SOCIETY NOTE Cemeteries are listed alphabetically by COUNTY
All persons in RED indicate a non-identified family line.

Holly Memorial Gardens, Hollymead, Albemarle Co, VA
HUNT, Margaret Louise NUCKOLS 10/25/1920-8/23/2009
NUCKOLS, Mary L 1885-1972 (nee Whitten)

Cedar Hill Cemetery, Covington, Alleghany Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Irvin R  d 12/16/1966   Lot N50 Grave # 2NE
NUCKOLS, Madge d 3/22/1981 Lot N50  Grave # 1NE
NUCKOLS, Charles A d 6/29/1992 Lot 406 Grave # 4NE (SSDI born 7/30/1945) (Grave owner Walton)
Grave owed by Nuckols, Gordon Fridley d.7/29/1973 Lot N50 #4NE

Mountain View Cemetery, Clifton Forge City, Alleghany Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Patry "Pate" Tyree  d11/5/2008 

Oakland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Selma, Alleghany Co, VA
NUCKOLS Elizabeth B wife of Edwin M 5/10/1827-4/29/1887
NUCKOLS, Pvt Edwin M (no dates) (in database as unknown parentage)

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
NUCKOLS, Jesse - Birth Date: 11 Aug 1887 Death Date: 17 Nov 1960 Rank: SGT CO E 20 REGT OF INF, REG INF   USA Last known address: C/O Director Arlington, VA 22111-0000 Interment Date: 2 Jan 1960 Buried At: Section 12 Site 3743
Birth Date: 11 Feb 1959 Death Date: 12 Feb 1959 Last known address: C/O Director Arlington, VA 2111-0000 Interment Date: 16 Feb 1959 Buried At: Section 39 Site 1307 IL
NUCKOLS, Samuel G -Birth Date: 10 Sep 1918 Death Date: 24 Jun 1964 Last known address: C/O Director Arlington, VA 22111-0000 Interment Date: 29 Jun 1964 Buried At: Section 41 Site 2030
KNUCKOLS, Charles Thomas died 3/10/1940.  CPL US MArine Corp Section WWW Site 30402
NUCKOLS, Infant, son of William Edwin Nuckols, Jr 2/11/1959-2/12/1959 Section 39 Site 1307IL (Unknown relationship to Veteran, a CPL in USMC.
NUCKOLS, Rosa 1909-1990
NUCKOLS, Brig Gen William P 1905-1981

Allwood Cemetery, behind El Bethel Church, Amherst, Amherst Co, VA
DAVIS, Thomas Jasper 10-17-1927 3-8-1998
Joanne NUCKOLS Davis 3-26-1934   probably living, on same stone with Thomas
Vivian NUCKLES Johnson 11-9-1905 3-7-2002
(My beautiful Granny/ Love Carolyn)
NUCKLES Edward Allen Born 3-2-1951
NUCKLES Clarence Walter 10/3/1925-8/5/1995
NUCKLES, Etta Elizabeth CAMPBELL 3/27/1926-10/9/2010 oos/ w Clarence
NUCKLES Etta Elizabeth (Campbell) B 3-27-1926 s/w Clarence Walter
NUCKOLS Marvin Edward 7/8/1923-10/28/1991 ("Johnnie, We Will Meet Up There")
NUCKOLS Robert Homer 4/13/1898-5/3/1976
Cecil Ora Whitten NUCKOLS 1-12-1904  4-9-1972 oss/w Robert Homer
NUCKLES, James Paul 2/2/1961-2/4/1961

Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church Cemetery, Amherst Co, VA
NUCKLES Bernard Wilson 12/29/1925-8/16/1967 "VIRGINIA CO C HQ & HQ DET 1852 SCU WORLD WAR II

Whitten Family Cemetery, Willow, Amherst Co, VA
NUCKLES- Robert Homer Jr 1927-1927

Rosehill Cemetery (Old Stull Graveyard), Rich Patch, Alleghany Co, VA

Calvary Chapel Cemetery, Stuarts Draft, Augusta Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Randy Paul 1938-2010

Rocks Baptist Church Cemetery, Pamplin, Appomattox Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Alice Faye "Sugar" 6/23/1949 - 2/22/1986 Beloved Sister

Pines Chapel Cemetery Augusta Co, VA
NUCKOLS, John Franklin 8/16/1852-3/11/1938 "Gone but not forgotten" 
NUCKOLS, Melinda Alice (Miller) 9/1/1864-11/18/1941 Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal" 

Stuarts Draft Mennonite Cemetery, Stuarts Draft, Augusta Co
NUCKOLLS, Janet (Fretwell) 3/29/1943-
NUCKOLLS, John C 2/9/1934-

Probably living, no death dates on stone

Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Augusta Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Ann AMMONS 10/4/1912-5/6/1985
NUCKOLS, Christopher Edward 5/15/1984-2/21/2006 Forever Young and Forever Beautiful Forever Loved, Son of Mark and Michelle Snyder Nuckols
Devoted brother to Michael "Pickle" Nuckols
NUCKOLS, Irwin M 7/15/1910-7/17/1969
NUCKOLS, Irwin Matthew Jr 7/28/1935-5/12/1959 VA Ensign US Navy
NUCKOLS, Maj Naida Ann 11/19/1938-11/19/1938
NUCKOLS, Robert Lee 1913-1988
NUCKOLS, Marjorie (HALL) 1913-2005 (oss/w Robert)
NUCKOLES, John David 5/17/1874-7/30/1941 ss/w Charlotte Anderson NUCKOLES
NUCKOLES, Charlotte Anderson 9/3/1872-10/31/1956

Solitude Cemetery, Arcadia, Botetourt Co, VA
NUCKLES Mary Elizabeth 5/18/1851-10/3/1907

Troutville Cemetery, Trout, Botetourt Co
NUCKOLLS,. Colonel Owen 2/17/1889-5/2/1958
NUCKOLLS, Katie MOOMAW, 10/11/1896-4/11/1976

Nuckles Cemetery, Buchanan Co, VA
NUCKLES, Beverly Ann Jenkins 5/10/1947-11/17/1992
NUCKLES, Cora Elizabeth McFadden 9/11/1894-3/31/1987
NUCKLES, George Walden 9/7/1884-6/19/1975
NUCKLES, Clercy 9/20/1889-2/1/1910
NUCKLES, James Dewey 12/29/1907-2/14/1982
NUCKLES, James E 3/19/1858-2/25/1941
NUCKLES, James Edward 6/5/1940-1/12/1995
NUCKLES, James Michael 8/9/1960-9/2/1998
NUCKLES, Marvin 12/17/1935-1/9/2003
NUCKLES, Oma Tiller wife of James Dewey 2/24/1906-1/16/1996
NUCKLES, Sarah (Barton) 8/30/1858-9/16/1935
NUCKLES, Vernie 3/21/1914-2/6/1917

Bethany Church Cemetery, Forest, Bedford Co, VA
COFER, James Hopkins 9/8/1887-12/2/1953 (husband of Cornelia Otis Nuckles)

Shiloh Cemetery, Forest, Bedford Co, VA
COFER, Cornelia Otis (NUCKLES) 4-22-1883-12/11/1924
COFER, Samuel C, son of Cornelia, oss/w Cornelia 11/20/1924-4/24/1925
COFER Willard Nuckles Tec 5 U S Army World War II 4/4/1913-10/26/1978
BURNETTE Isabell (COFER) 1/13/1909-12/19/1987 (dau of James Cofer and Cornelia Nuckles) ossw/ Jake Burnette
BURNETTE, Jake A 4/13/1909-5/23/1977 In Loving Memory oss/w Isabell C

Austin Cemetery, Venia, Buchanan Co, VA
HESS, Gladys (Nuckles) 7/5/1918-9/18/2007
HESS, Howard 10/9/1914-5/13/1989 ss/w Gladys

Nuckles Cemetery, Buchanan Co, VA
NUCKLES, George Walden 9/7/1884-6/19/1975
NUCKLES, Cora Elizabeth (McFadden) 9/11/1894-3/31/1987 ss/w George
NUCKLES, Clercy (Ray) 9/20/1889-2/1/1910 ss/w George (first wife)
NUCKLES, Dorothy Marie 3/6/1924-6/11/2011
NUCKLES, Beverly Ann Jenkins 5/10/1947-11/17/1992
NUCKLES, Harley Burk 1/20/1930-1/4/2009
NUCKLES, James Dewey 12/29/1907-2/14/1982
NUCKLES, James E 6/19/1858-2/14/1982
NUCKLES, James Edward 6/5/1940-1/12/1995

