Unidentified Census Families

All families are White unless specifically indicated
 M#y   =  Number of years married (1900 Census)
 M#X  =
  Number of times married (1910 Census)
# / #   = Number of children born, number of children living (1900 Census) ie: 8/6
1930 Census shows date married the first time.
 ie: Md25/26 (male md age 25, wife md age 26)
 1930 Census was enumerated between April 3rd and April 23rd of 1930 in all states
 No Occupation shown if a farmer
 I cant explain the abundance of unconnected families beginning in 1920. I tried backtracking to 1910 and could not find them. So it can be attributed to poor indexing in 1910 and 1900, or many new families were "hatched" in 1920 and 1930. Ancestry has now added a feature to correct the spelling of the name, which is now proving to be beneficial in locating the ones indexed incorrectly. I recently found that backtracking revealed the names were NICHOLS, or that they were black or mulatto, and those have been removed to avoid confusion. Families that belong to "unconnnected" families, the census records are posted into the database with that family. The ones here only reflect the ones that cant have the parents identified.
Alpha order by State

1870 Anderson Co, Rough & Ready, KY-pg 335
Clay Nuckles 21 KY farm hand
James P Nuckles, 23, farm hand, KY

living on John Reddin farm

1860 Barren Co, Glasgow, KY (1870 Barren Co, Hiseville, kY)
Wales Pedigo 33 KY
Mary A, 27, KY
Eliza H (Harriett) 9, KY
Jno A, 6 KY
Marcellus, 1, KY
(William F Pedigo born 1/11/1857 died 4/17/1857 son of Wales Pedigo and Mary A Nuckols.) (No marriage found) another records name is Nickols

1850 Boyle Co, KY -pg 321
James Knuckles 47 VA (unknown line from Amherst Co, VA)
Louisa 42 VA (Nee Rowsey) 
Frances A, 19 KY
James F 20 KY
Aquilla W, 17 (male)
Mary A 13 KY
Isaiah 12 KY
Elizabeth M 11 KY
Lucinda 8 KY
MIldred 3 KY

1840 Barren Co, KY pg 126
Milly Nuckols 00200-0002001
2 m 10-15 (born 1825-1830)
2 f 15-20
1 f 40-50

1850 Barren Co, KY
Willis P Nuckols, age 18, b KY l/w John & Lucy Smith, farming

1860 Barren Co, Glasgow, KY-pg 824 (1850 Census Nichols)
Thomas Nuckolds, 55 VA
Lucy M 52 KY
Missouri M, 28 KY
Bird W, 18 (m) KY
Thomas J, 17 KY
Lucy M, 15 KY
Willis, 11 KY (age 8m 1850)
Leroy Nuckolds, 42 KY
Mary A 43 KY
Polly A 21 KY
Decaver? 19 (m)
Elias Nuckolds 62 VA
Sarah C, 23 KY
George 21 KY


 19 KY
Lucy 19 KY
Thomas T Nuckolds 33 KY
Sarah J 35 KY
Nancy A 11 KY
Lucy B 9 KY
William R 7 KY
Elvado J 2 KY
(These 3 families might be NICHOLS, as Bird appears in the 1880 Census as NICHOLS and 1850 records are Nichols)

1880 Hiseville, Barren Co, Kentucky Family History Library Film 1254402 NA
Film Number T9-0402 Page Number 154C

W. H. NICKOLS Self M Male W 43 TN Farmer IL VA
Louisa NICKOLS Wife M Female W 42 KY Keeping House VA KY
Mary A. NICKOLS Dau S Female W 11 KY At Home TN KY (b101867)
William H. NICKOLS Son S Male W 9 KY TN KY
Settie NICKOLS Dau S Female W 7 KY TN KY
Logan NICKOLS Son S Male W 5 KY TN KY
M. C. JOHNSON FatherL Male W 82 VA R. Farmer VA VA
(Death Certificate Logan KNUCKLES born 3/31/1872
died 6/13/1953 Nelson Co, Bordstown, KY burial Bordstown
Cemetery 6/15/1953-died in Infirmary parents not cited)
(Unable to locate in 1910,1920, 1930)
Caron's Directory for City of Louisville, 1909
Nuckols, Logan M, feed, 1914, r2032  2388 Frankfort Ave

