SOCIETY NOTE Cemeteries are listed alphabetically by COUNTY
All persons in RED indicate a non-identified family line.

Dignowity Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Margaret A 8/5/1878 - 1/4/1948 Section A Row 3

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX
NUCKLES, C Gregory, b. 03/26/1942, d. 11/04/1967 -Birth Date: 26 Mar 1942 Death Date: 4 Nov 1967 Rank: 1LT Branch: US Army Last known address: 1520 Harry Wurzbach Road San Antonio, TX 78209 Interment Date: 15 Nov 1967 Buried At: Section X Site 2644
NUCKOLLS, Edna , b. 08/30/1893, d. 03/11/1979, Plot: AG 925, bur. 03/13/1979, Wife of Robert N Birth Date: 30 Aug 1893 Death Date: 11 Mar 1979 Rank: MSGT Branch: US Army Last known address: 1520 Harry Wurzbach Road San Antonio, TX 78209 Interment Date: 13 Mar 1979 Buried At: Section Ag Site 925 Plot16,146
NUCKOLLS, Robert Lee, b. 09/20/1888, d. 11/12/1958, MSGT USA RET- Last known address: 1520 Harry Wurzbach Road San Antonio, TX 78209 Interment Date: 14 Nov 1958 Buried At: Section Ag Site 924
NUCKOLS, Grady , d. 03/04/1945, CPL L 6TH INF REPL REGT CAMP GORDON GA, Plot: I 15, bur. 03/10/1945, Rank: CPL Branch: US Army  WWI Last known address: 1520 Harry Wurzbach Road San Antonio, TX  78209Interment Date: 10 Mar 1945 Cemetary: Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery Buried At: Section I Site 15
NUCKOLS, Perry H, b. 03/03/1921, d. 12/15/1978, LT COL USAF, Plot: 3 1611, bur. 12/22/1978, *
NUCKOLS, Rosie Lee, b. 02/19/1919, d. 05/01/1989, Plot: 16 146, bur. 05/08/1989, Wife of Nuckols, Nathanial
Rank: TSGT Branch: US Air Force Last known address: 1520 Harry Wurzbach Road San Antonio, TX 78209 Interment Date: 8 May 1989 Buried At: Section 16 Site 146
NUCKOLS, Peggy E - (Wife of Troy A) Birth Date: 3 Mar 1921 Death Date: 15 Dec 1978 Buried At: Section 3 Site 1611
NUCKOLS, Troy A - Birth Date: 22 May 1917 Death Date: 19 May 1987 Veteran Service Start Date: 29 Sep 1944 Veteran Service End Date: 30 Jun 1967 Rank: LTC Branch: US Air Force Last known address: 1520 Harry Wurzbach Road San Antonio, TX 78209 Interment Date: 26 May 1987 Cemetary: Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery Buried At: Section 3 Site 1611
NUCKLES, Lawrence Dewey 5/18/1918-5/16/2005 Sec 35 Site 539

Oak Island Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar Co. TX
A-49 NUCKOLLS Lewis W. Jan. 4, 1839 Mar. 17, 1926
J-19 STANFIELD Amelia NUCKOLLS 1830 1923 "Wife of Silas L. STANFIELD"
J-20 STANFIELD Silas L. July 12, 1829 Dec. 18, 1904 "At Rest"

Clifton Cemetery, Clifton, Bosque Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Olena Townley 11/4/1917-4/3/2003 ss/w William
NUCKOLS, William D 1/8/1916- no death date living uncle of Doris Dell

Hillcrest Cemetery, Texarkana, Bowie Co
NUCKOLS, John A 1860-1944
NUCKOLS, Dickson E 12/31/1907-1/19/1944
NUCKOLS, John Dickson 10/17/1931-10/1/1955
NUCKOLS Miriam TRONIK 3/15/1911-5/9/1980

Rose Hill Cemetery - Bowie County Texas
NUCKOLLS, Annie 2/15/1832-1917

Restwood Memorial Park, West Lake Jackson Rd, Clute, Brazoria, TX
NUCKOLS, Jane CORNISH 1/21/1925-6/10/1959
NUCKOLS, Virgil Grady Jr 7/26/1921-5/12/1998 Beloved husband and father Air Force Sargeant WWII