Bradley-Nuckols Cemetery, Buckingham Co
NUCKOLS-Edward Smith 11/1/1834-7/17/1920
NUCKOLS, Jane L BRADLEY 12/16/1865-7/27/1879
NUCKOLS, Martha 7/20/1875-9/9/1875 dau of E & J
NUCKOLS, Sallie LEWIS 10/17/1866-7/16/1869 dau of E & J

Buckingham Church Cemetery, New Canton, Buckingham Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Benjamin F, Sgt- Military Marker
NUCKOLS, Benjamin Franklin 1/19/1839-2/20/1918
NUCKOLS, Mary Elizabeth (TONEY) 7/3/1842-1/1/1939 his wife
NUCKOLS, Charles J 1/9/1823-6/11/1892
NUCKOLS, Frances (Jones) 10/26/1826-1/10/1900
NUCKOLS, Nancy (Griscom) 11/9/1845-3/13/1933
NUCKOLS, Reid C Military Marker
HOLMES, Annie (Nuckols) 1886-9/18/1981
HOLMES, Harry Gault 6/21/1885-6/26/1942
AKERS, Rosa (Holmes) d/o Harry & Annie 12/27/1923-2/3/1983

Locust Dale Cemetery- Buckingham Co, VA
Erected to the Memory of Catherine Brooks NUCKOLS Died June 16, 1847 Departed this life in the 30th year of her age
Reid Brooks Died July 7, 1842

Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery, Buckingham Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Gertrude 1878-1952
NUCKOLS, James Thomas 1881-1950

Fort Hill Memorial Park, Lynchburg, Campbell Co, VA
NUCKLES, Rufus Earl 6/23/192-4/28/1986
NUCKLES, Mildred Elizabeth (Viar) Puckett 7/31/1934-4/11/2009

Mount Gilead Methodist Church Cemetery, Lynchburg City, Campbell Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Larry W 1955-1967
NUCKOLLS, Robin Lee  d1974

Gardner Memorial Cemetery, Hillsville, Carroll Co,
NUCKOLLS, Haswell Marco Sr 3/26/1922-7/25/2006
NUCKOLLS, Archelous Alphonso (Allen) 12/13/1959-8/21/2009

Leonard Memorial Cemetery, Carroll Co, VA

North End Cemetery, Hillsville, Carroll Co,
NUCKOLLS, Andrew 12/20/1807-6/6/1862
JOHNSON, Cynthia NUCKOLLS 4/30/1831-8/2/1909
JOHNSON, James B 4/9/1823-1/1/1886

The Dillon-Nuckolls Cemetery, Carroll Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Corlean B (nee Bryant) 6/17/1881-3/11/1958
NUCKOLLS, ELLIS V FEB 17 1862 NOV 13 1915 
NUCKOLLS, Thomas Hugh 4/5/1817-1/21/1903
NUCKOLLS, Jestic C 10/29/1832-1/12/1912

Wilkinson Memorial Cemetery, Hillsville, Carroll Co
NUCKOLLS, Thomas W 2/2/1899-4/7/1899 s/o E L & Bertie

Wallace Family Cemetery, Drakes Branch, Charlotte Co VA
NUCKOLS, Fannie W 1911-1972
NUCKOLS, William M 1925-1985 US Navy WWII
WALLACE, Mary L NUCKOLS 6/8/1921-5/20/2006 "Granny" oss/w Garland
WALLACE, Garland W 11/7/1912-2/5/1994 "Poppy"

Dale Memorial Park, Midlothian, Chesterfield Co, VA

NUCKOLS, Luther E 1907-1975 Mausoleum ss/w May
NUCKOLS, May Bell 1916-1981

WEST, Mary Bernadette NUCKOLS 9/19/1920-1/8/2001

Culpeper National Cemetery Culpeper, Culpeper Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Samuel Leroy., b. 10/05/1923, d. 03/01/1980 Veteran Service Start Date: 15 Feb 1943 Veteran Service End Date: 4 Jun 1943 Rank: PVT Branch: US Army WWII Last known address: 305 US Avenue Culpeper , VA 22701 Interment Date: 5 Mar 1980 Buried At: Section G Site 761

Fairfax City Cemetery, Fairfax Fairfax Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Patrick 11/27/1967-2/17/2002
NUCKOLS, Pebble J 6/1/1935-10/11/1998
NUCKOLS, Rebecca L 5/3/1965-1/17/1986

Mount Comfort Cemetery, Alexandria, 6600 S Kings Hwy, Fairfax Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Gladys Bea 1916-1986
NUCKOLS, Lyle W 1912-1987
KNUCKLES, Jeanne G 1918-1970 Wife

National Memorial Park, Falls Church, 7482 Lee Highway, Fairfax Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Bernard D 1917-2006
NUCKOLS, Dorothy P 1919-2007 (oss/w Bernard)
NUCKOLS, James E 1938-2001

Bright View Cemetery, Warrenton, Fauquier Co, VA
NUCKLES, Corine Elswick 3/12/1938-1/6/2006

Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, Faquier Co
NUCKOLLS, Sandra Carol 1/18/1963-12/18/1985

Jacksonville Cemetery, Floyd, Floyd Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Alvin Edward Sr 7/29/2009

Grace Cemetery, Bremo Bluff, Fluvanna Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Elsie Martin 7/24/1916-12/15/1994 ss/w Reverdy
NUCKOLS, Reverdy Aubrey 2/3/1911- 1/24/1990

Corinth Church Cemetery, Goochland Co, VA
NUCKOLS, James F 9/13/1915-7/9/2000
NUCKOLS, Susie Ragland 4/11/1922-1/27/2005 ss/w James

Crowder Family Cemetery (Rt 700) Goochland Co, VA
NUCKOLS, E S no data   probably Edward Smith Nuckols

Dover Baptist Church Cemetery, Manakin, Goochland Co, VA
NUCKOLS Henry Knight 5/3/1833-11/25/1905 Pvt.,Co.C,12th Va.Light Arty.Battn

Elpis Christian Church Cemetery, Perkinsville, Goochland Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Lawrence Emory 11/23/1932-10/24/1990
NUCKOLS, May WILTSHIRE  2/23/1909-5/10/1988 ss/w Walter
NUCKOLS, Walter Phillip 8/2/1905-11/6/1974

Goochland Baptist Church Cemetery, Manakin-Sabot, Goochland Co, VA.
NUCKOLS Goode Massie  b. Feb 16, 1882 d. Nov 22, 1947
NUCKOLS  Imogen Bowles  b. Apr 13, 1881 d. Apr 10, 1957 his wife (no e in Imogen on stone)
NUCKOLS, Bernard O 8/14/1892-4/3/1970
NUCKOLS, Mamie C 9/16/1895-12-13-1957
NUCKOLS, Frank Leslie 3/15/1901-7/31/1951
NUCKOLS, Maudie (Statts) 8/26/1908-10/27/1958
NUCKOLS, Ollie W 11/30/1857-2/24/1949
NUCKOLS, Maggie A 3/23/1867-10/1/1959
NUCKOLS, Margaret F 2/5/1922-2/5/1923
NUCKOLS, Nollie Broaddus 10/4/1873-11/2/1944
NUCKOLS, Willia A (Armstrong) 9/30/1872-2/7/1963
NUCKOLS, Philip J 6/21/1938-11/17/1954
NUCKOLS, Ella V Johnson 5/12/1887-6/26/1940
NUCKOLS, Adelaide M 6/22/1922 - 1/11/2000 oss/w Harold
NUCKOLS, Harold D 12/17/1920 - 11/13/1990
NUCKOLS, Buford Davis 3/31/1883 - 6/28/1951
NUCKOLS, Stella FORD 2/29/1888 - 12/20/1961 oss/w Buford
NUCKOLS, Charles Brownie 7/1/1912-7/12/1995
NUCKOLS, Geneva Corine 3/19/1902-12/27/1997 oss/w Charles B
NUCKOLS, Daisy A 8/28/1886-3/24/1971
NUCKOLS, Diana B 1888-1985 oss/w Stuart
NUCKOLS, Stuart M 1888-1955
NUCKOLS, Forrest C 3/4/1896-11/7/1971
NUCKOLS, Eloise D 6/26/1895-11/14/1969 oss/w Forrest
NUCKOLS, Elva PERKINS 7/4/1901-10/28/1979 oss/w Harvey H
NUCKOLS, Harvey Hobson 4/13/1889-7/21/1953
NUCKOLS, Harvey Hobson Jr 3/9/1925-2/24/1988
NUCKOLS, Jean G 12/5/1929 - no date oss/w Harvey, prob living
NUCKOLS, Henry D 10/10/1836 - 6/13/1913 In Loving Memory of our Father
NUCKOLS, J Clayton 9/2/1878 - 9/6/1954 Husband of Ella V Johnson
NUCKOLS, M Nettie SHELLBURNE 5/11/1849-12/30/1907 wife of Pounce L Nuckols
NUCKOLS, Pounce L 4/19/1849-9/1/1904 

