Unidentified Census Families
New Jersey-Texas

All families are White unless specifically indicated
 M#y   =  Number of years married (1900 Census)
 M#X  =
  Number of times married (1910 Census)
# / #   = Number of children born, number of children living (1900 Census) ie: 8/6
1930 Census shows date married the first time.
 ie: Md25/26 (male md age 25, wife md age 26)
 1930 Census was enumerated between April 3rd and April 23rd of 1930 in all states
 No Occupation shown if a farmer
 I cant explain the abundance of unconnected families beginning in 1920. I tried backtracking to 1910 and could not find them. So it can be attributed to poor indexing in 1910 and 1900, or many new families were "hatched" in 1920 and 1930. Ancestry has now added a feature to correct the spelling of the name, which is now proving to be beneficial in locating the ones indexed incorrectly. I recently found that backtracking revealed the names were NICHOLS, or that they were black or mulatto, and those have been removed to avoid confusion. Families that belong to "unconnnected" families, the census records are posted into the database with that family. The ones here only reflect the ones that cant have the parents identified.
Alpha order of State

1930 Atlantic Co, Egg Harbor, NJ Dist 43 HH#288 4/16/1930
Joseph Nuckles, head, rent, 30 md 23 NJ US NJ
Cemetery Foreman
Jeanette, wife, 24 md 16, NJ ND NY
Kenneth, son, 6 NJ
Harry, son, 4y11m NJ
Roxanne, dau, 2y4m NJ
Joseph Jr, son, 1y3m NJ
(Not found in 1900-1910 or 1920) Obits on file for Harry and Kenneth
Probably had son name Raymond born 1934 Atlantic City died 2004(see obit)
  See complete family history Not located 1940


1915 New York State Census 6/1/1915, Kings
Charles Nuckles, 50
Clara, 45
both lodging, no place of birth given.

1915 Columbia Co, Ghent, NY 84 Main St
William Nuckles, 28 b US RR Brakeman
Katherine V 25 b US 
Charles Hill, boarding 26

1915 New York City, Kings
(no names with this family)
NUCKOLS, head, 27, bridgeman
wife, 25,
son 6
Dau 5

1930 Kings Co, Brooklyn, NY
William C Nuckolls 36, NY ENG IRE
Marie, wife, 37,
John, son, 9

1940 Queens NY
90-06 169th St
head, 36, 8g, b US, same res 1935, racetrack groomer
Josephine, wife, 23, H1,
Sidney Nuckles, Jr, 6, (born 5/18/1933 lived Los Angeles and Carson City NV) Married Naomi M Morris 12/1967 Dade Co, Miami, Fl divorced her 4/16/1970 also Dade Co, FL

Sidney Sr born 11/14/1903 SS issued SC died 1/1975 Pinellas Co, St Pete, FL. Lived in New Orleans LA 1920-1927News article 10/24/1970 mentioned during Charles Manson Trial.(see news)


1920 Gaston Co, Gastonia, NC ED 85
James C Nuckols, 28, SC SC SC, boarding

1850 Granville Co, Nut Bush, NC pg 209
William White 25 merchant
P B White 20 (f) NC
Henry Knuckles, 24, farmer, NC
Eliza Knuckles, 24, NC


1850 Nash Co, NC pg 277
Zach Locust, head
Henry Knuckles, 50, laborer, NC


1910 Vance Co, Sandy Creek, NC-pg 270b
Tom M Evans, 64 NC NC NC
Martha E, 63, M40y, 10/8 NC NC NC
Clarence Nuckles, Grandson, age 4, NC NC NC
1900 Census shows dau Gussie G age 17 b 12/1882 a possible mother of Clarence. No death record found for Clarence.

1940 New Hanover Co, Wilmington, NC
James H Borst, 33, PA
Cleland, wife, VA 1935 res Wilmington DE
John R nuckles, bro in law, 17 b MD, 1935 Wilmington, DE
(john with parents James W and Ann 1930 Hartford Co, MD


1920 Pierce Co, Rugby, ND ED 198
D Nuchols, head, 48, MI OH NY locomotive Engineer, rents
Martha, wife, ND MI ND
Walter, son, 1y11m (Jan 27, 1920)


1920 Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, OH -pg 15 ED142
Marcus Nuckols, 65, OH OH OH
Alma, wife, 60
Alma, dau, 24,OH
Dorothy, dau 21, OH
Elenor, dau, 15 OH
Marcus, son, 18, OH


1930 Franklin Co, Columbus, OH
William Nuckles, head, 42, IN IN IN md 32
Fannie, wife, 34, IN IN IN md 24
Mary, dau, 8 OH

