Unidentified Census Families

All families are White unless specifically indicated
 M#y   =  Number of years married (1900 Census)
 M#X  =
  Number of times married (1910 Census)
# / #   = Number of children born, number of children living (1900 Census) ie: 8/6
1930 Census shows date married the first time.
 ie: Md25/26 (male md age 25, wife md age 26)
 1930 Census was enumerated between April 3rd and April 23rd of 1930 in all states
 No Occupation shown if a farmer
 I cant explain the abundance of unconnected families beginning in 1920. I tried backtracking to 1910 and could not find them. So it can be attributed to poor indexing in 1910 and 1900, or many new families were "hatched" in 1920 and 1930. Ancestry has now added a feature to correct the spelling of the name, which is now proving to be beneficial in locating the ones indexed incorrectly. I recently found that backtracking revealed the names were NICHOLS, or that they were black or mulatto, and those have been removed to avoid confusion. Families that belong to "unconnnected" families, the census records are posted into the database with that family. The ones here only reflect the ones that cant have the parents identified.

Alpha order by State

1830 Allegheney Co, VA pg 121
James Nuckles - 200010-000010
( from Amherst Co, VA md Louisa Rowsey)
1900 Allegheney Co, Clifton Forge, VA -pg 100
Alba Foster, 9/1857, 42, widow, 3/1, VA
Lewis, son, 12/1891, VA
Robert D Nuckles, Brother, 10/1859. 40, single, VA (Obit March 1910)
( child of Edward Nuckols 1880 Rockingham Co, VA)



1920 Amherst Co, Pedlar, VA
Virdie L Nuckles, female, 21, lodging, single, VA VA VA

1930 Amherst Co, Court House, VA
James B Nuckles, head, 40, md 21
Doris or Daisy, wife, 42 md 22 (could be the Bessie above)
James B Nuckles, Jr, 16 (Poss James Knuckles born 1913 D 1975 md Ola Mae Jones)
Sutton or Talton, son, 11
Lucille, dau, 6

1940 Amherst Co, Courthouse Dist, VA #173 Rt654
Doc Nuckols, 44, Indian,
Mary wife 46


1850 Augusta Co, Dist 2 VA pg 372 (MOved to Rockingham Co, VA)
Edward Nuckols, 32, Blacksmith, VA
Elizabeth, 21 VA
John W, 5, VA
James 2, VA

1900 Augusta Co, South River, VA
Delilah Hill, head, 69, single
Elizabeth, sister, 60, single
David Knuckles, 44, single, nephew VA VA VA (might be age 14)




1860 Bath Co, Cleeks Mill, VA pg 244
John J Nuckles, 25 VA
Sarah, 25 VA


1940 Carroll Co, Hillsville, VA Sulphur Springs Magisterial District,
Cassa (or Carra) Nuckolls, head, 60, widow, b NC water plant manager same res 1935, own home $6000
Lillian B Semones, sister, 61, widow, b NC no occ

1940 Carroll Co, Piper Gap, VA 11 Poplar Knob Rd #683
P Boyd Edwards, head, 29 md, 7g, VA furniture factory laborer own home, $500
Ida Mae, wife, md, 7g, same res 1935, looper at hosiery mill
Cora Ruth Nuckolls, sister in law, 24, single, VA same res 1935, new worker
Harold Nuckolls brother in law, 18, single, 5g, VA same res 1935 carpenter laborer
(Cora, Ruth, Harold not found 1930 and 1920)
No Virginia birth records.
Pearl Boyd Edwards born 4/14/1910 died 3/20/1979 spouse Ida M. Buried Shiloh Church Cemetery, son of John Wesley Edwards and Lola M Jones. Ida living. NO death record in 2014 index for Ida Edwards. NO death record for Harold Nuckolls

Id Mae buried in Shiloh 1/12/1912-1/11/1990. FAG Has her maiden name also as Edwards. How is this possible naming Nuckolls inlaws? Cemetery has Carrie Ruth EDWARDS 9/15/1915-6/5/1997.  So she must have married Harold Nuckolls at some early time. No death record in Virginia or SSDI for Carrie by either Edwards or Nuckolls