Greenlawn Gardens, Port Lavaca, Calhoun Co,
NUCKELS, Lawrence Esco 8/8/1919-10/19/1999
NUCKELS, Martha Underwood 8/17/1925-9/22/2011

Restlawn Memorial Park, La Feria, Cameron Co, TX
NUCHOLS, James Homer "Jim" 10/1/1904-3/4/1990
NUCHOLS, Frances Sue (Scott) 10/11/1913-5/1/1997

South Park Cemetery, Pearland, Brazoria Co
BUSBY, Mildred COTNEY NUCKOLS 4/11/1912-10/17/1995
NUCKOLS, William H, Jr 9/22/1912-2/23/1959

Cemetery Records of Cass Co. TX - vols 1-8
NUCKOLS, Billy J. Jr.
NUCKOLS, Billy J. Sr.
NUCKOLS, Wanda J. T.

Laurel Oaks Memorial Park, Mesquite, Dallas Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Joe W 1/11/1920 -1/13/1977

Little Bethel Cemetery, Duncanville, Dallas Co, TX
NUCKOLLS, Sherry Lynn (Smith) 1/31/1952 - 5/20/2008

Hilltop Memorial Park, Carrollton, Dallas Co, TX
NUCKLES, Clarence Edward, III 11/10/1948-7/4/1993
Beloved husband, father and son his love brought joy to our lives

Oakland Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas Co, TX
NUCKOLLS, Flora Belle (Akers) 11/18/1855 - 7/28/1920 

Oak Grove Cemetery, Irving Twp, Dallas Co, TX
NUCKLES  Lee H 10/13/194-1/9/2006
NUCKLES Lalla (Paddock) 11/22/1907-1/1/1998 pss/w Leee H

Restland Memorial Park, Dallas, Dallas Co
NUCKOLLS, Elizabeth F Thompson 1870-1962
Nuckolls, William P 1863-1952
NUCKOLLS, Myrtle 1899-1964
NUCKELS, Walter Ivan 12/18/1940-9/29/2001

Belew Cemetery, Aubrey, Denton Co
NUCKELS, Berry S 10/18/1873-7/23/1949
NUCKELS, Beulah Elmina JARRETT 4/26/1905-8/1/1980 ss/ w Delbert
NUCKELS, Delbert Daniel 4/4/1907-5/12/1998
NUCKELS, Edgar A 10/13/1889-4/10/1961
NUCKELS, Elizabeth Phelps 3/23/1884-8/8/1969

Good Hope Cemetery , Parvin, Denton Co, TX
NUCKLES, Edd Alphus - b. 1909 d. 1994
NUCKLES, Jemima- b. 1910 d. 1994 wife of Edd
NUCKLES, Edith (Laney) b. Oct 31, 1910 d. May 4, 1937
NUCKLES, Fletcher - b. Jun 14, 1877 d. Oct 7, 1933
NUCKLES, Rebecca - wife of Fletcher b. Nov 25, 1881 d. Nov 10, 1960
NUCKLES, Ida - wife of John b. 1869 d. 1901
NUCKLES, John - 1849 - 1924

Little Elm Cemetery, Little Elm, Denton Co
NUCKELS, Earl Lane 8/20/1950-4/14/2009

Pilot Point Community Cemetery, Pilot Point, Denton Co
NUCKELS, Beatrice Odell Wright 2/25/1920-10/9/1951
NUCKELS, A JAck 9/4/1919-1/26/1991
NUCKELS, Belinda Louise GABBERT 2/8/1958-3/15/2011
NUCKELS, David Brock 3/3/1961-1978
NUCKELS, Valarie  Wright 4/28/1928-12/13/2000

Prairie Mound Cemetery, Prairie Mound, Denton Co, TX
NUCKELS, Admiral F 2/12/1914-1/24/1997
NUCKELS, Parenthia V 1/17/1915-1/2/1990 oss/w Admiral Wed 10/21/1933

Roselawn Cemetery , Denton, Denton Co
NUCKELS, Samuel Edward II 8/30/1972-4/18/1980
NUCKELS, Alvin Andrew 4/29/1917-6/2/1995