Greenwood Memorial Gardens, Goochland, Goochland Co
NUCKOLS, Milton F Sr 12/2/1905-10/9/1997
NUCKOLS, Nathaniel Armstrong 6/9/1904-5/30/1988
NUCKOLS, Myrtle Lucille Whitten 10/17/1914-1/5/2012 ss/w Nathaniel
NUCKOLS, Carolyn TUCKER 1/17/1936-8/12/2012
JOHNSON, Mattie Sue NUCKOLS 1/5/1891-5/1976 ss/w Robt Johnson
THOMAS, Ruth Viola NUCKOLLS 8/29/1923-9/11/2004
NUCKOLS, Milton F Sr 1905-1997

Nuckols Family Cemetery,  Shallowell Road, Goochland Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Pvt Archer B 9/12/1846-1/5/1923 Co C 15th Va Inf Reg
NUCKOLS, Pvt Thomas R

Nuckols Family Cemetery # 1 Route 621, Goochland Co, VA

NUCKOLS, Abner Clopton 5/31/1841-11/1/1924 ss/w Mattie
NUCKOLS, Mattie ENGLISH 12/6/1849-7/20/1924  In God's Care

Nuckols Family Cemetery [exact location pending] Goochland Co
NUCKOLS, Albert Martin 2/22/1874-11/10/1942
NUCKOLS, Charles Arthur 4/15/1884-12/13/1948
NUCKOLS, Charles Robert 11/27/1846-2/8/1931
NUCKOLS-Mary Sue NUCKOLS 1/23/1853-4/14/1937
NUCKOLS, Elbert C 2/22/1874-12/12/1912
NUCKOLS, Hallie B 8/12/1887-5/29/1972

Saint Matthews United Methodist Church Cemetery, Goochland Co, VA
NUCKOLS-Kathryn Grace d 11/19/1968 d/o Laurence B and Anne Nuckols NUCKOLS,
NUCKOLS- Baby Girls, Sara Faith and Karen Rebekah died 7/8/1998
SHARP, Goldie NUCKOLS 11/2/1912-12/21/1940 oss/w Duffy Sharp
SHARP Duffy 11/3/1903-2/13/1968

James ANDERSON Cemetery, Galax, Grayson Co, VA
(Across Main St from Felts Park)
ANDERSON, Ada May (Cooper) 6/12/1871-10-17-1953 (d/o) Dr BF Cooper and Sarah Nuckolls
ANDERSON, Alexander Chapman 6/19/1874-8/25/1958 hus/ of Ada May Cooper, son of Friel Nuckolls Anderson
ANDERSON, Martha (Patsy) nee NUCKOLLS 11/27/1792-12/10/1857 w/o James
ANDERSON, James d. 4/23/1851 aged 78y 1 m 11 days. stone badly worn
(children of James and Martha also buried here)
TRIMBLE, William Jackson 4/2/1815-9/14/1860 (s/o John Trimble and Susannah Nuckolls)

Feltz Memorial Cemetery Grayson Co, Galax, VA
NUCKOLLS, Gene Clark 11/2/1925-3/28/2009
NUCKOLLS, Patrick Jean 9/30/1964-3/7/2008
New Section 3
NUCKLES, Ardith Stanley 2/3/1923- no death date ss/w Forest E
NUCKLES, Forest E 10/25/1923 no death date
NUCKOLLS, Chester B M.D. 5/15/1866-6/28/1935
NUCKOLLS, Carrie REEVES 4/29/1872-3/31/1960
NUCKOLLS, Earl Garland 4/25/1906-6/7/1994
NUCKOLLS, Virginia WITHEROW 3/3/1912-3/8/1987
Old Section 1C
NUCKOLLS, John Michael 1/9/1880-3/1966
NUCKOLLS, Eliza HANKLA 1880-1965
NUCKOLLS, John Michael 11/19/1910-7/4/1987
NUCKOLLS, Dorothy Louise (Newlin) 12/2/1924-11/17/2008
WITHROW Rosamond Ellen (NUCKOLLS) 10/20/1869-10/18/1949
Old Section 2
NUCKOLLS, Frances W (SHAW) 9/8/1915-3/28/1988
SHAW, Kelly Martin 1/29/1903-4/27/1954

Trimble Family Cemetery,  Grayson Co, VA

Patton Cemetery, Grayson Co, VA
PATTON, REESE MACK (Nuckolls)DEC 16 1893 APR 15 1959 PVT CO C 326 INF 82 DIV WW I

Nuckolls Cemetery - ( -Rd 624 Wild Turkey Rd) Grayson Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Charlie 1745-1820
BROWN, Martha NUCKOLLS 6/13/1812-3/10/1879 66y 8m 27 d
BROWN, John 1810-11/28/1891 h/o Martha s/o John Brown and Martha Wood
NUCKOLLS, Benjamin Floyd 6/13/1937-12/8/1997
NUCKOLLS, Fielden T d12/23/1861 6y4d s/o C & R B Nuckolls
NUCKOLLS, Malinda 3/11/1836-12/1/1873
NUCKOLLS, Sena died 11/18/1857 or 1862 unknown however cem book shows d/o Robert & Margaret
NUCKOLLS, Mahlon Lundy 4/18/1915 - 2/3/1934
NUCKOLLS, James Robert 1926-1943
NUCKOLLS, Alexander Heath 1881-1967
NUCKOLLS, Ella L (Lundy) 1893-1977
NUCKOLLS, William Swift 1843-1887
NUCKOLLS, Margaret Frances (Kinzer) 1855-1936
NUCKOLLS, Capt Robert G 8/7/1782-4/1/1850 67y7m27d
NUCKOLLS, Hugh d7/26/1852 unknown but cemetery book shows son of Robt and Margaret.
NUCKOLLS, Hale Clark 8/21/1892-4-1-1971 WWI
DOBYNS, Gay NUCKOLLS 1896-1986
NUCKOLLS, Stephen 1858-1947 oos/ w Leona
NUCKOLLS, Leona 1867-1941
PLESS, Maude Forrest NUCKOLLS 2/4/1885-3/25/1909
NUCKOLLS, Isaac Clark 11/13/1873-10/18/1875
NUCKOLLS, Willie David 3/16/1868 2-6/1881 back of stone "buried at Wesleyan Church Cemetery near Athens, TN"
NUCKOLLS Mary Fletcher 2/18/1835-10/21/1910
NUCKOLLS, Benjamin Floyd (Rev) 10/21/1838-4/17/1919 "70 years of Methodist"
NUCKOLLS, Rosa BOURNE d 1/15/1891 aged 72y 11m 2d
NUCKOLLS, Clark S d 2/25/1890 aged 82y 1m 28d
NUCKOLLS, Paulene d 10/16/1894 d/o S N and L M Nuckolls
COOPER, Brutus Flemming Dr 1829-1910 h/o Sarah Frances Nuckolls
COOPER, Sarah Frances NUCKOLLS 1840-1909
THOMAS, Mamie Dawn NUCKOLLS Dekalb 4/4/1898-5/14/1990
NUCKOLLS, Asa no dates on stone - Cemetery records say born 2/11/1795
NUCKOLLS, Andrew no dates on stone
NUCKOLLS, James no dates on stone
NUCKOLLS George no dates on stone
WARD Sophia NUCKOLLS  - 6/10/1846-3/12/1878
Lebanon United Methodist Church Cemetery, Grayson Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Charlie 1861-1932 (s/o Creed & Elizabeth)
NUCKOLLS, R G (Robert G s/o Creed & Elizabeth)
NUCKOLLS, Sid 156-1933 (nee Hale w/o Robt G Nuckols)

Lewis Hale Family Cemetery, Grayson Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Elizabeth d 7/26/1865 aged 35y 8m 15d
NUCKOLLS, Creed 1/12/1806-3/31/1869 aged 63y 2m 19d

Monte Vista Memory Gardens-Garden of the Good Shepherd, Grayson Co, Galax, VA
NUCKOLLS, William Chester 4/5/1909-1/1969
NUCKOLLS, Minnie (KYLE) 2/12/1912-3-1989
BRANNOCK, Joyce Ruby NUCKOLLS 4/2/1936-5/19/2003

Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, Grayson Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, John Stephen 3/26/1932-3/14/1992 (s/o Clark Hale and Katye Lee Dickenson Nuckolls) 

Saint Johns Church Cemetery, Hampton City, VA
(not in any county- borders Newport News and Norfolk)
BRITTINGHAM, Florence Gray NUCKOLS 11/30/1865-3/15/1958
BRITTINGHAM, Thomas William 4/6/1867-12/7/1945