1870 Barren Co, Hiseville, Cave City,KY
McCaf Johnson, 71 b VA
William H Nichols, 44, KY
Louisa, 40
Mary, 6m (born January)

1900 Barren Co, Dist 4, KY pg 169
James Steen (or Stren) , head, 12/1857, 43, TN TN TN
Mary A, wife, 10/1867, 32 M8y KY KY KY
Logan Nickolds, brother in law, 4/1875, single, KY KY KY
Worley Steen, son, 9/1887

1900 Barren Co, Dist 2, KY -pg 99
Jane Nuckels, 4/1835,65, widow, living alone

1900 Barren Co,  Twp 1, KY -pg 35
Chris Barlow, 4/1844
Lucy, wife, 2/1844
Alice, dau, 5/1875,single
Clara, dau, 9/1877,single
Lizzie Nuckols, GD, 9/1894
(lived next to Benjamin Knight Nuckols and wife Sallie)

1910 Bell Co, Burns Springs KY (never found in 1900)
Benjamin F Saylor 35, M1x, KY KY KY
Nancy, wife 32, M3x M15y 6/6
Rant, son, 12
Samuel, son 10
Virginia, dau 9
Susie, dau 7
Boss, son 4
Matilda, dau, 1
(Benjamin Franklin Saylor married Nancy Knuckles married at the Home of a "Colts" Caldwell , Leslie County Kentucky, December 16 1895. Her maiden name was more than likely not Knuckles) Ben is son of Samuel & Mary Neal Saylor. They are in 1900 Bell Co, Burns Springs. (kwsaylor@adelphia.net)
1920 Bell Co, Left Fork KY
Addl children Bessie 7, Earl 4y0m, Corbett 2y9m

Ben married Sarah Belcher before 1920. Not listed in Bell marriages.

1900 Caldwell Co, Pct 4, Princeton, KY -pg 18
Oscar Queesssenburg, head, 9/1864
Sophronia, wife, 12/1864 M12y 8/6 KY KY KY
Estelle, dauy, 8/1888 KY
Florence, dau, 10/1892 KY
Roy, son, 5/1896, KY
L...?, son, 2/1898
Lynda, dau, 2/1900
Leonard, son, 2/1900
Sarah E Nuckles, mother, 9/1837, widow,62, 3/2 KY KY KY
Sarah Cantrell d/o James Cantrell and Hannah Wadlington md 1) Aaron Bibb Quisenberry 4/14/1857
md 2) Isaac S Kennedy 3/9/1876
Md 3rd H NUCKLES 8/3/1894

1860 Calloway Co, Murray, KY-pg 389
M W N Nuckolls, 22 KY
Margaret L 18 TN
J P MIlls 59 (male) TN

1930 Campbell Co, Dayton KY Dist 24
Louis Knipper, head, 57, m31, OH GER OH, rent home (1920 in Cincinnati OH- Widow)
Carrie (Caroline Knuckles), wife 35 md27 OH OH OH (d.9/26/1937)**
Louis, son, 24, single, OH  (died 11/13/1978)
Dorothy, dau, 7, KY
Robert J, son, 3y1m (d 10/2/1966)
William, son, 2y1m, KY (b2/8/1928 KBI Vol12#05825 mother Carrie Hoerneman)
(Virginia M Knipper b 7/17/1922 died bef 1930. KBI Vol77#38124. Also son Raymond born 1937 died 10/12/1947)
** Death cert Carrie b 6/22/1894   in Cincinnati, OH names Father George Knuckles born in Cincinnati and mother Mary Healy also born in Cincinnati. A check of the census does not reveal this family in 1900 or 1910 or 1920)
Names husband Frank Knipper

