SOCIETY NOTE Cemeteries are listed alphabetically by COUNTY
All persons in RED indicate a non-identified family line.

Covington Memorial Gardens, Fort Wayne, Allen Co, IN
NUCKOLS, Bertha Mae 1920-5/17/2005

Greenlawn Memorial Park, Ft Wayne, Allen Co
NUCKLES, Thurman O 1923-1953

Clearview Cemetery, Brazil, Clay Co, IN
NUCKOLS, George Lee 1/31/1928-2/9/1995
NUCKOLS, Norma J (Hadley) 4/18/1931-3/17/2003
NUCKOLS, Denise Dawn Haverty 11/3/1957-5/9/2011

Riverview Cemetery, Dunn Mill, Allen Co
NUCKLES, Mary L SOMMERS 12/2/1925-7/14/1994

Friendly Grove Cemetery, Lewis Twp, Clay Co, IN
Nancy J Nuckolls 1/30/1842 - 11/5/1923  "Mother"
Alvin Nuckolls 10/5/1866 - 9/19/1935 "Father"

Greenlawn Cemetery, Frankfort, Clinton Co, IN
NUCKOLS, Oma E 9/9/1895-12/28/1993
NUCKOLS, Otha C 10/6/1895-11/1980
HART, Joy J NUCKOLS 11/23/1919-4/9/2000

IOOF Cemetery- Rochester,  Fulton Co, IN

NUCKOLS Caswell G 1885-1934 Plot: Section 4, Row 4

Marion National Cemetery Marion, Grant Co, IN
NUCKOLLS , Willie Gray, b. 01/17/1924, d. 04/06/1982, Veteran Service Start Date: 3 Dec 1942 Veteran Service End Date: 12 Nov 1945 Rank: S SGT Branch: US Army Last known address: Vamc, 1700 East 38th Street Marion , IN 46952 Interment Date: 9 Apr 1982 Buried At: Section 3 Site 2447
NUCKLES  Buddy Lee
- Birth Date: 16 Feb 1936 Death Date: 1 Nov 2001

Crownland Cemetery, Noblesville, Hamilton Co, IN

NUCKOLS, James Richard 10/2/1927-10/18/2000
NUCKOLS, Sherry Fay 9/10/1962-9/12/1982
NUCKOLS, Charlotte Fay TAYLOR 8/14/1949-2/23/1997

Kokomo Memorial Park Cemetery, Kokomo, Howard Co
NUCHOLS, Infant died 2/22/1943

Thompson Home Cemetery - Huntington Co, IN
KNUCKLES, Doris A. (Thompson), b. 1927, d. no date, s/w James M. Knuckles
KNUCKLES, James M., b. 1916, d. 1996, s/w Doris A. (Thompson) Knuckles

Green Park Cemetery, Portland, Jay Co
NUCKOLS, Gary Wayne 10/28/1934-12/1986
NUCKOLS, Randall A b/d 11/14/1967
NUCKOLS, Russell A b/d 11/14/1967
KUNCE, Mildred Irene NUCKOLS 5/5/1933-9/10/1998
FITZPATRICK, Virgie NUCKOLS, 1945-1970
NUCKOLS, Russell M 1901-1974
NUCKOLS, Steven Ray 5/18/1972 b/d
NUCKOLS, Thelma Mae BALES 1907-1999
NUCKOLS, Viola Madge 4/19/1929-4/20/2009

Hillcrest Cemetery, Richland/Redkey, Jay County Co, IN
NUCKOLS Edgar R 1905-1977  oss/ w Martha E
NUCKOLS Bernice M (HARPER) 1905-1930  (first wife of Edgar R)
NUCKOLS Martha E 1907-1979 married 11/14/1931 oss/w Edgar R
NUCKOLS Edgar Lee 8/16/1926- (photo taken before death 5/27/2005) oss/w Joan
NUCKOLS Joan (Peterson) 12/15/1931- (probably living) oss/w Edgar Lee
NUCKOLS, Iris E 1913-           (7/30/1913-10/19/2001 Dunkirk)

Hillside Quaker Cemetery, Pennville Twp, Jay Co, IN
(Thanks Rex Bertram for photographing)

NUCKOLS L K   d 1896  age 81 (Lemuel Knight)
NUCKOLS Lida A   (Wright)  1860-1899
NUCKOLS Mary K (Wilkinson)  1809-1900 w/o Lemuel K
NUCKOLS Jessie  1846-1927
NUCKOLS William S 1852-1927

