James Austin Nuckols

History of Ohio, American Historical Society, Chigaco, 1925. Section V pg 302

James A Nuckols, D.C. , who is established in the successful practice of his profession at Wilmington, judicial center of Clinton County, was graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in the City of Chicago, and has been engaged in active practice since 1914, the year 1920 having marked the initiation of his professional work at Wilmington and his practice here being of representative order. While analysis of the surname Nuckols seems to indicate a remote German origin, the American branch of the family traces its lineage to a sturdy Scotchman, who was a substansial shipbuilder in Scotland, where he maintained his home in the City of Glasgow. According to well established family tradition there were nine Nuckols brothers who came from Scotland to America, and their posterity is now scattered about in different states of the union. Investigation made by respresentatives of later generations of the family all seem to indicate a common ancestor, the Glasgow shipbuilder. The sourthern branch of the family is apparently the more numerous and has perpetuated the patronymic through a greater number of male children than has the branch of the family north of the Mason Dixon line. The Nuckols in Ohio are direct representatives of the Virginia branch of the family. In 1816 Andrew J Nuckols came from Virginia to Ross County Ohio, Chillicothe, that county, having then been the political center of this state. Edmund J Nuckols, grandfather of Doctor Nuckols, was of the young age of seven years at the time the family migration from Virginia. The family became possessed of 400 acres of land in the Fruitdale District, a portion of this ancestral estate being still in the possession of the family. Edmund J Nuckols had four sons who attained to maturity, and one of these was James A Nuckols, father of him whose name indicates this sketch. James A Nuckols Sr wedded Martha R Howe, a representative of another of the sterling pioneer families of Ross County. Representatives of the Howe family served as soldiers in the War of 1812, and both the Nuckols and Howe families gave valiant soldiers in the Civil War. James A Nuckols, Sr is now deceased, and his widow is a resident of Wilmington, OHio. Dr James A Nuckols is the eldest of the children, and the others are: Frank R, Burt B, Clavin M and Dr Otto L. While in America the family name has to a large extent been closely associated with agricultural industry, there have also been skilled mechanics and professional men in the later generations. Some of the first and second generations of the Ohio branch attained to ripe old age, but of these two generations not one now remains. While in Virginia the men of the Nuckols line voted the democratic ticket, the Ohio representatives have given in larger number an allegiance to the republican party, from the time of its organization to the present. While the early generation were too fully concerned with the reclaiming of the wild land to cultivate to have much thought for special fraternal or organized social life. Doctor Nuckols of this review is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity, his brothers likewise being identified with fraternal organizations. Many representatives of the family have been numbered amoung the numbers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, while the Baptist Church has claimed from the family a goodly number of members. Dr James A Nuckols was born in Ross County, Ohio, and his early education was obtained in the public schools. Of his professional training and work adequate record has been given in as early paragraph of this review. The doctor wedded Miss Bertha J Zehner, a representative of an old and well known Indiana family.


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