1850 Crittenden Co, Dist 2 KY pg 228
HH171 John Ashley 26 TN
Rebecca 23 KY
John E, 3, KY
Mary J 1 KY
John Nuckles, 14, KY (See 1870 White Co, IL)

pro Johns sister Dist 1 pg211
Daniel Menace?  53, DE
Margaret 48 MO
John W 24, TN
Sarah J 22 TN
Harriet A Nuckols, 11, KY  Md Thomas Preston 1/14/1859

pg 257, prob another sibling:
Household M B Haynes
Nancy Nuckols, 21, KY

1860 Crittenden Co, Marion, KY-pg 467 (1870 White Co, IL

John L Nuckels, 25, KY*
S A, 25 KY (f) KY
Marey E Ester 4 KY
*(Married Mrs Letty Ann Hester 5/16/1860)

1860 Crittenden Co, Marion KY pg479 July 27 1860
William T Nuckles, 31, KY
Sarah, 21, KY
William S, 1/24th

Also in Crittenden Co, KY 1/28/1856 Wm Nuckles md Sarah Adams
and Harriett A Nuckles md Thomas M Preston 1/14/1859

1860 Daviess Co, Owensboro, KY pg121
Isaiah Daniels, 28 KY
Catherine  26 KY
Virginia, 2, KY
Henry Nuckols, 23 VA Gentleman
James Daniell, 15 KY

1930 Daviess Co, Owensboro, KY
J W Snider?, head, 63, KY KY KY md 2
Nellie, wife, 54, NV KY KY
Lucy Nuckols, sister in law, 32, KY KY KY, single

1920 Fayette Co, Lexington, KY ED50pg3
Rebecca Nuckols, head, 80, widow, KY KY KY living alone own home free

1920 Fayette Co, Lexington, KY East Ky Lunatic Asylum
Martha Knuckles (Originally indexed as Martha Behncke) age 53, widow, KY, patient (Death cert 9/30/1921 Father Judge Pittman, mother Betsy Knuckles)
Born Bell Co, KY born 1867. widowed, judged insane.

1930 Harlan Co, Dist 1, KY 4/15/1930
Elza  (Lige) Knuckles, head, 32, KY KY KY, md 22 Coal Miner
Bettie, wife, 26, KY, md 16 (Betty Perkins)
Monroe, son, 16 KY  
(md Nora Newman, child Donnie born 1952 Death Cert on file)
Mary, dau, 6, KY
(B Marie 9/6/1923 Vol96 #47929)
Everett, son, 4y2m
(b8/2/1925 Vol22 #96745) died 7/5/2000 in Shelby IN
Elza Jr, son, 1y4m (b12/13/1928 Vol65 #32010) md Julia Walden, dau Juline Death Cert file
(Also child Mary born 11/24/1927 Vol111 #55496 died before 1930)
(Child Hubert born 1/26/1934 Vol9 #46915 d 11/26/1938 Vol60 #29978)
Death cert names father as "Lige Knuckles"
**born Clay Co, KY
Child Shirley born 8/16/1939 Harlan Co, died 11/19/1939

**Lige Knuckles born 1899 Henry Co, (Shelby) Pleasureville, KY to George Knuckles and Martha Bell. He died 3/24/1945 in Harlan Co. KY of homicide, gun shot. No census records 1900-1910-1920
Lige Knuckles Jr md Dressie Parker,  (Lige is a nick name for Elijah)

1900 Hart Co, Horse Cave, KY -pg 55
Lafayette Nuckols, 11/1834,65, KY KY KY
America, wife, 11/1843,56, M38y, 13/10
Frances L, dau, 12/1884
David W, son, 7/1879
Charles E, son, 7/1887
(Although this family is shown as "White" in 1910, the 1880 Census
says they are "Black"
next door Harry Nuckols, 12/1872,27, just married , teamster (Black)
Mamie, wife, 11/1882, no children,
(Harry Knuckles married mamie Pendleton 6/10/1900 Sumner Co, TN but license does not say they were colored)

