SOCIETY NOTE Cemeteries are listed alphabetically by COUNTY
All persons in RED indicate a non-identified family line.

Anderson Cemetery, Bear Creek, Christian Co, IL
NUCKOLLS. Clark 2-22-1811/ 9/26/1858
NUCKOLLS, Orlena (Nee Shellhouse)  1/18/1814-10/4/1854
HILL, Emily (Nee Nuckolls) 8/10/1834-7/18/1923
HILL, John T 3/23/1829-10/11/1909
HILL, William 9/29/1854-8/31/1856 s/o John and Emily

Edinburg Cemetery, Edinburg, Christian Co
NUCKOLLS, Robert J 4/7/1871-8/6/1953
NUCKOLLS, Charlotte M 12/4/1878-8/10/1955
NUCKLES, James  d 1/25/1951

Morrisonville Cemetery, Christian Co, IL
KING, Susan J (Nee NUCKOLLS ) 10/18/1840-5/7/1924
KING, John Morris 2/14/1832-7/12/1913

Forest Park Cemetery, Forest Park, Cook Co
NUCKOLLS, Luella C Lauder 5/24/1885-12/18/1918

Charter Oak Cemetery Kirkland, DeKalb Co
NUCKLES, Agnes F 1894-1965
NUCKLES, Everett O 8/13/1894-1/1968

York Twp, DuPage Co, IL
KNUCKLES Nancy    d 1984

Mount Carmel Cemetery, Edgar Co

NUCKLES, Loyd died 6/19/1885 aged 6 days, son of C and LA

Woodland Cemetery, Chrisman, Edgar Co
NUCKLES, Earnest D 1908-9/4/1943
NUCKLES, James Harvey 5/25/1870-6/7/1943
NUCKLES, Russell W 11/13/1901-11/19/1965
NUCKLES, Myrtle Ann SLAUGHTER 1870-6/21/1933

Abingdon Cemetery, Abingdon, Knox Co
NUCKLES, Audrey HOBBS 3/17/1930-11/24/2008 ss/w Robert
NUCKLES, Robert L 5/14/1927-6/18/2002
TRULOCK, Susan J NUCKLES 3/16/1951-5/5/2012

Atlanta Cemetery, Logan Co, IL
NUCKOLS, Howard R 1897-1949
NUCKOLS, Elsie 1900-1992

Graceland Cemetery, Decatur, Macon Co
NUCKOLLS, Lonnie Dean 7/31/1969-9/18/1969

Harristown Cemetery, Harristown, Macon Co
NUCKOLLS, Emma 1873-1932

Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Bloomington, McLean Co, IL
NUCKOLLS, John A 8/22/1922-7/19/1962
NUCKOLLS, Sarah E, 4/13/1927 - 5/12/2007 (married John 1960) d/o Geo McGee and Lucille Moore in Jefferson City, MO

Park Hill Cemetery, Bloomington, McLean Co
NUCKOLLS, James Edward
NUCKELS, Carolyn M 10/18/1891-6/28/1968
NUCKELS, William G 5/16/1917-12/12/2003
NUCKELS, Maynard 5/9/1915-2/26/1986
NUCKELS, Mary A 12/21/1918-3/9/1983
NUCKELS, Frank Albert 1877-1939
GIESE, Norma NUCKELS, 6/15/1921-12/15/2008

Irish Grove Cemetery, MIddletown, Menard Co, IL
NUCKOLS, Mae GIBBS 1909-1992
NUCKOLS, Ray C 1900-1972

Clear Springs Cemetery, Hillsboro, Montgomery Co, IL
SEYBERT, Isabella P NUCKOLS 1842-1924 w/o John W
SEYBERT, John W 1844-1/28/1884

Raymond City Cemetery, Raymond, Montgomery Co
NUCKELS, Nancy J 1/14/1828-9/20/1900
Stillman Valley Cemetery, Stillman Valley, Ogle Co
NUCKLES, Arthur K 7/5/1930-10/24/1998
NUCKLES, Jacqueline L 8/14/1942-  ( is this wife of Arthur?)
POLISKA, Marjorie L NUCKLES 11/23/1919-11/2/2011

Dunlap Cemetery, Edgington, Rock Island Co
NUCKOLLS, Elvira STODDARD 1842-1874 w/o George 32-3-12
NUCKOLLS, James died 8/1844 husband of Margaret Boltinghouse..
(This needs research. We show this james lived to 1890)
NUCKOLLS, John 1805-
NUCKOLLS-Prow, Margaret Boltinghouse 3/17/1792-1873
PROW, Elzada NUCKOLLS, 1854- wife of Milton Prow md 12/8/1869

Rock Island National Cemetery Moline, Rock Island Co, IL
NUCKOLLS  Glen L, d. 11/21/1943, PFC PROBOST GUARD CO- Rank: PFC Branch: US Army Last known address: 1 Arsenal Drive Bldg 118 Rock Island, IL 61299-7090 Interment Date: 24 Nov 1943 Buried At: Section B Site 1212