Attkisson's Family Cemetery, Rockville, Hanover Co,VA
Norman Nuckols visited the Attkisson's cemetery which is about 1 mile south of the village of Rockville. Buried in that cemetery are the following Nuckols.
Samuel Attkisson (no dates)
Elizabeth Nuckols Attkisson ( no dates)
Also the following Nuckols graves with no dates, just a metal marker with names that was placed in the cemetery a number of years after burial.
Elizabeth Nuckols (died in housefire)
Mary Jane Nuckols (probably Elizabeth Nuckols Attkisson sister - never married - based on other Attkisson family information)
Nancy Nuckols (probably Elizabeth Nuckols Attkisson sister - never married - based on other Attkisson family information)
Jonathan Nuckols (probably Elizabeth Nuckols Attkisson brother based on some other Attkisson family information)
The "family story" according to one of the descendant's of the Attkisson family is that one of the above Nuckols died in a house fire. The house was located near to the cemetery. (The story of the housefire appeared in the March 2004 Issue of the Nuckolls Newsletter)

Berea Church Cemetery, Rockville, Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLS-Joseph L 12/4/1886-5/31/1972
NUCKOLS, Ada (Henley) 1/26/1893-10/6/1964
NUCKOLS, Aurelia E 1873-1941
NUCKOLS, Howard M 11/28/1913-6/11/1941 Son of Mr & Mrs Joe Nuckols, "In God's Care)
NUCKOLS, John M 1851-1930
NUCKOLS, Joyce H (Henshaw) 7/9/1933-10/30/1997 oss with Lewis NUCKOLS
NUCKOLS, Lewis T, Jr 1/5/1927-10/29/1983
NUCKOLS, Reggie J 11/22/1902-1/21/1972
BALLARD, Gladys NUCKOLS 8/27/1918-10/29/1938 wife of Jerry T Ballard "In God's Care"
NICHOLAS, Emma H NUCKOLS 2/24/1894-7/21/1985 w/o Joseph Floyd Nicholas
NICHOLAS, Joseph Floyd 7/24/1891-12/1/1952
NICHOLAS, Ivy NUCKOLS 5/1/1892-1/5/1951 w/o Ira Curtis Nicholas
NICHOLAS, Ira Curtis 10/14/1885-4/13/1952
PURYEAR, Emma Tillman NUCKOLS 9/26/1879 - 11/5/1946 w/o Willie F Puryear
CHILDRESS, Margaret Eloise NICHOLAS 6/24/1919-11/1/1963 d/o Ira and Ivy Nuckols Nicholas w/o Linwood
CHILDRESS, Linwood H 4/6/1917-12/21/1995
PEARCE, Raymond Randolph 4/17/1920-3/19/1985
PEARCE, Nelda Page NUCKOLS 5/4/1920-3/10/1990 oos/w Raymond

Frederick P. Dabney January 13, 1825 February 8, 1893 and his first wife Martha W. Nuckols August 3, 1826
July 21, 1874
Josiah T. Mills 1851 - 1922
Josephine C. Watkins Wife of Frederick P. Dabney 1850 - 1896

Dunns Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Montpelier, Hanover Co
NUCKOLS, William David 7/25/1893-7/26/1960
NUCKOLS, Susan W (Leadbetter) 1881-1960 ss/w William Da

Elon Baptist Church Cemetery , Hewlett, Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Abner Page 9/24/1920-3/27/1991
NUCKOLS, Janet (Godsey) 1/9/1950-3/8/1999 "Bloom Where You're Planted"

Hopeful Baptist Church Cemetery, Montpelier, Hanover Co, VA
Rt 610 just across Hanover line recorded by Porter C Wright 1/16/1973
NUCKOLS Annie May   b 9/21/1902 d ?
NUCKOLS Lewis Taylor  b 2/25/1896 d March 2/1968 :At Rest"
NUCKOLS Eldridge Ernest  b 10/17/1937 d. 1/25/1939 "In Gaods Care"
KERSEY, Kate NUCKOLS 3/25/1870-12/22/1956 oss/w James
KERSEY, James Walter 6/11/1859-4/9/1931
KERSEY, Stuart Nuckols 4/1/1898-2/9/1984 son of Kate Nuckols and James Kersey
KERSEY, Walter Logan 11/19/1905-8/15/1906 son of Kate Nuckols and James Kersey
KERSEY, Herford Rice 5/12/1895-7/24/1906 son of Kate Nuckols and James Kersey

Forrest Grove Methodist Church Cemetery , Ashland, Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, William L -Military marker Co B 25 BN VA Inf CSA

MOODY-NUCKOLS Cemetery- Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLS Ferdinand G.  Oct. 21, 1848 Feb. 26, 1919
NUCKOLS Wife, Nora M.  Oct. 31, 1858 Oct. 30, 1900

NUCKOLS CEMETERY, George Henry Nuckols Homestead (Vontay Rd,) Hanover Co, VA
(5 miles from Vontay and about 5 miles from Rockville) Believed to be old homeplace of Hardin Duke Hardin's father, Reuben Julian, is buried here.  It's not clear where Hardin himself is buried, perhaps in an unmarked grave in this family plot. The first time I visited this cemetery, I thought I saw Reuben's wife, Mary Polly Duke, buried beside him, but could not find it when I went back 3  years later with my camera. George Henry's grandson Clay Nuckols is taking care of this family plot...(From Pete Nuckols).
NUCKOLS, Earl Conway 10/20/1895-3/9/1951
NUCKOLS, Martha Sue NUCKOLS 4/2/1852-10/16/1953
BOWLES, Iva M 8/5/1887-5/22/1946 ss/w Neva Married 4/24/1909
BOWLES, Neva Avery NUCKOLS 5/29/1884-7/11/1964
NUCKOLS, Reuben 5/26/1783-3/1/1856 discolored and very hard to read. Baptized 1802? Married 1/9/1804 A sinner saved by grace and a friend to the poor.
NUCKOLS A. Broadus  Co. G. 4th Virginia Cavalry CSA
(Grave located behind a house on Bienvenue last owned by A B Nuckols. (2 miles from Geo Henry house above)
Originally had another stone once thought to read "Mom", but Norman Nuckols looked at it closer and saw the initials MJN
who was Mary Jane George Nuckols, wife of AB.

Nuckols Family Cemetery ( End of Rt 815) (aka Lloyd-Nuckols Cemetery) Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Mrs. Lucy A. Ware August 10, 1885 February 6, 1912 Leaving one issue She was formally NUCKOLS
NUCKOLS Edwin Goode  Born July 28, 1826 Died June 21, 1900  4th Regiment VA Cavalry, Co. G 
NUCKOLS Sallie Bowles  Born Feb. 6, 1885 Died Dec. 29, 1920 oss/w Edwin Goode
Unmarked Graves, Matt NUCKOLS  and wife Liza

Shiloh United Methodist Church Cemetery, Hanover Co, (Montpelier) VA
CLEMENTS James Harry BORN 23 MAR 1886 SSN: 224-36-3939, issued in VA DIED 26 SEP 1968 Resided in Glen Allen, VA at time of death. MARRIED SPOUSE Ruby NUCKOLS
CLEMENTS, James Ryland (son of Harry and Ruby) 4/15/1909-1/14/1990

Saint Matthews Methodist Church Cemetery, Rockville, Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLS David P, Sr 1/31/1973-5/10/2007

Signal Hill Memorial Park, Hanover, Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Mildred Lindsey 10/3/1917-12/28/2008
NUCKOLS, Thomas Lindburg 1930-2/16/2001

Snead Cemetery, Rockville, Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Mary E  - d3/2/1899 (nee Snead)

Springfield Christian Church Cemetery, Vontay, Hanover Co, VA

NUCKOLS, David J 11/2/1883-10/28/1945
NUCKOLS, Mary PERDUE 2/5/1900-7/14/1988 ss/w Thomas J
NUCKOLS, Thomas J 10/6/1892-5/1/1964
NUCKOLS, George H 1921-2004 oss w/Frances C
NUCKOLS, Frances C 1933-  (living)
WILLIS, Sadie E NUCKOLS 11/3/1883-7/25/1976
WILLIS, Richard Frederick 2/29/1880-4/25/1945 oss/w Sadie
NUCKOLS, Dorothy Lee 1/24/1926-12/8/1956 In Gods Care
NUCKOLS, Roy E 11/7/1895-6/6/1968
NUCKOLS, Leigh LLOYD 9/1/1898-12/23/1985 ss/w Roy
BOURNE, Walter Abbitt 7/8/1916 12/24/2000 oss/ w Lena
BOURNE, Lena NUCKOLS 6/12/1918--   (living 2009)
NUCKOLS, James Andie Sr 4/9/1882-4/2/1956 ss/w Eliza
NUCKOLS, A Eliza DUKE 4/30/1880-10/6/1949
NUCKOLS, Harvey Curtis 3/28/1890 oss/w Lucy Sue
NUCKOLS, Lucy Sue SNELSON 1/12/1899-11/9/1965