1880 Census Place: Moscow, Hickman County, Kentucky (see 1870 McCracken Co, KY)
Source: FHL Film 1254420 National Archives Film T9-0420 Page 228D

Nancy NUCKOLLS Self F W W 48 TN Fa: TN Mo: TN
Mary Ann NUCKOLLS Dau F S W 22 KY Fa: TN Mo: TN
Fanny D. NUCKOLLS Dau F S W 16 TN Fa: TN Mo: TN
Robert Lee NUCKOLLS Son M S W 14 KY Fa: TN Mo: TN
Johnny Avis NUCKOLLS Dau F S W 12 KY Fa: TN Mo: TN
(The Hickman Co, KY census book has the spelling NUCKNOLLS)
See 1900-1910 Sebastian Co, AR

See below 1870 McCracken Co, Dist 4, Pudacah P O, KY HH58

1930 Hopkins Co, Madisonville, KY
Archibald Melton, 74, widow
Archilles Nuckolls, daughter, 40, md 28, teacher
Same county in 1920, wife Ida L 46 dau, Achille, 20

Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY City Directory
Given Name: George
Surname: Nuckles

Occupation: Blacksmith
Address: n s Main n 10th

1840 Jefferson Co, KY-pg 208
Andrew Nuckles 100110-110001
1 m under 5
1 m 15-20
1m 20-30
1 f under 5
1 f 5-10
1f 30-40

1930 Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY
Joseph L Nuckols, head, 22, Ky ky ky  MD AGE 18
Flora, wife, 21, KY KY KY md 17

1930 Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY
Lewis M Nuckols, 52, b KY, lodging

1910 Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY -pg 61
Ella H Hetty, 27, widow, 3/3
Mirium Knuckles, dau, 8 KY
Leo Knuckles, son, 3 KY 
birth record 10/13/1907 says mother Alice Thurman
Leone Knuckles, dau, 3 KY twin sibling 10/13/1907

1920 Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY -pg 9 1743 W Kentucky St
Ella Knuckles, 42, Widow, KY
Ruth M, dau, 17, KY
Mary L, dau, 12, KY
Leo, 12, son, KY
James Murphy, 76 widow, boarding
Emma Metcalf, 16, boarding
( Ella Knuckles death certificate Jefferson Co, KY died 3/12/1934 age 50y3m12d b Nov 30 1883. Dau of Joseph Metcalf and  Prudence ?atchman b McLean Co, KY. Widow of William Knuckles. Cert on CD)
She buried Cave Cemetery (only Knuckles) Sec 18-3/15/1934 name Ella Hettie Knuckles

1930 Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY Ward 3
Joseph L Nuckols, 22 md 18 KY KY KY packing house laborer
Flora , wife 21 md 17 KY KY KY

1910 Jefferson Co, Louisville,  Ward 12 Dist 199,KY 4/23/1910
James S Emery, head, 30, md 2x IN IN IN House Carpenter
Martha M, wife, 21, m1x, md2years, 2/2, IN VA KY (Nee Knuckles see below)
Elmer H, son, 1y3m, KY birth record 1/2/1909
John A, son, 1m KY

James S Emery married Martha Etta Nuckles in Louisville (KY Indexed as Muckler) 6/20/1908

1920 Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY Ward 12 Dist 210 Jan 6 1920
James W Emery, head, 41, IN IN IN House Carpenter
Martha, wife, 29 IN KY KY  (Nee Knuckles)

Elmer, son, 12, KY
James E, son, 5 KY (KY Birth Vol 79 #39129 names mother Martha E KNUCKLES) James Edward Emery died 1948 spouse Ethel Wells
Virginia, dau, 8m, KY
(another son Harry B died 1917)