1940 Franklin Co, Brown, OH
#135 Mc… boarding, same res 1935
Laurine Nuckles, 42, single, 6g, b VA,

1930 COshocton Co, New Castle
Charles M Knuckles, 38, md23 OH OH OH
Inez, G wife, 32 md22 OH OH OH
Maurice H, son, 13, OH
Burrell R, son 14 OH


1900 Gallia Co, OH 191 2nd St
Sarah Knuckles, 38, head, 4/1862 KY widow, 1/1 washerwoman
Md Henry Thomas 1/27/1903 Gallia Co, OH see record

Thomas A from unconnected  line of Lewis Nuckles and Parthenia Tyler. He is son of James Thomas Nuckles and Julia Schultz.

1910 Gallia Co, Gallipolis, OH-pg 59
Thomas A Knuckles, 27, M1x, M7y, WV WV WV telephone lineman
Queenie V, wife, 22, 2/2 WV WV WV (nee Lunsford)
Florence M, dau, 5, OH
Charles A, son, 3, OH (see below, Albert)
Kathryn Isabelle Nuckles born 9/1/1913 died 5/5/1914 death cert says father born Kanawha Co, WV. Buired Mound Hill Cemetery.

1920 Gallia Co, Gallipolis, OH
Thomas Butcher, head, 41 OH OH OH
Elizabeth , wife, 45 WV WV WV (Nee Nuckles) Married 7/15/1899 Gallia Co, OH
(1910 Census says they were only married 6 years)

1900 Gallia Co, Gallipolis, OH
Anna Coats, head, 8/1842, 57, widow15y 2/2
Thomas Butcher, son, 6/1870, 29, single OH WV KY
Henrietta Butcher, boarding, 6/18???, single
Elizabeth Butcher, boarding 9/1874, single. (is this Elizabeth Nuckles above?)

1920 Gallia Co, Gallipolis, OH-ED 48 pg 10b
Allen Knuckles, 37 WV WV WV telephone lineman
(Thomas A above)
Queen, wife, 32 WV (Queen B Lunsford per sons death cert)
Florence, dau, 15 OH
Albert, son, 12, OH (b8/25/1907 D 2/14/1960)
md Anna Laura Jeffries (1907-1983)

Edith, dau, 11m
William Jennings Nuckles born 4/18/1921 died 4/13/1922 death cert names father Thomas
"Alfred" Nuckles born WV. Buried Mound Hill Cemetery Gallipolis

1930 Gallia Co, Gallipolis, OH  71 Grape St
Thomas Knuckles, 48, Wv wv wv MD 20 (died 7/13/1961)
Queen, wife, 42 md 15 WV WV WV (died 2/5/1944 Gallia Co, OH)
Edith, dau, 11, OH
Lawrence, son, 7 OH


1850 Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, OH -pg257
John Nuckles, 42 or 47, b VA, Bricklayer, 35,000 (died 2/21/1852) (son of John Nuckols of Virginia on death record)
Julia, wife, 30, KY
William, 17, OH Bricklayer
Mary, 11, OH
Martha, 9 OH
Louisa 7 OH

1860 Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, OH -pg 431
W W Nuckols, 25 OH Bricklayer
Mary E, 23 MD (dau of Luella and _____McConn)
Jesse W, 6 OH
Clara E, 4 OH
Susanna McCown 56 PA

1870 Hamilton Co, Cincinnatti, OH-pg 348
William Nuckles, 35, KY Brick layer (died 1/6/1893 bur Spring Grove Cem)
Mary 30 MD (died 5/10/1885 bur Spring Grove Cem)
Jessie, 15 OH (f)  (died 10/27/1874)
Clara 13 OH
Walter 7 OH
Louella McCown, 72 PA

(Not located in 1880 under any type spelling)

1900 Hamilton Co, Harrison, OH 221 Hill St
Robert Jones 8/1846 m33y VA teamster
Susan (Nuckles) 11/1842 m33y 3/2 VA VA VA
Son Jacob S Jones born 11/1870 Wythe Co, VA married Glennora Teetor age 18 born 9/1881 in Hamilton Co, OH 6/18/1899. Next door to parents in 1900. Their marriage record names parents Robert Jones and Susan Nuckles.
Nothing found in 1870 or 1880, 1910 no death reocrds OH