1940 Fluvanna Co, Union Fork, VA Rt 657 Farm #100
Benjamin Davidson, head, 39 4h, VA same address 1935
Mildred, wife, 36, 2c, VA
Linville, dau, 13, 6g VA
Jacqueline, dau, 11, 6g VA
Aubrey Nuckols, lodging, 26, single, 4h, same res 1935, grocery store salesman, $1200


1860: Goochland, Virginia Post Office: Johnson Springs HH618
Elizabeth J Nuckols 57  (Elizabeth Toler Nuckols)
Benjamine J Nuckols 23 (son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Toler Nuckols)
William G Nuckols 36
(If this is her son, he is NOT Wm who md Eliz Childress)
(HH612 nancy Nuckols, 75, VA, Henrietta E, 50 VA)
(HH631 Henry K Nuckols age 27, managing farm for Mary Woodson, Mary prob widow of Jacob Woodson who died 1846. Dau Jane Woodson md Israel Nuckols) Henry is Israels son, but age is incorrect, as he was only 17)

1920  Goochland Co, Byrd, VA ED 18 pg 1`a
Frank Nuckols, 48, VA
Lizzie, wife, 32 VA
Henry, son 5 VA
Alice, dau, 2 VA

(No birth records for these children, no further record)


1830 Hanover Co, VA pg 215
Thomas Nuckols - 101010-000010

1840 Hanover Co, VA pg 113
Joseph Nuckols - 000010-000212

1850 Hanover Co, VA-pg 350
Charles Nuckolls, 45 VA
Jane J, 40 VA
Lucinda E 38 VA
Charles W 16 VA

1860 Hanover Co, Negrofoot, VA-pg 476
Charles Nuckols, 58 VA
Jane J 53 VA

nearby house....
1860 Hanover Co, Negrofoot, Upper Revenue Dist, VA
Edward Sacra
50 VA
Eliza E 14 VA
Mary E 6 VA
If md in 1855, chances are Annie E died in childbirth with Mary.

Annie E Nuckolls
married Edward Sacra 12/10/1855 Louisa Co, VA


1850 Henrico Co, VA West Dist HH755
William Nuckolls, 25, VA
Elizabeth 23 VA
Sarah Mahone, 2, VA
Next door to a Deitrick Bolton, so assumed this was William B who married Elizabeth Bolton, but it is not. They are in Hanover County with son Pouncey Lafayette. So This William remains an unknown.

1860 Henrico Co, West Dist HH857 (near to above residence)
Thomas Bowles (or Burris) 27 Blacksmith VA
Sarah, 30 VA
Sarah 6 VA
Elizabeth Nuckols, 40, domestic

1880Census Place: Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia
Source: FHL Film 1255370 National Archives Film T9-1370 Page 384D

James F. SADLEN Self M M W 45
VA Occ: Machinest Fa: VA Mo: VA
Louisa SADLEN Wife F M W 52
VA Occ: Keeping House Fa: VA Mo: VA
C. H. BROWNING Other M S W 22
VA Occ: Laborer Fa: VA Mo: VA
Elizabeth KNUCKLES Mother F W W 62
VA Occ: Fa: VA Mo: VA
George KNUCKLES Brother  W 19
VA Occ: Iron Maulder Fa: VA Mo: VA
(Contacted 4/18/2010 Susan Browning Carberry

Louisa was married to Edwin (E.M.) Browning had children Charles H. Browning and George Browning -  the George listed is not correct, he was Charles' brother I believe the Elizabeth Knuckles  was Louisa's mother, but the age doesn't fit.The name Sadlen has also been listed as Sadler in other census:
1870 Census: Richmond Monroe Ward - Richmond (Independent City VA)  2193 address
 Sadler, Joseph age 35, Laborer     (Sadlen? )
  Louisa age 45, keeping house
 Browning, Charles, age 13 - b. 1857
     George , age 10 - b. 1860)