James S Emery born 3/30/1888 Jeffersonville, IN
Died 11/7/1944 Louisville, KY son of Charles and Nannie Bradford Emery. Informant wife Martha 1657 Portland Ave,. Buried Portland Cemetery, Louisville, KY.
No death record located for Martha

1930 Jefferson Co, Dist 1 KY
Kirby S Knuckles, head, 52, KY KY KY widowed, md 20(died Nichols 3-21-1942) Death Cert informant Sam Nichols, Glenview KY. B 5/1/1872
Luther B, son, 14 KY
Sonnie S, son, 12 KY
Emil, son, 10, KY
James W, son, 7 KY
Bruce J, son, 5, KY
(According to 1880 Census Henry Co, KY, family is NICHOLS)

1940 Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY
1052 Washington Rent $12 same res 1935
John Knuckles, 33, head, md, 5g, b KY butcher wsle packing house
Lacey, wife, 39, 6g, b TN
Harold Lewther, stepson, 17, H1, b TN
Mary Lewther, step dau, 13, 5g, b TN
Martha Lewther, step dau, 13, 5g, b TN
( John C Knuckles SSDI 3/11/1907-3/8/1981) Md Lacy Lewter 11/6/1916 Giles Co, TN
1930 Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY
736 E Washington, Rent $15
James Lewter, 33, md, b TN, dairy sales
Lucy, wife, 30, b TN
James, son, 12,
Howard, son 10
Harold son 7
Mary and Martha twins 3y6m KY b KBI 9/1/1926 mother Lucy Wallace

1930 Lewis Co, Dist 2, KY
James E Armstrong, 32, md27, KY KY KY rent home
Leah (Knuckles), wife, 30, md24 KY VA KY
(d 4/25/1975 Vol904 #00619)
Cora B, dau, 5,
(b12/8/1924 KBI Vol 135#67415) mother Leah RImbler (bad transcript of Knuckles)
Frederick T, son, 5y11m
(b4/28/1926 KBI Vol 50 #24528) mother Leah Knuckles
Emmal E, son, 3y11m
H? J, son 1y 11m
Elnora F, dau, 3m
(b12/27/1929 KBI Vol116#57897 mother Leah Knuckles)
Nellie Nuckles, sister-in-law, 20, single, KY VA KY

1910 Lincoln Co, Crab Orchard, KY -pg 143
E A Nuckles, 20, single, KY KY KY boarding w Elijah Wilson
(Might be Audie Eugene Knuckles md Ascha Whitaker Logan Co, KY dau Susan b1951)

1870 Logan Co, Clay, KY-pg 306
Benjamin Knuckles, 34 KY
Nancy 28 KY

1920 Madison Co, Berea, KY Dist 103 Jan 2 1920 (no further records)
S D Green, 23, head, KY KY KY House Painter
Virda, wife, 22, KY KY KY (Nee Knuckles)

Casper, son, 4y7m (KY Birth Index 4/9/1915 names mother Virdie KNUCKLES)
Vola, dau, 2y4m KY Virdie Vola 4/2/1917
Elma, dau, 1y5m LY born 7/13/1918 names mother Virdie Slusher.
Family moved to Canada 2/28/1927 in Border Crossings. Vola, age 10, Elma age 8 1/2, James age 7 to meet uncle D Green. A Daniel Green migrated there on same day 2/28/1917, Daniel age 43 of Pineville Ky, wife Emma 36 of Mt Vernon KY, children Vivian age 2 born Cincinatti OH, and son casper age 11 born Berea Ky. Strange Casper son of both! Casper moved to Maryland by 1940.

