Reuben J Nuckols

In the name of God, I Reuben J. Nuckols of Hanover do make this my last will and testament revoking all wills heretofore made by me. My first and principal wish is to provide for my faithful and affectionate wife, and thinking will be best for her comfort I leave to her in fee simple, my man Stepney and his wife Eliza ma?? their child Joshua and the girl Susan, one thousand dollars in money, my buggy and any part of my household furniture she may choose to have. The money is to be a  portion of the debt due me from Isham Woodson, secured by deed of trust and is to ???? interest in his favor from my death. I wish my landed estate in the County of  Hanover on a part of which I live, on another part of which my son Hardin lives, and on the other part of which my son in law William H. Nuckols lives to be divided by the following line beginning at the South Anna River at the point where my uppermost dike comes off to the hill, with that dike to the hill, thence by a  straightline to the spreading  White Oak tree. On the Mill Road at the foot of the hill beyond my barn thence up the road to the Honey Locust tree on this the south side of the same road just ab?? the corner of the wood, thence due south to the canal of the mill, thence up the canal to the present line fence between my son and son in law, thence with that fence across the canal and creek and with said fence to a point from which the shortest line through to the County Road will cut off twelve acres of wood land to the upper tract and by that line to the County Road. The upper portion of this land I give to my daughter Eliza S. Nuckols and her heirs and the lower portion of this land I give to my son Hardin and his heirs. My son Hardin and his heirs and assigns are at all future times to have the privelege to enter upon the upper tract in whosoever hands it may be, and to take thereon in a reasonable manner the necessary earth and to maintain and repair the said canal and also to use and enjoy the road through the same as now used by me. I give to my Granddaughter Louisa Ann Nuckols, five hundred dollars to be paid as soon as it can be collected out of the sale of my perishable property. All the rest and residue of my estate kind ???? is to be divided in the following manner, one half I give to my son Hardin, one fifth I give to my Grandson Benjamin F. Cocke and the remainder I give to my daughter Eliza S. Nuckols. The negros must not be sold and I enjoin it on my family hereafter to respect my feelings in this matter as far as possible. I wish my negros divided by families if possible. I wish my old man Charles to go to my son Hardin with the mill. My brother Joseph and my friends George W. Doswell and Charles W. Dabney I wish to appraise and divide my negros and I wish the lots of the negros to be made equal if necessary out of the money and perishable property. I appoint my son Hardin executor of my will and desire that he may not be required to give security and wish that there may be no appraisment of my estate. In testimony of all which I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 21st day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty six.  

Reuben Nuckols
Signed Sealed Published and declared as and for the last will and testament of Ruben Nuckols in the presence of us who subscribe the same in his presence and in the presence of each other

Joseph Nuckols
C. W. Dabney

At a Circuit Court held for Hanover County at the Courthouse on Monday the 10th day of March 1856. This last will and testament of Ruben Nuckols, deceased, was proved by the oaths of Joseph Nuckols and C. W. Dabney parties thereto and is ordered to be recorded.

Teste ?? T. H. Polland, clerk

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