1880 Census Place: Richmond, Henrico, Virginia
Source: FHL Film 1255372 National Archives Film T9-1372 Page 405C

Lillie NUCKOLS Self F M W 17 VA Fa: VA Mo: VA
Robt. NUCKOLS Husband M M W 22
VA Occ:HucksterFa: VAMo: VA

Chataigne's Directory of Richmond, VA 1881
Nuckols, Robert, carpenter, h 2114 Short (lives with Robert Buckner)

Chataigne's Directory of Richmond, VA 1882-1883
Nuckols, Robert, huckster, 711 Pickett
Chataigne's Directory of Richmond, VA 1883-1884
Nuckols, Robert, laborer, h r 2310 E Grace

1900 Henrico Co, Richmond, VA Clay Ward
Robert Lloyd, head, 9/1864 36, single VA VA VA
Sarah , sister, 10/1863 single VA VA VA
Elon Nuckols, boarding 1/1878, 22, single, laborer (cemetery) unknown
Fannie Lloyd, mother, 9/1837, 72 widow 4/3 VA VA VA
(See complete family history and obit)

1900 Henrico Co, Jackson, Richmond, VA-pg 38
Kate Jewell? head, 70, widow, 7/6
Edgar B, son, 39, single
Kate S Nuckles, dau, widow, 36, no children

1910 Henrico Co, Clay Ward, VA 1531 Blum St
Robert S Duke, head, 29 m1x m6y VA VA VA Merchant Grocer
Bessie, wife 30 m1x m6y no ch, VA VA VA (Nee NUCKOLS)
(5/24/1904 Richmond Times Robert S Duke Jr md Bessie N Nuckols both of Henrico) Bessie death cert names father James Nickols)

1920 Henrico Co, Tuckahoe, CA 36 Electric Line Rd
Robert Duke, 40 VA VA VA Grocery merchant
Martha 33, VA
Bessie, 9 (child of 1st wife Bessie Nuckols)
Annie 2

Bessie 1900 Elizabeth City , Hampton, VA born 5/1880 Boarding

1930 same address 1920
Robert S Duke, own home $3K, md age 22 Grocery merchant VA VA VA
Martha A, 43 md 34 wife
Annie M, dau, 12
Robert S, son 7 VA
Bessie, dau, 18 single, VA (dau of first wife Bessie Nuckols)

1910 Henrico Co, Madison, Richmond, VA-pg 11 (4/16/1910)
Herbert Nuckols, 22, M1x, VA
Rosa, wife, 19, M2y 1/1 VA
Robert, son 6months

1910 Henrico Co, Richmond, VA 1216 27th St
William C Via, head, 60 m1x m45 VA VA VA City cart driver (William Carter Via)
Jane W, wife, 58 m1x m45 11/7 VA VA VA
(Jane Wilson)
Melvin, son 37 widower, VA VA VA laborer tobacco factory
Mitchell , son 29 widower, VA VA VA laborer locomotive
Sonnie, son, 25 single
Ernest, son, 23, single
Richmond Times 9/16/1903 Mitchell Via married unknown Dora Nuckols.
1910 Mitchell Via living at home a widower.
1900 Richmond, VA Dora Nuckols born 1877, boarding, a candidate

Mitchell married Lelia Allen 1924, says he a widow

1920 Richmond , Richmond City, VA ED 149
Fannie Nuckles, 49, VA lodging, single

1920 Richmond , Richmond City, VA ED 64
Elizabeth Nuckols, 33, boarding, single

1930 Henrico Co, Fairfield, VA
Herbert W Nuckols, head, 47, VA VA VA md 29
Mattie H, wife, 37 md 19
Death certificate says Negro

1930 Henrico Co, Brookland, VA
George W Dunn, 63 VA VA VA
Linda, wife, 50, VA VA VA (Mrs Nuckols)
See marriage record in Wash DC

(no virginia death record)