Big Wells Cemetery , Dimmit Co. TX
NUCKOLS Thomas Latin, 29 May 1905, 15 Aug 1986,
NUCKOLS Anna Belle, wife of Thomas 6/25/1910-9/4/1997

Mount Hope Cemetery, Carrizo Springs, Dimmitt Co
NUCKLES, Stanley J 11/14/1907-5/10/1992

Cisco Cemetery, Cisco, Eastland Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Frank J 5/11/1897-7/20/1964 TEXAS PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR I
NUCKOLS, Anna Bell (Rowland) 1/6/1900-4/8/1998

Sunset Memorial Gardens, Odessa, Ector Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Randy D 3/22/1977-5/18/2007 s/o Don and Pam

Erath Gardens of Memory Cemetery, Stephenville, Erath Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Lurline RUNKLE 3/3/1940-12/30/2008

Fort Bliss National Cemetery Fort Bliss, El Paso Co, TX
KNUCKLES  Robert, b. 06/25/1915, d. 03/14/1955, US Air Force, PFC WWII, Plot: E  Site 10514, bur. 03/31/1955

La Marque Cemetery, La Marque, Galveston Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Martin L 1853-1926
NUCKOLS, Fannie E 1854-1929

Fairview Cemetery, Pampa, Gray Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Bert R 6/1893-4/1977
NUCKOLS, Lily B 3/1/1901-11/13/1979

Kilgore Cemetery, Kilgore, Gregg Co
McGUFFEY, Annie Jane NUCKOLS 1873-1954

Big Valley Cemetery, Chillicothe, Hardeman Co
ARNOLD, Mourning S NUCKLES 12/20/1826-5/6/1890
ARNOLD, Alice G 4/16/1857-11/25/1897 w/o Thomas, on back of Mourning stone

Chillicothe Cemetery, Chillicothe, Hardeman Co
NUCKLES, Gracelyn R 4/2/1898-10/10/1982
NUCKLES, Thomas Adair 2/9/1894-6/8/1966 ss/w Gracelyn
NUCKLES, Infant no dates son of Mr and Mrs L J
NUCKLES, Joe Tom 6/2/1910-10/31/1969
NUCKLES, Marie 8/2/1912-9/6/2003  ss/w Joe Tom
NUCKLES, Joseph Harrison 8/1856-1943
NUCKLES, William Lou Adair 2/18/1864- 8/30/1925 ss/w Joseph H
NUCKLES, Katheryn EARLY 1892-1938
NUCKLES, Lora Joe (Jack) 7/29/1887-1/1/1955 ss/w Kathern
NUCKLES, Mary Jane THOMPSON 11/12/1837-5/15/1891
NUCKLES, Pauline WORD 10/13/1867-10/26/1955
NUCKLES, Thomas Barbee 10/17/1858-8/18/1938 ss/w Pauline

HArris Co, Houston Texas
surname NOCKOLDS in census and cemeteries all come from Samuel and Walpole of England.

Memory Park Cemetery, Longview Heights, Harrison Co, TX

NUCKOLLS, Charles R 1892-1944  "Thy Will Be Done" (Charles Richard Nuckolls)
Fannie Frances (Hill) 4/30/1896-2/4/1982
NUCKOLLS, Robert C D 11/22/1934-4/19/2011
NUCKOLLS, Peggy 1935-1973

Willow Cemetery, Willow, Haskell Co
NUCKELS, Ancel E 8/10/1922-11/29/1975
NUCKELS, Mary Elizabeth 12/1/1898-2/8/1985
NUCKELS, Otus Esco 12/14/1890-2/12/1982

Allen Cemetery, Henderson Co, TX
NUCKOLS Duke S.  TX SGT US Army WW II Apr 17, 1905-Oct 30, 1957

Oaklawn Cemetery, Athens, Henderson Co, TX
NUCKOLLS, Elie Vernon 3/23/1932 - 12/13/1996