Twin Hills IOOF Cemetery, Pennville Twp, Jay Co, IN
NUCKOLS Amy, 1887-1972
NUCKOLS Donnie Lee  d 1/5/1950 infant d/o Ralph and Georgia
NUCKOLS Patty Joan died 8/23/1947 infant d/o Ralph & Georgia
NUCKOLS Edith I, 1876-1928
NUCKOLS Everett, 1921-1966
NUCKOLS Francis A 1885-1948
NUCKOLS George L, 1880-1957
NUCKOLS Gerald Eugene, 1923-1923,
NUCKOLS Iris E, b 1913
NUCKOLS Oscar Arthur, 1888-1959
NUCKOLS Ruth 1925-1972
NUCKOLS Sarah A 1887-1964
NUCKOLS Walter B 1911-1989

NUCKOLS William G 1919-1920
NUCKOLS, Imo died 2/8/1928 age 50

Forest Lawn Memory Gardens, Greenwood, Johnson Co
NUCKOLS, Luther born 1943 child of Henry and Mae?
NUCKOLS, MAE 1918-1989
NUCKOLS, Sylvia 1946-2006 ? child of Henry and Mae?
NUCKOLS, William H 1906-1988

Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery, Hobart, Lake Co, IN
WOOLUM Charles  1921-1980 (son of Boyd and Mary Knuckles Woolum)

Greenwood Cemetery, Michigan City, La Porte Co, IN
WOOLUM Lynn and Lewis Culpepper 1964-1998, Lynn grd of Boyd Woolum & Mary B Knuckles)
SAYLOR, Vernon 3/11/1914-10/13/1993 son of Wilkinson Saylor and Lucy Knuckles oss/w wife Nettie
SAYLOR, Nettie 5/16/1911-1/19/1982 oss/w Vernon
SAYLOR, Wilk 1876-1966 ss/w Lucy
SAYLOR, Lucy KNUCKLES 1890-1980

KNUCKLES, Adkins 1874-1948
KNUCKLES, James L 9/9/1917 - 10/29/1943
KNUCKLES, John B 1895-19___
KNUCKLES, Ruby H 1903-19____
KNUCKLES, Solomon 6/5/1897-5/10/1963

EAST MAPLEWOOD Cemetery -Anderson, Madison Co, IN
KNUCKLES, Georgia E 9/3/1920-6/17/1997
NUCKOLS, Charles S 12/25/1889-11/22/1947
NUCKOLS, Rachel M 9/8/1890-7/12/1971

IOOF Cemetery, Anderson, Madison Co
KNUCKLES, James L 1917-1943
HORN, Beverly Jeanette Knuckles 1936-2012

Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, Madison Co, IN
KNUCKLES, Robert Dale 1/25/1941-11/30/2004

Sunset Memorial Cemetery, Pipecreek, Madison Co, IN
KNUCKLES, Ray J 1/11/1911-11/11-1974

Concordia Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co
NUCKLES, William McKinley 1896-1970

Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co
NUCKLES, Agnes WATTS 1878-1950
NUCKLES, Bessie Lee died 1965
NUCKLES, Frank Paul 1878- 1950
NUCKLES, Helen Virginia died 1918
NUCKLES, Leona M 1901- 1962

New Crown Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co
NUCKLES, Christine MEADOR 2/24/1929-10/23/1999
NUCKLES, Melvin D Jr 4/24/1921-1971
NUCKOLS, Edna Marie 12/26/1944-1/22/2010

Washington Park East Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Co
NUCKOLS, Arthur Lane 10/15/1925-10/26/2011
NUCKOLS, James E 2/17/1948-8/1/2011

West Newton Cemetery, West Newton, Marion Co, IN

NUCKOLS, infant 2/23/1946-2/23/1946

Rose Hill Cemetery, Bloomington, Monroe Co, IN
NUCKOLS, James 6/7/1800-1/27/1890
NUCKOLS, John 10/15/1826-5/23/1910
NUCKOLS, John 12/1811-9/1/1869
NUCKOLS, infant died 8/16/1861

Mooresville Cemetery, Mooresville, Morgan Co, IN
NUCKELS, Barnie C 1938-1974
NUCKELS, Georgia W 1939-2006 ss/w Barnie

Whitelick Cemetery, Mooresville, Morgan Co
NUCKELS, Barnie Wayne 2/6/1964-3/31/1998
NUCKELS, Jesse Wade 9/28/1990-3/31/1998

Croys Creek Cemetery, Putnam Co
NUCKOLS, Kenda Michele 7/20/1984-4/29/2011

State Farm Cemetery, Putnam Co, IN
KNUCKLES, Howard 11/8/1941-11/24/1997

Hopewell Cemetery, Farmland, Randolph Co
NUCKOLS, Ann 1869-1930

Union City Cemetery, Randolph Co
NUCKOLS, Pauletta Sue 1/7/1944-7/23/2004

Holton Cemetery, Holton, Ripley Co
NUCKLES, Fannie CARR 10/4/1896-4/1978 wife of William md 1920

Swope Cemetery, Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN
TROUT John  d 7/11/1863  67y 4m 25d (born VA)
TROUT Mary B (Nee NUCKOLS) d 5/30/1863 68y 7m 28d (born VA)  (md 8/7/1824 KY)