1900 Hamilton Co, Cincinnatti, Ward 20 OH-pg 132
Walter Nuckols, 12/1861 38, M19y, OH KY MD brick layer
Minnie, wife, 5/1864,36, 6/6 OH KY KY ( married Frank Davis ) (nee Buffner)
Mabel, 1/1882, dau OH
Jessie, dau, 3/1886 OH
Walter, son. 10/1887 OH (See 1920 Hamilton Co)
Edith, dau. 11/1890 OH
Irene, dau, 4/1892, OH
Clifford, son, 1/1897, OH (death cert scanned to CD) 1/2/1897-7/28/1917
Clara, sister , 5/1860, 40, single, OH KY MD

1910 Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, OH -pg 146
Clara E Nuckols, maid in hospital, OH OH OH, age 54, single

1910 Hamilton Co, Cincinatti, OH ED186 # 37 4/15/1910
Frank Davis, 37, OH
Minnie, wife, 45, OH
Edith Nuckols, stepdau, 20, OH OH OH
Irene Nuckols, stepdau, 17 OH OH OH
Clifford Nuckols, stepson, 13 OH
Walter Nuckols, 22, M1x, M0, OH Express Co, Driver
Irene, wife, 20, OH, 1/1
Walter, son, 8m

1920 Hamilton Co, Cincinnatti, OH pg5 Ed13
Chris Nuckols, 72, KY KY KY  (death Certificate says he is colored) died 12/30/1922
Ellen, wife, 60 KY
Allice, dau, widowed, 31 KY
Oma Frances, dau, widow, 29, KY
Catherine, granddau, 17 KY
Mayfield, grandson, 15, KY

1920 Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, OH ED 281 pg4a _1273 Ida Street
Walter Nuckols, 32 OH OH OH (See 1900 Hamilton Co)
Irene, wife, 29, OH (nee Faulkner)
Miles J, son, 10 OH
Clifford, son, 8 OH B 9/17/1912 D 2/22/1929 of TB (Source-Death Cert)
???? Faulkner, Mother In Law, 45, widow
Estella Faulkner, Sister In Law, 29 or 21
Mildred Faulkner, Sister IN Law, age 19 OH

1920 Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, OH ED 281
Frank Davis, 48 head
Minnie, wife, 50
Jessie McMullin, dau, 30, widow OH OH OH
Lester Mc Mullin, grson, 13
Bertram Nuckols, grson, 9 OH OH OH

1930 Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, OH
Roy E Nuckolls, head, 29, WV WV WV md 27
Elizabeth, wife, 23, OH OH OH, md 20

Walter W Nuckolls, 42, OH OH OH, md 21
( see 1900-1920 Hamilton Co.)
Irene E, wife, 40, md 18
Walter W, son, 20, single OH

1930 Hamilton Co, Cincinatti, OH
William Nuckles, 42 md 32 IN IN IN Bookkeeper in factory
Fannie, wife 34, md24, IN Ger Ger
Mary, dau, 8 (see WWII Enlistment)
(It was originally thought this William was the same one in 1900 and 1910 in Hamilton Co who had a wife Addie.  But William married to Addie died in Pueble Co, 1924 verified parentage by naming his sister in Indianapolis. So this William is unknown)

1940 Hamilton Co, Cincinnatti, OH
same res 1935
Thomas A Nuckles, 63, widower, 8g, WV
lodging with Fred and Anne M Nolte



1920 Lucas Co, Washington, OH
John F Beerman, 39, OH OH OH Physician
Nellie B, wife, 33, OH OH OH
Robert A, son, 5, OH
John F Jr, 2y5m OH

1930 Lucas Co, Washington, OH
John F Beerman, 50, md33, OH OH OH
Nellie B, wife, 43, md26 OH OH OH
Robert K ,son, 16
Jean K , dau, 9 OH
Death certificate. Belle F Beerman born 3/26/1874 in KY died 3/30/1951 Franklin Co, Columbus OH, informant John Beerman. names James Knuckles as father, mother unknown. Ancestry tree shows John Frederick Beerman born 8/25/1879 no parents, no death date. 


1930 Mahoning Co, Lowellville, OH
Harry Knuckles, 30, boarding,  listed as black


1930 Marion Co, Richland, OH 4-19-1930
Albert Knuckles, head, 24, OH OH OH md 22
Mary, wfie, 23, md 21
Emma, dau, 11m OH


1920 MOntgomery Co, Dayton, OH ED
Richard H Nuckolls, 74 KY widowed, md 34, lodging


1910 Richland Co, Madison, OH -pg 32 Ohio State Reformatory
James Nuckles, Prisoner, 29, VA VA VA Boilermaker


1860 Ross Co, Huntington, OH -pg 424 (Mulatto)  in Amherst Co 1850
David Nuckels, 45 VA
Lavina? F or Lirra or Lizzia 30 VA
Lewis 47 VA
Joel 14 VA


1850 Shelby Co, Lorraine, OH
Abner Colby 37 OH
Mary 30 OH  (Knuckles)
Ann, 10 OH
Emeline 8 OH
Jane 6 OH
A J 4 OH
located through 1880 census in Shelby Co, OH
Abner Colby married Mary Knuckles 7/26/1838 Hamilton Co, OH.

