Sept. The 14th 1881
This is my last will revoking all others I have heretofore made. After my death I wish my son William B. Cocke, or his heirs to have five hundred dollars of my estate. It will not make him equal with Julian in what came by me, because Julian had all of Andys part of the land. Ben had a third part before Andy was killed, and all that mother left me went into Julians hands but I wish him to have the most because he has taken care of me and been very kind, I therefore wish him to have everything else I have to do with it, just as he pleases, as long as he lives. After his death, I want it equally divided between his four children, Clarence P, Mary O, Willie A and Ada B. Nuckols. Should Bell be the longest liver I wish her to remain here and have the full management of everything just as she does now, so long as she remains Julians widow. Should the land be divided, I wish her to remain with the child that has the house tract, and to be well provided for, so long as she remains Julians widow. Should she marry again, it will then all be the childrens, this is my wish.

Eliza S. Nuckols

Robert W, Toler
W. A. Woodson

Virginia, In Hanover County Court Feby 21st 1883
A writing proporting to be the last will and testament of Eliza S. Nuckols deceased, was this day produced to this Court and was fully proved by the oaths of Robert W. Toler and W. A. Woodson the subscribing witnesses thereto, and was thereupon ordered to be recorded as the true last will and testament of the said Eliza S. Nuckols deceased in due form.


John R. Taylor clerk



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