1940 Richmond, VA Lee Ward 2207 Grace St
Lona L Nuckols, head, widow, 59, no occ, own home $5000 same res 1935


1820 Louisa Co, VA pg 65
Samuel Waldrope
000010-10010 (next to Waddy Garland, Elizabeth Duke and Garland Duke)
1830 Louisa Co, VA pg 45
Samuel Waldrope
0000001-00101 ( Next to Elizabeth Duke, Garland Duke, George Bias Nuckols, Anne Terry Nuckolls)
1850 Louisa Co, VA -pg427
Samuel Waldrope
61 VA
Sarah, 58 VA
11/3/1817 Sarah Nuckolls married Samuel Waldrop in Louisa Co, VA)

1860 Louisa Co, VA
Edmund Sacra 35
Betty 25
Mary J 3
1870 Louisa Co, VA
Anne E Sacra 37 VA  (Nuckols)
Mary J, 13
William R 10
John H 4
Edward Sacra age 24 born Spottsylvania Co, VA married
Anna A Nuckols age 22 born Louisa Co, VA 12/18/1855 Louisa Co, VA. Edward the son of Charles and jane Sacra, Annie the dau of Jno B Nuckols and Mary L Nuckols. After Edmund died Annie remarried to James H Watson 1/24/1871 in Louisa Co, VA. She 25 a widow, he 23 and single. James the son of Simon and Louisa M Watson. Annie claims she the dau of James D Nuckolls, no mother named, she a widow. They could not be located in 1880.
Ann, Elizabeth or Betty not located in VA for 1850

James Duke Nuckolls and second wife have no daughter in 1840 census.

1880  Louisa Co Jackson, VA
James A Nuckols, 24 VA VA VA
Adeline M, wife 26 VA VA VA
Aubrey E , dau, 2 VA VA VA
Ethel, 11m, VA VA VA born

1930 Louisa Co, Cuckoo, VA 5/7/1930
Florence Nuckols, head, 22, rent, married, VA VA VA
Henry G, son 2y 2m VA VA VA
(died Sept 2000 father named as DANIEL) (obit)
Harry L, son, 1y3m VA VA VA (Harry Leroy 1/25/1929-3/14/2002)  Obit Unknown (Daniel born 9/7/1900 died 6/19/1988)
Obit for Daniel does not name parents. Never found 1910-1920-1930 census
OBit names his six sisters. 3 found in SSDI born prior to 1930 and none found in census


1840 Mercer Co, VA pg255
John Nuckles- 100020-100030001

1850 Mercer Co, Dist 42, VA
John Nuckles, 85?  VA (not 85 in above census)
Mary 45, VA
John 33, VA
Louisa Coleman, 14
Rebecca Woolf, 9
Juliet 7


1850 Ohio Co, VA pg 200
Jacob Hornbrook, 36 Eng
Annn M Holbrook, 30, Eng
Elizabeth Knuckles, 36, OH


1920 Petersburg City, VA ED81
Jesse Nuckles, female, 45, widow, boarding.


1910 Pittsylvania Co, Pigg River, VA pg230
William H SMith, head, 66, M1x
Francis, wife, 66 M1x, M43 y no ch
Annie P Nuckles, 23, adopted dau, VA VA VA


1910 Pulaski Co, Pulaski, VA-Pg142
John Holmes head
Pattsey Nuckols, 35, single, servant, VA
Lorn Nuckols, 1, servants child

1940 Roanoke Co, Roanoke, VA
Charlie Nuckles, 22, single, lodging, lived 1935 same res

1900 Rockbridge Co, Lexington, VA
Mary Thompson 5/1851 widow VA VA VA
Sarah M, 7/1876 dau
Jane L, dau 11/1878
Lizzie, dau 10/1879
Lurther, son 1/1882
John L, son 2/1883
Henry son 5/1890
Mary Nuckols Irvine md Nimrod Thompson 8/3/1876 see record
(Nimrod died 1890-1900)
Her name seen on ancestrey tree as Nichols. But they show she died 1881 which is incorrect.