Mary Colby death record states died 8/12/1886 in Washington Twp, born Warren Co, OH aged 65y8m19d. died of Diabetis. Abner Colby born Butler Co, OH died Washington Twp of old age aged 81-7-18
HOWEVER, death certificates of THREE children name mother as Mary HERCULES.


1870 Warren Co, Hamilton, OH-pg 300
Lewis Nuckles, 35 VA
(poss the mulatto from 1860 Ross Co, OH)
Amanda ,22 IN

1880Logan Co, Pleasant, OH -pg195
Lewis Knuckles 55 VA SCOT VA
Amanda, wife, 30, IN


1900 Cherokee Co, North Twp 11, OK-pg 338
John R Knuckles, 12/1870, 30, AR TN TN
Mahala, wife, 6/1875, M7y 2/2 Ar ??
Pearl A, dau, 6/1895 Ind Terr
Lillie E, dau, 11/1898 Ind Terr
pg 340
Benjamin F Knuckles. 1840, 60, ? TN ? (see 1850 Cannon Co, TN &
Margaret E, wife 4/1849,51, M29y 7/3 AR IL MO
Ed Weaver,  Son In Law,3/1868 MO TN MO
Elizabeth B Weaver, dau, 2/1881, M2y, no ch, AR TN AR


1930 Greer Co, Rainey, OK 4/21/1930
Andy Raskin, head, 27
Kate, wife, 19
Molly Nuckols, aunt, 55, widow, TX TN MO


1920 Kay Co, Cross, OK ED130
Sarah E Nuckols, head,  67 VA PA VA, widow, living alone


1920 Muskogee Co, Porum, OK ED95
George W McGuiness, 45, head, AR
Francis, wife, 33, AR
Pearle Nuckles, 25 (f), AR AR AR (relationship not legible, not dau, maybe cousin)


1930 Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma City, OK 4/15/1930
William H Collins, head, 44, OK, md 19
Katherine, wife, 40 TX TN GA md 15
Jack, son, 19, single
Olene, dau, 16, single,
Fred Nuckols, brother in law, 25, TX TN GA md 19

S P Nuckles, head, 42 or 32, WV WV WV md 18
Virginia, wife, 36, TX md 19
Mary Wagner, dau, 12 OK
Robert W, son, 7, OK

1940 Oklahom City, OK
T B Nuckols, 31, div, g12, b AL, truck driver motion pictures, hotel guest


1920 Osage Co, Pawhuska OK ED103
H C Knuckles, head, 50, KS ? ?   Rent
Fannie, wife, 19, OK TN MO (Fannie Dalitha Weaver)
Roy, son. 11m OK
(Not found in 1910 or 1930, NOT Henry Clay Nuckolls,
H C Knuckles married Fannie D Weaver 12/11/1917  McIntosh Co, OK)
Fannie the d/o Berry SHerman Weaver and Millisie Carmillia Heathcoat.
IGI AFN:BQ2D-ST names this man Harry Knuckles
Fannie md #2 William Shields 9/1/1925 Seqouyah OK
Fannie md #3 Charles Buster Parish 1/24/1930 Seqouyah, OK
Roy never found again. Fannie d 1/9/1979 Pinal Co, AZ Buried St Johns Apache

1921 Osage OK Tribe Rol Comm1287 Roll 1377
Margaret Harruff, head, 1/8 indian born 1/1/1864
Julia Harruff, now Julia M Nuckolls, dau born 2/3/1896 1/16 indian


1940 Pottawatomie Co, Shawnee, OK
122 E Federal
James Knuckles, 35, 8g b GA, car washer, auto agency
Martha, wife, 35, H3, b OK, maid
Clifford, son, 16, 8g, b OK

1920 Rogers Co,Chelsea, OK ED156
Milton Warren, head, 30 AR  (1930 in Indiana State Prison) md age 22
Barbra, wife, 25 AR
Velma, dau, 6 AR
Sherman, son, 5 AR
Henry son, 10m OK
Sally, mother, 57, widow, AR KY MS
Minnie Knuckles, 11 SIL AR AR AR

