Wythe County, Virginia Will Book 3, Pages 108-110
Wythe County, Virginia Crippel Creek eighth March Eighteen hundred and twenty three

I Nathannial Nuckels of the County and State above written, do in a Sollom manner make this for my last Will and Testament, as followeth__

first that all my Just debts and Funarel Charges be paid__

2nd I give to my eldist Daughter Alphey Chaney the wife of Hessakiah Chaney, the sum of two hundred & fifty dollars in money, to be paid over to her by and threw the hands of my under named Executors, at and by differrenl gales or payments in sutch a manner as may seem to sute or meet her needz not more than fifty dollars at a time, this to be Judgd of by my Executors; As to Hessakiah Chaney her Husband as above it is my wish that he may not have any part of the above sd money at his Command nor the power to draw it from my Executors, as I have here tofore given him a Negroe girl and sundreys of other property which is all that I do intend to give him the sd Hessakiah Chaney__

3 ly I give to my son Lee Nuckels two Negroes Slaves namely Aron & Charlotty

Aron he has had possession for Some years past__

4th I give to my Daughter Alley Engeldow and her Husband Randoll Engeldow two Negroe slaves namely Israel and Martha both now in their possession__

5th I give to my son Garlen Nuckels two Negroe Slaves Namely George and Jomimah George he has had in possession for some time past__

6th I give to my Daughter Seeney Sheffey and Henry Le Sheffey her Husband two Negroe slaves by name (Levisa or Luisa ?) and Eliza__

7th As to my wife Martha I give to her one Negroe girl Narssissa by name to have and to hold forever and also I give to her one full half of my hous hold furnature and farming tools and two other Negroe slaves namely Fealdon (Feilding) and Caty during her lifetime and also it is my will for her to keep sutch of the live stock say of the horses Cattel hoggs sheap & (e ?) as she may think proppar during her Widdowhood, and if in Case that shee should git married it is my will that shee shall have and hold one full half of the above sd stock during her life time and for the other half to be sold agreeabel to Law in sutch Cases and for the proceed of sutch sail to be equally divided between my six youngest Children that will be here after namd and in Case that my wife should remain and not marry till death she may Keep all the Remander of the Negroes or hire some of them out as it may seem to sute best for the rasing and educateing of the six youngest Children last Spoke of, this to be dun through the advice and counsel of my Executors here after to be naimed; but and in Case that my wife should marrey again it is my will that it be left to my Executors after vewing the sittuation of the then familey whitch and how many of the remainder as above mentioned of the Negroes may remain with her and her husband with out hire and sutch as they may think proper to hire to be dun agreeabel to Law in sutch Cases and the moneys ariseing from sutch hire to be equally devided between my six youngest Children which will be hereafter naimed or applied in part to their edducation if need should require it

It is also my will that my foar youngest sons namely John..Andrew..Calvin.. and Loransey recieve from the proceeds of my Estate after they may arrive to a Lawfull age one Negroe each togeather with a horz bridel and saddel; and also that my two youngest daughterz Recive from the same funds one Negroe each and a horz bridel and side saddel also one feather bed and furnature the names of those two girls is Nancy & Elizabith I mean for them to recieve the above property after they may become of Lawfull age or git married and not beforss__

As to the Land that I bot of my brother Sammuel Nuckels ( A Passing ?)

that which I now live on it is my will that it and the other remains of my Estate be equally devided between my six last named Children Say John.. Andrew.. Calvin Loransey…. Nancy and Elizabeth, after they all become of Lawfull age in any way that thay may think proper amungst them selves after ariveing to sutch age __ as to the plantation that I now live on it is my will that my Wife Martha have and holde it in possession during her life; and after her death it is my will for all and everry part of property as above willd to her for during life to fall to my six last named Children togeather with the last mentioned plantation for them to recive and devide amugst them selves as they may think proper after all of them haveing ariven to a Lawfull age these as they are to do with the above sd Lands & property; but and if it should so happen that my wife Martha shoul [d] die before those six Children last mentioned become of Lawfull age (then or them) and [Due to wear on the orginial document, this line can no longer be seen.] ….Land(s) and hire out the Negroes and make sail of sutch other property as may deem proper to them, the proceeds of sutch rent hire and sale to be equally devided between the six last mentioned Lygettees__ It is also my Will that if in case aney or some more or less of the six last named leggettees should die before they becom of Lawfull age that every and all parts of their Estate as above willd to them may fall to the Remaining survivoring ones of the last six as above mentioned__

Lastly I appoint My Trusty friendz. Jamez Gleeves, and William Thornburgh as my Executory both of the County & State as above written to mannage and transact the affairs of my Estate agreeabel to the above written will.

Witness whereunto I have set my hand and Efixed my seal the day and year as above written__

Nathaniel Nukolls atttest William Saul Thomas Highly

(Transcribed and submitted by Gwen Williams)


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