St. Peter's Church Cemetery, Montpelier, Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLS Thomas M Jul 17, 1875 Oct 9, 1957
NUCKOLS Zena S Nov 17, 1880 Jan 4, 1978

Taylorsville Baptist Church Cemetery, Taylorsville, Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Anna (Doswell) 12/5/1884-3/11/1979
NUCKOLS, Elby C 1887-1959

Walton-Nuckols Cemetery Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLS Henry WISE  / DEC. 24, 1859
HIS WIFE/ EMMA J. NUCKOLS / AUG. 15, 1861 / JULY 29, 1904 oss/w Henry Wise
NUCKOLS NANNIE TALLEY/ DEC. 6, 1864 / DEC. 23, 1911
NUCKOLS DAVID Hardin AUG. 19, 1860 / JULY 18, 1929
NUCKOLS  LILLIE MAY / BORN JULY12, 1864 / DIED DEC. 20, 1926 Sister
NUCKOLS  LAVINIA E. / BORN MAY 9, 1838 / DIED FEB. 25, 1913 Mother
NUCKOLS  JAMES M.  / BORN JUNE 14, 1836 /DIED JAN. 23, 1907 Father
MARTIE DABNEY NUCKOLS / MAY4, 1885 / MARCH 25, 1918 ss/w James Sr
NUCKOLS Jane E.  Born Dec. 14, 1886 (No Death Date)  

Woodland Cemetery, Ashland, Hanover Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Aubrey Richards 7/11/1902-2/11/1971
NUCKOLLS, Frances (Duggins) 1/30/1913-12/11/2002
NUCKOLS, Broadus W 10/7/1904-6/3/1966 Virginia - Pvt US Army - World War II
NUCKOLS, Luford W 10/31/1914-5/27/1985 Love, Veula & Grandchildren
NUCKOLS, Martin L 3/2/1876-12/28/1930
NUCKOLS, Mary E 9/29/1882-12/20/1950 oss/w Martin L
NUCKOLS, Norman E 3/29/1918-6/9/1944 Killed In Action - Duty, Honor, Country - Well Done, Be Thou At Peace
NUCKOLS, Russell Clark 2/25/1916-7/1/1944 PFC US Army
NUCKOLS, Virginia BOURNE 6/17/1914 - 104/2000
TRAYLOR, Willie NUCKOLLS 8/26/1913-5/8/1999

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Richmond, Henrico Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Herbert F 12/10/1882-12/17/1964
NUCKOLS, Eva May (Johnson) 11/2/1881-6/13/1971 ss/w Herbert
NUCKOLS Clyde 3/3/1926-8/3/2007
NUCKOLS, Clyde Duke 3/3/1926-8/3/2007
NUCKOLLS, Martin E Sr 3/23/1884-2/10/1942
NUCKOLS, Lessie B RINER 5/7/1905-1/1/1994 w/o  Martin E Sr
NUCKOLLS, Martin E Jr 9/20/1913-7/1/1942
NUCKOLS, Edward R 1913-2002
NUCKOLS, Vernelle L 1919-1999 w/o Edward R
NUCKOLS, Ella ATTKINSSON 3/2/1889-5/29/1950
Plot: Secton 12
NUCKOLS, Harry Sherrill 10/11/1889-12/20/1970
NUCKOLLS, Joseph Lewis 5/10/1842-9/4/1932
NUCKOLS, Morris Elwood 2/11/1920-4/5/2004
NUCKOLS, Willie D 4/19/1846-3/24/1929 Faithful unto Death
NUCKOLS, Frances R 1874-1967
NUCKOLS, Bessie Mae 10/22/1914-12/27/1928
STAIRS, Rosalie NUCKOLS 10/12/1898 -11/24/1989 w/o
 Forrest Harland Stairs (1895 - 1969)

Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond City, Henrico Co, VA
(Thank you Pete for most of these photos)
NUCKOLLS, George Durwood 10/16/1912-8/20/2007
NUCKOLS, Josiah J d 3/25/1924  Co E 6th VA  Cav Reg
NUCKOLLS, Frances Taliaferro 9/12/1921-11/9/1997 wife of G D interred11/12/1997 born 9/2/1921
NUCKOLS, Lawton Watkins , 5/20/1885-9/29/1943 "His Friends Were Legion, His Generosity Unbounded"
NUCKOLS, Louise Word, beloved wife of L W Nuckols 1890-1918 "Blessed Are The Pure In Heart"
NUCKOLS, Baby Louise Stocker 8/9/1916-11/8/1917
NUCKOLS, William Preston died June 23, 1927
NUCKOLS, Marvin Everett, Jr 9/15/1901-4/7/1969
NUCKOLS, Elizabeth Browne 7/22/1901-2/3/1992
NUCKOLS, Marvin E, M.D. 8/2/1876-7/21/1942 "Untiring In His Service to Mankind He Gave a Lifetime to the Alleviation of Human Suffering
NUCKOLS, Alice Dawson 1/8/1877-3/1/1938 "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God" oss/w Marvin E
NUCKOLS, Horace Ballard 3/23/1859 - 11/15/1926
NUCKOLS, Annie Carden 1/6/1867 - 12/14/1941  oss/w Horace
NUCKOLS, Carroll Peyton 8/2/1896 - 1/8/1938  (The famous Gangster in Washington DC, "Nubby")
NUCKOLS, James Andy Jr 12/18/1917 - 2/1/1969
NUCKOLS, Annie Marie 1/20/1920 - 11/13/2007 oss/w Andy
NUCKOLS, Elizabeth E died 4/11/1943
NUCKOLS, Mason C 8/17/1880 -9/24/1956
NUCKOLS, Mildred G 3/22/1893 - 4/16/1981 oss/w Mason C
NUCKOLS, Melvin W 4/27/1858 - 8/28/1938 "He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"
NUCKOLS, Oceana M 9/12/1874 - 3/3/1966 oss/w Melvin
NUCKOLS, Joseph, interred Jan 1 18/66 Single Unmarked Grave (age 45) no stone Section /R
NUCKOLS, Martha J interred Feb 6, 1928 aged 73y3m14d Sec R Lot 105 - no stone found
DUKE, Walter Garland 1/24/1864-1/31/1955 "For where your treasure is will your heart be also" Mat 6:21
DUKE, Jane Henderson 6/9/1874-7/8/1954 oss/w Walter
Hardin Duke Nuckols  was Pastor of Deep Run Baptist Church from 1858-1866  History of Church
NUCKOLLS, George Hacket interred 10/19/1877-9/2/1971 age 93
NUCKOLLS, Agnes Scott, his wife interred 2/27/1876-3/30/1945 age 88
NUCKOLLS, Mrs Catherine Watson wife of G D interred 12/31/1970
NUCKOLS, Alice C interred 11/14/1919 age 61 (2nd wife of Jacob Woodson Nuckols)
NUCKOLS, Alice Dawson (wife of M E) interred 10/24/1945 age 61 died 3/1/1938
(All of the following are on the same stone)
PERKINS, Missouri NUCKOLS 12/22/1844 - 11/22/1912 "His Wife"
FULLER, George W 6/18/1843 - 7/7/1904
MORGAN, Uetta PERKINS 6/3/1864 -2/7/1891
JACKSON, Robert N 10/13/1875 - 8/2/1938
EAKLE, Jesse Fuller Jackson 12/19/1883 "His Wife"  (no death date on stone)
SNEAD, Robert St George 5/18/1861-5/22/1959 oss/w Lillian
SNEAD, Lillian S (NUCKOLS) 1/12/1872-5/22/1929 "The Day Dawns-The Shadows Flee"
THOMAS, James Augustus 3/3/1868-5/28/1939
THOMAS, Lula Mae (Nuckols) 10/9/1881-5/25/1922 ssw/james

Locust Grove Farm (aka Israel Nuckols Farm) Henrico Co, VA
Israel Nuckols  Graveyard, Graham Meadows, Richmond, Henrico Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Courtland J 5/19/1867 - 12/31/1937
NUCKOLS, Harriet J 12/19/1877-1/13/1930 oss/w Courtland
NUCKOLS, J W 7/30/1836-9/11/1910 (Jacob Woodson)
NUCKOLS, M H 6/2/1832-5/25/1902 oss/w Jacob
NUCKOLS, Mildred 1/5/1904-1/2/1919
NUCKOLS, Emma STCLAIR 8/25/1861-7/2/1902