1930 Morgan Co, Brown, IN
Barbara Warren, 38 AR md 20
Sherman G, son, 15 AR
J Henry, son, OK
Earl, son 8 OK
Minnie L, dau, 5 OK
Harrison E, son, 3y5m OK
Sallie, mother, 66, widow, AR KY IN


1940 Tulsa Co, Tulsa, OK
1213 Cheyenne Rent $30
Lola Nuckolls, head, 30, div, H1, b MS, same res 1935,
Barbara Nuckolls, dau, 6, 1g, b OK

Lola Mae Nuckolls married Fred K Smith in Tulsa 3/21/1942


920 Allegheney Co, Chartiers, PA ED58pg16
Augusta Rogers, head, 44, single
Celia Nuckles, sister, 32, divorced PA PA PA
(maybe wife of Joseph Nuckles b 1890 in
WWI Draft Reg in Alleghany Co, PA 1918)

Ruth Nuckles, neice, 13, single

1930 Alleghany Co, Pittsburgh, PA ED372 (see 1910 Suffolk Co, MA)
William D NUCKOLLS, head, 50, DC MO VA  md40 Rent -Ins Agent
Mary, wife, 51, Eng Ire, Ire, md 41
(Marriage license William Dolan Nuckolls age 41 born Washington DC residing in Pittsburg Pa at time of marriage. Married  Brooke Co, WV 3/19/1921 Mary Kelly age 43 born England.)

1930 Allegheney Co, Pittsburg, PA ED380
John J Fullerton 36 md 29 head, PA IRE IRE Steam RR Conductor
Marie, wife, 25 md 19, IRE IRE IRE (Immig 1922) (NUCKOLS)
William 5, PA
Anna M, dau 2y2m

1910 Center Co,  College, PA
James B Thompson, 55, md 20 PA PA PA Ins agent
Janie, wife, 53 md 20 PA
Mary I, dau, 18 PA
Hilda, dau, 16 PA
Deblice? dau 11 PA
Elizabeth Nuckles, servant, 21, M3y 1/1 PA PA PA
Gladys Nuckles, dau, 3, PA PA PA

1910 Fayette Co, Springhill, PA pg84
Delacey Nuckols, head, 33, M1x, M5y IL VA VA
Coal Mines Dumper
Phoebe, wife, 31 no ch WV OH WV

1920 Fayette Co, Springhill PA ED92pg8
De Nuckols, head, 43, OH OH OH, coal miner
(WWI Draft Registarion 9-12-1918 name 
Delade Nuckolls born 3/4/1877 living in Fayette Co, Grove, PA)

Phoebe, wife, 40, OH WV OH

1930 Fayette Co, Springhill, PA ED659
Delacia Nuckols, head, 77, IL VA VA
md 21 Rent, Coal Company Watchman
Phoebe, wife, 77, WV WV WV, md 21

1940 Fayette Co, Springhill PA
Phoebe Knuckles, 69, wid, no education, b WV
died 2/12/1962 buried in Fayette County Cem. Died in County home no parents or spouse listed.

1940 Lackawanna Co, Scranton, PA
513 Brook St
Robert Nuckoll, 24, H4 labor in button factory b PA
Irene, wife, 23, 7g, PA
Charles, son, 3, PA
(name looks like it might be Nuchau)

1940 Mercer Co, Sharon, PA
629 Meek St, own home $6100
John Blaner, 59, 8g, b PA machinist steel mill
Anna, wife, 48, 8g, PA
Ray, son, 27, md, H4, b PA steel mill ram driver
Anna Marie Nuckolls, dau, 28, md, H4, b PA, res 1935 Cleveland, OH
Jane Nuckolls, grdau, 5 b PA
Gail Nuckoll, grdau, 3, b OH
Ruby Blaner, dau in law, 22, md, H2, b TN, res 1935 Akron OH
Joanne, Blaner, grdau, 2 PA
(1930 same res, Anna Marie age 18)

1910 Northampton Co, Northampton, PA Ed104
Sylvester Nuckles, head PA 61
Mary, wife, 48 PA
William P , 28, son PA
Clinton N , son, 20 PA
Mary Reb, 17 dau PA
Titus, son, 12 PA

1930 Montgomery Co, Springfield, Flourtown, PA
Mother Goose College
Mildred Nuckles, 7, OH WV VA
CADI b6/27/1924 PA died 3/6/1993 Los Angeles. Father Nuckles, mother maiden name Mae) Mildred West Nuckles last name COLE at death


1830 Chester Co, SC pg 339
J Nuckolls - 0111201-01120001
(Poss son of John Nuckolls and Agatha Bullock) but he born 1765 and this one 1781-1790)