1920 Rockbridge Co, Lexington, VA ED120
Thomas Nuchles, 67 VA VA VA loding w James Ramsey, single

1940 Rockbridge Co, Walkers Creek, VA Rt 602 # 10
Fred Benson, hea, 45, md 
Lena, wife, 42
Raymond Knuckles son in law, 19, single,
George W Knuckles, son. 3

1940 Rockbridge Co, Lexington, VA HH25
Lillie Painter, head, 59, wid, WV
Winters Painter, son 23, single VA
Gracie Knuckles, dau, 32, md, WV Clerk
Clarence Knuckles, grson, 15 VA
John Knuckles, grson, 13 VA
Lawrence Knuckles, grson, 11 VA
1930 Rockbridge Co, Lexington, VA
James R Painter, head, 58, head
Lillie M, wife, 50
Grace S, dau, single 21
Winters S, son, 12
Clarence W, son 5 , (name listed Painter, but this Knuckles in 1940)
John C, son, 3y1m , (name listed Painter, but this Knuckles in 1940)
Henry L, son 1y4M  , (name listed Painter, but this Knuckles in 1940)
SSDI Clarence 12/31/1924-9/19/2008 Richmond last res.
Obit of Wife Freddie died 3/2013

(No birth records for Nuckols OR Painter) 


1860 Rockingham Co, Dist 1, VA Harrisonburg, P O, pg607 (8/18/1860)
(see 1850 Augusta Co)
Edwin Nichols, 41 Blacksmith, VA
Elizabeth 32, VA
William 15, VA
James, 12, VA
Thomas, 2, VA
Alice, 4 VA
Robert, 10m VA
John Ensler, 17
Carsa Crawford, 18, domestic

1870 Rockingham Co, Stonewall, VA-pg 285
E M Nuckols, 51, Blacksmith, VA (Edward, below in 1880)
Elizabeth, 40 VA
James H, 22 Store Clerk
Alice, 14, VA
Thomas, 12, VA
Robert 10, VA
Edwin, 6, VA
John, 3, VA

1880 Census Place: Stone Wall, Rockingham, Virginia
Source: FHL Film 1255388 National Archives Film T9-1388 Page 357A

John A. MURRAY Self M S W 55 VA Fa: VA Mo: VA
Mary A. WALKER Sister F W W 43 VA Fa: VA Mo: VA
Cora S. WALKER Niece F S W 12 MO Fa: VA Mo: VA
Edward NUCKOLS Other M M W 63 VA Occ: Blacksmith Fa: VAMo: VA
Elizabeth NUCKOLS Other F M W 52 VA Fa: VA Mo: VA
Alice NUCKOLS Other F S W 23 VA Fa: VA Mo: VA
Thomas NUCKOLS Other M S W 22 VA Occ:School TeacherFa:VAMo: VA
Robert NUCKOLS Other M S W 20 VA Fa: VA Mo: VA
Edwin NUCKOLS Other M S W 16 VA Fa: VA Mo: VA
John NUCKOLS Other M S W 13 VA Fa: VA Mo: VA

Rachael AUSTIN Other F W B 90 VA Fa: VA Mo: VA

1930 Rockingham Co, Ashby VA
David L Nuckles, 68, md 24 inmate in county alms house
Dora Nuckles, 62, md 22 inmate in county alms house


1910 Russell Co, Castlewood, VA -pg 37
Alexander Rice, head, 49, M2x, M7y KY KY KY
Mary, wife, 30, M2x 3/3
John, son, 3, VA
Thomas Nuckles, lodging, single, age 36, KY VA VA


1910 Tazewell Co, Maiden Springs, VA  Page 240
Henry Salyers, 28, VA d 1933 s/o Charlie & Russie
Ella, wife, 28, VA  (Nee Cordell married 11/22/1901
Virgie, dau, 7 (md C Paul Malloy 9/30/1920)
Charles, 3, son
John N Nuckles, nephew, 4,

1940 Tazewell Co, Jeffersonville VA HH276 ½
Howard Knuckles, head, 24,  lived 1935 Buchanan Co, VA, coal timberman
Hazel, wife, 29  lived Dickson VA 1935
Donald Lee , son, 8m (7/10/1939)


1930 Tazewell Co, Maiden Springs VA 4/15/1930
Oscar Blankenship, head, 58 VA VA VA md 19 m1)Maggie Gilbert 1891
Lula, wife, 39?  md 17 (Nee Mo(a)rris md 1/4/1923) a widow
Paul Knuckles, step son, 11 VA VA VA
(not found 1920)