Maury Cemetery, Richmond City, Richmond,  Henrico Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Rosewell T 9/28/1907-2/28/1984
NUCKOLS, Mildred (Owens) 4/28/1913-9/14/1994
NUCKOLS, Nina Louise 2/12/1916-2/16/1916

Mount Calvary Cemetery, Richmond, Henrico Co
NUCKOLS, Creed Morris 9/8/1912-7/21/1959
NUCKOLS, Hartwell McKendree 8/19/1865-5/22/1927 ss/w Verna & Mabel
NUCKOLS, Verna VEST  10/24/1873-12/13/1914
NUCKOLS, Mabel L HOCKETT 1/3/1878-4/25/1960

Nuckols Family Cemetery, ??? twp, Henrico Co, (Maybe Tuckahoe)
NUCKOLS, Sallie W 12/31/1900-12/21/1904
NUCKOLS, Sallie W (DETRICK) 8/4/1860-3/9/1941
NUCKOLS, John T 6/11/1852-7/13/1928
NUCKOLS, Ethel 12/14/189210/10/1894

Oakwood Military Cemetery, Richmond, Henrico Co, Virginia
KNUCKLES William A  died 5/22/1888 Pvt Co G 13th Reg Ind Infantry, Civil War.
NUCKOLS, Laura Lonelle wife of Warren 9/15/1934-2/1997
NUCKOLS, Garnett V 1899-1900
NUCKOLS, J T Mr 1864-1933
NUCKOLS, Mrs J T 1868-1924   (Anna D Bowden)
NUCKOLS, James Howard 10/1/1878-7/21/1957
NUCKOLS, Mary Bailey 2/17/1888-3/17/1960 ss/w James Howard
NUCKOLS, Russell Bailey 6/8/1918-10/31/1961 ss/w James Howard
NUCKOLS, Lewis LeGrande 1919-1919
NUCKOLS, Mary RICE 10/30/1883-8/14/1954 ss/w W Gray
NUCKOLS, W Gray 8/15/1883-4/1/1967
NUCKOLS, Virginia Bell died 6/22/1902 d/o C P Nuckols

Riverview Cemetery, Henrico Co, VA, Richmond
NUCKOLS Elias Henry   buried 4/29/1904 (Plat F, Sec. 13, Div., Row 3, Grave 7)
NUCKOLS Herbert Duke 8/5/1881  d 8/19/1961 (Plot owned by H D Nuckols and W L Harlow)
NUCKOLS, Virginia SARGENT d 11/29/1949
NUCKOLS, Virginia Jo-Ann 1935-1952
NUCKOLS E W  age 23 buried 8/31/1903 (Sec. 12, Div. 3, Row 3, Grave 7.)

LUMSDEN, Virginia Evelina NUCKOLS 1860-1954 ss/w John Lumsden
GAYLE-Ada NUCKOLS 7/1/1867-5/28/1900 ss/w John B Gayle
NUCKOLS-Cologna Lillian BURTON 3/29/1876-12/1968
NUCKOLLS-William Lafayette 1/6/1866-4/11/1915
NUCKOLS, Virgilia E 8/31/1859-4/4/1932
DABNEY, Guelda NUCKOLS 1897-1978

Shady Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, Pouncey Tract Rd, Henrico Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Jane (KIRBY) 4/6/1947-4/9/1989
NUCKOLS, Raymond L 6/17/1899-3/11/1972
NUCKOLS, Effie N 11/6/1895-2/6/1975 oss/w Raymond Sr
NUCKOLS, Raymond L Jr 1922-1985
NUCKOLS, Norma 1921-1985
NUCKOLS, W Aubrey 8/22/1889-3/31/1969
NUCKOLS, Myrtle W 2/16/1897-3/30/1964 oss/w William Aubrey
NUCKOLS, William Donald 6/11/1922-9/1/1945 Ensign Naval Air Corps Squadron VC IL USN
NUCKOLS, William Watson 6/9/1915-6/20/1983
NUCKOLS, Kirby Fennell 3/1/1916-6/8/2007 oss/w Wm Watson 

Shockhoe Hill Cemetery Henrico Co, VA
Shockoe was the first public burial ground used after St. John's Episcopal's graveyard was full,
and many notable Richmonders are buried there, including Chief Justice John Marshall, several mayors, etc...

NUCKOLS Mrs Cecelia Czorilda  age 46 years (Sermon at St Johns Church Rev R A Goodwin) 4/29/1895
(plot owned by her father Wm B Bootwright) buried there in 1902 in unmarked grave
Oswald Herbert Nuckols.  O.H. is buried right beside her, but is grave is unmarked. 
On the other side is her daughter, Alexina Nuckols Cambpell
(The annals and history of Henrico Parish, Diocese of Virginia : and St. John's P.E. Church Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1979, 611 pgs. ) by J Staunton Moore)

Westhampton Memorial Park, Henrico Co, VA (just west of Richmond)
NUCKOLS, Herbert Oswald 9/15/1904-4/6/1981
NUCKOLS, Blennie F 3/24/1906-4/13/1968 oss/w Herbert
NUCKOLS, Frances P 1894-1975 (nee Purdy)
NUCKOLS, Mason Clarke   8/30/1926 12-23-2008
SHAW, Pearl NUCKOLS 1921-6/27/2005

Mt Vernon Baptist Church Cemetery, Axton, Henry Co, VA
NUCKOLS Benjamin C  7/4/1905-10/6/1981

Bagby Family Cemetery, Jackson, Montpelier, Louisa Co,  VA
On corner of Bethany Road (closed) and Rt 33. 6 miles east of Montpelier and about
3 miles east of MacQueen's store West. Recorded by E Bumpass on June 1, 1986
NUCKOLS Aubrey C  Sr b Nov 23, 1907 d. June 2, 1976
NUCKOLS Mary Bagby  b 6/25/1905 d 1/15/1964
Baby Nuckols, - (no info)
NUCKOLS Effie Bagby b 12/15/1890 d, 4/20/1986
NUCKOLS Ashby Cortez  b 3/18/1884 d 9/11/1955
NUCKOLS Mary Kennon  b 1/9/1924 d 7/31/1976 (oss/w Ashby

Hillcrest Cemetery, Louisa, Louisa Co
NUCKOLLS, Paul Yancey 2/25/1903-4/14/1971
NUCKOLLS, Viola HIGGASON 2/29/1908-8/4/1999
FRANCISCO, Marshall Latine NUCKOLLS 2/16/1898-1/17/1994
DAVIS, Ola NUCKOLLS 7/18/1899-6/17/1958

Macedonia United Methodist Church Cemetery, Louisa Co, VA
NUCKOLS Catherine Snedeker 10/26/1931-1/20/2007

Mechanicsville Baptist Church Cemetery, Boswell Tavern, Louisa Co, VA
IRBY, Susan Elizabeth NUCKOLS 6/11/1864-11/3/1952
IRBY, William Isham 2/23/1851-9/10/1946
IRBY, Susie Minor 2/19/1901-11/13/1902
IRBY, Anna Walton 5/9/1889-4/16/1911

Private Swift Cemetery , Jackson, Louisa Co, VA
Susan Swift NUCKOLS 12-5-1842 11-19-1904 (Location in relation to Hwy Route No., RT 635
about 1 mile from Bethany Church on property of Charlie R. Swift at Bumpass, VA.Recorded by:
Anne Lewis Harris on Sept.22, 1969 Susan Swift married Robert R. NUCKOLS on Feb 12, 1867)

Spring Grove Memorial Park, Mineral, Louisa Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Aubrey C Jr 1927-2003

Nuckolls Cemetery, Louisa Co, Mineral VA
Originally home owed by Nuckolls, then by Capt John Hamilton and now Charles Bullock
Only one stone standing but large cemetery.
NUCKOLLS, Myra G 6/13/1833 aged 21 y 9m

Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery, Louisa Co, Mineral, VA
NUCKOLS, Daniel H 9/17/1900-6/19/1988 "Husband & Father"
NUCKOLS, Florene A 5/30/1908-4/9/1998 "Wife & Mother"
NUCKOLS, Henry Lee 1/11/1928-9/5/2000 CPL US Army Korea
NUCKOLS, Harry L 1929-2002

South Anna Baptist Church , South Anna, Louisa Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Ellen J 1865-1956
NUCKOLS, Charles L 1854-1940
NUCHOLS, Chloe A 1864-1949