1920Greenville Co, Greenville, SC ED25
Charles McAlister, 63,  Ireland, Immig 1869
Virginia E, wife, 61 SC
Mary E, dau, 19, S SC
Emily L Nuchols, Dau, 22, M, SC Ire SC
Ester Nuchols, GD, 11m, MD NC SC


1910 Bottineau Co, Hoffman, SD 5/19/1910
John VanWort, head, 35, md 6y, m1x, MI NY NY
Della, wife, 34, m2x, 5/5, IL IL IL
Ella, dau, 5 ND
Joseph, son, 4, ND
Rose, dau, 2, ND
Fanny, dau, 2m ND
Freida Nuckolls, 17, step dau, IL IL IL


1910 Blount Co, Dist 8, TN -pg 80
Frank W Nuchols, 64, widow TN TN TN
Edith F, dau, 26, widow, College Tudor 3/1
James, GrSon, 5


1850 Cannon Co, Brady's Rock, Dist 4, TB 9/15/1850
(See 1860 Madison Co, AR)
Daniel Reed, 30, farmer, TN
Sarah (Nuckles) 36, TN (Md Cannon Co, TN 8/9/1842)
Millie E, 5 TN
Louisa E, 3m TN
Sarah Nuckels 18 TN
Nebuchanezer Nuckels, 14 TN
Benjamin Nuckels 12, TN


1930 Chester Co, Dist 3, TN 4/8/1930
Frank Robertson, head, 62, md 27
Lula, wife, 44, TN TN TN md 34
Hubert Nuckols, stepson, age 19 TN TN TN , single


1900 Claiborne Co, Dist 10, TN-pg 142
Martha Nuckels, 4/1885, 16, single, servant KY KY KY
l.w Mike Farmer Family

Dist 12, pg 174
William Knuckle, 10/1895, TN TN KY, boarding w William & Rebecca Phelps
1910 Claiborne Co, Dist 7 TN-pg 194
William J Knuckles, age 14 TN KY KY
Don C Knuckles, age 3, TN KY KY

both boarding with William and Rebecca Phelps


1830 Davidson Co, TN pg 287
Benjamin Knuckles 000001-00001

1920 Davidson Co, Nashville, TN ED88 pg2 Jan 1920
Herman S Brown, head, 52
Margaret, wife, 29
Sarah K, dau, 6
James Trother, brother in law, 22, single
John K Nuckols, nephew, 1y4m
Life of Margaret F. Trotter names John as a nephew of Herman Brown

1940 Davidson Co, Nashville, TN
373 Benton Ave
M W Nuckles, head, 31, C2, b TN works WPA personnel officer
Lillian, wife 39, C2, b TN,


1850 Franklin Co, Dist 4 TN
William Bishop 24 AL
Sarah 21 TN (nee Knuckles)
Mary Ann 3, TN
Levicy (female) 1, TN
(Wm Bishop married Sarah Knuckles 1-22-1846 Franklin Co, TN)

1930 Franklin Co, Cowan, TN
Dewey Nuckols, head, 78 GA GA GA
Mayne, wife, 27, TN TN TN md 19
Donald, son, 6 TN
Olemur?, son 3y2m
S J, brother, 21 md 20
Soalin?, sister in law, 23 md 22


1850 Gibson Co, TN
William Nuckolls, 56 VA
Allen Sloan 4 TN
Wm H Baldridge, 25 constable, TN
Lucy 23 VA
*Wm Baldridge md Elizabeth Nuckles 12/28/1846 She died and he md her sister Lucy E Nuckles 8/26/1850
Another sister Sarah probably below md Underwood
See family file.

1850 Gibson Co, TN
A S Underwood, 40 TN
Sarah, 29 VA
Martha 15 IN
William, 2 TN
Sarah Jane Nuckles md Anderson S Underwood 12-12-1843 Gibson Co, TN)

1860 Gibson Co, TN
A S Underwood, 50 TN
Sarah 40 VA
William 11
Betty 6
Sarah was a widow in 1870 with her 2 children. Deceased by 1880


1840 Grainger Co, TN pg106
William Sparkman 00100000001-111001
William Sparkman married Prepcia Nicholds 9/14/1832 Grainger Co, TN (no further record)


1910 Greene Co, Springfield, TN 4/22/1910
John Knuckles, age 38, TN TN AR, m1x M16y
(desc of unknown Ebenezer)
Ada, wife, 36, 5/2, MD LA IN
Clifford, son, age 10m
Mildred, dau, 1y4m

1920 Green Co, North Campbell, TN
John L Knuckles, 47, TN TN AR
Adalaide, wife, 45 MO
Clifford, son, 19 MO
Mildred, dau, 11 Mo
Raymond, son, 8 MO


1840 Grainger Co, TN Pg 106
William Sparkmen 00100000001-111001
(no further record)
William Sparkman married Prepcia Nuckols 9/14/1832 Grainger Co, TN
1850 Maury Co, TN 1850 Wm S Sparkman b 1814 md to a Mary age 30 with 5 year old son. Possibly 2nd wife. A marriage record in Maury Co 12/23/1847 Wm S Sparkman to Jane S Rasorey.