1920 Wise Co, Gladeville, VA ED172
Rosey Nuckols, age 24, single boarding with John Jenkins Family


1840 Wythe Co, VA pg 313
Reuben Andrews 00100001-00000001 No further record found

Jenny Nuckles md Reuben 1/4/1821 Tazewell Co, VA
Jenny born 1781-1790

1900 Wythe Co, Speedwell, VA HH#20
Charles H Rosenbaum head
Nellie R, wife 1/1877 m5y 3/1 NICHOLS, parents Andy and Martha
Robert R, son, 8/1896
Martha F Nuckolds, mother in law, 4/1847, 53, widow, VA VA VA
(1880 Census this is Martha and Nellie NICHOLS)

1920 Wythe Co, Speedwell VA
Ted R Nuckols, age 17 living with Robert Williams Family


1910 Cabell Co, Guyandotte, WV
Will J Nuckles (Muckles)  36 m1x m16y WV VA GER
Eliza J, wife, 39, m1x m16y 4/2, WV PA VA
Ina, dau, 15, S, WV
Dicie, dau, 7, OH

1930 Cabell Co, Huntington WV- Huntington State Hospital
Charles Knuckles, 35, WV WV WV single
Irene Knuckles, 20 WV


1900 Kanawha Co, Spring Hill VA -pg 75
Letha Nuckles, 2/1849,51, Widow, 3/3 WV (this d/o Lewis Nuckles unknown)
Ella, dau, 11/1876,23,
Georgia or George, 3/18?? age 17 or 18
Maynard, 5/1887
Ethel Nuckols, Granddaughter, 11/1897
next household
Louvena Nuckles, 1/1864,36, single
Ed Chandler?, son, 6/1879,20, single

1910 Kanawha Co, Jefferson, WV pg75
Louvina Nuckols, age 40, Widow, 1/1 living alone

1910 Kanawha Co, Cabin Creek, Ward Pct, WV
Luther Knuckles, boarding 19 single VA VA VA Engineer Elec Power Plant.

1920 Kanawha Co, Cabin Creek, WV ED72 - (See 1930 Kanawha CO, Cabin Creek)
Luther Nuckols, 27, head, Rent, VA VA VA Coal Miner (Luther Morris b 2/13/1893)
Theressa, wife, 26 WV WV WV
Thomas, son, 9 WV
Beulah, dau, 1y0m WV

1930 Kanawha Co, Union, WV
John Nuckles, head, 57 WV WV WV m
Melissa O'Conner, wife, 63 m

1930 Kanawha Co, Charleston, WV
Vincent E Breeden, head, 40 md 31
Mary F, wife, 26, Md 18
William H, son, 7,
Eugene C, son, 5
John E, son, 3y7m
Virginia A, dau, 1y10m
NUCKLES, Anna V, mother in law, 57 WV WV WV md 19
(Death cert on file Avilda Anna Cornes Nuckles died 10/13/1945 born 3/25/1873 in Kanawha Co, WV to Columbus Cornes. ) However death cert of son Joseph Fred Hammack 7/3/1927 suicide names father Dick Hammock and mother Annie Kerns. Anns husband named on death cert as John Nuckles whom she married prior to 1930. She md John Hammock about 1893. I think the John Nuckles above is her husband, they were living apart and Melissa incorrectly identified as his wife. No marriage for John and Melissa found.)

1930 Kanawha Co, Cabin Creek, VA
 (see 1920 md to Luther Nuckols)
Edward Adamson, head, 45, md 41
Tressie, wife, 35 md 25
Herman Nuckols, stepson, 19 (Thomas in 1920 census)
Beulah M Nuckols, step dau, 11

(Tressie died 10/13/1941. Obit on file. She md #1 Luther Morris Nuckles unknown)

1920 Kanawah Co, Spring Hills, WV 1/30/1920
Hellen Knuckles, head, 42, WV WV WV ( looks like and S, but could be a D for divorced)
Fannie, dau, 18 WV
Harry, won, 13 WV
Lloyd, son, 3y10m
Joseph, brother, 50, widower,
Thurman, nephew, 4y4m md Evelyn Skyles child born 10/18/1935 (death cert)

