in Boise yesterday. The two had just returned from the fair city and stopped off in Boise to look the town over.

Caribou County Sun (Soda Springs, Idaho) July 22 1965
Ruth Nuckols
, Golden Rod Club

Power County Press, American Falls, Idaho Sept 28 1967
Jay D Nuckols and son Danny went to Copper Basin to camp out and fish over the weekend.

Power County Press, American Falls, Idaho Nov 2 1967
Mr and Mrs J D Nuckols are grandparents of their first grandchild, a grandson born Friday, Oct 13th to Linda Dauglas at the Bannock Memorial Hospital in Pocatello. The new arrival was named Kenneth Weaver Dauglas

Caribou County Sun Soda Springs Idaho 07 August 1969
Canasta Club-
Ruth Nuckols

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