Bethlehem Cemetery , Whitney, Hill Co, TX
NUCKOLS E. D. 1883----- 1931------- "Daddy"
NUCKOLS Earl D. 12 Aug 1889 31 July 1912
NUCKOLS William Duke 1877------- 1941-------
NUCKOLS Florence M. (McCabe) 1878---------- 1971------- w/ of William D.
NUCKOLS, Leonard E 7/14/1906-1/7/1986
NUCKOLS, Florrie (Harris) 7/25/1907-12/4/1982
NUCKOLS Hattie (McCabe) 5 Jan 1886 14 Aug 1945 w/ of J D
NUCKOLS J. D.(Dillard)  17 Oct 1879 23 Aug 1921
NUCKOLS John Hill 30 Sept 1888 15 Jan 1902
NUCKOLS- Laura Teal Robinson 6/15/1962-11/16/2002
NUCKOLS Luther Newton 1 Sept 1863 28 Nov 1909
NUCKOLS- Maggie Bell (Rountree) 1885-1954 "Mother"
NUCKOLS Samuel R. 17 Sept 1834 5 March 1903
NUCKOLS, Sam 2/9/1917-1/2/1990
BASHAM, Jennye Mae NUCKOLS 11/2/1913-2/6/2001 

Brandon Cemetery, Brandon, Hill Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Robert 1/3/1868-12/29/1939  Sec 3C
NUCKOLS  Vrilla N Baker 10/16/1873-8/21/1916 wife of Robert  Sec 3C

Files Valley Cemetery, Files Valley, Hill Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Buster Theodore 9/28/1907-6/23/1977
NUCKOLS, Clyde Royal 5/12/1900-6/30/1983
NUCKOLS, Nancy C 6/28/1878-12/16/1966
NUCKOLS, Sidney 6/7/1868-12/17/1958

Itasca Cemetery, Itasca, Hill Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Irene Mildred (Cox) 4/17/1922-11/19/1991
NUCKOLS, Billie Joe 4/17/1922-11/19/1991
NUCKOLS, Joseph Green 7/5/1895-5/6/1982 Plot C7
NUCKOLS, Willie Ann Miller 10/29/1901-7/17/1959 Plot C7
NUCKOLS, Vella (Clark) 4/17/1905-11/25/1972 Plot C7
NUCKOLS-Lula (Wood) 4/22/1870-6/24/1941
NUCKOLS, Joseph 3/17/1865-5/26/1894  ss/w Lula
NUCKOLS, Violet L 2/27/1934-7/29/1937
ROTEN, Minnie Nuckols 3/31/1888-6/6/1981

Arbala Cemetery, Arbala, Hopkins Co
NUCKOLLS, Marie Antonette 8/20/1850-8/26/1934
NUCKOLLS, Joseph Alexander 9/8/1844-12/11/1906

Reilly Springs Cemetery, Reilly Springs, Hopkins, Co, TX
NUCKOLLS, Star Reilly 11/13/2000-2/7/2005

Trinity Memorial Park, Big Spring, Howard Co, TX
NUCKOLLS, Weldon (Manley) 7/28/1920-1/6/1996
NUCKOLLS, Louise 9/6/1923-10/23/1997 (nee Whitaker) oss/w Weldon 
NUCKOLLS, Sharon Lynn 4/11/1944-8/15/1983

Bono Cemetery , Cleburne, Johnson Co
NUCKOLS, William Steven 1935-1994
NUCKOLS, Evangelina S HORTON 1932-2012

Grandview Cemetery, Grandview, Johnson Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Charles A 9/25-1878-4/8/1972
NUCKOLS, Donie W (Waldrop) 5/13/1882-9/16/1970 oss/w Charles "Married Jan 25, 1903"

Prices Chapel Cemetery, Cleburne, Johnson Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Erskine S 8/18/1892-3/17/1951 Pvt 345 MG BN 90 Div  WWI
NUCKOLS, Leola Franklin 3/3/1910-10/18/2000

Edge Cemetery, Kendall Co, TX
NUCKOLS, David W 12/15/1854-11/20/1912

Chamberlain Cemetery, Kingsville, Kleburg Co
BENTLEY, John William 2/2/1875-3/9/1960
BENTLEY, Julia Alice NUCKOLS 5/17/1880-6/4/1948

Knights of (Pythias) Honor Cemetery, Lamar Co, TX
NUCKOLS, David T 12/14/1836-10/5/1892
NUCKOLS, Elizabeth, w/o David 5/20/1836-11/5/1910
NUCKOLS, William  T 12/12/1857-1/9/1939 shares stone with Martha C
NUCKOLS, Martha C 2/22/1866-7/1/1940 wife of William T
NUCKOLS, Rufus 8/9/1893-4/20/1967 Texas MUS 2 CL HQ CO 133 FA WW I
NUCKOLS-Thomas 3/7/1892-2/24/1986 Sgt US Army
NUCKOLS-William H 5/22/1897-4/9/1942