Bridges Cemetery, Woodside, Sangamon Co, IL
SHELLHOUSE, Amanda 5-2-1851 / 7/28/1873 mother of Jennie, no photo
SHELLHOUSE, Jennie F 1-16-1873  8-9-1873
(gr dau of Willis Shellhouse and Patsy Nuckolls)
(Thanks to Toby Chamberlain for photo)

Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery ,
Ball Twp, Sangamon Co IL

NUCKOLLS, Charles M 1879-1961

NUCKOLLS, Charles D  3/2/1805-11/19/1865
NUCKOLLS, Mary C (nee Wilson) 1/3/1812-1/5/1899
NUCKOLLS, James 1/5/1777-9/15/1859
NUCKOLLS, Janie (Swift) 3/2/1781-6/15/1836
NUCKOLLS, Thomas J 1834-1911
NUCKOLLS  Martha A  (nee Brunk) 6/8/1850-3/30/1920
NUCKOLLS, George T 7/30/1875-2/10/1876
NUCKOLLS, Mary E 2/5/1877-6/13/1883
NUCKOLLS, James E 10/11/1882-6/13/1883
NUCKOLLS, James M 12/28/1836-8/24/1866
NUCKOLLS, James H 6/25/1873-10/20/1936
NUCKOLLS, Lida YOUNG 1874-1959 ss/w James H
NUCKOLLS, Ella A 2/1861-8/20/1866
NUCKOLLS, Infant 9/1865-10/22/1865
NUCKOLLS, Charles W 1848-1943
NUCKOLLS, Margaret J  (nee MOORE) 1850-1922
NUCKOLLS, Nancy A 8/15/1850-11/7/1853
NUCKOLLS, Elizabeth A 8/15/1850-3/22/1851
NUCKOLLS, John 1871-8/2/1844
NUCKOLLS, Ann (nee Collins) 12/24/1784-10/1/1876
NUCKOLLS, John 3/24/1817-3/10/1884
NUCKOLLS, Elizabeth (Nee Ricks) 1822-4/10/1869
NUCKOLLS, Mira Jane 3/31/1842-8/3/1858
NUCKOLLS, Freddie 1876-3/11/1879

NUCKOLLS, Almira 1/12/1881-2/12/1882
NUCKOLLS, John William 2/5/1850-5/26/1930
NUCKOLLS  Sadie 1887-1891
DAVIDSON, Amanda (nee Nuckolls) 10/16/1831-8/22/1918
DAVIDSON, Samuel 10/19/1821-10/1/1912
DAVIDSON, Charles Carroll 6/5/1872-8/25/1892
LOCKRIDGE, Jane (Nee Nuckolls) 10/11/1819-12/23/1905
LOCKRIDGE, John Milton 1/14/1814- 11/9/1905
LOCHRIDGE Mary E  (nee Nuckolls)  1845-1931
LOCKRIDGE, William B 1845-5/30/1931
RICKS, Richard W  died 10/5/1856 29y 8m 16d
RICKS, Margaret Jane  (Nuckolls) 3/19/1833-11/23/1852
SHELLHOUSE, Martha (nee Nuckolls) 7/3/1819-5/9/1896
SHELLHOUSE, Willis 1807-1852
SCHUMACHER, Minnie  (Nuckolls) 1871-1960
SCHUMACHER, Henry Theodore  7/11/1879-10/4/1923

Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL
NUCKOLLS, Louisa (nee PYLE) 1848-2/13/1920
NUCKOLLS, Charles died 3/16/1907
NUCKOLLS, J W 3/30/1838- 6/24/1903 (John W)
NUCKOLLS, Hattie M 1877-1953
BABB, Mary M NUCKOLLS 1865-1913
MASON, Martha NUCKOLLS 2/20/1813-3/24/1852

Masonic Cemetery, Nashville, Washington Co
EVILSIZER, William Hoy 1895-1982
EVILSIZER, Luedith LINDER 1896-1978 (ss/w Wm Hoy)
EVILSIZER, Charles Z (Chick) 1890-1954
EVILSIZER, Ruth ARNSMEYER 1893-1965 ss/w Chick
EVILSIZER- Carrie Ella RICE 1901-1976 ss/w John Calvin
EVILSIZER- John Calvin 1896-1959
EVILSIZER-Elliot Raines Sr 1883-1945
EVILSIZER- Sadie Rosella STAMM 1887-1939 ss/w Elliott
EVILSIZER-Harry Alvan 1859-1922
EVILSIZER-Kate Whittenburg 1867-1948 ss/w Harry A
EVILSIZER-Harry Hiram 1926-1984


North Burritt Cemetery, Winnebago Co
NUCKLES, Alice M 1896-1979 ss/w james
NUCKLES, James A 1897-1950

Oak Grove Cemetery, Gray, White Co, IL
KNUCKLES Dewey 3/27/1901-2/18/1941
KNUCKLES, Evelyn 2/2/1904-7/21/1929 oss/w Dewey
KNUCKLES George 1870-1954
KNUCKLES, Syrilda 1862-1945 oss/w George


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