1840 Marion Co, KY-pg 308
Nathan Knuckles
2 m 5-10
1 m 10-15
1 m 40-50
2 f 10-15
1 f 30-40

1870 McCracken Co, Paducah, KY-pg 47 (see 1880 Hickman Co, KY)
pg48 Sallie Nuckols age 26 B KY lw John Rudman family, servant

1920 Perry Co, Hazard City, KY ED 100 pg39
Mason Knuckles, 41, KY KY KY, Coal Miner, living in boarding house

1870 Russell Co, Rowena, KY pg 182
Bennie or Bennett Nuckels, 37 KY
Martha A, 29 KY
John W, 12, KY
James T 9 KY
William R 2 KY
Benjamin F Nuckles married Martha A Conn Russell Co, KY 9/19/1859- No record in 1860

1880 Russell Co Jamestown, KY HH#44 pg473
Henry H Beaves, head, 39 laborer MO MO MO
Martha A, wife, 30, KY KY KY
(md 9/1/1877 Russell Co, KY)
William Knuckles step son,12, KY KY KY
John T, son, 6 KY MO MO
(unknown line of Benjamin F Nuckles)

1880 Shelby Co, Christianburg, KY pg315
Wm. ETHINGTON Self M Male W 28 KY Farmer KY KY
**Susan ETHINGTON Wife M Female W 28 KY
Jas. Wm. ETHINGTON Son S Male W 8 KY
Cassanna ETHINGTON Dau S Female W 7 KY
Squire ETHINGTON Son S Male W 5 KY KY
Geo. W. ETHINGTON Son S Male W 3 KY KY
Ann ETHINGTON Dau S Female W 2 KY KY
Robert L. ETHINGTON Son S Male W 2M KY 
(Death cert says dau of Jacob Wood, never found in census)

1870 Henry Co Lockprt, KY is Susan B wood age 17 l/w Eliza Sheppard, housekeeper.

1880 Henry Co, Pleasureville, KY pg142C
William P Ethington, 32, KY KY KY
Susan E, 26, KY KY KY wife
George F, 8 KY son
William F, 5, KY son
Annie A, 4 KY dau
Elvira F, 2, KY dau
Clifton L 9m KY son
Emily, 16, other , KY
Susan B Nuckols md  William H Ethington 11/2/1872 Henry Co, KY

1900 Shelby Co, Christianburg, KY
Susan B Eleton, head, 3/1853, 47 widow, 8/8 KY KY KY
George W, son, 2/1877, 23 single KY KY KY
Sinthy A, dau 6/1879, single KY
Robert, son, 2/1881, 19, single
Emma, dau 2/1882, KY
Susan T or L, 6/1885 KY

1910; Census Place: Christianburg, Shelby, Kentucky; Roll: T624_502; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 121; Image: 765. HH33
Robert Lee Ethington 29 single, KY KY KY
Susan Belle Ethington 52, mother, widow 8/6
Emily Ethington 28 sister, single
Scinthia Anna Ethington 31 sister, single (died 3/29/1931 mother Susan Bell)
Kittie Pearl Hawkins 2 niece

Year: 1920;Census Place: Hardinsville, Shelby, Kentucky; Roll: T625_598; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 137; Image: 827. HH39
Edgar A Ethington 26
Clara F Ethington 27 wife
Cleva L Ethington 6 dau
Gladys M Ethington 1 2/12 dau
William P Ethington 74 father died 2/3/1922
Susan E Ethington 65 mother died  7/3/1920
James W Ethington 28 brother married Zenna
Sallie I Ethington 15 niece

9/19/1910 Rockcastle Co, KY
Andrew J Pingleton 51, m2x, m2y, KY KY KY
Mary, wife, 35, M2x, m2y 4/3 KY KY KY
Eddie B, son, 13
Mattie, E, dau 10
Mary L, dau 8
Nannie S, 5 dau
Virgil L, son 5
Malacie, dau 6m
Mary  Knuckles married A J Pingleton
Rockcastle Co, KY 10/12/1907
Poss Mary who md 1st to Harvey Knuckles , they in 1900 census. Harvey got into some trouble and also was no longer found after 1900. No further record. NO record of Andrew, Mary or children beyond this census. Checked Marriages, deaths, births, etx.