1930 Hamilton Co, Chatanooga, TN 4/15/1930
William A Nuckolls, head, 27, GA TN TN md 23
Maud S, wife, 25, GA md 21


1900 Hardeman Co, Dist 6, TN- pg 102
Agnes Nuckolls, 3/1851,49, Widow, 1/1 TN TN TN
Rufus, son, 1/1892, 8 TN

1930 Hardeman Co, Whiteville, TN
Joseph Nuckolls, head, age 60, VA VA VA Md 16 living alone


1940 Knox Co, Knoxville, TN
3548 Sharp Ave Rent $6
Ida Brady, head, 75, b TN, widow,
Budie Mae, dau, 32, single, 6g, TN
Clifford Nuckles, grandson, 12, TN


1920 Robertson Co, Dist 10, TN ED 180
Emma Nuckolls, head, 60, TN TN TN, single, living alone


1880 Shelby Co, Memphis, TN Dist 139
Fannie Nuckles, 20 MS KY AL
William Nuckles, 11 AR AR IL (born 4/19/1869 in Little Rock AR d 10/3/1946)
Mary Nuckols 9 TN AR IL

(Children of unknown James Anderson Nuckols and Judith Bass)

1900 Shelby Co, Memphis, TN Dist 120 June 13, 1900
William Shortt, 2/?  m20y  (cant read beyond this column on the whole page)
Francis, wife, 9/1856, 44, 2/2 (nee Nuckles)
Irene, dau, 8/1881, TN
Vivian, dau, 4/1891 TN
Wm S Nuckles, nephew, 4/1869, 31, single,

1920 Shelby Co, Memphis, TN ward 14 Dist 152
J H Huffman, head, 45, KY US US Typewriter Company Salesman
Irene, wife, 37 TN IRE AR
Helen, dau, 9 TN
Frances E Short, mother in law, 60 Widow, Ar US US (nee Nuckles)
Vivian, sister in law, 26 single, TN IRE AR- Telephone operator

1920 Shelby Co, Memphis, TN ED102
Will Nuckols, 50, TN TN TN, boarding
Ella Nuckols, 45, boarding, TN

1930 Shelby Co, Memphis, TN Dist 6
Irene Huffman, head, 47, widow, TN Own home $4000
Helen, dau, 19 TN KY TN, Sectry-Boy Scouts
Frances E Short, mother, 73, widow, MS IN AL (nee Nuckles)
Mary E Wilcox, Aunt, 80, widow, AR IN AL (nee Nuckles)
William S Nuckles, cousin, 60, single, AR AR OH Office manager Wholesale Drug Co


1920 Tipton Co, Reverie, TN
Harvey Shepard, head, 25, TN MS MS
Liddie, wife, 29, TN MS MS
Willie May, dau, 8, TN
(No further record)
Harvey Shepard married Lydia Nuckols 8/85/1918 Tipton Co, TN


1870 Weakley Co, Dist 2, Pierce Station, TN HH#179
George J McFall, 45, Dry Goods Merchant, TN
Catherine, 45 TN
Margaret 26 TN
Rich' Bolinger, 28 at home, KY
Harriett Bolinger, at home, 23, TN
Gus Knuckles 16, at home, VA
***************************at top of next census page
Susan, 41 TN  
(does not give last name) don tknow if Knuckles or McFall
Martha 19 TN
Jane 10 TN
James, 3 TN
Willis KNUCKLES, 5, TN  (Black?)


1900 Wilson Co, TN
William Chandler head 3/1877 TN TN TN
Laura, (nee NUCKOLS) wife, 11/1878, 22, M4y 1/1 TN TN TN
Myrth, dau, 10/1897 TN

1910 Macon Co, TN Dist 38
George W Chandler, head, 33, m1x, M13y TN TN TN
Laura, wife, 33, m1x, m13y 1/1 TN TN TN
Myrtie O, dau, 12, TN
WIlliam H Chandler md Laura Nuckols 12-5-1895 Robertson Co, TN
This Laura not found in any census.