Yanceyville Christian Church Yanceyville, Louisa Co, VA
NUCKOLLS William James b. July 22, 1874 d. Oct. 28, 1941
NUCKOLLS, Nannie B Wife of W.J. Nuckolls b. July 2, 1873 d. Feb. 19, 1918
NUCKOLLS, Snow (Lacy) 5/10/1880-8/22/1969
NUCKOLLS, William Samuel 2/6/1846-7/12/1891
NUCKOLLS, infant son of Wm Samuel and Nora Frances no date
NUCKOLLS Lillian Temperance 1886-1912
NUCKOLLS, Nora Frances Smith wife of William Samuel Nuckolls 4/16/1854-6/1901F
NUCKOLLS, Charles L 1854-1940 oss/w Chloe
NUCKOLLS, Chloe 1864-1949 oss/w Charles
JONES, Caroline Virginia (Nuckolls) wife of Walter Simeon 1877-1902
JONES, Walton Simeon 1874-1902 

St John's Chapel Louisa Co, VA
Dist G/S, location in relation to Hwy Rt No etc intersection Rts 640 and 617 off Rt 22 recorded
by Porter C Wright on 5/31/1970
Loudes Estes NUCHOLS, son of W.D and H D NUCHOLS b Jan 21 1911 d. July 14, 1911

Charles NUCKLES Died June 1956 age  79yrs

Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Christianburg, Montgomery Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Michael J 5/9/1977-2/13/1980 Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep

Peninsula Memorial Park, Newport News, VA
NUCKOLS Buford J  4/20/1901-11/3/1936
NUCKOLS Sue Hansford  2-1-1902-11/30/1964
NUCKLES, Hazel Newell 4/1/1907-12/7/2001

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Norfolk City, Norfolk
MCCOOK, Marie NUCKOLS 1892-1942
WILLOCK, Helen NUCKOLS 7/29/1893-3/14/1983
OWENS, Verna Estella NUCKOLS BORJES 7/25/1885-7/4/1966
BORJES, Erich 10/20/1859-3/26/1926

City of Refuge Bible Baptist Church Cemetery, Rhoadsville, Orange Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Nancy Lucille, d/o R T Nuckols and Lucille D Nuckols Tatem, sister of R D and Margaret Nuckols

Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Petersburg City Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Howard Jacob 9/5/1871-3/23/1924
NUCKOLS, Katherine Stiles 7/11/1876-8/8/1954 ss/w Howard
NUCKOLS, Howard Stiles 10/30/1906-11/12/1927 

Danville Memorial Gardens, Danville, Pittsylvania Co, VA
Mildred "Mickey" NUCKOLS  Devall 5/21/1920-12/7/2001

Danville National Cemetery- Pittsylvania Co,  VA
NUCKOLS, Muriel L, b. 08/21/1908, d. 10/03/1966, CAPT AUS,  WWII Plot: B 1783, bur. 10/07/1966,Veteran Service Start Date: 22 Feb 1953 Veteran Service End Date: 17 Oct 1953 Rank: CAPT Branch: US Air Force Interment Date: 7 Oct 1966 Buried At: Section B Site 1783

Giles-Nuckols Cemetery, Flint Hill, Pittsylvania Co, VA
NUCKOLS Cora  (Boaze) 2/22/1888-10/30/1917
NUCKOLS George A 8/2/1856-3/28/1938
NUCKOLS J Singleton (Sing) 2/20/1861-5/16/1923
NUCKOLS Santo 1/16/1909-4/11/1942
NUCKOLS, Lenora Alice Giles 6/1/1868-11/10/1911
GILES Brintha E NUCKOLS 12/10/1832-6/23/1922
GILES John A 11/29/1826-1/6/1898 

Laurel Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co, VA
NUCKLES, Guy R Sr 6/14/1911-7/1/1986

McNealy Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co, VA
NUCKOLS E May  1929-1929 infant of B L and E M Nuckols

Mountain View Cemetery, Danville, Pittsylvania Co, VA

Straightstone Baptist Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co, VA
NUCKOLS Birdie W 4/28/1920-3/26/1995
NUCKOLS, D E "Ned", III 4/26/1936-9/4/1986
NUCKOLS, Daniel E , IV 11/14/1957-12/24/1983
NUCKOLS, Daniel E, Jr 3/8/1908-4/3/1964
NUCKOLS J Roland Sr 2/23/1915-12/15/1971
NUCKOLS, Janey Brumfield 5/12/1910-9/12/1992
BODKIN, Margaret Ann NUCKOLS 7/16/1934-3/10/2006
NUCKOLS, West Wooding 1/26/1954-4/17/2009

Oak Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth City, Portsmouth, VA
NUCKOLS, Baby 6/2/1896-6/2/1896
NUCKOLS, Baby 3/3/1899-3-3-1899 

Olive Branch Cemetery, Portsmouth City, Portsmouth Co, VA
NUCKOLS, John Ernest 3/12/1920-2/2/1937 "Son",  "Just Away"
NUCKOLS, Ernest C 6/17/1887-3/17/1969
NUCKOLS, Mamie F 5/22/1893-6/27/1962 ss/w Ernest
NUCKOLS, Matthew Rosser 6/2/1976-7/2/1988
NUCKOLS, Richard Bruce 1/4/1929-11/13/1989

Merchants Hope Memorial Gardens, Prince George, Prince George Co, VA
NUCKLES, Henry Lloyd 12/5/1905-9/28/1963  Fountain Section 1 Lot 50
NUCKLES, Richard Lloyd 12/30/1943-3/12/1964 Fountain Section 1 Lot 50
NUCKLES, Robert Henry 12/30/1943-3/6/1969 Fountain Section1 Lot 50

Appomattox Cemetery, Prince George Co, VA
NUCKLES, William R 5/16/1881-11/25/1957
NUCKLES, Ida Lee MAYO 12/24/1883-11/13/1962

Highland Memory Gardens  Route 11 bet. Radford and Dublin, Pulaski Co, VA
, Andrew  1/14/1896 - 10/08/1966 VA Pvt 573 Casual Co WWI

Newbern Cemetery, Dublin, Pulaski Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Ashley D 9/5/1987-10/12/1987
NUCKOLLS, Claude L 9/3/1900-1/28/1989
NUCKOLLS, Hazel A 10/31/1903-1/28/1989

Evergreen Burial Park, Roanoke City, Roanoke Co
NUCKOLLS, Marion HART 3/18/1897-11/23/1977
NUCKOLS, Robert Taylor 10/18/1923-6/4/2011

Bratton's Run Cemetery, Rockbridge Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Roy J 1932-1937

Ebenezer United Methodist Cemetery Rockbridge Co, VA
NUCKOLS, William M 5/15/1846-3/2/1911
NUCKOLS, Bettie (Siler) his wife 1/27/1858-8/9/1939

Green Hill Cemetery, Buena Vista, Rockbridge Co, VA
NUCKOLS- George W 1840-1913 Military Marker Co F27th Va Inf Reg

Hattan Family Cemetery, Kerrs Creek, Rockbridge Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Pvt William W b.1847?;Co.F,27th Va.Inf.Regt. Listed as deserter 5/13/1862,also listed as KIA on postwar roster. 

Kerrs Creek District HATTAN Cemetery, Rockbridge Co, VA
NUCKOLS, William  W  b1847? Co F 27th VA Inf deserter 5/13/1862 and listed as KIA on post war roster

LEXINGTON Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge Co, VA
Page 112, Lot 204
NUCKALS, W. W Jun 10, 1847 - Jun 27,1885
NUCKOLS, Fleming Spottswood Oct 17, 1854 - Jun 22, 1937
NUCKOLS, Laura Pultz Oct 19, 1857 - Feb 22, 1939
NUCKOLS, Margaret Ethel May 17, 1895 -Dec 18, 1944
Page 217, Lot 555
NUCKOLS, Earnest S. March 3, 1875 - Oct 21, 1958
NUCKOLS, Sallie E May 13, 1877 - June 11,1947
NUCKOLS Albert R Feb 9, 1903 - Aug 29, 1904
NUCKOLS Silas H Nov 11, 1842 - Apr 5, 1916 9 (CSA Plaque)
NUCKOLS, Bettie E Jan 20, 1841 - Mar 30, 1915
NUCKOLS, Richard Henry, no stone

Riverview Cemetery, Goshen, Rockbridge Co, VA
NUCKOLS, David W Jr 8/2/198-12/27/2005 on same stone with Charles & Peggy
NUCKOLS, Charles E 12/13/1948 (no death date, living)
NUCKOLS, Peggy S 11/11/1940 (no death date living)

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery, Lexington, Rockbridge Co, VA
NUCKOLS, Frances Virginia MURRAY 2/11/1920-6/13/2009
NUCKOLS, Richard Spottswood Sr 11/13/1918-10/30/2009