1830 Washington Co, KY -pg 138
Nathaniel NUCOLS 121001-112101

1880 Marksville, Avoyelles Co, Louisiana Family History Library Film 1254448 pg363
Charles Nuchols, head, 70 LA LA LA Wood Chopper
Jefferson, son 24 LA LA LA Wood chopper

1910 Suffolk Co, Boston MA (see 1930 Alleghany Co, PA
William D Nuckolls, head, single DC MD VA
Louisa W, mother, 56, widow, 4/3 VA VA VA
Laura L sister, 21, single, MD MD VA

1930 Baltimore Co, Baltimore, MD
ECKELBERG Annie H 48 W MD MD MD 18 O-4250 Stenographer

1930 Suffolk Co, Boston, MA
HOLLIDAY Hannah Head 64 Single
NUCKLES Dorothy Sister 22 Single RI MA MA Saleslady
CONROY Helen Sis 19 S RI

1930 Kalamazoo, Comstock, MI
Nora U Nuckles, servant, 17, single, MO VA MO

1920 Wayne Co, Detroit, MI Ward 19 1/10/1920
Ralph B Clark 24, MI ENG MI
Mildred, wife, 26 MI MI MI (Jessie Mildred Nuckles)
Ione, dau, 3y1m MI
Jeanette, dau, 2y 1m MI (born 12/27/1917 Jeanette Ruth) md James Clark Hedges

1930 Wayne Co, Detroit, MI 4/28/1930
Evelyn J NUCKOLS, servant, 23, divorced, md18 MI Ger Ger

1930 Beltrami Co, Quiring, MN (Also in 1920 same location)
Emil A Shogren, 39, md age 34 MN SWE SWE
Leila J, wife, 29 md 18 MN CANFR CANFR (Leila Josephine Knuckles) md 5/18/1918
Phillip E, son, 11 MN
Shirley W, dau, 9 MN
Anton, son, 6 MN
Arlene M Stromburg, dau, 6m MN

1930 Warren Co, Vicksburg, MS
Lydia Knuckles, rooming age 76 KY KY KY

1870 Barry Co, White River, MO pg775
Phillip Davis, head, 62 AR
Rachel (Nuckolls)  (md c1865) 37, AR
Abram, 18 MO
Rachel , 16 MO
Louisa, 14 MO
Chary, 12 MO
Allen, 11 MO
Emma, 9 MO
Martha, 5, MO
Phillip, 3 MO
Sarah, 21 AR
(This family in 1880 Madison Co, Boston, AR pg 280)  Phillip first marrried to Mary Hall
Rachel death cert her maiden name NOT Nuckolls.

1910 Crawford Co, AR

1910 Buchanan Co, St Joseph MO
Francis W Lewis, head, 43, m1x, m5y  IA NY PA  House Carpenter
Marie, wife, 29, m1x m5y 2/2 MO US US (nee Nuckolls)
Harold F, son, MO  4
William F, son, 1 MO
Miss Marie Nuckolls married Francis W Lewis in Buchanan Co, MO 12/25/1904
Listed as Mary in census records. Death record for son William F names mother maiden name as Chapman. Francis, Harold & Wm all died in Contra Costa CA.

1910 Cape Girardeau, MO
Edward Marks 35
Alice Marks 37 wife
James Nuckel 22 IL IL IL boarding (md Lettie, lived 1920-30 in Milwaukee WI single
John Nuckels, 25 IL IL IL boarding single
Possible father of James A born 1954 in WI

1900 Jackson Co, Kansas City, Ward 5, MO -pg 28
Elza SHINN, 1/1860, 40, M17Y
Delna, wife, 10/1859, no children KY KY KY
Dell Nuckols, Brother In Law, 1/1877 KY KY KY, Single
Elisabeth Nuckols, Sister In Law, 4/1879, 21, single

  see marriage info Deemath Nuckols married
Eliza SHINN 8/17/1884 Vernon Co, MO

Elza Shinn in 1880 Vernon Co, Moundville MO age 25 son of William A Shinn  (WV) and Martha A. Said unk if married.
Elza Allen Shinn born 6/20/1848 Randolph Co, IN died 10/5/1948 Vernon Co, MO buried Deepwood Cemetery

