Thomas Alexander Nuckolls

This sketch is written mainly from facts learned from my father, Nathaniel Nuckolls. By Elizabeth Ann Nuckolls. (Copies Aug 31, 1957 by Bertha Nuckolls, Galax, VA

My grandfather, Thomas Nuckolls, was born in Louisa County, Virginia, about the year 1767. He was of Scotch descent. His ancestors came from Dunfermline, Scotland, and settled in Virginia. He married Anne terry, she was of Scoth-Irish descent. I suppose they were both Baptists, as all their children were. My father said that they were both strict Christians. There was no dissipation of any kind in the family. I was personally acquainted with all of his sons and daughters, all of them having come to Georgia except the oldest son, Duke, and I knew him in Virginia; he and his whole family were excellent Baptist people. Grandfather was a very dignified, quiet man, but unflinching in what he considered was his duty to his family. He was very particular in all business transactions, honesty and justice was his creed. He was a farmer, raised corn, small grain and tobacco. His sons worked on the farm unless they showed a decided talent for something else. I suppose he must have been a carpenter as well as farmer as three of his sons were fine artisans. He raised six sons and two daughters; these last were trained to do all kinds of domestic work, were fine weavers of nice goods for wearing apparel, sould do any kind of sewing, plain and ornamental. Indeed for ingenuity, the whole family were proverbial. The girls got more education than the oldest boys, the two youngest boys were very well educated. One of the girls married and raised several children, the other died as an old maid. When his sons came of age, he would tell them that they were free, give them what he felt able to give, and exhort them to shunn dissipation of all kinds, and to be industrious and saving. He died about 1825. His wife died first (his children took care of him till he died)


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