1930 Dallas Co, Dallas, TX  (1910 Denton Co, TX)
Martha C Hammond, head, 42  TN GA TN widow md 18
J Alphonsa Nuckolls, dau, 21, single, TX  (Juanita) **
Imogene Nuckolls, dau, 20, TX, Single

1920 Ellis Co, TX
Lee H Hammond 52
Martha 33
Alphons, 12
Imogene, 10
** Juanita Alphonsa Nuckolls md Eugene Calloway Wyrick , born 4/25/1908 died 11/6/1992 in Dallas. (will send for death cert)


1910 Denton Co, Pct 4, TX -pg 43 (May 13, 1910) (1930 Dallas)
Martha Nuckolls,
widow, age 21, 2/2 TN TN TN Cook in Boarding House
Alfawn, dau, 1y11m (1930 Alphonsa) TX TX TN
unamed baby girl age 6months ( Imogene in 1930 census)
Sallie, Mother In Law, 49, widow, 4/3 IN IN IN


El Paso Co, El Paso, TX 1930 Census
Helen W Talbert, head, 38, widow, IA OH MO stenographer for RR
Margaret T Nuckles, mother, 73, widow, MO IRE IRE
(1920 El Paso Edward A Talbert KY KY KY auto machinist, 40  Helen, wife 28 IA OH MO, stenographer) Edward died 9/19/1929 in El Paso


1920 Hopkins Co, TX Pct 6 Dist 79 pg240
Thomas J Norris 27 TX
Mary A (Nuckles) 25 TX TX TX
Gertrude O, dau, 7 TX
Arthur, son, 5 TX
(Thomas Norris son of Russell Norris and Nancy Louise Cox)
930 Collin Co, Pct 1 TX
James T Norris, 36, TX TN TN md19
Mary A, wife, 36, md18 TX US TX
Arthur T , son 15 TX
Alta M, dau, 9 TX
Illa E, dau, 6, TX

1910 Hopkins Co, TX Pct 7 Dist 68 (1920 Pct 4 Dist 74)
John S Kennemer, head, 41, m1x, AL AL AL
Annie M (Nuckolls), wife, 28 m1x 2/2 AL MO AL (b 3/4/1881 AL)
Cleo G, son, 6, TX (5/16/1903)
Joseph, 2, TX (4/21/1908)
Martha Stubbs, boarding, 27, TX
(also had son John Noble born 10/1/1915)
from The Kennemer Family Nashville TN McQuiddy Co 1924 page 50
(Perhaps the Annie Mae Kennemer who died Dallas 9/3/1953)


1920 Johnson Co, Cleburn, TX ED34 pg 3
George R Nuckolls, 35, KY KY KY
Gertrude, wife, 24 TX
Ona B, dau, 9 TX
Elmer R 2y8m TX
Gladys, dau, 1m

1930 Johnson Co, Pct 2 TX Goatneck Road (not found 1920 OK)
Jim Nuckols, head, 38 TX TX TX md 23
Lelia, wife, 38, OK TX OK md 16
Haskell, son, 18 OK
Virgil, son, 16 OK
Edwin, son, 14 OK
Nadine, dau, 11 OK
(thought this may be James Virgil Nuckols, but he not born Tx)
no SSDI records on these folks an no previous census.


1910 Tarrant Co, Van Zandt, TX-pg 185
W H Nuchols, 37, M1x, M4y NC NC NC
.....G F???, wife, 37  M2x 7/5 MO MO MO
A B, dau, 3 TX
Della Hayworth, 14 Step Dau


1870 Travis Co, Webberville, TX-pg 160
Sarah Knuckles, 40 TN
Samuel, 22 TN
William 29 TN
Dolie (male) 18 TX
Elsie, 16 TX
Robert 14 TX
Libby 12 TX
Matthew 10 TX
Carter? B, 7 TX
William Carter 37 (actually head of house in next household.)
This family never located in any other census record)

1880 Travis Co, TX Census for Defective, Delinquent & Dependent Classes

Joseph Nuckols- Idiot (Poling Place 39)


1900 Upshur Co, TX -pg 3
William F Nuckolls 6/1841,58 M26y KY VA Scotland
Melinda, wife, 6/1844,56, 7/0 SC SC SC

Pct 1 Dist 115
John L Nuckols, 4/1876, 24,
single, boarding. TX TN TN l/w Alice Todd


1920 Wichita Co, Wichita Falls, TX ED 178
Margaret Nuckolls, 25, OK, widow, boarding



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