1920 Fayette Co, Springhill PA ED92pg8
De Nuckols, head, 43, OH OH OH, coal miner
(WWI Draft Registarion 9-12-1918 name 
Delade Nuckolls born 3/4/1877 living in Fayette Co, Grove, PA)

Phoebe, wife, 40, OH WV OH

1940 Jackson Co, Kansas City, MO
711 Manheim Rd own home $8K
Mason Rogers Crittenden, head, 75, wido, C4, b MO
John Nuckels, cousin, 44, md, H4, b OH same res 1935, welfare marker, American Legion.

308 E 9th St, Vicaria Hotel
Lola Rose Nuckles, 45, b IL, md, lodging, 8g, hotel maid
Benjamin Nuckles, md, 44, b IN, hotel maintenance, 8g, b IN

1920 Livingston Co, Monroe, MO -pg 3 1/20/1920 (1930 md22/19 no add'l ch
James M Nuckols, 31, MO MO OH (sic)
Effie E, wife, 27, MO
Lavenia E, dau, 8 MO
Jenetta E, dau, 6 MO
Letty V, dau, 11m
Death cert 1958 for James, his name James Marion Needels, wife Effie Ethel Crane.

1870 Nodaway Co, Green Twp, Marysville PO, pg542b
Good, 37, MO (also  GOODE)
Emily J, 22, KY (Knuckles)
Emily Jane Knuckles md  12/16/1863 Nodaway Co, MO
James L, 6, MO
Shelton J, 5, MO
Icleta?, 4, (f) , MO
William A, 1, MO

(1880 Census Emily J born KY both parents born KY)
1880 has brother Joseph Good in household age 35, single.; and new children Charles age 10 and Benjamin age 8. Not found in 1900.

Death record Emily J Good b 12-2-1844 KY
dau of James NICKOLS and ---Graves
no Graves married to a james Nuckols, so we will say she is Nichols. Strange they used Knuckles...

1930 Pike Co, Peno, MO
Ernest Nuchols, head, 48, MO, md 34
Nanny, wife, 40, MO md 26
Milford, son, 12, MO

1910 St Louis Co, St Louis Ward 25, MO pg 75
Edward T Nuckolls, 24, MO ENG (?) VA, boarding, assistant undertaker

1930 St Louis Co, St Louis, MO
BAKER Ernest H 27 M MO MO MO
Annie               W 21           M MO MO MO
KNUCKLES Imo or Oma Niece 20 MO MO MO

1930 Silver Bow, Pct 61 MT
Edward Knuckles, 62, NE VA VA, single, lodging (died 9/10/1935 no parents on death cert) No previous census records

1900 Yellowstone Co, Billings, MT pg257
Henry Knuckle, 2/1880 , 20 KY  KY KY, boarding, day laborer

6/5/1885 Cass Co, Plattsmouth, NE State Census
Nuckols, Carles, 69, Carpenter, MA MA MA
(no further record found)
Amelia, 55, wife, OH IL VA
Nettie, 20, du, WISC MA OH
Clyde Farthling, 5, grandchild, NE VA WIS


1920 Saline Co, Friend, NE
Edward Nuckles, 71, NY NY NY, single, salesman

1900 Elko Co, Clover Valley, NV pg78 6/12/1900 (On INDIAN ROLLS)
Bill Knuckles, b1872,28, NV NV NV
Lucy, wife, 1874 M1y, 3/2
Willis, son, 1897
All, son 3/1900
WWI Draft Reg OK Willis b 12/11/1897 registered as black. Next of kin Isabella.

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