Oak Hill Cemetery , Lampasas Co, TX
Key, Billie NUCKLES, June 12, 1900 - May 23, 1980
NUCKLES, Lindon Casbeer "Casey" 1/6/1974-4/11/1992 s/o Linda Marie Casbeer

Smith School Creek Cemetery, Lampasas Co, TX
KNOX Reuben NUCKLES, June 11, 1901 - Aug. 16, 1966, wife of Henry
LONGFIELD Mary NUCKLES, Aug. 25, 1896 - Sep. 8, 1966
NUCKLES, Bonnie Lee, Aug. 1, 1876 - Mar. 10, 1952
NUCKLES, infant, June 22, 1916, son of William Aaron & Bonnie Lee
NUCKLES,, Joseph Aaron, May 24, 1904 - Nov. 22, 1974, (m. Lucille)
NUCKLES, Lucille Champion, Aug. 10, 1913 - Mar. 5, 1990 ss/w Joseph A
NUCKLES, Nelson J., Aug. 2, 1913 - Jan. 5, 1986
NUCKLES, Frances 9/1/1916-12/18/1995 ss/w Nelson james
NUCKLES, Thomas Barbee, June 28, 1909 - July 22, 1909
NUCKLES, William Aaron, Jan. 6, 1861 - Dec. 29, 1923
NUCKLES, Christy 7/20/1969-4/4/2008
ROBERTS Pauline NUCKLES,, Mar. 26, 1907 - Dec. 28, 1981
NUCKLES, Martin Matthew 8/31/1966-9/24/2007

Burns Cemetery , Blue, Lee Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Dixon Eliot 1/24/1956-3/16/1995 A kind, gentle, loving husband & father

Concord Cemetery, Waco, McLennan Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Mr 1895-1895
NUCKOLS, Mrs A R 1875- ?  Married 1890 A R Nuckols

Gholson Cemetery, Gholson, McLennan Co, TX
CARGILL, "Nelda" NUCKOLS 3/4/1927-10/29/2009
NUCKOLS, James T 7/4/1921-7/29/1987 US Navy WWII
NUCKOLS, John Robert 9/21/1960-3/21/1982

Hondo Cemetery, Hondo, Medina Co, TX
(aka Guadalupe, Oakwood, Saint Johns Catholic and Woodmen of the World Cemetery)
NUCKOLLS, Fronie 1843-1939 (Sophronia Mitchell Kerr Nuckolls)

Ebony Cemetery, Ebony, Mills Co, TX
NUCKOLLS, Robert Clayton 11/12/1955-12/14/2001
NUCKOLLS, Victoria DeLain 11/21/1956-4/14/1979

Colorado City Cemetery Colorado City,  Mitchell Co,  TX
NUCKOLLS Charles Milton 3/8/1923-5/6/1962 (LW-40-05)
NUCKOLLS Manley W 8/11/1896-7/13/1972 (LW-40-32)
NUCKOLLS Marie STOVAL 2/10/1896-8/18/1971 (LW-60-21)

Prairie Grove Cemetery, Emmett, Navarro Co, TX
NUCKLES, J W 10/8/1872-6/4/19663
NUCKLES, Ida Viola (Powers) 2/9/1875-1/22/1936

Garden of Memories, Sweetwater, Nolan Co,
GERALD, Bobbie E Nuckles 1911-1973 ss/w husband Thomas Patrick Gerald

Sweetwater Cemetery, Sweetwater, Nolan Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Hettie A 8/25/1896-8/21/1991
NUCKOLS, Pouncie N 5/21/1891-8/9/1956
MCCARLEY, Andrew William 1/27/1944-8/24/2008
(son of A W McCarley and Joyce Nuckols)
MCCARLEY, Billy Earl 3/8/1940-3/1/1941
(son of A W McCarley and Joyce Nuckols)
BOWLING, Virgil Sherrill 1/13/1909-2/27/1984 (2nd husband of Joyce Nuckols)