Forest Hill Cemetery Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN
NUCKOLLS, Flora E (Endsley) 8/21/1872-12/4/1957
KNUCKLES, Martha A 12/22/1934-8/19/1990
KNUCKLES, Roberta A ENGLE 5/4/1938-2/9/2002

Rest Haven Memorial Park, Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co
NUCKLES, Elizabeth F 8/17/2002-8/18/2002
Plot: Baby2, Lot 15, G-6

New Harmony Cemetery, Vigo Co, IN
NUCKOLLS Ina 1914 1945
NUCKOLLS, Ollie Mar. 8, 1882 Aug. 31, 1946
NUCKOLLS, Ollie W. 1907 1945

Stephens Cemetery, Lewis, Vigo Co,
NUCKOLLS, Rosalee E YATES 3/20/1938-6/15/1998

Big Spring Church of Christ Cemetery Big Spring Rd,
Pekin, Washington Co, IN

NUCKOLS, Ida NALE 4/21/1865-3/19/1892
NUCKOLS, James R 4/22/1856-1/31/1934

Cauble-Wingler Cemetery, Washington Co
NUCKELS, Caroline Simpson d 3/4/1907
NUCKELS, Charles O 3/3/1857-7/6/1885
NUCKELS, infant son died 7/7/1878
NUCKELS, Mary J 6/24/1863-8/15/1917
NUCKELS, Maude Mary PURLEE 2/16/1874-7/6/1910
NUCKELS, Minnie b 1878 d/o Wm Frank
NUCKLES, Samuel R  1820-1893
NUCKELS, William Franklin 4/5/1846-1/5/1933

Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem Twp, Washington Co
NUCKLES, William Franklin 1896-1973
NUCKLES, William F Jr  b/d 2/28/1927
NUCKLES, Mabel (Crown) 1902-1997
NUCKLES, Raymond Eugene 7-2-1920/4-9-2011 oss/w Leona
NUCKLES, Leona M 10/27/1928-1/25/1998

NUCKLES, Ernest T 1892-1982
NUCKLES, Infant died 8/1904
NUCKLES, Edith L 1894-1968 (ss/w Ernest)
NUCKLES, Mabel L 7/1/1907-2/16/1993 ss/w Carlos
NUCKELS, Amanda TOMERSON died 10/6/1911
NUCKLES, Robert 12/6/1838-10/10/1917
NUCKLES, Hazel Marie b/ died 6/1934
NUCKLES, Audrey Pauline 1918-1920
NUCKLES, Carlos M 1/7/1911-2/14/1977
NUCKLES, infant died 1904
NUCKLES, Margaret b/d 1935

NUCKLES, Earl E d 11/28/1920
NUCKLES, Eliza A Little 6/30/1872-5/11/1948
NUCKLES, George W 1870-1934
NUCKLES, Mary Ann Fox 8/2/1850-11/20/1923
NUCKLES, Harrison 1814-1897
NUCKLES, Mary E Norris Parr 1819-1906
NUCKLES, Nancy SPALDING 10/22/1857-12/14/1939
NUCKLES, Sallie JACKSON 5/28/1876-4/21/1970
NUCKLES, Sarah KENNEDY 1839-1908
ARNOLD, Martha NUCKLES (2/17/1842-9/29/1909
ARNOLD, Mark 7/16/1832-10/11/1877
ANDERSON, Julia NUCKLES 1/1/1835-3/15/1926
ANDERSON, Edmund E 2/20/1832-2/17/1918
YOUNG, Katherine NUCKLES 5/28/1874-2/17/1966
YOUNG, James Everett
AMEY, Hannah NUCKLES 1/19/1821-5/13/1912
AMEY, James E 1822-1888
AMEY, James Nuckles 1866-1933
ALLEN, Leah NUCKLES 11/7/1836-4/12/1889
ALLEN, Thomas Newton 11/8/1836-11/15/1915
BECK, Eva Pauline NUCKLES 1894-1971
BECK, William Lawrence 3/26/1891-10/14/1979
GREEN, Linnie Esther 8/31/1878-1/17/1957
PITTS, Hattie E NUCKOLS, 1875-3/11/1954
WHITSON, Bella Dora NUCKLES, 5/3/1863-12/4/1934

Hicksite Church Cemetery , Salem, Washington Co,
NUCKLES, Samuel C 1/30/1891-2/3/1967

Kansas Church of Christ Cemetery, Salem, Washington Co
NUCKOLS, Clara MILLER 1/29/1885-12/5/1971
NUCKOLS, Everett 11/15/1887-7/21/1971 ss/w Clara
NUCKOLS, John R 5/29/1909-5/19/1986 ss/w Calra

Lutherania Cemetery, Richmond, Wayne Co, IN
WOOLUM  L. J. L J 1930-1997 (son of Boyd Woolum & Mary B Knuckles) oss/w Barbara


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