1930 Kanawha Co, Union, WV
Helen Knuckles, head, 54 WV
Fannie Parker, dau, 19 md 15
Russell D Knuckles, grson, 10
Harry, Knuckles, son, 24 single


1910 Mason Co, Cologne, WV
Joseph Nuckles, 45, single, working on farm

1930 Mason Co, Cooper, WV
J M Grimm, head, 77 md21 OH US US
Martha E, wife 70m M16 WV WV WV
Death cert name Martha NUCKLES Grimm age 80 died 3/19/1934 in Mason Co, WV, parents not named. Buried in Pt Pleasant suggest she belonged to John Eubanks Nuckles family  but cant place her.


1880 Census Place: Rock, Mercer County, West Virginia
Source: FHL Film 1255408 National Archives Film T9-1408 Page 74C

Clark NUCKOLS Self M M W 28 NC Fa: NC Mo: NC
Elizabeth NUCKOLS Wife F M W 22 NC Fa: NC Mo: NC
Etta M. NUCKOLS Dau F S W 3 WV Fa: NC Mo: NC
L. G. BURCHETT Son M S W 22 NC Fa: NC Mo: NC

1880 Census Place: Rock, Mercer Co, West Virginia
Source: FHL Film 1255408 National Archives Film T9-1408 Page 74C

Creed NUCKOLS Self M M W 28 NC Occ: FarmingFa: NC Mo: NC
Franky NUCKOLS Wife F M W 27 NC Fa: NC Mo: NC
Mary E. NUCKOLS Dau F S W 2 WV Fa: NC Mo: NC
Mertie J. NUCKOLS Dau F S W 1 WV Fa: NC Mo: NC
(There is a posting on the Nuckolls Board in San Bernardino Co,CA that Creed and Clark are Twins and are full blooded Cherokee Indian whose names are actually Creed Nuckles Taliferro and Clark Nuckles Taliferro (Toliver). Creed married Frances (Frankie) Irene Burchett. Says their father is Solomon Toliver)

1930 Mercer Co, Rock, WV
James I Nuckols, head, 25 VA VA VA md 19
Bertha V, head, 27  md 21
James I Jr, son, 3y1m


1900 Wetzel co, Grant, WV -pg 123
Jay Nuckols, 10/1866,34, VA VA VA
Jane, wife, 5/1866,34, M5y VA VA VA no ch


1892 Washington State Territorial  Census, King Co, Duwamish, WA
A  NUCKLES, single,male,  age 30, living alone, b KY, Dairy profession

1910 Okanogan Co, Oroville WA pg 10
Margaret Knuckles, head, 32 div md9y, 2/2, MO MO VT, housekeeper (she died in 1936, nee Long)
Lawrence 7, son WA IA MO
(b 6/12/1904-4/1985 Pierce Co, WA)
Edith, dau, 4, WA IA MO (this is Elsa who md Waldeman Larson)
Joe Coty, 69, single, no relation given

1930 Pierce Co, WA
Waldeman Larson 28
Elsa, wife WA -- MO Knuckles, dau of marg, sis of Lawrence
Beulah 2y4m WA
Carrol, son 8m WA

1930 Pierce Co, Puyallup, WA 1006 main Ave
Margaret Ward, 50 , widow, MO, Box factory sticher
Lawrence Knuckles, son, 25, single WA
Daniel Ward, son 14 WA
homer ward, son 11 WA
Esther Ward, dau 12, WA

(1920 Lawrence is boarding in Ferry Co, WA age 15) 


1930 Milwaukee Co, West Allis, WI
W B Bell, head, 70  md 26
Eunice, wife, 60, md 17
James Nuckels, son in law, 43, IA PA IL md 2
Lettie B, dau, 40 IL IA MO md 20
1920 Milwaukee Co, West Allis WI
James Nuckles, head, 33 IL IL IL
Lettie, wife, 29, IL IA MO
(1910 James in Cape Girardeau MO)



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