Piney Grove Cemetery, Brodhead, Rt 150, Rockcastle Co, VA
KNUCKLES, Edgar 3/31/1904- 9/11/1942

Ruffin Cemetery, Rockingham Co, VA
NUCKLES, Charles E 6/29/1887-7/23/1953
NUCKLES, Vema Adcock 2/14/1895-2/26/1980 Resting in Peace
NUCKLES, Duward 5/12/1906-3/5/1929 Gone but not forgotten
NUCKLES, Sarah Robertson 5/27/1868-12/13/1951 Precious Memories
NUCKLES, Benjamin F, husband, 4/4/1862-9/5/1937Gods finger touched him and he slept

Davis Cemetery, Clarks Valley, Russell Co, VA
KNUCKLES, Charles 1862-
KNUCKLES, Minerva Jane HUBBARD 4/25/1856-3/14/1935

Hale Cemetery, Russell Co, VA
Tina Alice ( d/o William "Buck" Hubbard & Minerva Jane Knuckles) Wife of W.A. Moore Born 23 Feb 1894 Died 4 July 1919 Honored, beloved, & wept Here Mother lies

Concord United Methodist Church Cemetery , Gratton, Tazewell Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, George W 2/17/1876-3/8/1919
NUCKLES Emerine Terry  3/29/1842-4/25/1882 (w/o James Harvey Nuckles)

Clinch Valley Memorial Cem & Mausoleum, Richlands, Tazewell Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Mabel Grace (Nipper) 6/2/1888-12/2/1950
NUCKOLLS William Joseph 5/1/1882-1/4/1967

Grandview Memory Gardens, Bluefield, Tazewell Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Nancy Josephine 9/21/1928-10/31/2007 

Greenhills Memory Gardens, Claypool Hill, Tazewell Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, R Leslie 6/8/1911-1/20/1996 h/o Mary P
NUCKLES, Marvin G 1957-1996
NUCKOLLS, Mary Price (Whitley) 12/23/1912- 4/5/2008
KNUCKLES, Dewey W 2/3/1941-5/3/1998
KNUCKLES, Mary Christella d8/13/2009 d/o Dewey

Hankins Cemetery, Richlands, Tazewell Co, VA
SARGENT, Leatha NUCKELS 12/13/1909 - 6/23/1982 oss/w Charles Henry
SARGENT, Charles Henry 1/9/1909 - 5/17/1944
SARGENT, Charles H Jr "Cowboy" 9/24/1943-10/4/1983
NUCKELS, Henry H 12/4/1915 -10/4/1943
NUCKELS, Elsie 9/13/1916 - 3/19/1961
CRIGGER, Dolly (Nuckels) 1926-1980
NUCKELS, Marvin Earl 1923-2000
NUCKELS, Charles W 10/19/1920-3/2/1972 VA PFC Co C 134th Infantry WWII PH
NUCKELS, Elijah Elbert 5/24/1912 - 9/1/1961
NUCKELS, Ida G 11/21/1889-6/25/1976 (Nee Street)
NUCKELS, George Elbert 3/31/1884-9/16/1930
NUCKELS, George E Jr 11/23/1928 - 1/15/1988

Maple Hill Cemetery, Bluefield, Tazewell Co, VA
NUCKOLS, John S 1896-8/29/1933
NUCKOLLS, John BUckingham 5/19/1852-7/10/1928
NUCKOLLS, Letecia Crow 1849-1903

Maplewood Cemetery In North Tazewell Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Aubrey L. 5-8-1902--10-16-1967 -
NUCKOLLS, Elsie R. 4-14-1902--11-14-1973
NUCKOLLS, Nannie L. 2-17-1876--5-8-1959
James W Alley 1861-1930
Josephine NUCKLES Alley 1860-1944

Blackwater Baptist Church Cemetery, Virginia Beach, VA
NUCKOLS-Joseph F 1895-1983
NUCKOLS-Ruth E (Gilbert) 1901-1938

Charity Methodist Church Cemetery, Virginia Beach, VA
NUCKOLS, William Henry 10/5/1893-7/2/1976
NUCKOLS, Beulah M LANE 2/25/1900-5/2/1993

Colonial Grove Memorial Park, Virginia Beach
NUCKOLLS, Bland E 1920-1979

Beverly Cemetery, Wise, Wise Co, VA
NUCKELS, Ernest S 1896-1936

Eastern State Hospital Cemetery, Williamsburg, Williamsburg Co, VA
NUCKOLS, E Jefferson  (no dates) Name on Memorial-2B

Bethany Lutheran Church Cemetery, (no longer remains) Wythe Co, VA
NUCKLES Clarence (Ted) 1901-1967  "Brother"
NUCKLES Esther Mae 1897-1963 "Sister"
NUCKOLS Claude S 1899-1971
NUCKOLS, Cecile E 1901-1961 (oss/w Claude)

Catron Cemetery, part of Nathaniel Nuckolls Plantation, Wythe Co, VA
 POPE William Alexander 12/12/1810-3/26/1882 husband of Elizabeth Nuckolls

Danner Cemetery, Wythe Co, VA
DANNER Laura Pope 1861-1886 (g/d of William Pope & Elizabeth Nuckolls)
DANNER, James Andrew 1853-1941 oss/w Laura
DANNER, Belle Lofflin 1868-1948 oss/w Laura & James

Davis Cemetery, Cripple Creek, Wythe Co, VA
(Thanks to Gwen Williams for photos in FAG)

Akers, Tony  no dates (Wm Alonzo died 5/14/1964)
Akers, Jesse NUCKOLLS, wife of Tony   no dates on stone
NUCKOLLS, Cora Grossclose, wife of Vig  no dates
NUCKOLLS, David Sullen , hus of Susan R  no dates
NUCKOLLS, Ellis P hus of Mary 7/27/1888-7/8/1959
NUCKOLLS, Mary M, wife of Eillis 7/29/1893-7/25/1986
NUCKOLLS, Susan R, wife of David  no dates
NUCKOLLS, Vig  no dates
NUCKOLLS, Carrie E  wife of Charles D  4/2/1924-3/19/1993 (ss/w Charles)
NUCKOLLS, Charles D 10/27/1917-1/17/1955
NUCKOLLS, Ernest P Jr , son of Ernest P Sr and Margaret W Nuckolls 7/17/1946-12/24/1946
NUCKOLLS, Ernest Pierce Sr 2/18/1921-12/28/1999
NUCKOLLS, Margaret (Williams) 8/9/1921-6/23/2003 (ss/w Ernest)

Draper Valley Pentecostal Holiness Church Cemetery, Max Meadows, Wythe Co
NUCKOLLS, Bessie Kyle (AKERS) w/o George 1894-1966 same stone
NUCKOLLS, George Maynard 1894-1978

Mount Mitchell Methodist Church Cemetery, Wytheville, Wythe Co
NUCKOLLS, Naomi Isabelle HANCOCK 5/13/1926-1/10/1999
NUCKOLLS, Sidney Windle 5/28/1913-8/22/1979
NUCKOLLS, Lawrence, 6/10/1895-7/14/1924
NUCKOLLS, Price 1864-1949
NUCKOLLS, Leticia Groseclose 1872-1940

Rosenbaum Chapel PH Church Cemetery, Wythe Co
NUCKOLLS, Roscoe Everett 2/22/1916-3/27/1992

St. John Lutheran Cemetery Wytheville,  Wythe Co, VA
NUCKOLLS John  1894-1956 F27
NUCKOLLS Hattie Bell 1896-1951 F27 

St Paul Pentecostal Church Cemetery, Max Meadows, Wythe Co
NUCKOLLS, Clyde Odell 1/25/1925-10/26/1978
NUCKOLLS-Roy Dean 9/30/1938-3/1/1997
NUCKOLLS, Vasil G BURNETT 10/13/1923-12/27/1991
WRIGHT, Elva Beatrice NUCKOLLS 3/29/1918-12/15/1994

St Peters Lutheran Church Cemetery, Cripple Creek, Wythe Co, VA
NUCKOLLS, Sidney Andrew 12/19/1911 - 4/13/1985
NUCHOLLS, Leeson Brown 3/18/1925-3/4/1994
NUCHOLLS, Betty R 11/13/1927 (living)  oss/w Leeson
NUCKOLLS, James R "Tubb" 10/2/1919-11/19/1989

West End Cemetery, Wytheville, Wythe Co, VA
Willie Estelle NUCKOLLS Dunford 1891-1/24/1971 Sec B Lot 229 Space 6 & 7
DUNFORD, William Robison (hus of Willie Estelle) on same stone (wrong names and dates on stone)
NUCKOLLS, Effie Jean (McClure) 5/22/1928 - 10/20/2000
KNUCKLES, Richard Eldridge 1905-3/8/1985

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