Memory Gardens of the Valley, Weatherford, Parker Co
LETSON, Cinda Cay NUCKOLS  1955-2012

Royse City Cemetery, Royse City, Rockwall Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Ida C 7/22/1869-7/25/1919 oss with Wm Henry

Birdville Cemetery Halthom City,  Tarrant Co, TX

Laurel Land Memorial Park Cemetery, Crowley Rd, Ft Worth, Tarrant Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Charles E 1933-1969 Section 16

MANSFIELD CEMETERY, Mansfield, Tarrant Co, TX
NEWSON, Ruby, 19 Oct 1886, 31 Mar 1888, dau of R. O. & M. O (Nuckols) Newson

Mt Olivet Cemetery, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX
NUCKOLLS Ruth Margaret (McCOY) "Mother" 5/20/1864-2/3/1936 (wife of William G Nuckolls)

TYE Cemetery, Tarrant Co, TX
NUCKOLS, Floy Brazzel Beloved Mother 6/20/1913-9/9/1990
NUCKOLS, Thomas Wheeler 1933-
NUCKOLS, Pat MEALOR 1933-2003 (oss w/ Thomas Nuckols)
NUCKOLS, Virgil Port 1879-1946
NUCKOLS, Mornia Lua 1886-1969 (oss w/ Virgil)
WOOLDRIDGE, Ruby NUCKOLS 4/23/1907-7/11/1991 "Granny"
WOOLDRIDGE, William Harold "Hike" 5/23/1905-3/14/1986 oss/w Ruby
NUCKOLS, Reno J "Texas Kidd" 1910-1972

Oakwood Cemetery with Calvary & Old Trinity Cemetery, Ft Worth, Tarrant Co, TX
NUCKOLLS Mrs Dolly 1871-1953
NUCKOLLS Mrs Elizabeth d1898
(Confirmed buried there, but dont know dates on stones yet)

Abilene Municipal Cemetery, Abilene, Taylor Co, TX
(AKA Cedar Hill Cemetery, IOOF Cemetery, Abilene City Cemetery)
NUCKOLLS, John David 8/24/1921-12/30/1991 

Elmwood Memorial Cemetery, Taylor Co, TX
NUCKOLS Bobby Joe 12/1/1932-2/3/2005

Masonic Cemetery, (Boggy Creek), Travis Co, TX
NUCKOLS, L. L. Aug 12, 1811 June 2, 1903
NUCKOLS William Louis Apr 5, 1832 Feb 4, 1907
NUCKOLS Mabel Marie July 2, 1884 July 17, 1890
NUCKOLS Milo C. Jr Apr 5, 1840 July 11, 1927
NUCKOLS Milo Co, Sr 00-00-1806-1883
NUCKOLS, Emily Bell. June 2, 1854 Aug 13, 1937
NUCKOLS Sallie W. Oct 24, 1849 Nov 11, 1930
NUCKOLS George W. Apr 13, 1847 Mar 21, 1932

Oakwood Cemetery in Austin , Travis Co, TX
NUCKOLS E. L. Apr 2, 1864 Sept 9, 1904
NUCKOLS Claude A. May 11, 1873 May 23, 1914
NUCKOLS V. E. Mother Age 64 yrs Jan 21, 1905
NUCKOLS A. B. Father Age 66 yrs Aug 24, 1907 Aged 66. Asleep in Jesus. Blessed sleep from which none ever wake to weep
BROWNING, Matilda NUCKOLS 11/15/1880-7/22/1948

Sabinal Cemetery, Sabinal, Uvalde Co
NUCKLES, Albert 6/11/1867-10/8/1918
NUCKLES, Carl A 1903-1997
NUCKLES, Cecil  Lou 1910-1977 s/w Carl
NUCKLES, John Albert 4/14/1940-5/15/1996
NUCKLES, John Bradley b/d 10/28/1970
NUCKLES, Pearl 4/4/1876-11/30/1914
NUCKLES, Scot A 5/24/1973-6/5/1990

Odd Fellows Cemetery, Georgetown, Williamson Co
NUCKOLLS, Ellen Crow 4/28//1922-4/8/2011
NUCKOLLS, Paul Milton Sr 2/22/1922-6/28/2010

Kermit Cemetery Index Winkler Co, TX

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